Everybody Won

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One look at my 41-year-old dad, you would not know that you were looking at a man. After dad’s sex change surgery, she just looks like a natural woman from head to toe. She’s muscular, her huge implanted yet natural-looking breasts complemented her body-builder physique. But dad had such a gorgeous, feminine face that would look perfect had she been a natural woman. One day, she decided to be a woman.

It began in gradual steps, but dad eventually would fully transition into a gorgeous, voluptuous woman. She even looks like Heidi Klum. Ever since dad’s full transition, she had gone out of her way to make herself look and feel genuinely like a woman in every way, even going the route of hormone replacement therapy. I really should start calling her mom, but right now she doesn’t have a problem with still being called ‘dad.’ I couldn’t say that mom was too thrilled, but she went along with it and accepted it for who dad was and what he wanted.

The only thing was, dad’s cock, all ten inches of it, was still fully intact and completely functional.

“I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Cocks are still better,” dad, in the nude, with his dick hanging out, debated over breakfast with a feminine voice she had adopted that sounded natural.

“Nothing a tongue can’t do that a penis can,” my Ainsley Earhardt-look-alike 37-year-old mom said as she ate her cereal, sitting at the chair of the kitchen table in her naked glory, with her toned, athletic body and ripped abs.

See, my dad owns this bungalow we were living in here in a quiet suburb in south Florida close to the beach. To complement his income working as a hedge fund manager, he had the bedroom rented out to a gorgeous Cuban single mom, Liliana, who looked about like Jennifer Lopez, with her twin eighteen-year-old daughters. Dad barely spoke Spanish, but mom was fluent in it. We’ve gotten to know the family well.

Well, a little too well for mom, I guess. Mom encouraged them to walk around the house in the nude. Mom thought it would help them cope with the warm and humid Florida weather and also help them save. They were considered part of the family eventually. At first Liliana and her daughters would be walking around in their negligees and lingeries. Eventually, they felt comfortable walking around the house in the nude.

After a few months or so, mom and Liliana would also become touchy-feely. They’d touch each other’s thighs, butts or put their arms around each other when watching TV when dad’s not around. All this while nude!

Last Friday, something curious happened that may have something to do with their current debate. I woke up in the middle of the night but I laid still. It was about eleven at night in the warm and humid dark of the south Florida summer night only illuminated by the moon outside.

I noticed dad was asleep on his side of the bed. But mom, in the nude, got up, tip-toed and quietly walked out of the bedroom. I heard whispers in Spanish outside and the quiet closing of a door. I waited, thinking mom just used the bathroom and would be back quick. But she never came back. All I heard afterwards were faint moans coming from outside as I drifted off to sleep.

When everyone was awake in the morning, everything looked normal and mom was already in the kitchen helping with breakfast, laughing and being touchy-feely with Liliana and her daughters who looked like Shakira and Camila Cabello.

At that point dad went to the bathroom. To my surprise, as soon as dad was nowhere, mom gave Liliana a nice peck on her cheek, but I saw her tongue slip out and licked Liliana’s cheek as she tried to hide it from me sitting on the chair at the table.


Dad must’ve sensed all that. So mom and dad’s debate raged on.

Liliana and her girls had already left that Friday morning. The only ones that remained in the house were us, since mom and dad were off from work that day and I was on my summer vacation from college.

“You want to bet?” Dad challenged.

“How on Earth are we going to make this bet, Daniel?” Mom asked.

“If you can make Liliana cum first with your tongue you win. If I make you cum first with my cock, I win,” said dad.

“Don’t be ridiculous. What the hell are you talking about?” Asked mom flabbergasted.

“Come on, Ashley! I’m giving you the opportunity of your life. If you win, you get to fuck her anytime, anywhere with no complaints from me whatsoever. You can do whatever you want,” dad said.

“But if I win, I get to play around and you can’t bitch and whine about it,” dad added.

“Buddy, you’re too much. But let’s say I play devil’s advocate and went along with this. Liliana and her daughters are spending time with relatives out of state and won’t be back til tomorrow,” said mom.

“You know a lot about her, huh. Even her vacation. Did you give her a goodbye French-kiss this morning before she left,” dad said.

“She told everybody while you’re at work, doofus,” mom explained.

“I can help,” I said.

“Nicole, please. Adult conversation,” said mom exasperated.

“I’m nineteen,” I said firmly.

“Nic, Stop,” Mom looked at me sternly.

“See, Nicole is willing to help out,” dad said.

“Right,” mom laughed sarcastically, got up, washed her bowl and spoon in the kitchen sink and went in our bedroom.

Dad rolled her eyes and went to the living room to watch some TV.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower, brush my teeth, floss and clean up.


It was about a little past three in the afternoon and it just became warmer and more humid.

Mom just took her bath, brushed her teeth, flossed, cleaned up. Dad was doing the same now. After grooming herself, mom went to the bedroom, lied down on the bed and started watching TV in the nude. I went in and sat right next to her, pressing my breasts against her left biceps.

“Are you ready, mom?” I asked flirting as I stroked her breasts.

“Nic. What do you think you’re doing?” Asked mom.

“Think about it. If you make me cum first, this is your chance to fuck Liliana in the house without ever having to hide it,” I whispered to her ear.

“Trust me, I’ll cum first. I can help,” I added trying to convince mom.

Mom went quiet as my left hand now found its way into her pussy, massaging it.

Mom turned to look at me.

“How can I resist someone who looks like Blake Lively?” Mom asked as she held the left side of my head with her right hand

Then our faces moved closer to each other until our lips locked and our tongues danced within.

At this point I was stroking mom’s pussy a little faster. She moaned softly.

“Well I guess someone just took the challenge,” said dad standing at the door flaunting her voluptuous naked body as she flossed her teeth.


Mom was already lying down on the bed. Dad was in front of her between her legs that were spread wide open. I got myself ready into position straddling mom’s head.

“Uh, uh, uh. You have to face me Nic so I can see and make sure you guys are not cheating. Mom will only use her tongue and nothing else. No other fingers from her or from you to add in stimulating her. Holding or touching any other part of the body is okay, not just on the genital area where it can enhance stimulation,” dad said.

“Come on!” Mom said as I turned around and re-positioned myself to face my gorgeous dad.

“You can kiss or lick any other part of the body, not just genitals. I’ll just use my cock on your mother. Your mom will just use her tongue on you. No more. No less,” dad said.

“Whoever can make the person cum first wins,” dad finished.

“Okay dad,” and with that she and I leaned forward until our lips locked and our tongues licked. We were ready and in position.

“On your mark,” dad said.

“Get set,” moving myself so my pussy is directly in front of mom underneath and within reach of her tongue and mouth while dad inched her cock closer to mom’s hole.


I saw dad as he rammed his hard cock into mom’s cunt right away and with such force that it shook the bed and slid mom upwards along the bed. Dad just kept pumping his rock-hard schlong in and out as she spat on mom’s pussy making the bed creak furiously,

Mom, meanwhile, with her arms wrapped around my thighs pulled my lower body towards her while she slithered her long and wide tongue inside my vagina hole as far inside as she could get, hardening her tongue as much as she could, bobbing it in and out, trying her best to make it move like a cock. Only difference was mom would at some points let her tongue linger inside my vagina, then wiggle and swirl it, stimulating the muscles within and the erogenous nerve-endings within those muscles.

“Tastes better than Cuban cunt, huh,” I engaged in a little dirty talk to encourage mom to make me cum first and win.

Seemed to work as this dirty talk might have excites mom and worked up my pussy faster and more furious.

“You know Ashley how I’ll fuck your new Cuban girlfriend when I win this?” dad said to mom.

With that, dad got on the bed and rested her knees on the edge to give himself more thrust, his arms on the side of mom’s hips as he continued to ram her hard.

Mom gave muffled sounds as she felt the intensity of dad’s cock pumping back-and-forth action, in and out of her pussy. But that did not stop mom as her tongue resiliently stayed firm in my pussy, trying her best to hit my g-spot.

I writhed in pleasure, threw my head back and gritted my teeth as mom continued her assault, making me weak to the point my hands fell on the bed on either side of mom’s lower body.

I saw dad’s cock bobbing in and out of mom’s pussy. I leaned forward closer and spat on it, then proceeded to suck on dad’s nipples as she straightened her upper body up and held on to mom’s knees.

“You’re not the only one who knows about g-spots, Ashley,” dad heaved as she continued to put more force into the thrusts her cock made deep inside mom’s pussy.

Mom grunted and groaned even as she continued eating my carpet. Mom then started pumping her hard tongue in and out of me. My eyes went wide. I was about to cum.

“Don’t you dare cum, Nicole,” said dad looking at me intensely straight in the eyes then leaning forward to suck my left nipple as he continued to fuck mom.

I laughed. But I was not sure how much longer I could take mom feasting on me as I was seriously ready to cum.

I buckled as I felt mom’s lips wrap around my clit as she sucked it hard. I yelped and screamed as love juices flowed out freely from my hole into mom’s mouth, dripping from her lips and chin.

At about the same time I came, though, I saw mom explode her own milky white fluid into dad’s shaved cock even as her lips clung firmly to my clit. Mom and I came at the same time.

It was a tie.

But we weren’t done yet.

Mom lapped up each and every ounce of my cum. I leaned down and started cleaning the cum mom ejected off of her soaking wet hole and also licked it off of dad’s still erect cock. Which got me to think: dad hasn’t cum yet.

I held dad’s hand and led her up the bed until he was sitting up on the bed rest with his legs spread wide, kissing and licking her mouth. From there I placed my hand on mom’s back, encouraging her to share dad’s cock with me. Mom obliged and in no time we were sucking dad’s wet transgirl cock together. A few minutes later we would be rewarded with dad’s sperm which mom and I ate and licked off each other’s mouths.

Exhausted and sweating, we all laid down on the bed kissing, licking, stroking and caressing each other. I was eating mom’s wet cunt by now on the bed as we tried to relax while mom sucked dad’s huge cock. Dad, on the other hand, was busy sucking my clit, trying to make me cum again.

That afternoon no one lost, but everybody won.

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