Nathan's Aykroydian Nightmare.

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Nathan’s Aykroydian Nightmare.

NOTE: This is a parody of those weight gain stories or stories where someone becomes a grotesque slob or overweight character (or tries to fetishize overweight characters in general) and is a dark AU in which the Were-Aykroyd who created the lead is a horrible person.


Nathan wasn’t like other people, he was a scientist who studied monsters but also had a condition that turned him into a Were-Aykroyd, the past few nightmares he had problems with his transformation and was either looking for a way to fix it or a way to cure it entirely.

So one evening he looked up the original were-aykroyd to see if he could find some answers to his problem, and he was able to find that were-aykroyd’s address, and he went to bed an hour an hour later, the next morning he got up, had breakfast and went to work before paying a visit to the one who did it to him in the first place.

He arrived at the house of said were-aykroyd and knocked on the door, to get a reply. ‘Hmmm...this is the place. I wonder if the original were-aykroyd is there.’ ‘Who is there?’ ‘It’s me. Nathan, the one you meant a long while back and gave these powers to.’ ‘Did you have an appointment?’ ‘Yes, I wish to speak to the one who cursed me.’

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Nathan.”

“Are you...Nathan, by any chance?”

“Yes, I am looking for whoever turned me into a were-aykroyd.”

‘You know the word "were-Aykroyd?’ ‘Yes, I do…I AM one.’ ‘Is that why you are here?’ ‘Exactly.’ ‘Are you looking for the person who cursed you?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘So do you think it was me?’ ‘Well yes, I assume it is.’ ‘That I turned into this half Dan Aykroyd creature? Is that what you think?’ ‘Yes…’

Nathan nodded, he knew what answers he needed to get from this were-aykroyd. ‘Did you do it?’ ‘Yes…I did it. Is there something you need or something you want?’ A feeling of dread creeped over him as he entered this were-aykroyd’s house, the walls in this were-aykroyd’s room were filled with comic panels he had drawn depicting his own sick and twisted version of a Were-Aykroyd, as a grotesque deformed mutant version of Dan that was basically if he played the X-Men character Blob. ‘What are all these comic panels for?’ ‘Well I am working on a comic about a sadistic were-aykroyd who is a killer who twists people’s wishes and makes them into mutants for his freakshow concerts.’ ‘Well they’re kind of creepy, but that’s not what I am to see.’

“Are you just curious...about the curse?”

“Yes…the answer is yes.”

“Have you come to ask for your transformation to be reversed?”

‘Maybe, yes.’ ‘Or have you come to ask turn you...into Dan? Is that what you want from me?’ ‘I was hoping you'd make it easier for me or if there was a cure but there isn't one, is there?’ ‘No...there isn't a cure. And I am not going to let you transform back, at least not so easily and not without being traumatized.’

“What do you mean by that?”

“I wanted to make you into the perfect human being. Did it work?”

‘Excuse me…what?’ ‘Are you the best version of what you were? Or did I make you...into something else?’ ‘You gave me his mind, sometimes. And I wish I could control this.’ ‘No, Nathan.’ Those words sent a chill down his spine as the other were-aykroyd smirked.

“What do you mean, no?”

“I mean no, you cannot control yourself.”

‘What are you saying?’ ‘That's not happening, you're my creation. I control what you do. I gave you his mind and body, I control who you are.’ ‘Are you saying you’re my dad or something?’ ‘Sort of, and the transformation is permanent.’ ‘Why though, can’t you just make it easier for me?’ ‘Oh you poor thing.’ ‘Why? I don’t want to be your were-aykroyd forever, at least not in these conditions.’

“Oh but you will.”

The other were-aykroyd stroked Nathan’s hair for a bit…’I’m so proud of my creation, you were a mess before, but now you’re all better, you’re my masterpiece.’ ‘Better? My life is getting worse because of this.’ ‘You're everything I wanted. I am not letting you go.’ ‘Well how about letting ME out of here?’

‘I can do that, Nathan but I am not giving you back.’ ‘Oh well it's daylight anyway and i've got to go to work so you won't be able to do anything.’

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s how it goes.”

‘You may go out, and try to hide your transformation but remember, it’s back to being a were-aykroyd at night and I can make you change regardless of the time of day. Because you are mine, Nathan, I hope you remember me during the day.’ Nathan shrugged as he left the other were-aykroyd’s house, heading down the street and heading off to live the rest of the day as normal.

Luckily he managed to keep himself from transforming during the day and he had an eventful day at work before coming back home to his apartment, but he was met with horror and shock when he saw that other Were-Aykroyd manifesting in the living room, sitting on the sofa. ‘You…where did you come from?’ ‘I am everywhere, you cannot escape me, so how was your day?’ ‘Eventful.’ ‘Did you manage to keep yourself hidden from your colleagues? Do they know your secret? Did you manage to forget you're a Were-Aykroyd? A shape shifting creature?’ ‘Good thing for you, my friends don’t know that yet.’

‘I have to remember what you said, nah.. you probably didn't mean anything..probably just empty threats’. ‘I was serious, Nathan. By the way how has your night been so far, did you manage to eat? What about your friends? You haven’t talked to them, have you?’ ‘You sure do ask a lot of questions, don’t you have your own home to go to?’

“Did you talk to them?”

“Not since my transformations, no.”

He pulled out his phone and contacted his friends, telling them of his condition and of what had been happening to him before turning around. ‘What did they say? Do they know I transformed you.’ ‘Yes, they know about you already.’ ‘Do they believe you or do they think you’re crazy.’ ‘Well…they believe me.’ ‘Do they know you were turned by the brilliant were-aykroyd known as the creator?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘But do they know my name?’

Nathan went to the lab to work on a project before going to have dinner in the kitchen, his project of course was Were-aykroyd related, he was researching what may have lied to the transformation acting the way it was for the past couple of nights. ‘Are you working hard on your project? Did you forget me at work?’ ‘You sure are nosy today, mister.’ ‘Did your tastes change too?’ ‘What does that mean?’ ‘Did your transformation alter your taste in food, does your dinner taste different to you?’ ‘No, why?”

“Your food, was it what you normally eat?”

‘It was what I usually have, I don't think you have done everything to my tastes.’ Nathan responded after gathering some papers. ‘Well..maybe, .perhaps you're correct but what would you, you got to be Dan and when you got turned into him you tried new foods, you ate what he likes and liked them.’ ‘It’s a coincidence.’ ‘Maybe Dan’s tastes have shifted and so have yours.’

“Maybe but also maybe not.”

“But tonight we’ll find out.”

Nathan looked around and he saw the other Were-aykroyd disappear before reappearing on his bed next to him, and his voice started to echo in Nathan’s head, as if speaking telepathically. ‘Where are you anyway?’ ‘Everywhere and anywhere, i’m in your head. I am your inner voice. The only reason I am so nosy and ask so many questions is that you might suspect me if I said nothing.’

“I suspected you the moment I came into your house.”

‘And because I can't stand the silence. When I know everything, everything about you and your condition.’ ‘Please stay out of my head…I don’t want you doing this to me.’ ‘But it is my head too, Nathan.’ That were-aykroyd’s voice was mocking him but also sounding like he would harm him with no questions asked and no hesitation, and he was showing behavior a were-aykroyd wouldn’t normally show.

“You’re sharing a body with me.”

‘I am just the side of you that you can't hear, usually…I am a part of you, always a part of you.’ ‘Well yes, but you’re not the were-aykroyd that I turn into.’ ‘True but I love you and I want to make you mine, to warp you and contort you, to make you mine in every way possible.’ ‘You cannot control me, you know that, right?’ ‘But tonight I'll really be controlling you. For I am going to be controlling your body, and your mind, and I will never ever leave your head.’

‘But I refuse to be your creation, slave, pet or don't love me.’ ‘Oh but I do, I do oh so much. I love this new perfect version of you that I created, so much better than how you were. And you will see.’ ‘See what? That you’re a creep?’ ‘Soon you’ll love me too.’

‘I don't think I will, I mean losing myself every night to this doesn't seem nice.’ ‘Oh but it is necessary.’ ‘You're so much happier when you're like this, Nathan. Your life, I improved it. Soon you will love to enjoy it.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘You will learn to love becoming Dan, every single night. I look forward to tonight.’ ‘You keep saying that but it won’t make things any easier.’

“You will be seeing me a lot more, everywhere.”

Nathan could hear the mocking words of that Were-aykroyd, and picture that smug were-aykroyd in the corner of his bedroom, just uttering those words to tease him and make him feel like he couldn’t trust him. ‘But...I don't understand why you say these things when you have just cursed me to be your creation, I don't like this.’ ‘Oh come on Nathan, you know it is true, you are happier like this, much better. And now you get to stay like this 24/7. No more human Nathan trying to manage day to day life. ‘'s all me, Nathan.’

‘But I technically have to be human during the day.’ ‘You don't have to be human, Nathan.’ ‘I can fight it if I want to.’ ‘Why try to fight it though? Why try to be normal?’ ‘I don’t know I am so confused right now. i've always been in my human form during the day even prior to these recent events.’

“Human you, is weak and useless.”

“It’s that kind of human hating attitude that I hate.”

‘But Dan isn’t weak, Dan is perfect and strong and who you SHOULD BE.’ ‘ But what if I don’t want to be him?’ ‘Oh but you will and you will become him every night after this too.’ ‘Please don't do this, please don't take away my life from me, you should stay in the mirror where you belong.‘ ‘I'm not going anywhere, Nathan…’

“I wish you would leave.”

“And you won't have any life to control, soon.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“'ll belong only to my mind.”

“But I don’t wish to belong to you.”

“And your body...I'll control tonight.”

‘But it is MY body and my brain.’ ‘Oh but never forget I have control of you, and tonight my dear creation. Tonight you belong to my mind, and my mind is.’ ‘Spoiler alert: Your mind is very sick. Yes I know, i’ve been to your house and seen your comic artwork, do you do all this yourself?’

Nathan went upstairs to his bedroom after dinner and tried to forget…’You cannot forget, Nathan, you are too good of a creation. You’re way too smart for me to let you stay human, i’m way too smart for your human mind, and now you will see.’ ‘You are scaring me right now. See what?’ ‘Your perfect self, that you will become tonight.’

‘You mock me, you don't love me, i'm not meant to be yours.’ ‘Oh but I am going to love you and have a surprise for you. You’ll see Nate, you’ll see. But first, your transformation, it’s almost night and you are going to join me.’

“No I won’t, I won’t change because you want me to.”

“Oh, my dear creation.”

“I am not sure I am ready yet.”

“I don’t care Nathan.”

It was obvious that this wasn’t going to be a typical were-aykroyd night for Nathan as the other Were-aykroyd that was pretending to be his creator had sinister intentions as he mocked Nathan and told him about how he wanted to transform. ‘Tonight we will enjoy your transformation. No matter if you are ready or not. Tonight is the night for the first transformation in your new body. I am not letting you out of this. It is too fun to imagine and too fun for me to wait.’

‘New body? I have been cursed to be a were-aykroyd before, this isn’t new. I’ve been like him before.’ ‘Oh so you HAVE been him before?’ Nathan explained he had were-aykroyd powers since 2020 and how he dreamed numerous times of turning into Dan and how it felt to be like Dan. ‘Yes.’ ‘Tell me Nathan, were you aware as you are now? Do you have any control over your body or mind? Did the change take over your mind?’ ‘Yes, usually I do.’ ‘Was it like a dream or a blackout’. ‘In the past i've always remained me mentally when i'm Dan except on a few occasions.’ ‘So he has changed it a little? Did it feel good, did it feel strange to be in Dan’s body, did you ever struggle?’ ‘I think I have done all those.’

“Tell me Nathan, did you ever hate becoming Dan?”

‘What? No, I love my were-aykroyd alter-ego. Initially yes, I hate losing myself to him mentality wise, but it got better.’ ‘So did it feel like you have lost yourself?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘But tonight, you won’t have a mind of your own since it will be mine.’

“Oh no..what are you on about?”

“Oh I am simply saying my surprise is one that will make you my were-aykroyd forever.”

‘Forever?’ ‘Your mind will be mine and you won’t mind being Dan, Nathan. Soon you’ll start to love being Dan, he’s perfect, and don’t you want that too? To be perfect? To be strong?’ ‘I guess so.’ ‘Great, because tonight is the night. Tonight, Dan will be completely in control, he will be alone, and tonight you will be completely Daniel.’

“But I can’t go full Aykroyd.”

“Oh but you will be, you will be Dan and my perfect creation.”

“No I won’t..”

“And you will want that change all the time.”

‘You cannot exactly make me transform whenever you want.’ ‘Oh but that is where you are wrong. I can and I can keep it happening every night. Tonight you are going to transform.’ ‘Not if I can resist it. And also how, you don’t even know what triggers the change or causes it to happen.’ ‘Oh but I do Nathan.’

“What do you mean by that?”

‘That is the best part, that I know just how this transformation happens. And I know exactly how to force it.’ ‘Well I am going to lock myself up to prevent myself from harming or turning anyone.’ ‘That’s not going to stop me Nathan, I am already here, I am a part of you AND I can take control of your whole body.’

“You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“Oh yes I would and I a few short minutes.”

‘Well you cannot exactly trigger my change, even if you claim you can.’ ‘Oh but I can Nathan, do you want me to prove it? I know how to force this transformation, I know how to bring it out of you, but the question is, can you stop me?’ ‘Okay, maybe I can.’ ‘You still don’t think I could do it? Is that fear I sense? Is that why you are afraid?’

“But you don’t know how to do it.”

“Wanna bet, Nathan? Wanna bet? I know how to do it and I know how to force it.”

“Prove it then if you think you can do it.”

“Shall we prove it together?”

‘How exactly? Also I wouldn't do that if I were have no idea how many shirts and shoes i lose due to transforming.’ ‘That's actually the part that I enjoy. Watching your lose your clothes as your transform. Watching you struggle. And I think we should do this together. Do you think I'm joking, Nathan?’

“Well yes, because there’s no way you’d actually carry out a plan like this unless..”

“Do you think I wouldn't do this?”

“Do what?”

‘Transform you. That transformation is your biggest fear. But you really have no choice, Nathan..either I trigger it right now and get it out of the way or every single night I make you suffer, every single night I will make you change. For the rest of your life.’ ‘But it’s my body, you’re using MY body.’ ‘Not anymore Nathan, from now on I am taking complete control of your body, every night. You won’t have to worry anymore. So we might as well get it out of the way.’

“Leave me alone.”

“So do you want to prove I can force the transformation?”

Nathan didn’t like how the other Were-aykroyd was acting, he was acting deranged, like he wanted to humiliate his ‘creation’ and torture him, he was worried about this and so he backed away and attempted to arm himself. ‘Stop this.’ ‘Oh but you cannot stop me Nathan. I am going to force this transformation on you. You’re going to love it, you are going to love being Daniel again for the rest of your life.’

“But what exactly is going to force it out?”

“I can force it out of you Nathan.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I have changed you before and I can change you again.”

‘But it’s my curse.’ ‘Yes, but I created your transformation. So, do you really believe that I can't force it out? Do you really believe you're safe right now? I am your creator and I am NOT letting you go.’ ‘I doubt that you can.’ ‘You are being difficult Nathan. You think you are safe? I’m about to show you just how wrong you are. Well you are about to go through one of those most embarrassing things that could ever happen to you.’

“I dread to think what that would be.”

‘You're about to do one of the most embarrassing things in your life. I am going to force you to do it.’ ‘Oh but nothing you do has been particularly awful.’ ‘Just you wait. You’re about to change your mind..literally. And the change you will be going through will be embarrassing.’ ‘Not transforming in public is it?’ ‘Oh, but it will be in public, Nathan...and that’s what will make it so much worse, you will have no control over it, you will go through the whole agonizing awful transformation in the middle of a very public place.’

“What? That’s insane.”

“And no matter what you do, you can’t stop it.”

‘Well we're in my apartment now and no one's here.’ ‘

‘No...not yet. In a moment...when you least expect it. You will feel the change beginning, you will feel so nervous. That feeling makes you so nervous, and I know fear brings him out.’ ‘Oh no.’ ‘And just before your skin starts to tingle, you will be transported to a very public place. The place you will be transformed and everyone will see.’ ‘That’s fiendish.’ ‘And you cannot stop it. Now we wait.’

Nathan attempted to arm himself as the maniacal were-aykroyd laughed and mocked him…’Hold still Nathan, don’t make it harder than it is. You can't escape me, Nathan…I control you now. You'll feel the change beginning, in a moment. You’ll remember what I was saying, and in a minute, all your fears will come true.’

“You monster, why?”

“Oh I just want to have fun with you that’s all.”

“This won’t be fun.”

“Now, we play the waiting game.”

‘Go away, please, please.’ ‘No, know I can't, I control you now and you know it…don’t be a coward. Be the man you were meant to be. Be Daniel, your perfect self..’ ‘It’s not night though.’ ‘Oh but it doesn’t matter, I can do it whenever I want. And I want you to transform right now. Can you even remember why you are supposed to transform, why you were created? Now do it, do it for me.’

“You didn’t create me, I was born.”

“Oh but I made you the were-aykroyd you are now.”

‘You turned me, you appeared as a were-aykroyd and turned me.’ ‘I did, yes. Do you really believe I can't do that again? Remember, I change the rules. I am making you transform right now and I can make you change at any time.’

“Do you really think you can do that?”

“Oh yes, I can.”

Nathan shuddered as he looked at his hands and felt a tingling sensation in his skin…’There it is, feel it. That’s the transformation starting, you know i’m in control now and it doesn’t matter if it is night anymore.’

“For someone who claims to love me, you sure do mock me.”

“In a moment, you'll be Daniel..”

“Oh no I won’t.”

“Yes, now remember, why. Now it is too late. “

“But we’re not in a public place so i’m safe.”

‘But that is just it Nathan, you WILL be. Because tonight I will decide what can happen to you. In a moment, you and I will be in a very public place and you will begin your transformation, you cannot hide from me. Now it begins.’

“Leave me out of this I will do anything.”

The other Were-aykroyd laughed, mockingly taunting Nathan as Nathan attempted to retort back only to get nervous and get the tingling sensation in his skin. ‘You cannot simply do that to me.’ ‘Yes, Nathan I can. Just watch me, in a moment you will be seeing what I mean.’ ‘Oh no don’t, please don’t.’ ‘It’s going to happen Nathan, we are going to a very public place. We’re going to your most feared place, and you’ll see, you will see what will happen when you try to fight me.’

‘One problem, it would be very difficult to find a public place i’d hate to turn into a Were-aykroyd in.’ Nathan responded, trying to bide for time. ‘Oh but we’re going to, Nathan, this place is where you’ll transform. It is out of your control so if I was you, you’ll find out just how embarrassing it is going to be. Just give up, give in to me, let Dan take over completely.’

“But what if there aren't people to see it?”

“Oh my dear Nathan.”

‘Did you really believe I'd let you transform in an empty place? In a moment we will be in a crowded, filled location. You will be transformed and everyone will see. We will be at a crowded concert, do you think they’ll enjoy the show?’ ‘I don’t see anything, I still see my apartment.’

A strange mist began to spill through the windows, before Nathan could even attempt to close the windows a dark green light began to emit. ‘It's almost time, Nathan...just keep looking forward, in a moment you will know what I mean.’ The green light shone down on the two of them as they were being absorbed and teleported.

“What is going on?”

“We’re being transported.”

The dark green light teleported them into what appeared to be backstage at a very crowded rock concert for the horror rock band Screaming Banshees, this band was one of Nathan’s favorites and he had always wanted to see them in concert, and while he was excited about seeing this band perform and seeing the killer animatronics, he wasn’t going to have a good time. ‘There you go, Nathan.’ A cold chill ran up and down Nathan’s spine as he saw the Were-aykroyd manifest next to him.

“Do you feel that Nathan? Do you feel something?”

Nathan felt a tingling sensation on his skin, he looked around and saw he was in backstage at the concert, he felt the tingling get slightly worse as he looked up at him..’That tingling feeling in our skin, it means that it’s about to happen. Do you know what that means?’ ‘It means that now you have transported me to this very public place, you are going to humiliate me by transforming me in public.’

“Yes, that is what is going to happen, very soon now.”

“What, I won’t let you do this.”

“No, my dear Nathan you won’t be able to stop this. You can’t stop this.’ ‘There isn't anything you'll be able to do to stop me from making you suffer in this wonderful terrible place. Do you know how i’ll do so?’ ‘How?’ ‘ By taking control of you and making you say words that will make you want to transform. I know that being transformed in public is something you don’t want to happen to you, but i’m going to do it to you here, in this place you normally would be happy to be but soon will never want to be. I have transported you here at this very moment, right now, and in this place you will transform in the way you fear the most.’

“This isn’t how a were-aykroyd is supposed to act.”

‘Oh, is it? Well maybe this one likes to play differently, and what a fun game we are going to play. Do you know what we will be seeing? Your favorite band, the Screaming Banshees, and the crowd you are about to change in front of, will all see you transform. The scared and shocked faces of everyone. All of those people are going to see you transform. And that's before we get to the band, or stage and the band that will be playing. I know you love the Screaming Banshees, Nathan.’ ‘Oh, you do?’ ‘You don't know what you're in for. This will be a real eye-opener. And it's going to happen in just a moment.’ ‘I don’t see anything changing or happening right now.’ ‘Just you wait, Nathan.’

Nathan thought that the Were-aykroyd was bluffing but he was also afraid, he went up to the stage and grabbed a microphone, warning the crowd. ‘Run, everyone you should run before the were-aykroyd shows himself and comes for you, before he comes from me and makes me undergo a change into him, please.’ ‘*What are you doing, Nathan? You can’t do that, you can’t run. You can’t escape me.’

“Oh yes I can.”

“I control you, Nathan...completely.”

“No you don’t.”

‘Just look at how terrified they are, of you. Because they have been warned about you and now let me show what I am going to do to you.’ The were-aykroyd cackled insanely as he waved his hands in front of Nathan and gazed at him with an intense stare, his eyes giving off a supernatural glow that terrified Nathan but at the same time make him not want to look away. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Condition you, of course..when I say Change me master, make me into Dan, you will say just that. You will feel a tingling in your body and in your mouth as it will open by itself.’


Nathan was about to question what the Were-aykroyd meant, but the were-aykroyd responded. ‘Please no...don't look at me like that, it's not my fault i'm a were-aykroyd, please...please get out of here everyone before I start to undergo a metamorphosis on a physical and mental level to completely alter my genetic structure into that of...of...oh no’ He covered his mouth in shock before adding.. ‘Oh no, did I start speaking Aykroydian babble?’ ‘You’re doing so well, now open your mouth. I am going to help you speak.’

Before he could protest…he felt another tingling sensation as tiny bristles of brown hari slowly grew on his hands. ‘I know what you are going to say, I control you, now speak..I am going to help you become Daniel.’ Nathan shaked his head and retorted with his..’No, I won.’t.’ ‘You WILL speak, Nathan. I’ll make you speak whether you want to or not.’

The were-aykroyd used his dark powers to make Nathan’s throat feel tight, like he had a bad chest cold if not worse. ‘Don’t you dare do this to me.’ ‘You’ll speak, and as soon as you do the transformation will begin.’ ‘Exactly how are you going to do that?’ ‘Let me show you, Nathan…just speak and I am going to help you get the words out. Say something.’

Nathan coughed up as he hurried over to the microphone, picking it up with his left hand and he spoke into it, his voice sounding a bit hoarse as he did so. ‘Sorry folks, there are technical difficulties with the microphones at the moment, please enjoy the concert in the meantime.’ ‘Good, very good, Nathan but I cannot trust you are ready until you say the words.’ ‘I’m not going to say them.’ ‘Now, say...change me master, change me into Dan, say the words that will get the transformation going.’

“What words?”

“Can you remember what those words are?”

“I don't remember those words.”

‘Well then, I guess we will have to try those words again, let’s try a few. Start with something to ease the change. Like change me into Dan.’ ‘Yeah right like i’d ever wish I was Dan Aykroyd.’ ‘Try I want to change into Daniel. Say it. You will say it because I am telling you to. You have no choice, these words will help with that awful tension. I know you want to change into Daniel, so say it loud and say it to my face.’

“I don’t think so, pal.”

Nathan was about to protest only for the were-aykroyd to use another shot of his dark powers on him. ‘You're not going to possess me into saying it are you?’ ‘I won’t need to, you’ll say it with my help. We are at the edge of the edge of you transforming now, you’ll feel your mouth just about to open.’ ‘No, don’t do this.’

The were-aykroyd glared at him with his hypnotic eyes, and this time he began to take control of Nathan’s mind, making his mouth without him speaking. ‘Now, what were you saying, my dear creation?’ ‘I want’ ‘ Say it, Nathan.’ ‘I'm only going to give you one more chance to say it before you change..can you say it now?’

From out of Nathan’s mouth came…’I want you to transform me. Creator, master..please.’ He wasn’t thinking of saying this yet under the were-aykroyd’s spell and influence he had the urge to say that and to be transformed, to serve him. ‘Just let me take over Nathan, you are going to feel something. Let me take over and say the words for you, just say it, say the words. You want that to happen don’t you?’

Having no choice in the matter due to being under hypnosis, Nathan responded with…’Yes.’ ‘Good boy. Just say, change me master. ‘ ‘Change me master.’ ‘Good boy, there you go. I’m taking over. Your body will begin to tingle, as will your face, you will feel nervous and you will open your mouth, to release the words you couldn’t say.’

Nathan shuddered as his body and face began to tingle again, his mouth was opening on its own and speaking as if he was a human ventriloquist dummy being puppeteered by the Were-aykroyd. ‘That’s good Nathan, now I want you to say the words. Now, feel the change start, open your mouth.’ ‘I want you to change me, master. I want you to be Dan for you.’ ‘Yes, there you go. You’re doing good, now let me take over you completely. I am going to open your mouth.’

His mouth opened wider than before as he continued to speak of wanting to transform, right into the microphone for everyone to hear. ‘Yes, open it up a bit wider now. Keep your mouth open, that’s it. I’m opening it up wider for you, i’m about to say the words that will transform you.’ ‘Okay is this, gonna, ya know..hurt?’ ‘Just wait, i’ve got you right where I want you. I’m right about ready to say the words, waiting for the right moment.’

Nathan snapped out of it for a bit before backing away and trying to escape…’No, Nate. You're not going anywhere. I am going to say the words and there is nothing you can do. All the change that is going to happen, is all your fault too, remember that.’ ‘You know, we don’t have to do this, the people don’t have to see me change into a big fat were-aykroyd in front of them.’ ‘They must see, you must suffer the consequences. The words are coming and I won’t hesitate this time.’

“I don't know why...but I don't think I remember saying i want you to transform me.”

“Well then, let me say it for you!”

Nathan screamed as the Were-aykroyd took control of his body and voice and his mouth once more, possessing him into saying the words. ‘You want me to transform you, Nathan. You’re getting ready to scream, you are going to change now. You are at the edge of letting Dan out. I am going to change you Nathan.’ He shuddered as he awaited the words and what they meant.

“They mean you'll change now, Nathan.”


‘All that needs to happen, is me saying these you want to hear them? I am ready for this, are you?’ Nathan dreaded what was going to happen next. ‘What are those words?’ ‘Change me now, change me now, master.’

Well that was a fluke the first few times i said it..but…’ He was about to finish that sentence when the were-aykroyd took control again, possessing him and making him say those words…’Yes, master, change me please.’ Those words wormed into Nathan’s head and his mouth began to mutter those words…’master, change me..please.’ ‘That’s my body, now what we need for it is to really happen and i’ve got what it takes to transform you now, are you ready Nathan?’ ‘Oh..’ ‘Do you want Daniel to come out? Are you excited, are you ready to see you become Dan?’

Nathan would have protested about this but the were-aykroyd’s powers had a hypnotic influence on him…’Just say you are ready to turn into Dan and have the most humiliating moment of your life. Are you ready to become a monster and have everyone see you as one? Are you ready to make such a fool of yourself that you’ll never be seen as a man, ever again?’.

‘I don’t think i’m quite ready for this…’ Before he could protest, his eyes lit up as he went into the trance…’I meant, yes master.’ ‘That’s better. That’s right, Nathan. I am going to say the words now, it is time now, are you REALLY ready?’

“Yes, master.”

Nathan found himself nodding, really wanting to transform into Dan and feeling like he was being controlled. ‘You really want to become can’t stop the transformation, you never could. All you could do is delay it and now that is over and done with. Look at all these people, they want to see it, just like you, right? You want to transform, don’t you? I will say these words now.’ ‘Oh no don’t do this, I feel a bit worried.’

‘Don't worry, Nathan..all your worries will be gone when you transform. I am going to say the words now and now the transformation will begin. Are you ready? Tell the crowd what is going to happen.’ He ran over to the stage and spoke into the microphone…’I reach out for the microphone* I'm the were-aykroyd, i'm going to turn in front of all of you.’ ‘There’s my boy, that’s the spirit. I am going to say the words to do that. I am going to put Dan Aykroyd in you Nathan, are you ready?’ ‘Y-Yes..’ ‘Now just watch what happens Nathan, here it comes. Change me, master! Change me now!’ ‘Change me master, change me now.’ ‘There you go, Nathan. Now let Dan Aykroyd take over, you’re giving in.’

More tingling sensations crept over his skin as the hairs slowly grew on both hands, giving him brown hairs. ‘Don't fight it, Nathan. The transformation is happening now. Are you ready for the transformation to really begin? Just say yes, and you will be the man you were always meant to be.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Excellent Nathan.’

“Are you ready to become Dan Aykroyd?”



‘Just a few moments and the transformation will happen in front of everyone…it’s happening now.’ Nathan started scratching himself as he felt an uncomfortable itching sensation all over his body. ‘You can't fight it. Your body isn’t what has been in charge this time, it was meant to be Dan’s. Are you ready to become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Just say yes and the transformation will continue.’

He couldn’t believe what was happening, he was being controlled into transforming into Dan in front of everyone and his stomach felt like he had eaten something really terrible as it gurgled loudly. ‘I feel so strange, all of me doesn’t feel so good, and my stomach hurts.’ ‘Your stomach gurgles because it's being filled with the food Dan loves to eat..because you are in the process of turning into Dan. And it feels good doesn’t it? Just say yes and that you want the transformation to continue.’ ‘Yes..please continue changing me, control me, making me your were-aykroyd.’ ‘Good boy, Nathan.’

The were-aykroyd told him he was going to force Nathan to transform further and that he was going to send out a change wave that would be so humiliating for him. ‘Now i’m about to send out a massive wave that will change you completely. Do you want me to do that, do you want me to force you to morph into Dan Aykroyd?’ ‘Yes...please do all of that to me, i've been looking at pictures of Dan and have been wanting to be him for so long, please, please.’

Nathan covered his mouth, true he did look at photos of Dan a lot and had thought about turning into him but it wasn’t a sexual desire or anything, he just really wanted to try morphing into him. ‘*Now, I’m going to send out the change wave. In a moment, your mouth will open and Dan will emerge. It is going to be so humiliating, but you want it to happen, do you, Nathan? Say yes and I'll send it out.’ ‘Yes.’

‘Excellent, Nathan.’ Within less than a couple of seconds a powerful ‘change’ wave began to be emitted which reflected onto Nathan, Nathan felt himself wanting to transform as he began to cough and splutter. ‘Your mouth is about to open, Nathan. Dan will emerge, it’s coming, in a few moments you will become Dan Aykroyd. The humiliating transformation will start now. Are you still prepared and willing for it?” ‘Yes…I want to do it.’

“Then let it begin.”

The wave was sent out a second time, this time it made Nathan feel quite queasy…he opened his mouth as if he was being controlled and the were-aykroyd smirked sinisterly, giving a look that said…’It is happening..Dan Aykroyd is emerging from your mouth. You will feel everything that happens while that happens. Say you're ready for that.’ ‘Yes, I am ready for that.’ ‘Alright then. Dan Aykroyd is going to force himself out of your mouth, he’s going to come out now, You want to be in this state, all these people want it to happen...and you do, too. Dan is emerging.’

“How bad is it going to feel?”

“It’s going to hurt a bit, Nathan.”

Nathan couldn’t stand to hear this but at this point he had no choice. ‘Dan is about to come out of you, now. But he’ll keep the hurt short. Are you ready to see him emerge, Nathan? Say you are and I will finish the transformation.’


“You wanted this.” ‘

“But I don’t…” “Oh yes you did.” He objected to what the were-aykroyd side, the were-aykroyd implied Nathan did want to transform , which wasn’t true because Nathan didn’t want it, he was under the control of the were-aykroyd. ‘For you to become Dan Aykroyd, it was worth all of this, wasn’t it? Say you want to become Dan and to let him out.’

He snapped out of it a couple of times only for the were-aykroyd and ‘Dan’ to take control of him and make him speak without moving his lips. ‘I want to become Dan and i want to let him out.’ ‘Good boy Nathan. You’re doing great, Dan is almost out. He is ready to come out, just a few more moments. Dan is coming out.’

His mouth widened further as his eyes lit up, as if he was possessed by a demon, ‘Dan’ smirked as he began to emerge from Nathan’s mouth, slowly tearing himself out in a manner that was most Cronenbergian. ‘It's happening...are you ready for the pain that's about to begin? Your senses will go berserk as he emerges.’

Nathan nodded…’The pain begins’, he clutched his stomach as he began to cough, spluttering numerous times, spewing up what appeared to be ooze, green ooze, green ooze that took on the form of Dan. ‘I hope you're ready for what's next. It's time. Let everything out, Nathan. Say your first words as Dan Aykroyd.’ ‘No, nooo.’ ‘You're about to finish the transformation and become who you've always wanted to be.’

“Say his name, Nathan, you know you can do this.”

He panicked, he felt even more sick as he began to cough up even more green ooze, that took on Dan’s appearance. ‘You must say, I am Dan Aykroyd to be completed.’ ‘I am Dan Aykroyd, no wait…I am not.’ ‘No, you are. Dan has emerged now. Look at all those people now, they want to see you, Dan Aykroyd. Are you ready to see them?’

At this point he felt like he didn’t have a choice, he was being coaxed into this by Dan and Dan was forcing this to happen to him, being at a Screaming Banshees concert with all his friends would have normally been a dream come true for him, if it wasn’t for the fact he was being forced into this. Dan wasn’t acting like he normally would, and he was controlling Nathan. ‘Did hearing that name come out of your mouth feel exciting?’

‘I am...Dan Aykroyd.’ ‘That’s right! That’s you,’s your new name, it is happening and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Are you ready for your new life, Dan?’ Before Nathan could say anything, his stomach gurgled louder as it began to grow larger, pushing against his shirt and slowly growing brown hairs. He started to instinctively rub his stomach, he attempted to resist it but he couldn’t help it. ‘Yes, master. I love my thicc Aykroydian belly, I love rubbing it, I am excited for my new life.’ ‘That’s right, you do love this. Your new body, your new life.’

The audience gasped as they saw him rubbing his enlarging stomach…’Do you love having this body, Dan? Do you love having this belly Dan? Rub it, Dan.’ Nathan couldn’t help but continuously rub his stomach over and over, he attempted to snap out of it but he couldn’t…Dan was teasing him and making him want it. ‘That's it, Dan...keep are loving the feeling of that giant belly...aren't you? Rub your stomach more Dan.’

He moaned as he rubbed his stomach several more times, watching as his hands enlarged while also feeling the developing hairs on his stomach. ‘That's it, Dan...keep are loving the feeling of that giant belly...aren't you? Rub it more, Dan. Keep feeling all the hair on your belly...all the stretchiness. Aren’t you loving how your shirt doesn’t fit anymore? Aren’t you loving the feeling of your big robust belly?’

‘It's getting so tight...i'm trying to stop it but I cannot, just watching my stomach grow is’ Nathan panted and watched as his shirt slowly began to strain and stretch. ‘It’s time to let go, let those buttons pop off and the shirt come off, let everyone see that big beautiful belly.’

He couldn’t help but rub it even more as Dan teased him, telling him to rub it even more..’Rub it...let's do this.’ The buttons strained even more on Nathan’s shirt as his chest and torso broadened. ‘Oooh, oooh..master, why does this feel so nice?’ ‘Yes, good boy! You’re getting so big, Dan. Keep rubbing it, keep going. You know you cannot fight it. This is your body, a big beautiful Aykroydian body.’

“Yes, they must see my body.”

“Good boy.”

The buttons popped off Nathan’s shirt as he continuously rubbed his stomach, unable to stop it as if he was entranced. ‘Yes, Dan...keep rubbing that belly. There's so much hair, isn't there? Let those people see your big, fat belly. This is who you always wanted to be, right, Dan? Let the hair grow, let it cover your entire stomach.’

A few more buttons popped off Nathan’s shirt and landed on the ground as his arms slowly began to enlarge and broaden, growing hairs on them just like his hands had..’Good boy, Dan..keep growing, keep expanding. You are going to become exactly what I wanted, and more. There’s too much body mass now, isn’t there, Dan? And that shirt isn’t going to be able to contain it all.’

His shirt slowly began to rip and tear due to not being able to support his upperbody. ‘There it is, Dan...good job. All that mass in your stomach, your chest and all those beautiful, thick arms...and it's all covered in hair. You are doing great, now let your shirt rip. Let everyone see what is under that shirt.’

The changes were getting even more intense as his shirt slowly ripped a bit more to reveal his expanding chest and torso and his much larger upperbody, which were growing hairs on them. ‘Yes, Dan...keep going. That shirt is going to tear right off at the seams, now. The body under that shirt is so huge, isn't it? Imagine how big it is, now? A giant Aykroydian body, Dan? You're becoming him.’

Nathan was still entranced and rubbing his belly over and over as his shirt ripped at the seams, and his skin slowly began to mature. ‘Good boy, Dan. Keep growing. You’re becoming everything you’ve ever wanted to be, and more. Isn’t that exciting? Keep rubbing that stomach. As your skin ages and matures, imagine how you’ll look, what do you think you’ll look like as Dan Aykroyd with that big belly of yours? Imagine.’

He continued to rub his belly as his shoes started to strain. ‘That’s it Dan, keep rubbing that belly. Keep massaging it, your feet are stretching out, they are growing larger. This is what you/ve always wanted, isn’t it? Rub it harder.’ Nathan’s shoes were straining against his shoes which were growing larger, he tried to get his shoes off but he was entranced into rubbing his stomach again. ‘Yes, Dan...keep rubbing. Those shoes won’t fit much larger. Your feet will grow to be big...just like the rest of you.

His shoes began to break apart as his feet enlarged, leaving him in his socks..some members of the crowd laughed at this and some got odd feelings from watching his feet grow. ‘Are those people watching me transform?’ ‘Oh yes, and they love it. *It's happening, Dan. Your feet are growing to be big, just like the rest of your new body...let your socks come off Dan, let everyone see. Let it happen.’

Nathan was now getting embarrassed and mortified that he was being used like this, being hypnotized, being conditioned, being coaxed into forcibly transformed and he wanted to protest about this but he found himself not being able to in between the countless mind control sessions. He couldn't help but rub his stomach again and now his feet as his socks began to tighten and slowly unravel, unable to handle his growing feet. ‘Very good, Dan...your stomach is getting bigger...and so are your feet...both huge and expanding as we speak? This is so humiliating...isn't it? How does it feel?’

“I keep trying to resist this, but I feel like you are hypnotizing me into liking it.”

“Yes, that’s a good boy. You love this don’t you?”

‘You can't fight Dan Aykroyd...he is your new body. And you're loving this, aren't you? You can’t fight this, this is your new body and your new life, you are becoming him, say it, Dan. Say that you are loving this, Dan.’ ‘I am loving this change, being such a thicc sexy aykroyd.’

He groaned as his socks slowly tore open to expose his growing feet. ‘That’s what I like to hear, my dear boy. Your socks are ripping...and your feet are swelling. And you feel amazing because of it, don’t you? And I, your master..of Aykroyd, am watching you.’ ‘Yes, master, I love my new feet.’

The crowd gasped even more upon witnessing the transformation, some even trying to hide their own odd feelings during the foot growth. ‘I love when you show me how much you enjoy this transformation.’ Nathan moaned and groaned, kicking around as he felt a bit weirded out about everyone watching him, yet he had trouble stopping himself. ‘It oddly feels so nice, reminds me of how nice it was to be offered to be fed and to have my stomach rubbed.’ ‘Yes, that’s exactly it, Dan. Now, as these people watch you, they want to feed you. Want to feed that big belly, Dan? Say you want it, Dan. Say that is what you want. Say it, say that you love the attention and this transformation.

“Please love me, master…I love being a were-aykroyd.”

‘Of course, everyone wants to love you, Dan. And everyone wants to feed your new, beautiful belly. Imagine how all that food will feel going down to your new stomach. Say you want it, say you want to be fed.’ Nathan’s stomach gurgled as he moaned, he felt an unearthly hunger coming over him and he couldn’t help it. ‘Yes, Dan...your stomach is growling...that's it..’

“Master, i’m hungry.”

‘That is what I want you to do,'re doing perfect. You need to eat, my boy. Tell me, what does your growling, growing stomach want? What does it need?’ ‘Grits, bacon, eggs, all of Dan's favorite foods...mmm.’ Nathan groaned as he felt his feet, a tingling sensation spread in between his toes which joined two of the toes on each foot at the knuckle, to give him webbed toes. ‘Yes, very good, Dan. You've gotta feed that beautiful stomach. And those webbed feet, Dan, they need to touch the floor and feel it, they need to feel the gravity of the new body you have gained, say it.. I need food.’

“I need food, I need to eat.”

“And let's see what happens when those webbed feet touch the ground.”

He walked and stumbled around the stage, testing his webbed toes as he found himself walking backstage and heading into the catering area and going to the catering table. ‘I need food, I have the desire to eat.’ ‘Yes, Dan, yes. All of Dan’s desires are yours, now. You need to eat, you are going to love the feeling of those webbed feet on the floor, keep going, keep testing those feet.’

Nathan groaned as he was overcome with an even more powerful hunger. ‘That's it...keep being hungry. You love being hungry, don't you, Dan? Your belly craves food...what will you eat this time, Dan? His belly isn't going to stay hungry for long, it needs to eat.’

He went over to the catering table and started eating the food that was supposed to be for the performers and the crew. ‘Good, very good Dan. You’re showing all these people just how hungry you are. Your belly isn’t going to be empty for long.’ He moaned as he desperately tried to stop himself from eating, he was desperate to stop the hunger. ‘Good Dan, you are doing so well. Your belly needs more, it is not going to stop until it gets its fill, more, more. You need to eat everything you can. The hunger won’t stop.’

This almost horror-esque hunger was getting to the point of trying to control Nathan’s appetite, making him eat all of the food from the catering table and even eating food that some of the others in the audience were eating. He was acting in a gluttonous greedy manner. ‘Dan, it's time to stuff that big belly. The stomach is demanding food, Dan...please...feed it!’

He couldn’t help but eat more food, he moaned as his pants slowly began to get snug as the belt began to get a little bit tight on them. ‘Don't worry about your pants getting snug, Dan. It’s going to happen. You are getting bigger, and you’re loving every second of it. The hunger is only getting worse, isn’t it? There’s a lot of food all over the place, the belly deserves it. You need to eat, so eat Dan, eat. There’s no going back now.’

The hunger was getting to him even more as he desperately searched for even more food. ‘See how hungry you are? Dan, just keep looking. You are going to find more to eat. You can’t resist your growing hunger, you are going to eat everything and anything, you will do that but will it be enough to satisfy your growing body and your ever growing stomach, Dan?’ ‘Italian food, cajun cooking, poutine...anything.’

“Yes, Dan…and anything is on the menu.”

“I can’t stop being so hungry.”

“Your new hunger knows no bounds. What will you stuff yourself with next, Dan?”

Dan mocked Nathan even more, teasing him as the crowd continued to watch him, some people laughed at him and made him feel bad about himself. ‘Don't fight the hunger...your body is demanding the food it needs to grow. Please let your hunger win.’

Nathan made a dash towards the table and ate the other food on it, he was about to finish it but he was distracted by his pants starting to get tighter as he felt something pushing against the seat of his pants, that thing was his rear which was beginning to grow bigger and bigger. ‘Yes, yes...that's it, Dan…keep eating…’

He noticed his pants were straining as his legs were growing. ‘And do you notice that your pants are straining as your legs grow? Don’t you worry about those, about'll soon tear them open. Just eat that hunger away. What else will you eat, Dan?’

A couple of groans escaped from his mouth as his belt slowly began to unbuckle itself and then broke apart. ‘Very good, Dan. Your desire to eat is now so strong, isn't it? You're feeling the weight now...getting heavier and heavier. That belt was only going to hold you, you can eat and grow, Dan. Let the hunger take you, make you so phat and squishy. ‘ ‘Oooh, oooh, I don't know why but it feels good to do this, being a big thicc were-aykroyd and being’

This wasn’t the kind of ‘happy’ feeling that a happy weight gain sequence in one of those stories might have, Nathan was being controlled into liking it and he was trying his best to fight it but Dan’s influence was corrupting him and making him want it even more. ‘Yes, what feels good. What feels good is gaining weight and growing thicker and heavier. The hunger is calling to you, Dan…’

“Master, I am so hungry..yet I have eaten so much.”

“The hunger is what you love right now, isn't it?”

“Master, how do you know that?”

“I can feel it in your heart and your belly, Dan…”

Dan teased Nathan and massaged his belly, making him oddly feel good about having his belly massaged. ‘This feels so good, doesn't let go...?’ ‘Master…I think it does.’ Nathan looked at his rear as the seat of his pants began to strain more and tear apart, allowing his rear to grow bigger and act on its own. ‘Oh that is very good, Dan. The growing rear...a rear that's getting big with every second, isn't it? I know you’re proud of your rear. And all on its own. You don't even have to try to grow it, do you? It's simply what your body wants to do.’

His body felt very alien to him, he couldn’t believe he was doing this in front of a crowd of people, and he was transforming and he couldn’t help himself. He was becoming something he didn’t recognize, he was becoming Aykroydian, yes…but a grotesque caricature of a were-aykroyd. ‘This is how it was meant to be!’

Nathan groaned more as he stopped eating to look at himself in the reflection of one of the drums, he saw how large he was getting build-wise and appeared to be horrified by this, he snapped out of it. ‘You, you’re trying to make me like the character in your comic, the villainous overweight were-aykroyd.’ His pants got tighter and tighter still as the gap between the buttons on each side began to grow wider and wider, causing the buttons to pop off. ‘That big rear is what's stretching those pants, isn't it? And the buttons, they're breaking...because you're getting too big? Isn't that how you like it? The stretching and that rip, the sound of ripping clothes, is what you love isn’t it?’

‘Transforming is so addicting, I like becoming your were-aykroyd every night, I like being yours, I love my master, creator and original were-aykroyd.’ ‘Oh, very good, Dan, very good. This is exactly what you love, you love transforming and growing, and love being addicted. And, yes, you love being mine.’

“Yes, master I love being yours.”

“No one else's...just mine…”

“No one else’s just yours.”

“I am only yours.”

‘You’re a good boy, say you love being my were-aykroyd.’ ‘I love being your were-aykroyd.’ He responded in an entranced tone as his pants slowly began to split at the seams, his larger than normal rear threatening to burst them. Yes, my boy, now tell me about your splitting pants. You love having and hearing your clothes rip, you love to be naked and hairy, you love showing off your big body. You want to be naked, don’t you? You’re getting close to it aren’t you? Say you want to rip your clothes, say you want to be free and naked in front of me.’ ‘Yes, master. My clothing feeling so tight as my body bulks up, is always the part that makes me sooo..soo, entranced by it, I can't help but think i'm...i'm...thicc and oddly alluring like that.’ ‘Yes, Dan, are. That feeling of tight cloth, straining, ripping. And all for me. Your transformation was made to attract me. Your hunger...your growing's all made to drive me wild, isn't it. I want to transform for you every night, and to be the were-aykroyd you have always wanted. ‘ ‘Yes, Dan, you are exactly what I wanted.’

“I want to do this every night for you.”

“And, yes, you will transform every night.”

“I will, master.”

‘That is your purpose... you are to become Dan Aykroyd for me every night. And I will enjoy it, every single time.’ With a loud rip Nathan’s pants ripped completely open, leaving him in his shorts and scraps of his shirt and ripped pants. ‘Yes, yes...good, good, clothes can contain the growth of your body. Your clothes slowly rip under your growing frame and they’re supposed to. All you have is pieces of your shirt to cover that growing body.’

Corey the covid microbe and Oats the horse had been watching this whole time and they were horrified to witness this, they knew something was off about this. ‘Oatsie, pal, do you notice anything off about this?’ ‘Yeah, Dan isn’t usually like this. Dan’s trying to control Nathan and humiliate him, let’s do something about this.’

The clever crossdressing horse thought of a way to get to Nathan, he used a magical spell to transport himself and Corey backstage and he trotted over to the microphones and started to perform an impromptu drag number with himself dressed as Lita Ford, which was enough to distract the crowd from what was going on. ‘It’s alright Nate, we are here to rescue you.’ ‘Oh thank goodness. I have been abducted by Dan and brainwashed into putting on a grotesque show for him, I am transforming into Were-Aykroyd form without any control and he is making me eat so much and be so hungry.’ ‘He is? THAT monster!’

Nathan nodded as the duo helped him, only for Dan to turn around…’Oh but you love it, don’t you Dan? The feeling of your clothes ripping and your body growing?’ he looked at himself, he was embarrassed, now only wearing scraps of his shirt and trousers and his shorts as he slowly began to grow to 6’1. ‘Yes, yes, very good, Dan. Do you feel that? Do you feel your height increasing? Do you enjoy growing taller? And the strain on your clothes, is it not delicious? You love the feeling of your clothes giving out...ripping apart.’ ‘You love growing taller and becoming more and more of a big fat Dan Aykroyd, don't you…’

It didn’t take long for Corey and Oats to realize that Dan was doing this to torment Nathan and ridicule him, by putting on this humiliating show of transforming in front of a crowd…they knew that they figured out what Dan’s motives were here. Nathan didn’t take long to realize this either. ‘Hang on, I know what’s going on here, you don’t love me, you only want to mock me, you hypnotized me, and you made me think you’re my master but you only want to make my curse worse, and oh no...wait, what are you doing to me? Why are you making me say all those things about liking it? Look at me.’

‘Do you want to see yourself?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ ‘Do you want to see just how fat you've become, Dan?’ Corey was outraged at this, feeling like he had enough and he wanted to put an end to this in one way or another. ‘You’re fatshaming my friend, don’t you know that? You’re fatshaming him, that’s not nice.’

Nathan broke down in tears as he looked at his reflection. ‘Look, there he is...that fat belly...those fat legs...those fat arms.’ He screamed as he could hear the crowd laughing at him, making him feel bad about being a were-aykroyd. ‘You did this to me, you made me want to do this, you used me.’ ‘That's your transformation,'re becoming a fat, gross Dan Aykroyd.’

“It’s not fair, you used me.”

“You're going to enjoy being my disgusting were-aykroyd, aren't you?”

“It’s going to take a month to shave all this hair off.”

“Yes, it'll take a long time to get all of that hair off of you later…”

Oats couldn’t bear to see this, so he whinnied and galloped over to where Dan was..’You shouldn’t be treating my friend like that. Yes, he loves Dan Aykroyd and loves being him, but you shouldn’t corrupt him like this.’ ‘Oh, shouldn’t I? But he loves it.’ ‘Don’t listen to him, he is using me.’ ‘Shush now, it’s okay. The hair is a problem you can sort out later, but for now, enjoy having more and more of the transformation you want.’

Nathan broke down in tears, crying over Dan’s words and that is when he realized…’You don’t love me, you used me. I am being used by you and humiliated. This isn’t what I wanted.’ ‘Don't cry,’s what you wanted, this is the transformation you chose.’ ‘I didn’t choose this at all.’ ‘You chose this, you wanted to become a huge, fat, hairy Dan Aykroyd to please me. But you’ve just realized how horrifying and disgusting that was. That was wrong wasn’t it?’

‘I’ll say it was wrong alright.’ Corey interjected. ‘You took advantage of him and fat-shamed him publicly, you are a bully…you know that, right?’ ‘Your friend is so easy to manipulate, so foolish.’ ‘I didn’t ask for this.’ ‘You just wanted to be a big boy...but now...what you've become..’

Dan mocked Nathan as he touched Nathan’s much heftier body. ‘I didn't want to change in front of everyone like this, look at them, they saw me gorge myself.’ ‘'s horrifying and embarrassing. The people saw you stuff your face with food, and not just stuffing your belly but stuffing your belly with food that was made for them too, embarrassing. They looked at you, they saw you become a gross fat person before their eyes.’

“And we caught you fat-shaming him.”

“Yeah, forshame.”

Oats was rightfully pissed off at Dan for this and galloped over to him, knocking him down with a mighty kick from one of his hooves. ‘You hurt my friend’s feelings and used him and humiliated him, you are not supposed to be like this.’ ‘In my universe, were-aykroyds are supposed to be gross and horrifying and repulsive.’ ‘But in this universe, were-aykroyds are good guys.’

“Are you happy to be this new Dan Aykroyd?”

“No, you used me.”

“I'm sorry, Dan...I didn't mean to do this to you..”

“You put those words into my mouth.”

‘Yes I did, Dan. I put those words into your mouth and you said them willingly.’ Oats objected to that and he looked over at Dan with a disgusted look. ‘Willingly? You brainwashed him into saying those things and you humiliated him. That is not willingly, that is nightmarish and creepy, you are not supposed to do this.’

“The transformation...the eating...the hair and the did those willingly.”

“That is not what willingly means.”

‘But it was wrong, wasn't it?’ ‘I’ll say it was wrong.’ Oats interjected, stamping his right hoof and looking angrily at Dan, it was obvious the equine wouldn’t stand for this so he galloped over to use a spell and put a stop to it. ‘It makes you ashamed, the way you've become. You never wanted to hurt anyone, you just wanted to be a big happy Were-Aykroyd.’ ‘You know that when it comes to gaining his body type and the stomach I get entranced into rubbing my stomach and can't help myself.’

‘Yes, transformation has made you like that. you've become someone who can't help but want to rub your growing and fat belly.’ ‘But you know that it’s something I cannot control when I go full were-aykroyd.’ ‘You're in so much awe of it though and you look so happy when you transform. Your hands just crave to touch your belly, Dan. Isn’t it just huge and soft, Dan?’

“it's just begging to be touched and enjoyed…”

‘You made me think of the time the were-aykroyd tried to feed me and force him to be his.’ Dan poked Nathan’s stomach and teased him some more as Corey roared at Dan, sending him onto the ground. ‘Yes, yes, you're right. My transformation made you feel like you needed to feed the were-aykroyd, didn't it? He wanted you to become him, he wanted to force himself upon you and make you the new him. Did you feel tempted to feed him?’

“Dan this isn’t how a were-aykroyd is supposed to act.”

Nathan moaned and groaned as he struggled and his neck lengthened, Dan was trying to get a rise out of this and Oats used a magic spell to dazzle the crowd and enchant them so that they wouldn’t see Nathan suffering on stage. ‘You groan and groan in pleasure, don't you? You're so addicted to addicted to feeding me and satisfying the were-aykroyd in you.’

Dan’s eyes glowed as he laughed, he picked up Nathan and mocked him…’You’re all mine now. And I am not going to let you forget it. You are mine to change and enjoy and you will love it.’ ‘But I don’t wanna be your were-aykroyd forever.’ ‘Of course, Dan. You don't want this to last forever. But you want this need your transformation to be this way tonight.’

“No I don’t.”

“For now, you need to be addicted, Dan…”

“So you can control me?”

‘You need to be that were-aykroyd. Just for tonight, you need to become the one you love.’ ‘But I don’t love this.’ Nathan felt his back and shoulders broaden as his mind flipped back and forth between hating the transformation and liking it, as Corey jumped onto the top of the stage and grabbed a spare guitar, shooting an energy blast at Dan, and getting him to face him.

‘Normally I don’t have to do this to my friends, but what you did to Nathan was disgraceful.’ Oats added as he backflipped and knocked down a pyrotechnic demon display which landed ontop of the catering table and collapsed onto the stage, which altered the crew to come and sort it out. ‘Yes, yes...good…good, Dan, you're realizing who you are, what you're now going to be forever. You will love will love being a hairy, fat, gross, were-aykroyd…it feels so good, doesn't it? The hate will go away, Dan. There will only be the pleasure of growing and becoming the big, fat, gross hairy man you love. The man you are becoming.’

“No, you’re making things worse.”

“I agree.”

‘Why do you call me Dan? That isn't my name.’ ‘Oh, my mistake, Daniel. That is your name. You are becoming so much like Daniel Aykroyd I am getting confused. Dan Aykroyd is the man you are becoming, and I will love you becoming him. Dan is a very lucky man.’ ‘Love him? You don’t love Nathan at all, you’re just insulting him and putting him down.’

Corey floated over and roared, mutating into a monstrous version of himself to frighten away the crowd as he helped Nathan get out safely. ‘Where are you going with MY Daniel?’ ‘Taking him to safety. Away from here.’ ‘Daniel, do you know how many people wish they could grow and become Daniel Aykroyd?’ ‘Do you think I choose to be a were-aykroyd for this? No. I didn’t.’ ‘

Nathan’s hair began to lengthen and become slightly messier, turning a darker brown shade in the process. ‘Yes, Daniel, yes...your's getting so thick and long…so perfect for you. Your back hair is getting covers your're starting to look like you're sprouting a coat. That hair covering your body is getting denser and denser too.’

‘Please, please...whatever you're doing to me it's not worth it, I promise not to make fun of Dan Aykroyd's voice in Caddyshack II ever again.’ Nathan begged as his hair grew longer, even developing a bald spot near the back but the bald spot covered up. ‘You are a were-aykroyd now...and you will be like him for longer than you ever imagined..’

Dan laughed maniacally at him, mocking him and teasing him for making fun of Dan Aykroyd in Caddyshack II, Nathan tried to explain that the reason he hated Dan in that movie is because he was annoying and that the voice the character used sounded stupid. But Dan wouldn’t have any part of it and mocked him further, threatening to humiliate him even more by trying to make him bald.

That is when Corey and Oats teamed up to take him down, knocking him over and weakening him before rescuing Nathan. Nathan’s forehead slowly began to pulsate and grow as his eyebrows thickened, he begged for the transformation to stop as his eyes widened, one turning from brown to green and his nose broadened, developing a cleft in the middle.

Dan charged towards them and attempted to swipe Nathan from them, only for Nathan to fight back as his features slowly altered, his lips altering to be more kissable as his features shapeshifted to be more Aykroydian. ‘Sorry Dan but your playtime show has officially been cancelled.’

Nathan’s voice deepened to sound like Dan Aykroyd’s own voice as he looked over at Dan with a look of disgust, now it was his time for revenge. He looked over at the crowd and reached for the microphone. ‘I'd like to apologize to the crowd for my actions earlier, I wasn't myself...I felt like something had taken over me and that something or SOMEONE is THIS man!’ he added, pointing to Dan.

“Who? Me? But I was granting your wish.”

“That wasn’t my wish, you creep.”

Corey roared at Dan and summoned an army of covid-bat-microbes to attack him before sprouting bat wings and flying off, Oats used a spell to grow pegasus wings and the duo took Nathan away from Dan and flew him back-stage. Nathan used his phone to call his friends for help and they came to help him, he told them that Dan had been using him.

After that Dan attempted to demean Nathan further and tried to get him back..’No, Daniel, no! I'm the only one who can save you!’ ‘You are not my Dan, you are a different were-aykroyd who wants to abuse and hurt my friends.’

Dan tried to mock Nathan by making him think his were-aykroyd form was ugly, but that didn’t work because his hypnotic power he had over him wore off and it made Nathan remember that he wasn’t ugly as a were-aykroyd but actually rather handsome, and he realized that he knew something was up when Dan hypnotized him earlier.

Nathan grabbed onto one of the monster props and hurled it at Dan with his superhuman strength, it was as if he had gotten the courage to stand up to his bully for doing this to him in the first place. ‘Dan, I knew you wouldn’t really do this to me, because this is obviously..’ ‘Obviously, what?’ ‘Obviously a trick.’

‘Exactly.’ Oats responded as he galloped over to the mixing booth and he used his powers to get the crowd to listen to the band. ‘Sorry about the inconvenience, folks, it seems one of our guests wasn’t behaving today. Enjoy the rest of the show.’ ‘Yeah, enjoy the show everyone.’

Corey and Oats had done it…they had saved Nathan, and they grabbed guitars from the walls and shot energy blasts at Dan, which sent him flying onto the ground and they defeated him. Nathan turned to him and that is when he realized…’I knew this exact scenario was familiar. This is…a nightmare spell.’ ‘Yes, a Dream-Eater spell, like the move in Pokemon.’ ‘This is like the Nightmare move too.’

Nathan walked onto the stage and began to feel a bit woozy, as he did..he felt sick and he collapsed from the stage, and landed on the floor, Dan tried to wake him up and get him back up only to be knocked out by Oats. ‘And that is done.’

An hour later Nathan woke up…he was back in his apartment, he was in his bedroom, in his normal form, with Corey and Oats, in his clothes. ‘Yes, we did it.’ ‘You guys were right, it really was a nightmare.’ ‘Yeah you told us you knew something was up with Dan. Dan normally wouldn’t hypnotize anyone or turn them without asking. So that definitely was not Dan doing this to you.’ ‘It wasn’t?’ ‘Oh no, Dan must have been taken over by a dark presence.’ ‘Do you think the Creator did this to him?’ ‘You mean the Were-aykroyd known as Dark Dan the Creator?’ ‘Yes, him.’

‘You guys, I had the worst nightmare.’ Dan the were-aykroyd told them as he came into the bedroom. ‘The same one Nathan had?’ ‘Yes, I dreamed I was taken over by a demonic entity who was a dark version of me and I took Nathan to a concert of one of his favorite bands, only to corrupt him and make him into a grotesque parody of my species.’ ‘There there, it’s okay.’

Nathan hugged Dan. Corey and Oats also hugged him as well, that’s when Dark Dan manifested, having just exited Dan’s nightmare and his body. ‘Noooo, you’re not supposed to hug and bond and be nice to each-other, you are supposed to hate Nathan for being a gross were-aykroyd.’ ‘Sorry, but in this universe were-aykroyds are nice.’

“And guess what? Since you’ve been such a bad boy..”

“We are going to punish you.”

Corey looked over at Dark!Dan with a look of disgust upon his face. ‘Dark Dan, for not only taking Nathan away from us and for brainwashing him, but also turning him against his own will into a grotesque parody of his species and for taking advantage of him for liking Dan Aykroyd, you are grounded until South Park gets a 27th season. And while you are grounded you will eat nothing but lumpy potatoes for EVERY…SINGLE..MEAL, even as a treat.’

‘Waaaaaaaaaaaa! This isn’t fair!’ ‘Don’t you go making that motorcar noise, because if you make that noise we will make you into one and sell you to Ray Zalinski.’ Dark!Dan sulked and screamed as a portal sucked him up and transported him into a prison dimension, where he was put on trial and found guilty.

The duo and Nathan all went to bed and had nice dreams, the next morning they got up and had breakfast and they headed off to have an adventure. They had their favorite things for lunch and afternoon tea and also for dinner that evening, but Dark!Dan however was imprisoned and grounded and he had to eat lumpy potatoes for every meal, even for dessert which made him upset.

Nathan made it so Dark!Den got an additional punishment, he had to dress in the outfit Dan Aykroyd wore in the movie ‘Exit to Eden’ and dance to the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine, and lots of people recorded him doing the dance and put in on Youtube, where he became famous for his ridiculous attempt at a sexy dance.

And so the nightmare of Nathan’s was officially over and all was as it should be.

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