Snowed In the City

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Mom was in her red see-through negligee, without bra or underwear, so her pink nipples and her fuzzy pussy she had shaved smooth two weeks ago were visible.

She was fuming with the idea of getting stuck for God knows how long at this hotel in New York City. She was looking out through the window behind the couch where she was on her knees from our 9th floor hotel room. A blizzard was already in the process of dumping tons of snow in the city.

“I’ve called all the airlines. All of them are cancelled,” said my transwoman dad as she rested her smart phone on the small table, who herself was also wearing a white negligee.

We were vacationing in New York from San Francisco, California to experience the sights and sounds of the city and in the process see a Broadway play or two. It was the start of the Christmas holidays and also the week of my nineteenth birthday. School was out so my 37-year-old mom and 41-year-old dad decided to treat me and my sister to a vacation in New York City.

My parents took some time off and had money to burn, being well-paid corporate lawyers, their firm retained by some of the wealthiest and most profitable Fortune 500 companies.

“Relax, hon. We’ll just have to stay in and let this pass,” dad said as she held mom’s cheek giving her a peck.

It was already five in the evening. The blizzard had intensified as soon as we got back into our hotel room from watching a Broadway play in the afternoon, thank God.

There already must’ve been a decent amount of snow by now on the ground. And the news on TV reported that the storm would dump about two to four feet of snow. We hunkered in.

We had control of the heat in our room, but the thermostat must’ve been broken as the room was just on fire. Heat just kept coming out. My shaved balls were literally sweating.

The heat did not bother dad. Neither did mom. Although I could see them sweating. But both were almost naked anyway. I could see mom’s tits through her negligee. Dad’s breasts were gorgeous, natural-like. I liked looking at his penis that was erect. He has this thing called priapism so his penis would be erect most times. But you’d never know if he was sexually aroused or not with his seemingly perpetual erection. But it was enough so when I look at it, I get turned on and I would get an erection myself.

My eighteen-year-old sister wore a tank top just barely long enough to cover her private parts. I wore a lingerie. Like dad, I’m a fully transitioned transgirl myself and loved wearing women’s clothes and intimate apparel. I maybe partly naked, but the heat in our decent-sized hotel room was just too much.

“I’m sorry, just couldn’t stand this heat any longer,” I said as I took off the remainder of what covered my body.

“Aw, come on, David!” mom exclaimed in joking exasperation.

“Please put your clothes back on,” said my Halsey-look-alike sarcastic sister with her short blonde hair and striking athletic swimmer body.

Dad just smiled, taking a quick glimpse of him looking down between my legs as if she was about to grab it.

I know because in the past few weeks dad took several digs at me by grabbing my cock. In return, I would play around by trying to grab his. It didn’t turn into a full-blown sexual encounter. I have this feeling tonight was going to be different.

I just walked around in the nude casually and sat among them. Well, I found my way sitting right next to dad who was sitting with mom on the couch, her arm around mom as they watched TV. Dad was cupping mom’s left breast.

“Hey,” dad greeted me with a peck on the cheek as I snuggled right next to her.

I grabbed dad’s left breast with my left hand from behind as I situated myself in and made myself comfortable. I took a smell of her fragrant long dark brown hair.

“Oh!” dad blurted out as my hand squeezed her left breast then quickly sliding it down towards her left waist.

Dad looked at me deviously and grinned. I looked right back into her blue eyes. Dad, as a woman, was hot. She looked great as a woman, toned and athletic and ripped.

Dad’s full transition from a man to a woman - except her penis which she kept - made her look like the softcore adult actress Krista Allen. Dad has such a feminine face and delicate features that, aside from his cock, she was practically a woman. Her voice also became more and more feminine the more she trained it.

Mom did not have a problem when dad came out and when she decided to switch her gender. Mom actually started helping dad pick women’s clothing, helped her with putting on make-up and with all other girl stuff. And they still fucked on a regular basis from what I could tell with the moans and the bed squeaking and creaking coming out of their room right next to ours about every weekends or so when I’d wake up late at night or real early in the morning. I’d jack off just hearing the sex noises coming out of mom and dad’s room.

So I suppose dad was my role model and I took after her to the point I realized I also identified as a woman. Before long, I did all the surgery and exactly everything else dad did to fully transition into a woman, including hormone replacement and training my voice to sound more feminine. But, like dad, I chose to keep my cock.

So, here we were, sitting on the couch, me cuddling next to dad while she cuddled next to mom.

“You know, you look like Katie Cassidy,” dad said as she looked at me.

“Oh, thanks dad,” I blushed as I licked her lips.

“She looks like Katie Cassidy doesn’t she?” dad turned to mom.

“Even more gorgeous,” mom looked at me, shrugged then turned back to watch TV.

Dad then discreetly grabbed my cock and stroked it.

I moaned a little and closed my eyes as I felt dad’s grip on my penis. I opened my eyes only to catch dad stroking mom’s pussy with her other free hand. Mom then rested her head on dad’s shoulder as she breathed heavily.

I rested my head on dad’s right shoulder as I relished dad’s soft hand moving up and down the ten-inch shaft of my fully erect cock.

I started licking and kissing dad’s shoulder while she and mom started French-kissing.

My free right hand then found its way holding my dad’s 12-inch hard penis. I started stroking it as he still continued to stroke mine.

Trish, glued to the TV while we were all behind her on the couch, was pretty clueless.

With my right hand, I pulled down the part of dad’s negligee that covered her right breast and leaned down to suck her nipple. I put some good amount of my spit on my right hand and brought it back to pump dad’s penis.

“You two need to get a room,” mom paused and winked at dad.

“Got to do some bonding with Trish,” mom grinned, with her Blake Lively facial features and toned, athletic body.

“Alright, Dave, let’s go,” dad said.

“It’s Div, dad, for Divine,” I said.

“And it’s mom for you,” dad said.

As dad and I went from the living room to the adjoining bedroom, mom motioned for Trish, my sister, to come and sit next to her watching TV. All I caught before dad shut the door close to the bedroom was mom taking off her negligee as Trish sat next to her.


In the bedroom, the romp between my dad and I started in earnest.

Dad and I were horny and we got right into business when we got inside that room. We took off all our sexy garments and the position that made the most logical and natural choice was 69. So without wasting time, we were right at each other’s cocks from the get go and had stayed in that position on the bed for hours.

There was no talking. Just the sounds of wet lips smacking as dad and I sucked each other’s cocks.

It was about 9pm. I went out for a little bathroom break. Dad probably already pissed on the bed as she couldn’t take herself off my cock.

“I’ll be back, dad,” as I leaned down to suck her left tit.

“Alright,” dad said as she returned the favor sucking my left nipple before leaving the room.

Surprise, surprise. In the dim light of the lamp on the nightstand in the living room, I was greeted by mom naked on the couch sitting right next to a naked Trish. Mom was rubbing Trish’s clit while an unknown Latina-looking, Camila Cabello-look-alike athletic young naked woman ate Trish’s pussy as a pool of cum flowed out of her hole into the black leather couch. All this while lesbian porn was on TV.

“Oh hey, Div,” mom said.

“Mom!” I said.

“Oh, just thought I could rent some movies,” said mom casually.

“By the way, meet Esperanza. She came by earlier doing housekeeping. She said she just got off her shift,” mom added.

“So, I asked her if she was any good at shaving pubic hair and that I was gonna pay her convincing her it’s extra income for her,” said mom as she now pointed at her smooth pussy. Mom was fluent in Spanish.

“Well… let’s just say she offered some additional service I couldn’t refuse. One thing led to another. And here we are, all of this just costing me fifty bucks,” mom explained.

“Tu hijo es realmente hermoso,” Esperanza said to my mom. Mom smiled.

“What’d she say?” I asked.

“She said for you to come join us,” mom said.

Mom took my hand and led me to Esperanza. I sat next to Trish on the couch who was still high on mom rubbing her clit while Esperanza ate her pussy. As soon as I sat on the couch, Esperanza switched from Trish and dove right into my cock and just started ravenously eating it. I turned and looked at mom only to see her smiling deviously.

“Hey,” protested Trish.

“There, there,” mom calmed down Trish as she held Trish’s cheek, bringing her head to rest on her chest.

Trish then sucked mom’s tit while mom, all smiles, continued rubbing her clit.

Trish gritted her teeth and contorted her face as she felt mom’s fingers swirl on her clit.

“¿Estás perdiendo tu virginidad?” Esperanza blurted our.

I looked at mom.

“She was asking if this was your first fuck,” mom said.

“Si. Si,” I said with what limited Spanish I knew.

Esperanza laughed with my mom and she sucked my cocked even harder. I threw my head back and moaned in sheer pleasure.

We were enjoying ourselves on the couch for quite awhile, mom playing with Trish’s pussy while her new Latina girlfriend gave me some oral delights.

“Holy shit. Looks like someone threw a party and I missed the invitation,” dad said as she now stepped into the room.

“Div… I was waiting for you there,” dad said, mildly annoyed.

I shrugged and pointed at Esperanza with my eyes.

Dad gave mom, Trish, me and Esperanza deep passionate kisses before proceeding to position herself behind mom. Dad guided mom to kneel on the carpeted floor as mom now finger-fucked Trish with her index finger, middle finger and ring finger. Dad crouched down and, with his tongue, wet mom’s pussy from behind. He then stuck his long erect penis inside mom’s hole.

Mom yelped.

“Div, be a good girl and get under mom,” dad instructed.

I excused myself from Esperanza whose mouth clung to my cock even as I got up. I positioned myself under mom in front of her, mom now on fours on the carpet by the couch next to Trish and her wide open thighs.

I looked at mom’s firm and massive boobs hang in front of me. I could not resist them. I leaned forward to suck mom’s right tit before falling back to lie down on the carpet and relax.

Dad, meanwhile, held my hard cock from underneath and guided it to slide inside mom’s tight pussy which was even made tighter with now two hard dicks filling inside that pussy hole. My erect cock and dad’s equally hard cock fought for space in that one tight hole.

Mom gritted her teeth and curled her face as she felt two erect penises that filled her mound move back and forth in a rhythmic, synchronized pattern. As mom’s body was gyrating, I tried my best to lock my mouth into one of her nipples. I would every now and then catch her left or right nipple, but would lose it due to mom’s back and forth movements.

Trish was now lying down on the couch. With Trish’s pussy directly in front of mom, mom started eating it and sucking the clit with wild abandon.

Every now and then, mom would stick her tongue out and slither it as hard and deep as she could inside my sister’s pussy hole, all while she rubbed Trish’s clit intensely with a middle finger.

The housekeeper Esperanza, meanwhile, sat on Trish’s face facing us as she rubbed her own clit, inviting Trish towards her pussy which my sister promptly accepted and feasted on.

Trish later on would turn her body around so her knees were resting on the couch while mom kept stabbing her pussy with her tongue from behind.

Esperanza moved to rest her back on the pillow lying on the corner of the armrest of the couch, which gave Trish free rein to eat Esperanza’s entire pussy.

With every alternating thrusts of our hard-rock penises inside mom’s cunt, mom wildly moaned, groaned, grunted and yelped, prompting her to suck Trish’s clit even harder. I felt my cock rub into dad’s penis inside mom’s warm pussy. Inside was extremely warm and wet which my cock felt and enjoyed. Mom alternated between talking dirty, grunting and moaning and sticking her tongue deep into Trish’s cooch.

All I could think of were those words coming out of mom. The word that best described my sentiments about the total pleasure and ecstasy I and everybody else felt in that room that wintry stormy late night in New York City.


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