Bonzi VS Joe, Dylan and Night.


It is time for storytime with Bonzi and today’s story is a doozy! Once upon a time in the land of Deviantart there was a monster creator named Night, Night was a horrible bitch of a user who used to really like Nathan but also was two-faced because she sided with Joe, Joe or Joe Lowes was a scumbag who always pretended to be nice in roleplay sessions only turn evil and screw over humanity.

Joe always complained about being vilified and always went to his ‘friends’ for emotional support even though they were his friends, not his personal army! One day he and Night were busy roleplaying a monster roleplay session when a purple cloud of smoke materialized in his room, that purple cloud of smoke took on the form of a purple gorilla. ‘Joe Lowes, Night. I have come for both of you, for it is time for both of you to meet your match.’

Night looked up at the purple gorilla and raised an eyebrow…’And who might you be? A new character to roleplay with?’ ‘Oh ho ho, my dear Night. I am no roleplay character, I am Bonzi, the lord and master of the internet! I have heard you betrayed Nathan and broke his heart by siding with this disgusting creep you call a friend.’ ‘Disgusting creep?’ ‘Yes, I am talking about Joe and Dylan. How can you even tolerate those two, if you don’t mind me asking? One of them is a world domination obsessed psycho and the other is a pervert who does not know when to keep his sexual hyperfixations to himself!’

Joe objected to this and he bitched…’You are a horrible sick bully and I am going to see to it that you get punished!’ ‘I have seen what you do to people who complain about your tastes, you berate them, you act like a bitch whenever people try to call you out! I am surprised nobody has ever had the guts to block you!’

‘I am not a bitch!’ ‘Oh but to me and everyone else, you are.’ Bonzi clicked his fingers and as he did, Joe started itching uncontrollably as prickly brown hairs slowly spread across his body starting with his arms and hands, his hands deformed as his fingernails lengthened. ‘My hands, my hands, I know this is inevitable when it comes to transformations but how on earth could this happen? My hands!’ ‘If you knew it was inevitable, then you should have apologized. Not just to Nathan, but to everyone you screwed over!’

He panicked and groaned as his body swelled, two breasts swelling outwards on his chest as the hairs spread all over his body and his clothes slowly ripped apart, leaving him naked. ‘Not my clothes!’ ‘If you hadn’t acted like a little bitch, you would not end up like this.’

Joe moaned as his belly swelled and inflated, his new breasts producing milk which dripped down onto his chest as his rear inflated…’What is happening to my body? Why am I dripping milk from my boobies and why do I have boobies?’ ‘Because if you are going to act like a bitch, you now are going to look like one too!’

Night attempted to protect her friend only for Bonzi to stop her…’I am not sure where you are going, missy, but you are next. Some dutchess you are, you’re not even royalty!’ ‘Well I am.’ ‘You sure do like playing with other people’s feelings, don’t you, Duchess?’ ‘Well I would not say that.’

Bonzi smirked as Night began to feel her skin slowly taking on a living plastic texture, she tried to run away and tried to move her arms and legs but they stiffened and locked into a pose that made it look she was posing in a sassy manner.

Joe panicked as a fluffy canid tail slowly grew out of his rear and his privates retracted…’My precious male organs! How can I fap to pictures of characters in diapers being brainwashed if I don’t have my male mating organs?’ ‘You don’t need those’ a slurping sensation was heard as his privates reshaped and contorted, warping and becoming feminine as his rear inflated.

He groaned as his back arched and his shoulders shrank inward as his hair lengthened, his ears shifted to become canine in appearance while his eyes widened, turning golden as eyelashes blossomed around them, his teeth sharpened and his features slowly contorted, his face pushing out into a demonic half canine muzzle as his features also feminized and his neckline lengthened. ‘I’m a girl now? And i’m a demonic dog-thing?’ ‘Why yes, you are. You make a much better dog than person anyway, as a person you were kind of a pain. I felt awful for Brandon for having to hang out with someone like you!’ ‘How dare you act like I am horrible to Brandon! Brandon is my best friend and if you do insult me I will.’

‘Oh, what will you do, oh ignorant and mean-spirited one? Send your lame monsters after me? Your lame monsters are weak and pathetic. They would never be able to take me down in a fight anyway, I am the lord and master of the internet! They are nothing but mere shrimps compared to my power. And besides…I have destroyed the rest of them already, and erased the effects of your evil power, returning all the victims of your rein back to normal!’ ‘Well then please turn me back or i’m going to…’ ‘Oh what are you going to do, oh ignorant and moronic one? Threaten to kill yourself? That’s what you always do when it comes to reacting to opinions! You act like you understand at first but then you show your true colors!’

Night attempted to defend her friend but she could do anything as her breasts enlarged and her clothing slowly morphed into a black and gold dress and gloves as she found herself slowly shrinking down to the size of a doll. ‘Aaaw what a cute doll you make, my dear Duchess! I cannot wait to add you to my collection of models to be studied. Now do you promise to be a good doll?’ ‘Let me go, please.’

‘Only if you are a good doll, then I will consider it.’ ‘That is not fair, this is unfair and disgusting.’ ‘So was your behavior towards Nathan, Nathan was your friend, how dare you double-cross him you two-timing bitch!’ No matter how much she tried to deny it, she had to admit that she had screwed over Nathan more than once and she begged for forgiveness, which fell on deaf ears because Bonzi was not the type of gorilla to forgive people who had screwed his friends over more than once. ‘It is so cute you ask for me to turn you back to normal and to forgive you. But I have made up my mind, you will be a doll for me forever!’
He turned to Dylan who was fapping to an adult film called ‘Clown Orgy’ which was all about people turning into clowns and banging each-other, he wished that he was in that movie, while also looking through his numerous collections of people who he had turned into suits. ‘You like suiting, don’t you Dylan?’ ‘Well yes, and hey..who told you that?’ ‘I know all, I see all, I am the lord and master of the internet! Now I have heard you were abusive to Brandon and sexually violated him. How awful. How dare you treat a Kong like that.’

‘I did not know he was a real Kong.’ ‘Well he is! And I am going to show you exactly how you treat your victims by doing it to you in my own way, you like suits, so you will be one!’ Dylan panicked as he felt his skin slowly becoming creased and developing holes as a zipper-like organ formed in his chest, his organs spilling outward from it.

‘I have a zipper! I’m becoming a living suit!’ ‘Well yes, you are, you delicious little pervert, you!’ He groaned as his body contorted, growing longer and longer and bigger and bigger in size until he was the perfect size for Bonzi, the creased skin taking on a living fabric texture as he collapsed on the floor.

Bonzi picked up Dylan and smiled…’What a nice Dylan suit! And it is just my size! That will be perfect for when I cosplay as a clown fetishist to troll people in the fetishistic dominion.’ He put on Dylan and pulled up the zipper-like organ. ‘Perfect! Now you don’t mind going to sleep for a few hours, do you?’ ‘Uhhh…’ ‘I will take that as a no, now it is time for you to rest, Dylan! You need to rest so that you will be ready for me to wear for the fetishistic dominion’s weirdo convention!’

Dylan’s face drooped as his eyes slowly closed, Bonzi’s soothing voice hypnotizing him into accepting his fate. ‘That is right, you are a good costume for me. I have always wanted to have a costume of you ever since I saw your roleplays. I thought it was so unfair that you get to stuff your victims into costumes and transform them while you never got to have a turn yourself! Of course now I do have you and you cannot do anything about it! I am indeed a lucky ape!’

Bonzi put Dylan in a box and used his magic to transport the box all the way back to his home and put him in a special container, he also took Night with him, putting her in his special bag and taking off with her. When he arrived back at his jungle treehouse HQ he placed Night on a table and changed her outfit. ‘There we go! Now my little living doll has a new look! That old look of yours was terrible and so not fitting of you. Now you are my sassy little fashionista doll and I can make you do whatever scenario I want with you!’

Night screamed, only to be shocked when a voice that sounded like a sassy fashion model crossed with a valley-girl came out of her mouth…’Oh yes, I see your voice has changed to match your new look. And as for dear Dylan here, I shall look forward to wearing him and posing as him at the weirdo convention! Maybe I shall pretend to be him online too and in person and take his place! After all, Brandon deserved so much better than to be pushed around by a creep like him. A kong like him deserves to be treated with care and respect!’

Bonzi smiled as he looked over at Dylan and then over at Night, he used his magic to transport Joe into a special cage. ‘And look, I have a new pet as well. Since you do like enslaving people, Joe I thought it would be great for you to feel what it is like on the other side of the proverbial grass! You make such a nice dog-woman. I cannot wait to show you off to my fellow online universe beings and even to Iznob!’

“I want to be normal again, please.”

‘Maybe if you did not screw everyone over and did not treat others like shit, maybe I would turn back. But as fate would have it, you are an asshole, it is the fate of all people that have been transformed by me!’ And with that, the gorilla known as Bonzi sat down on a leather chair reading a book about transformations before going online to pose as Dylan.
He used the alias of Dylan as a disguise to hide his true intention which was to of course to attempt to take over his life permanently, he was exactly where he needed to be in, in his domain, and everyone who had ever been punished by him were there for all eternity as well.

And so the story comes to an end but Bonzi will always be there! Looking for people who have been bad people online so he can punish them, it doesn't matter who they are or what they are doing, he will always find them, because he is the lord and master of the internet and he always gets his way!
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