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Hi my name is Art. The year i turned 15, i walked over to my uncles house one day in the hot summer. i went to the back yard and found him in the shed with Susie his great Dane. he never saw me, his back was turned. But i knew he was fucking her pussy. just then i heard him say. oh Susie girl take my seed and have my puppies. i watched as his hips bucked forward and his ass clenched as he pumped his load into her, then i snuck away. before he saw me.

I waited a few days to go back. i found him in the garden. and sat down next to him. i said uncle can i ask you an important question. he said sure, i said it was about sex. ok he said. then i asked him about the other day with Susie and told him about what i saw. he said what do you mean. i heard you say Susie girl take my seed and have my puppies. he sat and stayed quiet. then i said uncle i want to do that also, he just looked at me. i said i want to fuck Susie too. can i uncle. i made a wish for her to have my puppies. my uncle just laughed. ok well fuck her the next time she is in heat. thanks uncle Toby.

Two days later my uncle called my house and told me to come over Susie's in heat. he said she shouldn't be but she is. i said ill be over right after practice. he said that will be fine. so about 4pm i ran over to uncle Tobys. when i got there, there was uncle Toby sitting naked on a box licking Susie's pussy. his cock was jutting straight out from his crotch. he looked at me and said Ive been waiting for you, hurry up and get undressed. i stripped as fast as i could. my baseball pants, the ones with the blue pin stripes, i pulled then down over my ass and cock and balls. my little 6 incher popped out standing at attention. uncle said arn't we excited. i was naked in a flash.

uncle said come over here and lick her pussy with me. i walked over to her and him. i squatted down next to him and he held her open for me. take your tongue and lick her clit. if you get it right you'll feel her pussy wink at you. at first nothing happened then her lips closed on my tongue for a second then let go. uncle said that was winking. thats tells you, you tickled her just right and she liked it.

we both fuck her. uncle pulls out and shoots his load through the air onto her fur, but i stay deep and fill her insides up. before i fucked her twice. then twice everyday till her heat was over. 2 weeks later uncle called me and said sit down i have some news for you. you got your wish. Susie is pregnant.

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