Fruits and Vaggies

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It was a beautiful summer Saturday in this Arkansas town we live in. A little bit on the hot and humid side, but nothing opening the windows and turning on the electric fan couldn’t handle. Our small apartment does have air conditioner that is only turned on at night or only if the heat and humidity get intolerable to conserve energy and save.

It also helps that, when we’re inside our apartment, we walk around and do things in the nude. All the time. We only start wearing something if we’re expecting a visit from someone else or, of course, if we leave for outside. Otherwise, at least for mom and I, we shut the blinds and our apartment is a total clothes-free zone.

It was an apartment exclusively for elderly people so things tend to be really quiet. We were only allowed to rent as the owner, a wealthy, gorgeous and striking Latina-American in her early sixties, knew my mom and worked with mom at the library. Apparently this woman inherited a huge sum of money from her husband, which she used to buy this apartment building.

Mom was off from work. It was my weekend off from school. We’d done our usual Saturday routine: fast walking and working out with mom in the morning. Grocery shopping. Doing a little bit of cleaning. Bathing. Laundry. Cooking. Eating. Flossing and brushing teeth. Cutting and cleaning our fingernails. Grooming and fixing our hairs.

It was five o’clock when things had eased down. Mom and I were in bed, watching some porn trying to relax.

It’s all in good fun. For some time now we’d gotten into the habit of watching porn in the weekends.

I started the whole thing, mind you. Two Saturdays ago, mom was watching her regular boring movies on TV while I watched porn in my tablet.

“You’ve been watching that a lot lately,” mom said then.

I widened my eyes and nodded my head.

“It makes me feel good watching it,” I said.

It’s not even something I hide from mom. She thinks it’s natural to be curious and explore so she’s all cool with my porn-viewing habits. There’s a certain openness in our relationship as mother and daughter that makes me feel I could do anything.

I know she emphasizes being a mom and she always drills that in my head regularly. At the same time, she’s open-minded enough that sometimes I treat her more as one of my best friends.

Mom wasn’t necessarily into my habit of watching porn. It took a lot of convincing. She was reluctant and hesitant at first, but she eventually gave in. From then on, we’ve been watching adult entertainment on weekends regularly.

But, when I watch porn, I masturbate. I just have to. It’s a natural thing. That’s another thing I had to convince mom of next. Eventually, i would get her to do it with me. I guess it’s my fault turning mom into this perpetually horny 40-year-old MILF.

I mean, mom is not square or anything. She can be sometimes shy, but a little bit of nudging and encouragement does the trick. I just needed to peel away that shyness to get her wild side out.

“Oh, great, you brought some snacks,” mom declared.

“Your favorite fruits,” I said as I showed her a tray with grapes, bananas, apples both sliced and whole.

“And…” I added with dramatic flare, before showing her a bottle of red wine.

“Psh. Oh, honey,” mom giggled.

We’d never had red wine in the past two weeks of doing this. Tonight, I thought we could do something different and more adventurous.

I carefully placed the tray down on the night stand and the wine glasses on it on mom’s side of the bed. I then climbed onto bed and sat next to mom.

We are now subscribed to this adult channel with our cable provider just as recently as a week ago so this would be a marathon of porn until at least we got tired and fell asleep.

So there we were, in the dim bedroom that was only illuminated now with the light coming from the TV and the small night light plugged in the electric socket. There we sat on the bed, my mom to my right. The heat and humidity were tolerable and a cool gentle breeze blew through the open windows in our bedroom as daytime gave way to night time.

We ate the fruits and drank the wine as we watched, glued to scene after scene of flesh grinding with flesh, genital fluids splashing everywhere.

“Look at that gorgeous, athletic blonde girl with the toned midriff and a belly button ring. She looks like Amber Heard, who looks like you,” mom said during one of the lesbian scenes.

“Mm-hm,” I exclaimed with my lips pursed.

Some time had passed. We would be intoxicated enough to say and do things uninhibitedly.

“Trish, you have such a nice ass,” mom said out of nowhere.

I then went on all fours on the bed, moved myself so my bare naked butt was within mom’s immediate reach and close-up view.

Mom gave my ass a slap. We both laughed and I went back sitting on the bed next to her.

But it did not stop there.

“Your breasts are so huge mom,” I said.

“I mean look,” With that I brought myself close in front of mom, stuck my chest out and had my breasts touching mom’s.

Mom remained seated on the bed looking at what I was doing but she had to spread her thighs to give me room to do what I just did.

“Your breasts look fine, hon,” mom said as she looked on breathing deeply.

I moved off of her and sat back next to her.

“You know your breasts are still going to grow,” mom added.

“I wanted mine to be as big as yours,” I said as I started touching and gently squeezing mom’s hooters.

“Maybe if you massaged them like this everyday, it might help it grow a bit more,” mom said as her hands landed on my breasts, massaging and caressing them.

I moved as mom spread her thighs. I then laid my back down on mom, giving her a much easier access to my breasts. Mom took all that opportunity. Her hands were on my breasts and all over me in no time. I felt her soft, massive breasts on my back.

I mean, we’ve just been doing this for the past two weeks. In the previous weeks we’d done this, we never once laid a hand or anything else for that matter on each other.

It had to be the wine, so I thought.

Mom and I continued to watch, eat and drink.

“Here,” mom brought a grape in front of me to my mouth which I took in.

We watched some more.

The next grape mom brought to my mouth, I could not resist myself from taking her thumb and index finger inside my mouth. I sucked them off.

With the other hand I saw mom gulp down her glass of wine.

I let go of her fingers. Mom did not say a word, further encouraging me to move forward. We still continued to watch.

Mom then started spreading her thighs further and started to touch herself. I moved a little forward to give her hand some more space to play with her pussy. I mean, it’s not out of the ordinary that my attention would switch to her from the porn we were watching. Same thing happened in the past two weeks we’d done this. Only difference tonight is we were being physically intimate.

Also, tonight, I thought, ‘Damn. My mother is one fine sexy bitch.’

Imagine a young Heidi Klum sitting right next to you in bed. That’s mom.

I got off mom and moved to her left. I reached across once again for the tray, taking the wine bottle. I opened the cap. With that, I started pouring some wine on mom’s breasts.

As soon as I covered the wine tight, my face inched closer to mom’s breasts until I found myself sucking her wine-soaked nipples and indulging in the rest of her breasts.

This brought mom into ecstatic moaning.

I lowered myself, resting my chin on mom’s waist as I looked on her rubbing her clit with her middle and index fingers in a circular motion.

“That is one nice cooch you got there,” I said.

“You just noticed that now after two weekends, huh,” mom giggled.

“I’ve always noticed it, mom,” I replied.

“Never would’ve known you were interested in it,” mom said.

“Maybe there are other things you don’t know,” I said.

“Such as?” Mom asked.

“Such as how I want to help you right now,” I said.

With that, mom stopped what she was doing and teased me, playfully gesturing her hand presenting her pussy in a similar way the models do with their hands presenting prizes on “The Price is Right”.

With that, I sat up intimately close next to mom. I placed my hand on her pussy and began rubbing it, softly at first.

“That feels nice,” mom whispered.

“Yeah?” I said, with my face close to mom’s pussy as my ass was sticking up right next to her.

“But you’re just helping me rub my pussy, so it’s still not sex. It’s just like you’re just giving me a massage. We’re still cool,” mom said.

“Mom, there’s this river in Egypt,” I teased as I kept rubbing her clit.

“Oh, shut it,” Mom laughed.

“We’re still not fucking,” mom said.

“I guess,” I shrugged, ignoring what she’s saying because, as far as I was concerned, we were fucking and fucking good.

For her part, mom started pumping my pussy with her index and middle fingers. She stuck those fingers deep curling them again and again inside, at times hitting my g-spot. This made my pussy real wet real quick.

Mom took anothet piece of the grape from the tray. With my ass right next to her and with my pussy soaking wet, she took the grape and dipped it inside my pussy hole. After dipping the grape in my love juices, she brought the grape in her mouth and ate it. She’d done this again and again while I gave her clit a good rubbing.

According to mom, it was a good aphrodisiac.

“You like that sauce, mom?” I asked.

“The best,” mom replied.

“Here, try this,” mom said as she handed me a grape.

I took the grape from her and dipped it inside mom’s pussy that was already soaking wet itself from all the rubbing I gave it. After several seconds, I took the grape out and put it inside my mouth to eat.

“Here. But give it back to me after you dipped it,” mom said as she handed me another grape.

So, I dipped the grape she gave me real good in her pussy before handing it back to her. Mom took the soaked grape from me, then in turn dipped it in my pussy. She ate if afterwards.

Mom grabbed another grape and dipped it in my wet pussy. But, instead of eating it for herself, she gave it to me. So, once in my hand, I dipped this grape in her wet pussy before eating it.

Which gave me an idea, actually.

I reached over across the bed into the tray on the night stand and took a piece of the unopened banana. I brought myself back in position as soon as the banana was in my hand.

I slowly inserted the banana inside mom’s cunt.

Mom hissed. I smiled.

“Still not sex?” I asked.

Mom shook her head in delirious frenzy even as I went back to rubbing her clit while the banana was firmly planted in her cunt hole.

Mom’s pussy was so moist at this point that the banana just glided easily as I pumped it back and forth.

Mom then took a whole, unopened banana in her hand. She stuck that banana in my pussy, bobbing it back and forth.

That made me coo with delight.

At this point, mom slid her upper body down and she was now lying flat on the bed as she continued to pump my pussy with the banana in her hand.

Meanwhile, I rested my knees on either side of mom’s head as I myself kept pumping her snatch with the banana in my hand.

The sex sounds coming from the TV, as low as they were, were amplified by the noises mom and I made. But, hey, fuck the neighbors.

Mom’s juices, at this point, were like a lava that started streaming out of her volcano, ready to erupt at any time. A line of this creamy white fluid started to flow out of her cunt hole through her butt crack and onto the bed sheets.

Not long after, some of my nectar would start streaming out of my pussy, landing on mom’s face.

Some of the droplets fell on mom’s lips. She dealt with it quickly, taking those fluids into her mouth with her tongue, then swallowing.

Meanwhile, I took some of those juices oozing out of her pussy in my free fingers, bringing those same fingers inside my mouth.

Things were heating up. And we weren’t even that drunk.

“Still not sex, mom?” I asked.

An incredulous question, of course, since for the last hour or so I was on top of her manually banging her cunt with a banana.

“Well, Trish… Sex implies intimate activity. Meaning, there needs to be some kissing involved. I don’t think we’ve done that ever since we started,” mom answered.

“Is that right?” I asked.

I took the banana out of mom’s pussy, putting it on bed. I then slid my index and middle fingers inside her hole, then made repeated curling motions jerking the innards of her pussy. My mouth found its way on mom’s clit, clamping it within my lips, sucking and licking it.

“Shit!” Mom yelped and grunted.

Mom responded in kind by taking the banana out of my snatch. Not long after, I felt her mouth tighten around my clit as she herself started sucking and licking it.

I kept myself busy working up mom’s clit as mom did the same on mine. Mom would alternate between sucking my clit and running her tongue from my clit through the length of my engorged wet pussy.

Mom must’ve made some pretty good score on my pussy. Several minutes after, I’d splash my love juices all over her face and mouth. I knew then that I had to double my efforts. Not long after, mom would explode, splashing her juices on my mouth.

I got off mom, then sat right close next to her whose face at this point was totally wet. I cleaned mom’s face and lips off using my tongue. Mom would do the same to me.

“Still not sex, mom?” I teased mom.

Mom shook her head.

“All I did was clean off your face, like any good mother would,” mom said.

“We did kiss each other’s lips,” I said.

“I maybe a little drunk, but I don’t ever remember us locking lips,” mom said.

“Yeah, we just did!” I said.

Mom shook her head.

“Come on, mom. We were just locking our lips with each other’s pussy lips,” I said.

“That does not count,” mom said pointing her fingers upward.

I laughed. The TV was still on, still showing porn. But mom and I had our own porn going on that night. I don’t know about mom, but it was my first time fucking another woman. Who just happens to be my own mother.

I slid down the bed until I got to the level of mom’s breast. I started sucking her nipple.

Mom smiled.

Being this was our first lesbian sex, we never had any strap-on dildos to use.

But mom used some of her creativity and resourcefulness. She got off the bed, went out of the bedroom. She came back within a minute holding this good sized cucumber with smooth, round edges on both ends.

Mom came back to bed, face down, on all fours. She then started sticking one end of the cucumber inside her pussy from behind.

I didn’t need to be told. I went on all fours myself on the bed and went to the other end of the cucumber and inserted that end into my cunt from behind.

Mom and I moved and gyrated our bodies back and forth until we got into a perfect rhythm.

Each of us moaned, groaned and grunted, curling our faces and gritting our teeth as we grinded our pussies from behind coitally connected by this cucumber that got buried as mom and I bounced our asses against each other back and forth.

“Still not fucking?” I asked.

Mom shook her head even as she heaved.

We would cum several more times throughout the night in this position.

Finally, mom and I lay down and rested on the bed. Despite my exhaustion, I mustered the strength to get on top of her.

I looked at mom’s gorgeous blue eyes as she did the same.

We locked lips and engaged in a torrid tongue fencing. I ran my lips and tongue through her elegant neck as she did the same to me, kissing and licking me all over my face, lips and neck. We were kissing as lovers by the time we wrapped up. Porn was still on TV.

Mom looked me in the eye and words came out of her mouth that got both of us laughing before I snuggled with her to sleep.

“Trish. You’re a great fuck.”

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