Next Generation Bonding

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My thighs were sore coming back from work at the local mall in Atlanta. I was exhausted. The heat and humidity of the Georgia summer made it worse.

Thank God it was Friday and the weekend was at hand. After my routine drive to the quiet outskirts of the city where we live, I was finally back home in the peace and quiet of the air-conditioned efficiency apartment my daughter and I lived in.

I didn’t see my daughter when I came in. She texted me earlier that she was going to be with girlfriends and that she was going to be a little late coming home. I got all her friends’ phone numbers so in case she was still not back in the next hour, I was ready to start making calls and taking names.

It was already a little past six at night. As soon as I got inside our apartment in the third floor, which would be the topmost floor of the building, I went straight to the bathroom located inside the bedroom.

I flossed every nook, cranny and corner of my teeth, brushed it, gargled with mouthwash and rinsed.

Afterwards, I took a long, cleansing shower, rubbing every inch of my body - from my underarms to my navel to my toes to my privates and anywhere and everywhere in between - with the sponge I soaked with winter festival-scented liquid soap. I was ready to call it in and hit the sack early.

After my shower, the fragrant scent of the perfume I sprayed on my body permeated the air. I immediately fell on the queen-size bed my daughter and I shared, the one and only bed in our small apartment. I lay down on the bed face down and naked, shutting my eyes. Smelling the sweet scent of the softener on the pillowcases and sheets helped my tired body ease and relax.

“Hey, mom!” Leigh greeted in her own bubbly way as she came in the house. Thank God she’s home safe and sound.

I opened my eyes and lifted my head to see my gorgeous, olive-skinned daughter, her wavy black hair flowing, walk into the room towards me with all smiles.

Leigh was in her pink spaghetti-strapped slip dress that was perfect for her curvy athletic body, making her ripped flat belly and her long, beefy smooth thighs stand out.

I could see through Leigh’s dress, her red thongs becoming visible as the bright setting summer sun shone through the thin satin fabric, making her breasts and ass all the more conspicuous.

I remember a time when I fixed Leigh’s ponytail and dressed her in cute tiny clothes. But look at her now. She’s all grown up. A fully developed young adult woman wearing almost next to nothing. Her looks reminded me so much of Mia Khalifa.

A few months back, Leigh started walking around the house nude. I could understand, I guess, that if by being nude she could move or do things faster, especially if she was in a rush to get something done. But that wasn’t the case.

“It’s so hot, mom,” was her excuse for walking around in the nude.

“At least put some bathrobe on, girl,” I would admonish.

“What’s such the big deal, mom? It’s only us here,” was her reply.

That made me think. But, since then, when she’s in the house, she’d be naked the whole time.

I’d look at her and think to myself that she’s got such great tits and ass. Before long, she’d won me over. The most revealing I wore in the house up to that point were my negligee and lingerie. Now, thanks to Leigh, I followed her lead and would myself be walking around naked in our apartment.


The day before, which was Leigh’s eighteenth birthday and which was also my day off, I treated Leigh to a trip at the beach. So both of us strutted the sands in our two-piece swimsuit bra and thongs.

When I’d lie down prone on the sand and she was right next close to me, Leigh would sit up and come swooping in to give me a back massage.

“Shouldn’t I be the one to massage you since it’s your birthday?” I asked.

“I’m good mom. Besides, this is my little way of saying thank you for being a cool mom,” Leigh replied.

“Oh, sweetheart, come here,” as I’d reach out to her from where I was lying down prone, holding the side of her head as she leaned down towards my head and rub her cheek against the side of the top of my head.

I hate to admit it, but I did enjoy my daughter’s greasy hands she smothered with strawberry oil mix and squish in with the sweat on my back as I felt the heat and humidity. I loved the way she touched and rubbed my shoulders, my thighs and my feet.

In the back of my mind I guess I wanted more. At one point I felt her oily hands on my butt, but she took it off just as fast. Testing the waters, I thought, which got me all tingly inside.

We came home without any further fuss. But the sensual tension was getting thicker.

That night, realizing I was on bed with an adult woman, I started feeling incredibly horny. It was my turn to test the waters.

I tried to sneak in licking my daughter’s nipple while she was sound asleep. As I tried my best to quietly suck Leigh’s nipple, I started touching myself. She slept through the whole thing until I came.

When we woke up, Leigh was completely oblivious. Although she was particularly touchy-feely that morning, grabbing my butt as I washed the dishes or trying to cop a feel of my breasts as I groomed myself in the bathroom dressing up for work.

Leigh slid her hand under my bra as I looked in the bathroom mirror grooming myself.

“Leigh!” I pouted, lightly tapping my daughter’s hand that was already inside my bra in what could be the most insincere display of being upset, pretending I wanted her to stop.

Leigh pulled her hand out and laughed.

But to be perfectly honest, though, I did not want her to stop.

The time came that I dropped her off at school before I headed to work.

“See ya, mom,” Leigh said.

“See ya. Call or text if there’s anything going on,” I said.

After that, Leigh pulled a delightful fast one.

Leigh leaned forward towards my face. I thought she was going to give me the usual mother-daughter peck on the cheek I’ve been accustomed to.

But, that morning, she landed her lips on mine. I found myself responding to it a little being caught off guard. We stayed in the car for a good amount of time before Leigh got out, waved goodbye and proceeded to school.

That was the first time my daughter and I kissed lip to lip, a foreshadowing of things to come.


“Hey hon! How’s your day?” I asked as Leigh leaned down giving me a peck. She sat right next to me on the bed.

“Not much,” Leigh replied, caressing my still wet blonde hair.

“Hung out with your girlfriends, huh,” I said.

“Well… Not exactly,” Leigh said.

“Oh,” I said nervously, hoping she did not go out with the boys from school.

“I was with grandmom and she dropped me off here,” said Leigh as she now put both her hands on either side of the base of my neck and started massaging.

I was relieved to hear that. But, still, I was surprised nonetheless.

“She’s here?” I asked surprised.

Last I’d seen mom was probably about seven years ago. This was when we still lived in New York, before moving away from my husband who started thinking that he was a woman and decided to be one.

Everything just got so awfully busy and hectic with my job. Mom and I would get to talk every now and then, but lately even that became harder to do.

She would tell me stories about her seeing my husband every so often and how he now looks like a younger Vivica Fox with his full transition into womanhood. Mom would say he still had his penis intact, which begged me to question in my mind how she would even know. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past her if she did actually see my husband’s junk. Mom had a certain wild streak about her. And I just had too much of my mom inside me.

I should know.

“She’s staying at the hotel, right now,” said Leigh.

“Great,” I thought sarcastically.


There I was naked on the bed with my smart phone. I decided to call mom while my daughter took her shower and went to brush and floss her teeth, clean and freshen up.

“Hello,” mom said over the phone as I sat up on the bed, my back on the soft bed rest. I put her on speaker.

“Mom!” I said.

“Gina, baby! I haven’t heard from you in about a year!” mom said in her southern twang.

Despite her reputation amongst us being a liberated woman, mom is a Dixie belle through and through. Shy and self-conscious, but she could be wild around people she trusts and are close with. Polite and courteous, yet dirty-minded in private. Prim and proper, but she is a health, beauty and workout buff, exercises only wearing her socks and sneakers on and a complete vegan.

Mom is a perfect paradox of American patriotism and social liberal, all in one voluptuous package. Generally, a fun mom to be with. Plus, her net worth is in the hundreds of millions. She’s a pretty wealthy woman. She’s a divorcee so she’s a pretty nice catch for any man. Or woman.

“Sorry, mom. It has just been so busy lately,” I said.

“It’s alright, dear. But I just miss seeing you and my grand-daughter,” mom said.

“You know, we miss you too, mom,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that. Sometimes I’d think you’ve forgotten all about me,” mom said.

“Don’t be silly, mom. It’s you who’s in New York all the time, managing all your businesses and property,” I said.

“You’re right. Life’s been hectic over my end as well,” mom said.

“So have you been doing anything interesting? Anything new?” I asked.

“Nothing out of the usual,” mom said.

“Still into wild parties and all that?” I laughed.

Mom laughed.

“But you do know how much I miss our bonding times. We’d talked about this last time we talked,” mom said.

I paused and smiled. ‘Here we go,’ I thought.

“I know, mom. Still trying my best to make some time for it, don’t worry,” I said

“Well, why do you think I’m here?” Mom laughed.

I felt some trickle of excitement.

“You know I saw Leigh get off the bus this afternoon,” mom added.

“So I heard. Since when have you been here, anyway?” I asked.

“Well, I was gonna call you to let you know I was in town. But I didn’t bother since I thought you were probably still at work and super busy. I was gonna surprise you, but then I saw your daughter,” mom replied.

“I can’t say I’m surprised. But I am,” I said.

Mom laughed.

“What are you wearing, Leigh?” mom asked.

I laughed. Mom partly knew the answer, but she was trying to tease me. Mom and I have always walked around the house in our negligee or lingerie when I used to live with her. She hasn’t factored in yet that her granddaughter could be wilder than both of us could possibly imagine.

“How about you mom? What are you wearing?” I said.

“Same thing as you,” mom said.

I shrugged and smiled.

“You would be wrong. Thank your granddaughter for that,” I laughed.

“Interesting,” mom said.

“Mom! I mean, come on. Nude is better,” I said.

“I bet it is,” mom said.

“Yes, ma’am. Totally,” I said.

“Since you put it that way, I was thinking of coming at your place, if you wouldn’t mind,” mom said.

“You know you’re welcome to come here anytime, mom,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that hon. You know how I much I love coming,” mom snickered.

“Mm-hm… But this place is most likely going to be a huge step down from where you live,” I said as I rested my head on the bedrest and started caressing my pussy.

“Remember the day when you got married? A few hours before, in the women’s bathroom we locked at the reception area?” mom asked.

“There’s not a day I don’t think about those times, mom, when you used a wine bottle to fuck me,” I laughed.

“As long as it’s a decent, quiet and clean place to fuck, I’ll take it,” mom said.

I laughed.

“Well, I guess I just kind of lied low after you gave birth to Leigh,” mom replied.

There was a pause.

“Well, you know, Leigh is now eighteen,” I said.

“It would be so great doing some bonding with you and Leigh,” mom said.

Another pause as I thought about what mom just said.

“Listen, Gina. You’re my daughter. I know you from the inside out,” mom said.

“Uh-huh,” I said.

“Like what, mom? Give me an example?”

“Like how you just love your clit getting sucked,” mom added.

I snickered and smiled.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t screaming your ass off that time we were in your bedroom and I was all over your clit?” mom said.

I giggled.

“I got you off good, didn’t I?” Mom said.

“And don’t forget I returned the gesture afterwards,” I said.

“Or how about when I was pumping your pussy with my middle finger and then I was telling you you’re my little Sharon Stone? You look like her so much,” mom said.

“And then I’d scream ‘harder Denise Austin! Fuck me harder!’” I said giggling.

Mom laughed.

“And you still do look like Denise Austin when she was younger, mom. You just look great,” I added.

Then, a text message from mom comes up on my smart phone. I opened the text message. It was a selfie of her naked in her hotel bed, her thighs spread wide apart flaunting her smooth pussy with the caption, “Ready?”

I returned the favor by capturing a photo of a close-up of my shaved pussy on bed and sending it to mom, with a message saying ‘Just cleaned and washed.’

“How about we give that pussy the attention it deserves for old time’s sake?” mom texted back as a reply with a picture of herself nude in her bed, sticking her tongue out.

I closed my eyes and spread my thighs even wider. I began rubbing my clit. I started breathing heavier than usual.

“I can hear you breathing heavier, hon. Are you alright? Do you need help?” mom said over the phone.

“Wouldn’t you want to find out?” I playfully said.

“Oh, trust me daughter, one way or another I will,” mom responded.

“Not soon enough,” I said.

“Are you daring me?” mom asked.

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I do,” I replied.

“So your pussy is ready for me?” Mom asked.

I never noticed, but Leigh was already done in the bathroom. The door was open and there she stood by looking at me as I rubbed my pussy. Leigh was smiling and grinning as she heard the conversation and all the dirty talk I was having with her grandmother.

“Not just mine, mom,” I said as I looked at Leigh who was now walking towards me.

Next thing you knew, Leigh went on the bed crawling behind me so she rested her naked body on the soft bedrest while I rested my naked body on hers, feeling every inch of her massive tits poke my back. Leigh gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

I held Leigh’s right hand with my right hand and guided it to my twat. As soon as her right hand touched down, she started stroking my clit at the same time she was sliding her tongue through the length of my neck.

Leigh then started swirling her middle finger on my clit. I was already lost in lust as Leigh worked my pussy gently as she gave me sweet licks and kisses, enjoying the minty smell of her breath as she ran her tongue through my neck and flickered my earlobe with her tongue.

Then I remembered mom was still on the phone.

“Mom?” I asked.

“You didn’t think I’d hang up did you? Not with you moaning like you did. Not with all the wet, squishy things I’m starting to hear,” mom laughed.

“Sorry, your granddaughter just hopped on the bed. Like grandmother, like granddaughter I suppose,” I giggled.

“Or like mother, like daughter, more like,” mom said.

I hissed as Leigh kept rubbing my clit, now with more vigor.

“I bet she’s doing all sorts of wild things on your cunt now, isn’t she?” Mom said.

“And you’re missing all of it,” I said breathing heavily.

“Not for long, I won’t,” mom responded.

“See, my dear daughter, well, let’s just say Leigh and I had about two-and-half-hours to spend between when I saw her this afternoon then inviting her to my hotel room AND before dropping her off back at your house,” mom chuckled.

“Traitor,” I looked at Leigh teasing her, which was then followed by Leigh leaning her head forward over my shoulder as she flicked her tongue on my cheek. I turned my head sideways towards her face and met her tongue with mine.

“Goodness gracious, don’t blame her. Don’t blame her for having a delicious pussy. Because of her, I’m gonna have both your twats in my mouth very soon,” mom said.

Leigh giggled as her lips and mine were locked.

“You know she can hear you, mom,” I said.

“Hey, grandma,” Leigh said.

“Darling, Leigh. Since our deepest, darkest secret is all out, be a good girl and eat your mother’s pussy for me, will ya?”

Leigh carried out her grandmother’s wishes with fervor. My daughter moved in front of me on all fours. As soon as she was in position, she dove right into my crotch and was feasting on my pussy in no time.

I yelped, which mom heard.

“Great work, Leigh. Do you like that?” Mom asked.

Leigh nodded and could not be interrupted eating my pussy.

“She loves it mom,” I said, looking down at my daughter devouring my cunt.

“Glad to know you love it Leigh. That’s how your mother and I bonded,” mom said.

Leigh ate my pussy with more intensity, sending shivers through my body, which made me yelp loudly some more.

“And no doubt that’s how you, your mom and me will be bonding, pretty soon,” mom added.

“Mom!” I cried out in pleasure.

“I remember when I fucked your mother, I put three fingers inside her hole while I sucked her clit. Be a good girl and do that for me, Leigh,” mom said.

Leigh does exactly what mom just said.

“Fuck!” I gritted my teeth and screamed in ecstasy.

For a moment I was in a complete daze as I savored my gorgeous daughter’s beautiful handiwork on my mound. Several minutes had passed, and I could no longer hear any word from mom. I was just enjoying Leigh when, all of a sudden, a toned naked woman with a ripped belly, beautiful for her age, comes in the bedroom holding a smart phone.

“Mom?” I said surprised.

“Leigh let me borrow her duplicate key when I saw her this afternoon,” mom said smiling as she placed her smart phone on the nightstand.

“I already shut and locked the door,” mom said.

Mom came up and sat close next to me on the bed. She wrapped her left arm around me while raising her other hand holding her smart phone to show me all sorts of pictures of my fully-transitioned husband who is now a woman.

There were pictures on mom’s phone with my husband in the nude, with her gorgeous feminine face, massive breasts and that huge black cock. Mom was right. My husband looks like a younger Vivica Fox now. Those huge boobs were a turn on. But I won’t mind if I got to suck that cock again.

Mom then showed me other pictures, selfies of her sucking my transwoman husband’s ten-inch cock. Mom showed me one video she took of my husband humping her.

“How did that taste like?” I asked

In response, mom rested her phone on the nightstand. She then kissed me for awhile. Mom then slid her tongue from my lips, down to my chest where she took one of my nipples in her mouth and started suckling it.

“Let’s just say I love his cock and your tongue in my pussy and my mouth,” mom said.

A few minutes of sucking my nipple, she then slides her tongue from my breasts down to my stomach and smothered it with licks and kisses.

“Your stomach is still the same now as when you were eighteen when we started making love. Toned and flat as I could remember,” mom complimented.

“Yours too, mom. That’s the way I remember your sexy flat stomach when we fucked back then. It still looks exactly like it now,” I said.

“Let’s see,” as mom now stood up and walked behind Leigh. Mom stooped down, her face now behind my daughter’s ass as mom inspected and touched her pussy.

“Remember when I did this to you, Gina,” And with that mom stuck her tongue out and slithered it inside her granddaughter’s pussy, pushing it as deep as the length of her tongue allowed it. And mom’s tongue is pretty long and thick.

“This is how real alpha women bond, Leigh,” mom said.

Leigh groaned and reacted by clamping her lips tighter squeezing my clit as she felt her grandmother’s tongue fill her pussy.

“I remember I could actually feel your tongue wiggle inside,” I grinned.

Mom parked her tongue in Leigh’s muff even as she moved and swirled it inside that young tight hole.

“I could definitely feel that grandma,” Leigh smiled pausing momentarily from my pussy.

“Ya think you can do the same thing with me?” I asked Leigh.

“Mom, my tongue’s not as long and big as grandma’s,” Leigh responded.

“What if I go on all fours, sticking my ass out like what you’re doing? You think you can shove your tongue deep enough to drive your mother crazy?” I asked.

“I’ll try,” Leigh sighed.

And with that, I lied face down, sticking my ass up for Leigh. Leigh spread my pussy lips wide open with her free hand. She stuffed her tongue inside my hole and wiggled her tongue inside.

“Keep at it, baby,” I said as she repeatedly stabbed my pussy hole with her tongue.

We were in that position for some time. I moaned, grunted and hissed at every move Leigh’s tongue made on my twat when a thought crossed my mind.

“You know what, mom. I just realized I haven’t eaten your pussy in a long, long time,” I said.

Mom could not be interrupted from her feast on her granddaughter’s pussy. But I figured that she wanted some loving and attention to be given to her pussy too. What she did was she started moving but without breaking from Leigh’s pussy.

Mom tapped Leigh’s butt to signal her to move. Leigh herself could not be bothered to separate from my pussy. But she did get where her grandmother was going, so she herself started moving from the bed, syncing herself with where mom was going. I went with the flow and started moving myself without breaking my pussy’s connection to Leigh’s mouth.

Before you know it, we were all on the floor in the bedroom. Enough space so I could bring my mouth and bury it in mom’s pussy. Incidentally, everybody moved and adjusted so we formed a triangle on the floor.

My tongue finally made the connection with mom’s pussy. And for minutes, hours, there was nothing but the noises and sounds from kissing, licking, moaning, yelping and grunting.

“God, Leigh, I’m about to cum. Could you please stop for awhile. I just don’t want to cum just yet,” I said.

“Alright, mom. But you’re just soaking wet now. A lot of your juices are already in my mouth,” Leigh said.

“We’ll take it nice and slow,” I said, as I kept rubbing my mom’s clit.

I could see Leigh’s face curl up and she gritted her teeth.

”I’m about to cum, mom. But I’d prefer not yet,” Leigh said.

“Mom!” I slapped mom’s ass.

No response. She kept eating Leigh’s pussy.

“Mom, hold up,” I said, still tapping her ass.

“I’m cumming,” Leigh screamed as she shut her eyes tight.

Still no response.

“Okay,” I said.

And with that I went full bore on mom’s pussy and never let up. I ate mom’s pussy fast and furious hoping to get her to pause from eating her granddaughter’s pussy so she would not cum yet and preserve her orgasm.

“Mom, don’t let grandma make me cum yet,” Leigh pleaded, her face red in ecstatic agony as her orgasms became more intense from her grandmother’s assault on her cunt.

At this point, Leigh was already squirting some of her juices out into mom’s mouth.

But so did her grandmother. Mom’s thick, creamy juices started to flow out of her hole and into my tongue, dripping into my mouth and through my chin.

I kept pounding and pounding and pounding mom’s pussy.

“Aaaahh, shit! Not yet!,” mom finally broke off from Leigh’s pussy as she looked down on her pussy with me eating it.


I kept eating mom’s pussy, if only to teach her a lesson.

“Please, you bitch! Stop! I’ll slow it down. Don’t make me cum yet. We’ll all cum together,” mom finally gave up.

And with that, I paused and smiled.

“Take on someone your own size, mom,” I said.

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll be fucking up your pussy real good soon,”

I giggled as I touched and played with mom’s pussy a little.

Leigh gave soft, gentle kisses on my clit. Eventually, I started to feeI her mouth grabbing it and she was sucking it.

“Ah, ah, ah! Not yet,” I said, waving my finger.

Leigh stopped and smiled, and went back to caressing my pussy. And so did everyone else.

Mom would sneak in flicking her tongue into Leigh’s pussy here and there, while I gave soft, gentle kisses on her pussy.

Everyone exercised discipline and restraint for several minutes..

“Alright. Everybody seemed to have mellowed down,” I said.

“We’re ready,” mom said.

“On three! One! Two…”

Mom lunged at Leigh’s pussy right away ravenously eating it even when the countdown was not completed.

And with that we were back to devouring each other’s twats. Everyone eventually came. As was expected, Leigh came first, followed by me several minutes afterwards.

“Make me cum now, cunt!” mom hissed.

I looked up and smiled at mom, deciding to play around her a little by torturing her with holding back, just softly touching and playing with her pussy lips.

Even as mom grabbed my hair pushing my face towards her pussy, I was determined to torture her by not making her cum just yet.

Mom then sat up on her knees, lowered her crotch down and rapidly and repeatedly thrusted her hips backwards and forwards, rubbing her twat across my passive face and smearing my face with her love juices.

Mom did this for several more minutes before she turned around straddling my head and burying her face on my pussy.

“Leigh, help grandma will ya. Make me cum,” mom said.

I tapped Leigh’s arm and shook my head, continuing to goof around.

“Mom!” Leigh whined.

“Stop fucking around Gina. I need to cum,” mom said as her tongue lapped my mound.

I threw my head up as I felt mom’s tongue on my pussy even as I looked at Leigh and shook my finger at her.

“Fuck you, bitch! I wanna eat grandma’s pussy,” Leigh said as she positioned herself behind her grandmother and started greedily tongue-fucking her pussy as I looked on from underneath mom.

“That’s it Leigh. Fuck your grandmother with your tongue,” mom said.

Mom then proceeded to suck my clit hard and intense.

“Oh, mom,” I groaned.

Mom kept sucking and sucking my clit until I was close to cumming again. I could feel thick, creamy fluids stream down across my ass.

“Come here, Leigh,” Mom suddenly got up as she guided Leigh underneath her to face her pussy while she was on top directly in front of her granddaughter’s pussy.

“Mom!” I screamed while she and Leigh were already ravaging each other’s muffs.

“You fucking whores!” I screamed.

I could see mom laugh even as she ate Leigh’s pussy.

After watching several more minutes of mom and Leigh working up each other’s cunts, mom finally acknowledged me and paused from what she was doing. Mom was still laughing thinking she had one over me, but she held my hand and guided me towards Leigh’s pussy.

I was pouting, but lied down on the carpeted floor. Before you know it, my mouth was on my daughter’s pussy.

Mom, still giggling, finally started eating my twat. Leigh was just too busy with her grandmother’s pussy to be bothered. We were back in this perverted triangle once again.

We stayed in this triangle throughout the whole weekend, breaking only when it was necessary, during when we got hungry or thirsty or when we had to use the bathroom to shower, bathe, brush our teeth, clean up or otherwise.

I started losing count of the number of times we came in each other’s faces and mouths, which were soaked with cum that already dried up and felt sticky by the end of the weekend. We must’ve guzzled gallons of each other’s cum by the end of the weekend.

There was nothing better to do than binge on fucking each other’s brains out. After that, mom left her hotel room and proceeded to live with us in the apartment. Leigh and I were seriously considering her suggestion to move in with her, in her mansion or penthouse in New York City, for more privacy and more space to fuck.

I haven’t been at mom’s personal sauna room in California in a long time, the room where she adorned the wooden walls with all sorts of dildoes and strap-ons, most of which we used when mom brought me there several times when I turned eighteen and before I got married. This was our love shack. A place where the three of us will be doing a lot of fucking.

For now, my mom, my daughter and I have been bonding pretty well.

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