Three Birthday Wishes

Written by , on 2018-10-04, genre incest

I woke up this morning pretty stoked. Not only is it Mother’s Day today which we will be celebrating with my step-mother and my step-sister (my step-mom’s biological daughter), but it also happens to be my eighteenth birthday.

My step-mom had to work on that Sunday so she left early in the morning while I was still asleep. My step-sister was probably hanging out with her booty call girlfriend as she normally does on Sundays.

By about noontime when it was more hot and humid in the efficiency apartment we rented, I ate lunch. After that, I brushed and flossed my teeth well, used mouthwash as I did so, and took a long shower, washing and cleaning every nook, cranny and corner of my body, from my head to my long flowing black hair with brown highlights to my breasts to my cock to my feet.

Yes. That’s right. I have a cock I was born with. I also have breasts. Well, at least artificial ones. But they look almost natural with the excellent work the surgeon did.

Most of my life in Thailand before I was adopted by my step-mom was spent as a male. Finally, though, I’m a recently fully-transitioned transgirl, hormone replacement therapy and all, but with my one-foot cock left intact.

Don’t let my cock fool you, though. At a height of 5’5”, my step-mom and step-sister said I look like Daphne Joy now. She might’ve been one of those women I masturbated to before when I still looked like a guy when my Sharon Stone-looking mom (Sharon Stone in her youth) every so often would catch me in the act on bed but would say nothing and ignore it.

I mean, I’d still masturbate looking at Daphne Joy’s or any other hot woman’s nude or semi-nude photos on the internet. It’s flattering to be thought of looking like a gorgeous woman like her. But, if someone’s hot and I’m horny as fuck, man or woman, I’d beat my meat and cum. Period. But I’ve just always thought I was a woman. And now, I am one.

It’s not bad. People who’ve seen me in the streets wouldn’t even know if I was ever a male. Having recently moved here to this remote North Carolina town was a plus for the family. No one would ever suspect unless I started talking or letting them know. But even my step-mom and step-sister say that not only do I look like a real girl these days, I also sound like one. With how much I’ve trained my voice to sound feminine, I’m happy with that result.

While hot girls do turn me on, I get turned on mostly by hot, feminine-looking men. I got horny as soon as I finished taking my shower, went to the bed I shared with my mom and sister, took my phone and the bottle of strawberry-scented and flavored hot oil from the cabinet and browsed through pictures and videos of nude muscled guys on the internet. I chanced by this beautiful black-haired, shaven, clean, ripped Latin guy with an oiled body during my search. Not a guy who looks like he had taken too much steroids than normal, but a regular, naturally ripped guy.

My eyes were fixed on the contours of this guy’s shiny body, the muscled biceps, smooth feminine face, shoulder-length hair with bangs brushing by the front of his face, six-pack abs… And that huge, enticing, glistening cock I wish was in my mouth right now.

I poured the strawberry -scented and flavored oil on my cock and started pumping my penis with my left hand, the oily inside of my thumb sliding across the corona. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling as I fantasized about this guy. I pumped and pumped. My cock was so hard, I could use it as a bat. When I opened my eyes, I was startled seeing my blonde, athletic Taylor Swift-look-alike step-sister, in her white
tank top and micro shorts, standing by the door.

“What are you doing here?” I scrambled sitting up and stopping whatever I was doing, pulling a pillow up to my chest to cover myself up.

“You know it’s my room too,” Vickie giggled.

“I thought you were with Linda. You normally get back late on a Sunday,” I said.

“I do. But today is your birthday so I thought I could get back early and give you my present,” Vickie said handing me a gift bag as she sat on the bed.

I took it and opened it. It was a sheer, red, spaghetti-strapped see-through negligee.

“This looks beautiful,” I gasped. “Thanks, sis!” I exclaimed.

Unexpectedly, Vickie took my phone that was on the bed.

“What are you looking at anyway?” giggled Vickie.

“Hey!” I protested.

Vickie gasped, her jaw dropping at the images she saw on the screen of my smart phone. She looked back at me, grinning.

“Come on, give me back my phone!” I said snatching back my phone from my sister’s hand.

“Happy birthday,” Vickie smiled as she leaned over, hugged me and gave me a kiss on my lips.

The kiss went longer than usual and I found myself getting turned on and returning it, holding the left side of my sister’s cheek with my right hand as I dropped my phone on the floor.

As soon as our lips parted, Vickie took note of my shaved and erect cock. Without having second thoughts or being ashamed, she started to hold it.

“This feels nice,” Vickie said.

“Thank you,” I said as I looked at her stroking my cock.

“You oiled it?” asked Vickie.

“Mm-hm,” I responded.

Vickie then leaned down close to my cock and started sniffing it. I responded by spreading my legs wider. An open invitation to her I suppose.

“Smells like strawberry,” Vickie said.

“Most likely it’d taste like it, too,” I said.

Vickie looked into my eyes, grinning flirtatiously. Before I knew it, she started sucking my cock. She took the tip inside her mouth, licked the shaft and ran her tongue down to my balls, then back up and repeating the process.

“I guess this has to be the best birthday present you ever gave me,” I said.

Vickie kept on sucking.

I was not complaining. I was surprised at first, but eventually relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of Vickie’s mouth bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock that was already hard as fuck as my step-sister stimulated it with her soft mouth, tongue and lips.

A little later on she would take off all her clothes so both of us were completely naked on the bed. I never would’ve imagined we would end up fucking. I mean we each had our own adventures as far as sex goes, but this was the very first time I got it on with her. On my birthday, no less. Which I guess would make it my first birthday wish come true for the day.

I lay down on the bed while Vickie straddled me with her back in front of me as she rode my erect cock.

“I’m sorry, but I needed this Pam,” Vickie grunted.

“Your hot dyke girlfriend didn’t give you any?” I asked, moaning at my step-sister’s thrusts.

“She did. But I thought I could try something more natural than a strap-on. So, since today was your birthday, I thought, I could do this as one of my presents to you,” Vickie explained even as she heaved as she continued her rhythmic pumping of her cunt up and down my shaft.

“And, you’re a woman with a natural dick, so I wanted to try and see,” Vickie said.

Both Vickie and I started sweating in the hot and humid weather. I was going to reach over around her hips so I could rub her clit from behind.

“It’s okay, bro. I don’t need that now, otherwise I’ll just cum real quick. I wanna take it nice and slow,” Vickie said heaving.

“If you’re not gonna let me play with your clit, could you at least turn around so I could suck your nipples?” I requested.

“Alright, birthday boy,” Vickie smiled as she turned around to face me without ever breaking her pussy from my cock.

As soon as Vickie was facing me, I pushed her towards me and brought her left nipple into my mouth and sucked it as hard as I could.

Vickie and I were lost in lust. We must not have noticed it since our eyes were shut relishing in ecstasy as Vickie was still on my cock and I was sucking her tit. But someone came in the room. Vickie just kept on grinding my dick and didn’t notice. I partly opened my eyes and out of the corner I saw some movement.

“Mom!” I exclaimed.

Vickie kept doing what she was doing without getting fazed.

“Don’t pay any attention to me. You guys keep doing what you’re doing.”

Mom was still in her business attire but was already in the process of taking it off.

I completely overlooked the time so I did not realize it was already a little past four in the afternoon, the time mom normally comes back from work on Sundays. I saw mom pick up our clothes on the floor while she herself was already walking around nude, hanging them on the hanger.

“Happy mother’s day, mom,” I said awkwardly as Vickie moved up and down my cock.

“Thanks, honey,” mom smiled awkwardly trying to avoid looking at us.

Vickie momentarily came back from her sexual trance and turned to mom.

“Hey mom,” greeted Vickie smiling, drunk from all the fucking.

“Ok kids, gotta do some cooking,” mom said as she stepped out of the bedroom.

“Give me a minute, sis” as I pulled myself out of Vickie and went after mom.

“Aw, come on, bro,” Vickie said upset.

I followed mom, but instead of the kitchen where I thought she mentioned she was going to be, I found her in the bathroom, flossing and brushing her teeth, then getting in the tub to shower, sliding the curtain shut.

I was naked myself for into the tub with my naked mom with the shower already running.

“Hey,” I said.

“Phan!” Mom said, getting startled.

“It’s Pam, mom. And I just wanted to give you your Mother’s Day gift, so please calm down,” I said

“Calm down?!?” Mom said as she rubbed her wet face.

“Yes. Calm down, mother,” my sister said as she herself climbed into the tub behind mom, grabbing her huge left breast with one hand and her pussy with the other as all three of us got soaked in no time with the shower running.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” whispered Vickie into mom’s ear as she gently bit and licked her earlobe.

I squatted down to the level of mom’s crotch and started eating her pussy as Vickie rubbed her clit.

“Guys, what is this?” Asked mom.

“Your Mother’s Day gift,” I said, mom moaning as I went back licking her slit.

“This gift would be more enjoyable in bed, don’t you guys think?” Vickie said.

So, all three of us walked back to the room leaving a trail of water behind us and back in bed in no time. I went to my previous position lying down. Vickie was on my cock right away.

I led mom to straddle my head. As soon as her pussy was within my mouth’s grasp, I started feasting on it. That was my second birthday wish coming true.

“Vic... I was wondering if we could trade spots,” mom said, looking Vickie in the eye.

“Why?” Asked Vickie.

“Because it’s Mother’s Day and I’m your mom, so when I tell you to, you just do it,” mom demanded.

“Throwing your weight around, huh?” Said Vickie as she pumped her pussy into my cock.

“Sorry, mom, but I was here first,” added Vickie.

“What’s wrong with my tongue?” I asked directly beneath mom’s cunt.

“Vickie, it’s Mother’s Day,” mom said.

Vickie shrugged.

“I want that cock,” mom demanded.

“Girls, girls. Why don’t we do it this way. I doggy mom, then mom eats your pussy,” I said, looking at Vickie.

“Mom has a pretty long tongue that could pass for a cock,” I said.

Vickie hesitated at first as I kept eating mom’s pussy, then pausing.

“Come on, sis. It’s Mother’s Day,” I said

After much convincing, Vickie finally gave in.

“Oh, alright,” said Vickie.

So we moved and changed positions so mom at once was lying face down on the bed, her legs spread apart and her ass sticking up. Vickie moved in front of mom, spreading her legs wide open. As soon as I stuck my cock into mom’s pussy, mom’s mouth was immediately all over Vickie’s cunt.

Mom then stuck her long and huge tongue out, sliding it inside Vickie’s hole and started bobbing her head, her tongue in and out of Vickie’s pussy, mimicking a cock.

I started pumping my penis in and out of mom’s pussy with the same intensity she did sliding her tongue back and forth Vickie’s pussy.

“You know I should’ve been on that cock. I was there first,” Vickie said.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like this?” Mom asked as she sucked Vickie’s clit as she inserted her middle and index fingers inside Vickie’s tight and moist hole.

Vickie threw her head up and moaned.

“It feels good and all, but I still want that cock,” Vickie said.

“Don’t be such a baby,” as mom kept on sucking Vickie’s clit, Vickie yelping in pleasure.

In return, Vickie let out some saliva, pouring it on her pussy, some of it landing on mom’s blonde hair. Mom responded by spitting on Vickie’s cooch then back to sucking her clit and fingering her pussy.

“Okay,” said mom as I kept ramming my cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

“Let’s do this then. The one who can make the other cum first wins,” mom offered to Vickie.

Vickie thought about it.

“That’s only fair, right? I mean I know you want cock. I want it too. But we’re going to have to compete to see who gets it,” mom said.

“Alright,” Vickie finally agreed as she pouted.

So I placed myself sitting on the bed, resting my back on the soft bed rest overlooking Vickie lying down, her tempting moist pussy within full view in front of me, her thighs spread wide open. I became the sole audience in a competition between two women with some of the biggest and longest tongues.

In one corner, mom straddled Vickie’s head, her pussy in direct and close range within Vickie’s mouth. In the other corner, Vickie was underneath mom, with Vickie’s pussy in full view of mom.

“On your mark!” I said even as I kept stroking my cock.

“Get set!” Mom and Vickie started to hold the sides of each other’s pussies as they got ready.


And with that, both contestants lunged right away at each other’s pussies. My third birthday wish coming true seeing my step mom and step sister get it on.

Mom was voracious in eating Vickie’s twat. Mom vigorously rubbed Vickie’s clit as she stuck her long and huge tongue as far deep inside Vickie’s hole as she could, spreading her pussy lips wider with the fingers from her free hand as she did so.

Not to be outmatched, Vickie’s equally large and long tongue slithered its way inside mom’s love canal and, with her wide, gaping mouth tightening and hardening her tongue, Vickie thrusted her tongue back and forth.

Meanwhile, i jacked off at the sight of these two hot women making love. After awhile, I just completely lost track. I don’t even know if either one of them already came or how many times they’d already cum since their contest started. All I know was love juices were already pouring out of their pussies. At least I could see a long trail of white fluid pouring out of Vickie, lining through her butt and into the bed.

It was already close to midnight, and mom and my sister were still at it, lapping each other’s cunts. In the meantime, I must’ve already cum countless times just by watching them fuck each other’s brains out. And my cock was still hard.

I brought my erect cock close to mom. Mom paused from eating Vickie’s pussy as she still rubbed her clit. Mom then took my cock into her mouth. Vickie did not even flinch. She and mom were so busy and enjoying eating each other’s pussies that she and mom must’ve forgotten their contest.

In the meantime, mom was about to be rewarded having worked up my cock. Lines of creamy fluid were already trailing from the tip of my cock to mom’s lips. After a few more strokes of her mouth pumping up and down my cock, she let go of my cock so that the tip of my cock was on her moist lower lip. It was then that I ejaculated again, cum exploding all over her mouth.

“Fuck! Happy Mother’s Day!” I yelped.

Mom smiled sensually as she took a good chunk of my cum into her mouth, then brought and poured it on Vickie’s pussy mixed with her saliva before she started sucking Vickie’s wet and swollen clit again.

It felt good and I started relaxing after I came. I saw Vickie rubbing mom’s clit furiously as she continued to bang mom’s pussy with her tongue. Mom was still doing all sorts of wondrous and sexy things on her daughter’s pussy using her mouth, tongue and fingers.

It got to a point mom put her entire right hand inside Vickie’s pussy hole as mom licked Vickie’s left thigh. Vickie screamed, and, this time, rewarded mom with liters of her cum pouring out of her pussy and splashing all over mom’s face. That much cum that came out of Vickie was more than I ejaculated earlier when I came. Mom instinctively closed her eyes, but opened her mouth wide open, taking in her daughter’s cum.

Watching all that made my cock stand up again. After cumming, my cock was hard again in no time, which mom noticed. So, mom, with a smile on her face, grabbed my erect cock and pulled me close to her. Holding my cock, she guided it inside Vickie’s pussy which made my cock even harder. Mom parked my cock inside Vickie’s cunt. I then saw mom continue on sucking Vickie’s clit and at times flickering it with her tongue.

“Is this your first time with a girl, mom?” Vickie asked.

“Mm-hm,” mom smiled answering in the affirmative, never taking herself off from sucking Vickie’s clit.

“It doesn’t look like it,” said Vickie before she herself went back eating mom’s poon.

Mother and daughter kept eating each other’s pussies into the wee hours of the morning.

My hard cock was still parked inside Vickie’s pussy while mom was still sucking Vickie’s clit and toying with it. Vickie was still eating mom. The bedroom became filled with our moans, our grunts of pleasure and dirty talk.

I felt Vickie’s wetness on my cock as she came once more, cum oozing out of her hole which mom immediately lapped up, sliding her tongue through the exposed shaft of my penis that was still parked in my sister’s pussy as she did so.

That was the last beautiful sight I saw before I drifted off to sleep; of a thick trail of cum from Vickie’s pussy lining up to mom’s mouth, while my hard cock was still firmly planted inside my sister’s pussy hole.

Best fucking birthday ever.

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