Cassie goes home.

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You recall the Zoo gorilla incident?... well, I was still getting headaches a month later.
Delayed concussion, the doctor told me.
Take time off work, he told me.

I quit, left the city and went home... rural Florida.
I weed-eated a pathway through my overgrown back yard, to the tree's out the back. I strung up my hammock... then I veged out.
Relaxing naked in the shade, in my hammock... Bourbon and coke's...
The sun kissing me through the leaves. I was warm, nicely relaxed... I fell asleep...

... started dreaming about a guy.
Now, I like men well enough, but I've known too many uncaring dickheads, from my time in the porn industry.... so I preferred animals... generally you know what you were in for, when you let one screw you.
Take dog's, for example... they only really know one way to do it. You know you're in for a pounding when you let a dog have you, but it's not like they enjoy hurting you... a bruising dog-fuck is unintentional. But some guy's... they are into that sort of thing.

Well... let's just say that I didn't dream about guy's, usually.
But with this guy, I was smiling... he was running a never-ending cock over my body. It just kept on sliding over and past my pussy... I was spread nice and wide and that cock of his was gliding over me... on and on, and feeling so... so... good. He wasn't in a rush to get it in... get it on... he just rubbed it over me, my clit... it was firm and long... the weight of the thing spreading, squashing my lips apart... so close to entering, but not... he settled his body's weight gently on me, pressing and caressing, taking away my fears. I knew I was dreaming... I had to be dreaming, but I went along with the dream anyway... it was so pleasant to feel like this.

His body felt cool on me and the prospect of having that cock was exciting me. Oh my God!, my dream self was moaning with my need for this kind of affection, of my need to be loved. He made me feel that! He made me want to be loved!... I was aching for him, for this guy, the one who would love me, hold me, caress me gently... he brought out that need in me... I was making little moaning sound's... as you do... they were genuine too, no need for make-believe with this guy!... in my dream, I touched him, so long and so thick... he had a genuine trouser snake, I wrapped my and around it... needing both hand's to do it properly.

It was enormous, but I was still keen, in my dream, to get it on with him, my dream lover. I was running my hand's along it, checking him out... frowning now... you're dreaming, Cassie!, no guy has a foot long erection...
No man.... not a foot long...
Huh?, it's longer than a foot...
What... the... fuck, Cassie?
I moved into a higher level of wakefulness.
There were what felt like scales on it too...
It's a real fucking snake, that's what it is!
You've got a snake, in the hammock with you, Cassie!
That thought jolted me fully awake and, yep!, I was cuddling up to one.
A Burmese python!
Well!... I almost crapped myself! And instantly tried to throw it off me.
I guess my sudden movement frightened it too, because it did shit itself. It's cloaca had been resting low on my body and it's shit went down between my leg's.
Eeewwww! I felt the mess running down, through my pubic hair, down around my ass and everywhere in between.

In my panic, I tipped the hammock over, falling to the ground, landing with a dull thump on top of the snake. Luckily, the snake decided to take off into the undergrowth, instead of attacking me, because the fall had winded me. I stayed on my knee's, trying to suck in air, looking through the dense weed's making make sure it wasn't turning around, coming back.

I needed to get to the house, and as soon as I could breath properly, that's what I would do... in fact... I wasn't going to wait that long. I started to crawl, back under the tree's, back along the path.
40 yards away! I could still only crawl.
37... I paused and got to my feet... started to walk slowly...
35... 30... faster!, faster!... still under the tree's.
Soon, I'd be running.
The was a sudden pain on my shoulder and a weight dropped down on me, a second snake!, it draped over me briefly, but then it coiled around my body, encircling my waist, my chest, it bound my leg's together and I went down onto the dirt again, hands scrabbling to get back up.

There had been two reptiles in my backyard... possibly more than two... my arms, leg's and body were now getting all mixed up with this one.
It was a big fucker too!
I had parts of python by my head, over my chest, wrapped around my hip's, my thigh's. I grabbed at it, thinking I could throw it off me, it resisted and the situation developed into a wrestling match. I was throwing my arm's and leg's about, trying to push it away as it slithered around me, wrapping me in coils, encircling my body... it quickly, quietly, tightened it's grip on me... I thrashed around with my arms and leg's... but it restricted my movement, forcing me into stillness.

I think I mentioned that I'm a big girl... athletic, strong... but there was nothing I could do to dislodge the snake. Afraid now, I screamed, wasting my breath... it got tighter around me, crushing inwards... only one hand could move now... I clawed at it, but I couldn't hurt it. My mouth was wide open, but nothing was working properly... I was gasping for air but it was wrapped around my rib's, stopping the natural expansion of my lung's.

All I could see was snake, all I could feel was snake... all I smelt was snake... not this snakes body, it was virtually odourless, but the smell of the other snake's poop was strong.
The attacking snake's upper body moved, it's teeth pulled out of me. It's head, eye's, moved to look at me. Cold, uncaring, sizing me up for lunch... moving to swallow me... head first.

My heart was pounding, I felt it in my lip's... they were tingling. Soon it would be all over. The snake's tongue flicked out and back as it smelt the air between us. It tentatively tasted my forehead, then my face, cheek's, lip's... I was still being restrained. Without letting me go, it's head went questing down my body... it's tongue touching parts of me that were bare of clothing, clear of snake. I was dimly aware as it's tongue flickered over my nudity, lower, lower, tasting my throat, my shoulder, my breast, my back, my belly... lower, lower...

It found the goopy snake shit in my pubes, the tongue disturbing the curly hair, down there. It rubbed at it, it tasted it.
The coil's relaxed slightly... and I got to suck in a decent breath... the feeling of hypoxia lessened. It's head followed the pathway that the runny shit had taken, It forced it's head between my leg's, my thigh gap channelling it's head close in to my sex. The muscles of my thigh bulged out and around the head as it pushed into the gap, opening it up, rubbing over my clitorus, just like in my dream... long... scaled... it's head passed out the back, swivelled around and it licked my butt, too.

I could breathe again!
I gulped in air, thinking that I would get my breath back before trying to escape, rather than struggle now and be wrapped up tight again.
The snake kept on going through, a sinuous rearrangement that put several coil's between my leg's, around my leg's... pulling, pushing... spreading them apart.
It's body paused in it's convoluted manoeuvring but it's head came back in and it tongued me again.
There was a flickering, probing sensation on the outside of my vagina, it made me flinch. It's tongue went down each side of my clit, licking me, tasting me.

Held as I was, I was forced to endure the snakes exploration... it licked me, again and again. I couldn't help myself, I squirmed to get away from the snake's tongue and what it was doing. I tried thrashing, tried kicking out at it, tried twisting... but all the snake did was to tighten the loop's that bound me, my increasingly frantic efforts were absorbed by the snakes muscular body, dampened down to nothing. I was allowed to breathe... pant out, pant in... but nothing more, as the snake tongue worked away at me... up, down, up... down!

A flickering... in... out!
Then it delved deep inside me, the snake pushing it further than any guy's tongue had ever gone before, or ever could go. I sucked in my breath and went rigid with the shock of feeling it slipping inside me.... inches deep, not just the first inch or so... shit, no!. INCHES deep! Deeper, deeper... was it tonguing my cervix? Oh my God!... it was stroking at it, the fork wriggling around it, each tip stroking around a different part inside me. My body spasmed... I couldn't help it, as it went about sensitising me further and further. I had never imagined that a tongue would ever be able to reach that far inside or feel like it did... sliding forward and backwards inside me, like a long, skinny cock.

It's head came in until it was nuzzling at me too.
Limited in my movement I still managed to move my pussy away from it, I didn't want it doing what it was doing... didn't want it inside me, I tried to discourage it... but it ignored me. It knew what it wanted.
It's lip's pressed at me. I could feel what it was doing, I felt myself expanding to take it. It's head was shaped like a hand, as thick as a fist... smooth... and you would appreciate... it was shaped to enter a woman .

It pushed it's head slowly into me, unstoppable, inexorable, I felt myself stretch... and stretch... my eye's and mouth opening wider, wider... as I felt what was happening to my lower body.
It's it's snout, it's lip's, it's jaw, went deeper, deeper inside me... an opaque covering went over it's eyes just before they dipped into me too. Lifted out... dipped in, kept on going this time. The entire head was in me now, it felt like I was being fisted as I closed around the narrowness of it's neck. But it's head went in further and further.... I was full, my muscles fully stretched... aching as I felt move and more slide into me. The head was moving inside me as it screwed around inside me. This way, that way... turning, rotating... flexing up, down, sideways.

OMG!, Oh my God!, OH, MY GOD!, SNAKE!
Too much, too big! YOU"RE MUCH TO BIG!
Stop... stop it!...
"GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME!!" I managed to gasp out hoarsely...
My body rebelled and I constricted my muscles... and maybe it thought I could crush it, like it was crushing me... anyway, it withdrew from me, a lot faster than it had gone in... leaving me feeling like my inside's had been sucked out with it's head, as it left.

Its eye's opened up again and it's tongue of his went back to touching me on the skin of my butt, then on my butt hole... that was disconcerting... I didn't want it's tongue up my bum hole. I didn't want it's head up my bum, either.
It was holding me loose enough now that I could move a little... and I slid myself away from it's tongue as it probed my ass.

The coil's moved again, a loop was cast around my neck and shoulder's, it tightened up until I was still again... enough pressure to control me, not so much that I was being throttled.
At least the snakes tongue wasn't going to go up my bum, I thought.
It nuzzled at me, as it's body did a convoluted reorganisation.
The snake was still flexing... moving... now what?, I thought as it repositioned itself and me.
At least the snake didn't seem to be considering eating me now, or sticking it's head up my arse! That was good!
But, along with the snake's body, I felt something else sliding up the back of my leg... what in hell is that?, what is that thing?, I thought, looking down.

Along with the snakes body, the snakes cock was sliding up my leg, growing bigger as it was drawn closer and closer to my hip's... it was hideous in it's close approximation to a man's erection... hard! pink!!
It was getting bigger, the closer it got to me and it was clearly big enough to do what the snake wanted to do... he planned to fuck me with it!
I resumed my struggling, trying to get away from it... it's cock was leaving a wet trail of slime on my leg, as the snake brought it to where it wanted it.

The snake felt the shift in my mood, in my muscles and it clamped down on me... holding me fast as it's cock ran up the last part of my thigh, it slipped in between my leg's and pressed in against me... it slipped into my butt crack and slipped up against my tightly clenched butt-hole. It felt wet, round and smooth, like the ball of a thumb, pressing in... nowhere near as big as some guy's cock's, but I felt the same invasive sensation that I usually felt... it made me tense up even more.
The thought of snake cock, up inside my arse... and being screwed by a snake, chilled me and I clenched up as tight as I could, trying to keep it out.

Unfortunately, the diameter of it's cock was smaller than a guy's... it was harder to stop a smaller cock that it was to try and stop a big cock... it was going in... no matter what I wanted, it was going in. The snake slowly, slowly, applied pressure... slowly, but surely, it eased it's hemipenis past my tightened sphincter. The skin of my bum hole rolled inwards, rolled to the side's and it's penis slipped on in, and then up, inside me.
I couldn't let this happen!
I wouldn't let it happen!
But nothing I could do could do could stop it.
It was happening!
It was happening!
At least there wasn't any pain... just that weird feeling of displacement of skin and muscle, the feeling, like a finger going up, inside.
It eased itself into me until it's body was rubbing my arse and then it's erection started to thicken up even more... and just like a small dog's knot, it locked itself into my bum.

It felt like a mid-sized butt plug, smaller at the entrance , bigger further in... big enough for me to know it was up there... that's for sure.
I was completely in the snakes power... he had his cock locked, up my arse.

I knew what was going to happen next.
There was no point in begging for the snake to stop... but I begged anyway.... crying and looking towards my house... wishing I was inside.
While the snake did what it wanted to, to me.
It took the snake a long, long, time... before he was finally finished with me.

I wasn't going to go outside, today, not tomorrow, not even onto the decking that was just outside the back door. He was waiting for me.
Instead, I looked out at my backyard, from my Bathroom window.
I couldn't see it, but I knew it was out there... out of sight, in amongst the weed's.
Waiting for me to come back outside.
He'd grab me again and he'd do it to me again... I shook my head.... don't think about it, Cassie.
I'd said "No"...
I remembered saying "No!"... so many times... it had ignored that, so many times. Done what it had wanted to... used me. My body was still aching from it.

I turned from the window and surveyed how I looked now, in the bathroom mirror. The bruises were vivid blues, purple... yellow but marks that looked like rope burn crisscrossed me from head to toe... they were a reddish brown. The lighly scaled pattern traced what the snake had done, and where he had done it.
Only my face had been left untouched... but it looked haggard... my eye's holding that haunted look.
I wasn't sleeping... I didn't want to sleep... I dreamed of what had happened.
I didn't want to be awake either, I thought about what had happened while awake, too.
Thinking about what the snake had done to me, under the tree's.

It was still out there, wanting to do it again.
My neighbour had called me, asking me if I had seen his dog... it strayed sometimes, but always came back.
If it had strayed into my backyard, then snake had got it, eaten it.

I wasn't going out there, not out under the tree's... never again, I told myself.

When it had grabbed me, I'd expected the worst. But I'd been thinking about it in the terms of being raped, by a man.
Violence, pain, degradation... it was a snake, it wasn't like that.
Having satisfied itself that this odd blend of female-snake/strange-woman that he had captured was suitable to mate with... he'd set about copulating with me.

Wrapping my body in his, his coil's lifting me up off the dirt and encircling me from head to toe. The snakes skin caressing me from head to toe, simultaneously touching and stoking between my leg's, belly, breast, neck, face... but gently.... so gently... it's head nuzzling at my neck, it's tongue tasting my tear's, wiping them away. His head coming back to lick my pussy again, imparting the wetness of my tears to the entrance as his cock moved inside my bum. Not the hard, relentless, cock being rammed in deep, driven in, by a guy, or a dog... but more like a stirring of nerve ending's... not so deep, just inside, where it was most sensitive... the snake's inherent flexibility allowing it to lick me anywhere it wanted to... it wanted to lick my pussy, it wanted to lick my bum, my butt, my tit's where they fell through the gap in it's coil's, my cheek bone's, forehead... and all the time his cock was stimulating my bum hole... no pain... I FELT NO PAIN. There had always been pain... before today.

I hesitantly put my arms around a couple of his coil's and stroked his skin, equally gently... the undulating scales feeling smooth, his body firm... he was beautiful!, he was wonderful! I let go of my preconceptions... it doesn't feel bad, does it, Cassie?
I squeezed my knee's together, clamping the snakes body between them. I felt the slow pumping of his body between my thigh's... noticing my femoral artery pulsing back at him... deepening... feeling the coolness of his body and the heat of my excitement start down there, moving up me as the movement of his body caressed my pussy, caressed my clitorus... no!... it was not feeling bad at all! Now my hand's started to quietly urge him on... drawing his body up mine, welcoming him to me, into me, properly.

It was like having an 18 foot long erection wrapped around me! The thing's I could imagine doing with something like that! So big, so hard and just so fucking long! I started to fuck him back, accentuating the movement of his cock, inside me. The snake reacted by counteracting the sensation of me withdrawing from him by pumping it back in harder... nice and slow! So much stimulation!
More, snake! more!
I want more!
Fuck yeah!, give it to me, baby!
Ah... ahh! Ah... ahh!
That alone might have done the job... made me come...

But maybe the snake thought I was trying to escape still?, silly snake!
Anyway... it tightened it's grip on me until I was bound up tight again, I was struggling to extract maximum satisfaction from him, though... I then felt the touch of something else, down there, something foreign... something wrong... something I'd never felt before.
It made me stop moving as I evaluated what was happening... had I damaged him, hurt him?...
I hoped not, I had my own plans for the snake now.
I already had his cock, in my bum... it wasn't right that he should be able to produce a second one. It wasn't natural that he'd have second cock to stick into me... but that's what he did... a second cock, identical to the first... swelling up and being... pumped... into... my... pussy... too.
I gripped the snake hard as I felt it slip into place.
Two cock's!, I didn't know snakes had two cock's!... did you?
I had been getting wet, working away at the original one, so the addition of the second one, really got me going.

The snake continued to do it to me, with both of them, now. I was being double-teamed, like I'd never been double-teamed before. In the porn shot's that I had taken part in... I'd agreed to do this... big men, with big long cock's... but one they never managed the degree of timing that my snake did. His hemipenis's, completely synchronised with each other, moved inside me, the skin at both entrances moving in and out at the same time and, where they disappeared into the snakes cloaca, the skin there rubbed at me as well.

Yessss! So good! IT'S SO GOOD! The combination of being rooted shallowly, coupling with a snake, double teamed by a snake... caressed, pleased... I was losing control! I never lost control! I usually came exactly when I wanted too! And I wanted this to last!
I wanted the snake to last...
Dammit, Cassie! Get a hold of yourself!
But I couldn't wrench my mind away from what the snake was doing to me... when I was acting, taking part in a porn movie, I could disassociate myself from what was happening to my body. I could fake it, for the camera, if I had to. Easy enough, to do on a set... easy enough to make believe and fake I was having a great time.

But the snake was doing it to the real me... I was having a great time, for real... just me, Cassandra McGrail, and I couldn't lock my emotions away, here, as both of the snake's cock's moved inside my body, as they made my body move too, moving, rubbing on the snake's coil's. The coil's were above and below me, I was entwined with him, a part of this, part of him... he was rippling muscles, he was soft skin, he was gorgeous colour's he was twisting, turning... me, himself,... us.
It was like sex on a stick, he was the stick, he was everything... he was all over me, like a rash... he was all inside me... everywhere at once... he was everyone/everything that I had ever wanted. Man... woman... animal... my hand's started to grip the snake as he continued to have his way with me. Slowly methodically driving my body to an orgasm.
Too soon! I didn't want it to happen too soon... didn't want him to finish... but there was no pulling back, no way to make him stop, slow down, withdraw, give me/him time to calm down, rest, recover, start again... no... no... no... "NO!... no!!..." I started to beat at him as he forced it to happen.
I came...
I fucked him hard as I came. Fucked him harder than I'd ever done it before. I used my leg's to grip him, crush him, I dug my heels into his body and raked him with them, pulled him as deep as I could... I clawed at his scales with my hand's and fingers as the rush of it went through and through me. Biting at his neck... my teeth wouldn't go through his skin, although he did wrap my head in a coil and held me tight... suffocating me... I didn't care... it felt good, all of me felt good... I was happy to die now, my orgasm was so good... it was worth dying for.
The pounding of my heart matched the pounding in my pussy, between my thigh's, I was pounding myself onto his twin erection's, loving the fact that he had two of them, I wanted... needed... them both. I was dying, my orgasm was killing me.... the snake was killing me... I tapped it's body where it wrapped around my face, suddenly limp as my orgasm left me.
He loosened his grip, and I lay quietly as he held me... Had he come inside of me... was he done now... was it over?..
He continued on, still intent on fucking me.
On and on and on...
Still making me feel good.
Still working at my body, working at my mind... soon I was feeling good again...
He made me come again... and again... I must have been aroused, satisfied... for at least an hour.
Finally he'd slipped out of me... loosened his hold on me... it was dark... I was sore from it.
I crawled to the house, crawled inside.

I wasn't going to go outside, not today, not tomorrow...
But I stepped from the decking, out onto the grass. I ran my hands over the top's of the wild barley as I walked out to the tree's, to the hammock.
I lay down and closed my eye's and listened to the rustling sound in the dead leaves, coming closer... coming to me.
Maybe it would eat me... but it knew me now... maybe it wouldn't eat me.
I hoped.

I felt it's weight.
I felt it's tongue.

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