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ok how it all started. it was around dinner time my wife Emma was in the kitchen cooking dinner, i was on the couch watching tv. Olive was playing with her ball, she would bring it to me and i would carelessly toss it down the hall. olive would fetch it and bring it to me for another toss.i guess she got tired of playing fetch, because the next thing i know is olive had come up and put her paws on my lap and was demanding in her way to wrestle like we've done hundreds of times before. i told her not now Olive im tired from work, but she kept on. so i got down on the floor with her and started jumping and lurching at her. she would come up at me and knock me over, i would push her back, as luck would have it we knocked a glass onto the floor. My wife Emma came into the living room and told us to knock it off and quit making so much noise. i looked at Olive and said "see what you did, you got us in trouble." I crawled back up onto the couch and started watching tv again. Olive jumped up onto the couch next to me, i wasnt paying to much attention and turned my head and gave her a big kiss, thats when it hit me to what i had just done, i kissed olive on the pussy, her tail was to the side and my eyes had been on the tv. it shocked me a bit, but then i thought to myself it wasnt so bad, so i did it again this time i lingered my lips on her pussy. i slowly stuck my tongue into her slit. i started to explore her tunnel, i felt around and figured out that it went up and then in, my mind was rolling, it was the best taboo feeling i could have had and have had in a long while. I thought to myself i have to fuck her right now. so i got onto the floor and called her over to me, i rolled her over onto her back, i unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out of the boxers and the short fly hole. i was harder that i have ever been with my wife. i looked over and Emma standing in the kitchen with her back to me, if she had turned around all she could see was my head and chest and Olives head. i put my fingers into her pussy again, and played with her for a few minutes, i aimed my cock head at her entrance and slowly pushed into her heated tunnel. Olive was so moist and hot, i was starting to get a good rhythm going when Emma yelled at me, "are you two still playing around. Dinners almost ready." i said yeah but not for much longer, with that i started giving Olive a good pounding, Three, two, one stroke and i was unloading into her, as deep as i could go. Emma stuck her head through the door and said, "will you two quit messing around and hurry dinner is getting cold." I said, "Im cumming, hold on". i finished up and let my cock remain inside her till it slid out on its own. i got up and tucked my cock back into my shorts, me and Olive went into the dinning room and ate good because both of us were hungry. Emma never knew.

The next day was the weekend Emma had already left it was probably about 10:30 in the morning I was getting a little hungry I headed towards kitchen there was Olive, always standing beside me like usual good morning girl did you like that fucking last night it was great wasn't it Olive just wagged her tail. Suddenly a wave of horny flooded over me I looked at Olive and said do you want to do it again girl. I told Olive jump on the couch and turn around all I was wearing a pair of boxers my erection was all that I needed to know I started rubbing olives back and put hind her legs over the arm of the couch her back legs hung off the arm I decided to pull down my boxers they were just around my knees I fingered Olive's pussy to get her moist little did I pay attention that the window was open just enough for the next door neighbor to see in. Ed was out watering his grass early in the morning he noticed me and looked and watch me for a while and realized I was fucking olive Ed finished watching I didn't realize and continued to thrust into Olive not as quickly as the night before night before I didn't want to get caught I didn't want to get caught today either but since I was alone

he was not in my head I slowly holding on to her sides leaning over holding her fur, I was so attracted to her I never thought this would be possible never thought about it at all but now that I'm doing it, it was the best thing in the world feeling her fur against my stomach, at lower belly rubbing her back and tail I also massaged olives ears as I fucked her I pushed in a little deeper harder in a little quicker I was getting ready to shoot I can feel it building up i tensed up my balls I can feel them pull up that's when I unloaded all my come into olive oh the feeling was so good.

everything who's in this shot semen deep inside of her I felt myself throb I laid there relaxed on top of olive support my weight slowly is my dick soft I pulled my boxers back up Olive jumped off the couch. a few minutes later a knock on the door, i open the door it was Ed he let himself in close the door behind himself, Ed's next words shocked me, startled me, he said, next time man you need to close the window if you're going to fuck that dog like you just did.

He said man I could see everything hottest thing I've ever seen I was shocked when I caught a glimpse, but I was happy to, he said it's been years since ive fucked a dog. He understood the pleasure. Ed asked me if he could drop a load in Olive real quick, I was shocked at how far would he was happy he was okay with it I told him on one condition that I got to watch, he walked over to Olive has she got on the couch he knelt behind her and said man one thing you have to do is clean up you don't want people to see this pussy jizzed like this, here allow me he moved his hand up two olives tail to push it aside then took his tongue and licked her pussy, he then stood up and close the drapes

turned around and undid his pants he pulled out a good size 8 inch cock proceeded to put the tip to olives pussy slowly he pushed in and fucked her for a few minutes as I watched. it was so hot to have a friend that enjoyed fucking dogs he said he was getting ready to shoot seconds later, you could tell he was filling her full of his cream he moaned and screamed, he slowly pulled out and took his finger to her pussy to clean up the edge yes I wanted to clean it up so I walked over behind took his hand and pressed her stomach and huge gobs of semen started to run out her cunt I took my tongue and let it flow out onto it mine and Eds Siemens mixed on my tongue it didn't taste bad

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