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Corey and Oats in..
The Twitter Island Problem
Corey and Oats were always there to support Mel in any way shape or form and one day Mel was having a very bad time due to getting recommendations on Twitter for accounts to follow that were from people who were mostly overweight men trying to be sexy and it made her feel sick…’Yuck! Who the hell approves of naked overweight men? Yeah these accounts are good if you are a perverted weirdo or gay or have a thing for fat losers or all three but not of me, I am bisexual..yes but that does not mean these sickos have the right to post this material.’ ‘Absolutely.’

Corey and Oats decided to help her and so the three of them along with Anglo the anglerfish decided to jump inside the computer and they entered the Twitter dimension, the twitter dimension had several normal islands but there was a different island all-together consisting of numerous different ‘After Dark’ accounts with types of odd fetishes in each area. ‘The After Dark islands are some of the lewdest and most disgusting places in the world.’ ‘These places creep me out.’ ‘Yeah, why are there so many of them?’ ‘Must be some kind of island the admins have not taken down yet.’ Mel shuddered as she ventured onto some of the islands.

“Why do islands like this exist?’

“I don’t know, these people should move to Pornhub.”

Corey and Oats did not like the ‘sexual kink islands’ but bravely followed her as they ventured the first was ‘Weight Gain and Cursed Character TF Island’, and Corey and Oats followed her as they found themselves gaining a lot of weight and Mel was horrified when she saw she had become a version of herself crossed with Swackhammer. ‘Eeeew, this is disgusting, look at this place and look at me, i’m part Swackhammer. Out of all the characters, why him? I hate this.’ She broke down in tears. ‘I take it you do not like this form.’ ‘I hate it.’ Corey comforted Mel. ‘Yeah I hate Swackhammer too, why anyone would have sexual fantasies about him is beyond me.’ ‘Swackhammer? Swackhammer? Seriously?’ , she then turned back to herself only that she was a bit fatter than normal.

The second island they came across was ‘Foot Worshipping’ Island, she shuddered when she saw who was in charge of the island, it was Dan Schneider…’Hello Mel, welcome to foot worshipping island. Please take your shoes off before you join in any activities.’ ‘Aaaaw crap it’s him. Look Schneider, it is bad enough you are in my nightmares, you are making me afraid of you even more by turning up here.’ ‘Well this is my island.’

He was surrounded by a harem of young female characters, specifically teenage ones with large feet that were the result of a mutation, and he tried to get Mel to take her shoes off. Mel leaped in the air and attempted to attack him only to find herself falling down into a pool of mutagenic water and causing her shoes to slowly burst apart as her feet enlarged, which made Schneider rub them in a gross manner. ‘Eeew! Get your claws off my feet, freako!’

She made a run for it and Schneider attempted to chase her…’Come on Mel, let’s see those beautiful toes.’ ‘No, get away from my feet!’ ‘I need to see your beautiful toes!’, she screamed as she ran around, trying to avoid being captured by him. ‘Get away from me!’

Corey and Oats were both running with Mel, narrowly avoiding Dan Schneider as he exclaimed ‘Beautiful toes!’ a couple of times, ‘Beautiful toes! Beautiful toes! Let me see them.’ ‘No, get away from my mommy.’ Oats responded as he kicked him with his hooves. ‘Beautiful toes!’

“This island is not my favorite island.”


Luckily Anglo the Anglerfish tripped Dan Schneider up and tossed him into a pool of mutagenic water that slowly caused him to turn into a mutant monster version of himself resembling the wife monster from ‘House’ (1985), and they all escaped from the island before moving over to another island, they arrived at an island known as ‘Overweight Nerd Stereotype Island’. ‘Why is this island even a thing? Who wants to be a fat nerd?’ ‘I don’t know, but apparently it’s all male inclusive.’

The group battled a horde of morbidly obese nerd stereotypes who were fake Otakus who pretended to know about the anime they were watching and using terms like ‘scrub’ to refer to people who were below them, they smelled terrible, like if someone tried to make a perfume out of the scent of Limburger cheese, they spoke fake Japanese.

After defeating them Mel was made the most desirable player on that island got the attention of the head fake otaku, who attempted to use his bad breath to turn her into a male cosplayer of one of his ‘husbandos’ but she slapped him. ‘I am immune to your corruptive powers, you are not real anime fans, you are all jokes, just a bunch of fat losers who used to be normal people but this island makes you like that.’ ‘Na desu ka? You are not falling for my charms? Too bad because I think you’d look cute as a horny male nerdy otaku like me.’

She destroyed the stash of corruptive food and anime bootlegs that the fake Otakus got their powers from, turning them all back to normal people and then she turned all the people who had been turned into cosplayers of fake otaku husbandos back to their normal selves as well as any people that had been turned into action figures and kept in jars.

‘Those freaks had it coming.’ Corey quipped as they all escaped from that island and jumped through another portal which took them to another island, this island was known as the Sexualized Animal Character Island and featured raunchy artwork of non-morphic animals from media coming to life and performing grotesque rituals.

Mel looked around as she saw a version of Baloo from the Jungle Book dressed in nothing but a speedo along with versions of Lion King animals in skimpy outfits, and she recoiled in horror as they sacrificed some passing visitors to an animalistic god and banged against each-other. ‘Yep, of course this is a rule34 island.’

She challenged the queen of the island who was an anthropomorphic version of Queen Merida as a bear to a sexy dance contest and won, and she became the new island’s ruler, breaking the curse and making it so that they wouldn’t have to perform rituals ever again. After that the duo made their way over to another island, the Island of Sumo Fetishists.

On the Island of Sumo Fetishists there was a cult of people who fetishized sumo wrestlers and a group of demonic sumo wrestlers who hypnotized people and infected them into becoming sumo wrestlers or rather grotesque parodies of them, luckily they only affected males. Mel was able to work out a plan to defeat all of them.

Anglo and Corey took on some sumo sized forms as they battled some sumo guards along with Oats who had the agility of a ballerina even when he plumped up, they were told to break the evil spell of the sumo demons they had to defeat the head sumo demon so they were transported to a grand arena with Mel and they all teamed up.

They teamed up to defeat the head demon sumo and they became champions, which broke the spell and turned all the demon sumos back into being normal human beings, and of course after that came another island portal which took them to an island known as ‘The Island Of Cyborg Servants’ which was a roboticization island where people were brainwashed into being robots and transformed, a robot master tried to capture Mel but she used some electrical attacks to make him malfunction.

The duo explored the island along with Anglo and saw a koala-girl like Mel being forcibly brainwashed and programmed into being a cyborg servant and Anglo the Anglerfish rescued the koala-girl by scaring away the ‘Brainwasher bots’ using his light, they then made their way to the charging station and shut it down, which caused the brainwashing process to cease.

Corey became a robot version of himself to fight off the main robot masters with the help of Anglo and Oats, as they freed everyone who had been roboticized, obtaining a box full of keys which represented all the islands they had completed. Another portal popped up after they battled the cyborg master and won, which took them to another island, an island which was the ‘Island Of Clown Mutants’ which was an island dedicated to clown transformations. ‘Clown transformations? Seriously?’ ‘Yeah, weirdest fetish ever.’

The duo battled hordes of mutant clowns and Mel found a series of clues which took her to the corruptive ‘big top hideout’ of the head clown, she took on a Killer Klowns inspired form and defeated him by draining his lifeforce, causing him to weaken and melt before returning back to normal. Another new set of keys had been added to the box as another portal popped up, a portal known as ‘The Island Of Incredibly Sissy Characters’, which they jumped up through and came across an island of male characters who had been brainwashed into acting stereotypically girly.

Oats decided this would be his turn to battle a boss on the island so he battled an army of sissified male Final Fantasy characters who were brainwashed into thinking they were ballet dancers and challenged the head sissy of the island to a dance battle and he won, receiving another key to add to the box and undoing the head sissy’s brainwashing. Soon there was only one box left and only one fetishy island to defeat.

The very last portal popped up and they jumped through it, arriving at was known as the ‘Island of Desperate Overweight Men’. Which was infested with overweight men trying to come across as sexy, it was enough to make Mel sick but Corey and Oats helped her navigate the island. ‘I don’t know why these sad losers think they’re attractive.’ ‘Yeah, put some clothes on!’ Corey exclaimed.

Mel found herself turning into an overweight male version of herself and being hit on by an overweight long haired man wearing a ‘big daddy bear’ onesie. ‘Sorry pal but i’ve got a boyfriend already and i’m actually a woman.’ She slapped him and then fed him some special expansion juice that was pumped into his system, it made him explode into pieces as his guts spilled out all over the floor. After that she defeated the rest of the ‘desperate fat men’ in an eating contest and defeated the island’s leader, she obtained the final key.

She gave the leader a final kiss that caused him to swell up even more and explode, his guts and organs spilling out all over the floor as all of the desperate overweight men shrunk back to their normal weight. With all the islands conquered and the residents defeated, the duo and Mel jumped through a portal along with Anglo, the portal took to the beginning of the Twitter realm and they had a victory lunch before heading through an exit portal.

They jumped through the exit portal and headed all the way out of the portal, they jumped out of the computer screen and arrived back at their home in Nile Road. Gathering around the table, Corey and Oats and Anglo all had afternoon tea and told everyone about their adventure, an hour later they had dinner.

Corey emailed Jill about what had happened afterwards and how they bravely dealt with questionable fetishes on the islands and how Twitter’s porn problem was getting out of hand, after that they relaxed and listened to music, and an hour later they had a karaoke session.

When their karaoke session was over they all got ready for bed, Oats put on his pink pajamas as Corey put on his bat pajamas and they brushed their teeth in the bathroom before going back to the bedroom. Anglo helped pick out a friend for them all to snuggle up with and they all jumped into bed and relaxed, Mel thanked them for helping her and they all cuddled up as Anglo turned off the lights.

They all drifted off to sleep and had sweet dreams and dreamed of some nice adventures they could have, and thus the adventure for this tale has come to an end but more are coming up so stay tuned.

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