Dog Kennel Doc

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I just got hired at this vet/kennel. the doc called me into the back exam area, then said i have to give you a shot of serum just in case to get bit by one of the dogs. its a slow series of shots one now and one every other day after work for a month.

day after day getting hornier for the bitch dogs. doc has cameras to watch him fuck the dogs. the serum makes the Calvin hornier for the heat the dogs are in via the pheromones, within a few days it changed his semen to k9 semen and he started to impregnate caged bitches. Calvin would take longer to cum just like a dog. he didn't realize it but his dick also knots up to tie with the bitch making it better for both. Calvin's dick had become thicker and more red, his semen also changed it was more fluid and more of it, his balls were darker and heavier too.

first night was a normal fuck, by the end of two weeks he was tied for 25 minutes with a big knot at the base of his dick. at the end of the month he had made all 6 dogs pregnant. he would tie with 2 bitches a night. above the kennel was a picture of the former workers saying this is my favorite dog and list a name of the worker and the dog.

on the 30th day the doc showed up early for the last shot before Calvin went home. the doc said well done my boy, Calvin just looked at him, for getting all the dogs pregnant, Ive tested them you are a daddy for 6 healthy litters. Calvin couldn't help but smile. doc said time for that last shot though just up on the bed and take off your clothes. cal never had to remove his clothes before but didn't protest. the doc gave Calvin a bigger shot than the rest. his head started to spin the doc said lie down, Calvin did, he watched as he changed his feet grew longer and his body grew hair, he grew nipples down his chest. he looked at the doc and the last empty cage and the rest of the bitches. the doc said yeah thats right boy the last cage is for you.

but not quiet as you are, see you are not stud enough to make puppies as a dog, human yes with a dog dick but not as a dog. so i lied that was not the last shot here you go boy and the doc pricked him one more time. Calvin felt his cock shrink and pull inside him. his heavy dark balls too pulled inside. a vagina formed and womb, he then realized he was not going to fuck bitches for the rest of his life thinking he was going to get these 6 dogs pregnant over and over.

as he finished changing to a bitch the doc took Calvin off the table and put her on a breeding bench. the doc took off his clothes and Calvin saw the doc had a sheathed dog cock and balls and eight nipples and a thin belly like a dog. well since you were going to be my stud dog, you did get all the former workers, yup they were going to be the stud but couldn't to i had to change them too they like being pregnant just like you will enjoy it. im going to be your puppies daddy. albeit im changing a lot faster than you did, i did take a bigger dose just this morning. the doc got in behind Calvin and aimed his new dog cock to Calvin's pussy. within a few jabs the doc had his mark and entered Calvin he pushed forward and knotted with him in a few thrusts. filling Calvin with his seed. the doc noticed his arms thinning and his fingers shrinking. hair grew from everywhere. the doc said i need to get to the anti serum to stop my change. he turned backwards and was tail to tail with Calvin, the doc said uh no i cant reach it. guess ill be the stud dog around here, i would have like to stayed only half dog tho. a few weeks later Calvin and the other bitches had their puppies and were ready for breeding again.

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