Sam Gets Dum Dumed.


Bonzi VS Sam
Once upon a time there was this one friend of Nathan’s named Sam or Blackbluedawg or CB-Bear, he and Nathan were friends for quite a while up until 2021 when all of a sudden Nathan found out he had been blocked by him and that made him upset, that is when he decided to make a wish to have that ex-friend of his be taught a lesson! ‘Oh great and powerful lord of the internet, I ask of you to teach Sam a lesson.’

A cloud of purple smoke manifested in front of him and took on the form of a purple gorilla. ‘You have summoned the great and all powerful lord of the internet! How may I be of assistance to you?’ ‘My friend blocked me for no reason and did not even explain his reason, please make sure Sam gets punished for being a douchebag!’ ‘I will do just that.’

The purple gorilla used his magic to transport himself into Sam’s apartment, Sam’s apartment was decked out in posters featuring most half-naked monster-men. He manifested himself near the Rock A Doodle poster and smirked. ‘Hello, you must be the big dummy known as Sam!’ ‘Yes, that’s my name and hey! I am not a big dummy!’ ‘You look like one to me, Sam. I mean you would have to be a big dummy to block your only real online friend.’

‘But…’ ‘Of course only a dum dum would be so stupid as to not realize the errors of his ways, and you certainly do look like you like your men big and stupid!’ Bonzi smirked as he thought about what to turn him into, and then he thought…’You will make such a good dum dum were-aykroyd though.’ ‘A dum dum were-aykroyd?’ ‘Why of course. Perfect for you.’

He clicked his fingers and purple energy emitted from them which zapped Sam and caused him to feel an odd sensation throughout his body, brown hairs slowly sprouted on his chest and torso as both of them filled with fat, balloning up and growing bigger and fatter, causing the buttons on his shirt to strain, pucker and pop off. ‘Oh no!’ ‘Looks like like we have got a growing dum dum were-aykroyd here. And you are looking better already. I hate your current monster form anyway!’,

The shirt he was wearing tightened more and more as it began to rip up in several places due to his inflating stomach which was gaining a tremendous amount of weight…’Tee hee, dum dum has a nice belly! Did I just say that?’ ‘Why yes, dum dum, you did! You do have a nice belly that is squishy and perfect for cuddling and feeding. You are going to need to feed a lot from now on or else.’

His stomach grumbled and gurgled on as he couldn’t help but think about eating a lot of food, food that would no doubt satisfy his growing appetite…’Oooh yes, dum dum wants food! Dum dum wants food!’ ‘Aaaw, my little dum dum wants to eat. Do not worry, your favorite gorilla is here to help you!’

The purple gorilla used his magic to make a feast materialize in front of him, Sam stumbled over to the table with the feast on display and he instinctively started gobbling down on all of the food. ‘Oh yes, you certainly do love eating don’t you? Of course you do, my dum dum adores food! Food is his biggest obsession, next to his new master of course!’

‘Oh yes, dum dum loves his new master! No I don’t! What is going on?’ ‘What is going on is you are changing your view on things. You are seeing me as a master to you. Do not worry about that, we will get you some friends who are dum and goofy just like you are!’ He panicked and tried to resist the urges to eat even more food but his growing appetite took over as he ate more and more.

Sam’s shirt slowly ripped apart even more as his arms broadened and swelled, growing hairs on them as his hands enlarged, his fingers thickening as his shirt gave away with an even louder rip, revealing his fattening upperbody. A couple of farts escaped from his behind as he couldn’t help but spurt out..’Oops! Dum dum made a mess back there, dum dum is silly!’ ‘Why yes, you are very silly but that is how dum dum is supposed to be! Dum dum cares not for common sense or manners, all he knows is eating and being gassy!’ ‘Yes, dum dum cares not for this common sense, dum dum wants food!’

Bonzi’s words rang true as they echoed in Sam’s brain, making him think and act like the dum dum he was becoming. Sam’s boyfriend came into the room to try and save his friend. ‘Oh look, a new friend for you to play with! Let’s make him a dum too!’

Joel (Sam’s boyfriend) gasped as he saw his transforming boyfriend and watched him eat meal after meal. ’What have you done to my boyfriend?’ ‘Well he was being a big dum dum for being a bad friend to Nathan so I decided to make him a dum dum for real! And he feels good about letting his intelligence slip and his body inflate.’ ‘Turn him back to normal please.’ ‘No can do, he made his own stupid mistake and now he is becoming stupid as a result. He likes taking away people’s minds as punishment when he transforms them and and now I am doing it to him.’

‘I won’t let you get away with this.’ ‘Have you seen what Mel did to Xeno for his heinous crime? I will do even worse than he does. Now, it is time for you to come at ya with a dum dum thing.’ ‘What do you mean by that?’ ‘I have been looking high and looking low, for a goofy doofy dum dum thing to show. Now this punk is gaining a lot of chunk, because all along he has had it so! Now hear my words, hear my spiel, and soon you will get to enjoy eating a gigantic meal! Now I am going to boost him and his body with the dum dum name! I will make you cry and make you sing, because I like that goofy doofy dum dum thing, boiiiiiiiiiiii!’

‘Did you just rap?’ ‘Yes and rap isn’t usually one of my talents!’ Joel panicked as Sam lumbered towards him, Sam started kissing him all over and belching in his face. Joel found himself slowly bursting out of his clothes as he gained weight, turning into a large plus sized male were-aykroyd who was super duper dum dum and loved food just like his transforming boyfriend. ‘Dum dum, I present to you your new friend!’

‘Yaaay! Dum dum loves his new friend! Dum dum is so happy!’ Sam exclaimed as he kept growing fatter and fatter, his rear inflated as his legs thickened, a couple more farts escaped from his rear. ‘That is a good dum dum, your new friend loves you a lot too! And imagine how jealous some of your other friends would be of you.’

He groaned as his jeans slowly tore apart, leaving him in his shorts which had a funny blue and purple spotted print on them resembling the colors of the fur of the character James Sullivian from Monsters Inc as his feet enlarged, gaining webbed toes as he shrank down a bit in size, his shoulders and back broadened. ‘Look at how cute you both are! The sweetest little dum dums ever!’

His hair slowly lengthened and darkened while his face plumped up, his eyebrows thickening as his eyes widened, one turning from brown to green as his nose broadened and developed a cleft in it as his features slowly took on an Aykroydian appearance, his voice deepened and shifted to sound Aykroydian and comical sounding. ‘Dum dum wants master to cuddle him. Please cuddle dum dum!’

‘Of course you will get lots and lots of hugs, my beloved dum dum!’ Sam held his head as his mind slowly warped and altered, he no longer felt like he had been born human or even a monster, that he had been born a good dum dum and Bonzi’s personal dum dum were-aykroyd thrall. The contents on his Deviantart and furaffinity gallery also had shifted, to stories all about being a good fat were-aykroyd.

He gasped as he looked at himself, his mind was altering further as his intelligence lowered in a gradual manner, eventually making him unable to think properly, he could still think but he could only think of feeding, growing, and being goofy and silly just like Joel who was also feeling the exact same thing. ‘Dum dum did not need brain?’ ‘Of course not, your body is the one that needs food.’

Sam and Joel both giggled in a silly manner as they thought about infecting others, that is when they saw Kurvos walking by, Kurvos had been kicked out of a LGBTQIA server on discord for trying to complain about there not being enough sexualized men doing the stripper cake gag. The were-aykroyd duo farted on him and converted him into a were-aykroyd too which made him become equally as silly as him.

‘There we go! Three happy dum dum were-aykroyds! You all serve me now.’ ‘We serve you now, master. What can dum dum do for you, dearest master?’ ‘Oh there is so much you can do for me, my dearest dum dums! But now it is time for you to admit you love me.’ ‘We already do love you, master. Dum dum loves you a lot!’ ‘Of course you do, come now my dum dums. I have such wonderful plans for you!’

Bonzi used his magic to transport Joel, Kurvos and Sam into his home which had a special dum dum were-aykroyd domain filled with fridges filled with food and toys to play with, he treated them with respect and fed them and took care of them as if they were his sons. ‘I have improved your lives so much since I met you!’ ‘We love you, master!’ ‘And I love you all too, you have lightened up well and gained so much, not only in weight but in respect! You serve me now. I am the lord and master of the internet, and you are not only my servants, but also now my own surrogate sons!’

With that the purple gorilla smiled as he welcomed the new dums to their new permanent home, and he was glad to have taught them a lesson, and speaking of lessons, it is time for a moral. Do not be a big dum dum to your friends or you will become one yourself, although in some cases it is a plus because it means they will never complain again.
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