Jillian’s Island

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I slowly opened my eyes, squinting to see bright blue skies before me as I felt the gentle wave of warm water splash into my body. I felt the warm breeze hit me as I lay on the sandy shores of this island where the stormy waters took me, my red spaghetti-strapped tank top and cotton shorts drenched in the waters.

My body felt sore as I slowly got up, processing what had happened hours before.

I decided, as part of my summer vacation, to take my triplet daughters in my yacht, their first time doing so. The yacht was a gift from my wealthy husband. It was going to be my first time helming it, but I’d been oriented and taught by my husband who helmed it when we took our vacations in the open seas before with just the two of us.

I figured vacationing in my yacht with only my three eighteen-year-old daughters, my daughters from a previous marriage, would be a great way to bond with them. It would also give me the opportunity to investigate an unknown island off the Pacific with its mysterious all-female inhabitants.

The day of our trip came. Our voyage started out smooth and quiet as the yacht departed the harbor and I sailed it through the ocean. My triplets were out lying on the deck in their tie-side thong bikinis and matching bra, soaking some sun while I took control of the yacht.

Llater on, however, blue skies and radiant sun gave way to ominous-looking dark skies. The winds started to pick up.

Next thing I knew, the yacht’s computer, navigation and communications systems went down and completely failed as the winds became stronger the more we sailed farther out into the ocean. The winds must’ve knocked out sensitive electronics and equipment.

Because of this, I could not get any up-to-date maritime information. I could not receive any reports of extreme weather and had no way of contacting anyone.

I tried to sail the yacht back. But not long after, the increasingly bad weather turned into a tempest. We ended up at the mercy of a fairly sizable and violent storm somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

I tried to sail the yacht through the storm into safety, but the powerful winds veered the sail into a whole different direction. For that whole time, the violent winds controlled the yacht. So violent was the storm that the yacht ultimately took on massive amounts of water.

I immediately put life vests on my triplet daughters and on myself and braced for the worst. Then there was this one particular violent wave that tipped the yacht over. Before we knew it, we were all under water.

My daughters and I held each other’s hands as we were submerged. The door to the bridge was already ripped apart by the strong winds earlier. That opening allowed us to swim out of the overturned yacht.

Our life vests made us float in the violent seas. My daughters and I held hands as tightly as we could. But another big and violent wave came crashing down on us and we got separated.


The beach of the island was gorgeous and reminded me of Myrtle Beach when the family went there to visit. I walked the shores of that island for a good one hour until I finally found my daughters several feet apart from each other. I ran towards them fearing for the worst.

I checked them one by one. The two were alive but extremely exhausted; Kelly, on the other hand, was unconscious.

I leaned over Kelly and gave her CPR. I also gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I thought that could give her a better chance at being revived. It worked. Being a dentist and a trained medical professional with a background in medical research and anthropology, I repeated the same action, until Kelly finally regained consciousness and started coughing out water.

“Oh, Kelly,” I cried giving Kelly a hug in my wet tank top and micro shorts, her body in her red tie-side thong bikini and bra touching mine. Despite her total exhaustion coming out of unconsciousness, she managed to return my hug with her own and held my face.

There would be more bodies to get in contact with as Daris and Samantha, now up and moving, came up and joined in the hugs and cries.

“Oh girls, I’m glad you’re all alright,” I cried some more as they did the same and gave ourselves one big group hug.

It was a harrowing and horrific experience. But, thankfully, everyone was alive without any serious injuries.


Several more hours had passed.

I never realized I had dozed off along with my daughters under the trees that provided us some protection from the sun. Kelly held my left thigh like a pillow as she drooled asleep. Daris was asleep under my right underarm while Samantha spooned her as she slept. I slowly got up and the girls started moving.

I looked at my kinetic watch. Thank God it was not damaged. My watch still worked and should continue to work as long as the sun was out or constant motion and activity from my body was fed into it. It was already five minutes past noontime.

We woke up refreshed and rested. At least we were regaining some of our strength and composure back, although still traumatized and stressed. We proceeded to find some shade under some trees overlooking the ocean to escape the sun which was already at its peak. There we laid back and talked about what had happened, where we possibly could be and what our next move was.

“Where do you think we are, mom?” Daris asked.

“I don’t know, sweetie,” I replied.

“No phone. No radio. In a remote island somewhere. It could be years before anyone could find us, if they find us at all,” said Kelly as she sat on the ground hugging her knees.

“We may not get back home,” Kelly looked into my eyes.

Even though they were practically the same age, Kelly was the more mature of the triplets. I sat there silent at what she said.

“We still have together,” I said, trying to lighten things up a bit.

Kelly looked up and smiled some.

“Come on. You girls are the smartest and sexiest nerds in school. There’s four of us here. We can make this work,” I said, trying to boost my daughters’ morale.

I knew we will.


Five o’clock according to my watch. The sun was setting, but, the Pacific being the Pacific, it was warm and humid. My daughters and I decided to take a walk along the shore at a time when the sun was less intense. It was still bright out and the setting sun was a beauty to behold.

I was behind everybody else. As my daughters walked ahead of me, I could not help but notice their sand-covered asses as they walked in their thong bikinis. Next to the setting sun, the shaking of those tanned under-butts as they made their steps was like looking at a delicious dish. I was salivating.

I know it’s a little bit depraved thinking that way considering our situation. It must’ve been the hunger and exhaustion, I thought to myself.

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen them naked before. But all three of them going into adulthood and seeing them turn out into fine young gorgeous, smart, athletic, long-legged women with awesome rear-ends… I did a great job, if I may say so myself.


“Anyone getting hungry?” asked Samantha.

I noticed the contours of her nipples on the pink bra she wore.

‘What the fuck was I thinking,’ I thought and tried to shake off these thoughts.

“Well, we can make some sharp spears out of these tree branches and see if we can hunt some food,” Kelly said.

And with that we went to an area inland some distance away from beach where the trees sprinkled the area, took some branches with roughly the same specific size, length and width and picked them off these trees and some from the ground..

Kelly looked around.

“Come on guys, help me find any sharp-looking stones with jagged or sharp edges,” she said.

We started looking around. Several minutes later, I came up with a couple lying on the sandy ground, right next to a bigger stone formation.

“Right here,” I said pointing to it.

“Great work, mom,” Kelly said as she held my shoulder and gave me a quick kiss on the neck as she parted while looking into my eyes.

I blushed.

With that Kelly sat on the ground, crossed her legs and proceeded to work on the branches as we watched her in front of us. She made good work as she used the stone’s sharp edges to make a somewhat long spear-like tool by shredding the sides of one end of the branch into a single and sharp tip.

“Kelly, be careful not to get a splinter,” I said.

Before you knew it, Kelly made four make-shift spears and gave them to each one of us.

Kelly then led us to the part of the shoreline where there were some rocks along the waters. Sure enough, as Kelly mentioned as we were walking towards that spot, there were several crabs crawling along.

We used our newly made spears to catch them. As hard as it was to see those crabs get impaled, we were starving. Kelly went further into the ocean. I watched her as she kept poking the waters with her spear. She must’ve done this for about an hour.

“Ha-ha!” Kelly triumphantly blurted out as she was able to catch a fairly big trout in her spear.

We went back to what had become our outpost under the trees and with some plants around overlooking the ocean. Kelly picked up some dried twigs, branches, wood and leaves and put them in a pile. We helped her get as much of those.

I love Kelly’s hot body and her sense of style, something my daughters took up from me I suppose. But I also fell in love with her brain. I knew she was book-smart and all, but I never would’ve realized she’d be able to use that knowledge to survive being stranded on an unknown remote deserted island.

As soon as there was a sizable amount of dried leaves, twigs and branches on the ground, Kelly grabbed two stones and rubbed them together on a flat piece of dried branch. We looked and waited as she did it in a repetitive manner, slow at first then becoming faster and faster.

“Be careful, Kelly,” I said registering my concern.

“Relax, mom,” Kelly reassured as she looked at me.

Kelly’s patience and perseverance started to pay off when the branch started to smolder. Kelly kept rubbing the stones some more, producing tiny sparks as she did so. Eventually, the smoke gave way to a little fire.

“Come on guys, put some of the leaves we got close to my hands but take it slow and be careful not to blow the fire out!” Kelly instructed.

We did so. Kelly carefully placed the smoldering branch on the pile of leaves which in time smoldered more and became a bigger fire. We threw more leaves, dried branches and twigs into it, fueling it more until it became a bonfire which we then used to barbecue the crabs and fish we caught.

For the first time during the day, we took off our socks and shoes, relaxed and got merry. Before everybody knew it, all of us were having a good time around the fire, laughing and eating. What we lacked in alcoholic beverages, we compensated by throwing our inhibitions into the wind.

Kelly sat right next to me around the fire. I playfully grabbed her butt as her eyes went wide and playfully slapped my hand away. I had this piece of crab meat in my hand. As a gesture of saying thank you, I brought that meat into Kelly’s mouth. She was my queen for that moment deserving of honor and worship, I thought.

Kelly took it in, closed her mouth and puckered her lips around my index finger and thumb before I took them out.

“Awesome,” Kelly said as she munched away.

I grinned as I slowly took that same index finger and thumb out of her mouth and brought them into my mouth for me to suck. Kelly saw what I just did and coyly smiled, brushing the side of her hair.

I looked at Kelly’s body as it glowed from the brightness of the fire reflecting off of her beautiful, smooth skin.

“You saved us, sweetie,” I leaned and whispered in her ear as I held her left hand with my right hand.

Kelly looked into my eyes and smiled, blushing. I brushed her hair aside to look into her eyes.

“You look like Ainsley Earhardt, mom,” was all Kelly could say as she looked back at me.

“The morning show hostess?” I asked, curling my forehead as I grinned at her..

“She’s hot as fuck,” Kelly said.

I snickered and gave Kelly a hug, not at the implication that she found me hot, but because my tits were getting more and more erect by the minute with her flirting with me and I wanted her to notice.

Samantha and Daris nodded.

“Only difference mom is taller and more athletic,” Daris said.

“Well, who would you say Kelly looks like?” I asked.

There was some pause as they thought about it.

“I’d say Blake Lively,” I said.

“Bullshit, mom,” Kelly laughed.

“I think so,” Samantha said.

“Yeah, right, Taylor Swift,” said Kelly laughing at Samantha, throwing a small twig at her.

“But Sam’s tits are a lot bigger,” Daris said sitting right next to Samantha as she playfully grabbed Samantha’s right breast with her right hand, making Samantha’s jaw drop. Her sisters and I laughed.

“Daris!” I exclaimed as I laughed.

“I mean, look at those massive boobs,” this time Daris grabbed both of Samantha’s breasts as Daris gently pushed her sister to the ground.

“Come on, girls,” I said.

“Mom’s just being jealous, Daris,” Kelly giggled.

And with that, Kelly started grabbing my breasts and laughing hysterically as she did, pushing me to the ground and straddling me. I responded by sneaking my hands under her swimsuit bra and grabbing her breasts and felt her hard nipples between my fingers. Kelly responded the same way as she put her hands under my tank top, pulled it up, grabbed and squeezed my breasts.

At this point my nipples were as hard as they could ever get with this play, but getting ever harder thinking how Kelly’s nipples would feel in my mouth.

I shook the temptation. I was the mother. But, shit… Kelly’s utter sexiness was making it harder to resist it by the minute. And being trapped in a remote island with these girls without any rules other than what your own fired up hormones and imagination dictated made throwing that taboo away completely without guilt or shame even more exciting and fun.

“Alright girls, enough,” I got up fixing my hair and clothes and trying to sound mature and in control.

Everyone sat up.

“So, as the one and only girl in the family who took up after her dad and has brunette hair, who do you guys think Daris looks like?” I asked.

“Camila Cabello,” Kelly said.

Everyone seemed to agree.

“But, again, look at those tits,” as Samantha this time laughingly grabbed Daris’s breasts, pushing her to the ground.

I was ready with the goofballs this time so as soon as I saw Kelly with that crazy grin on her face and that crazy laugh, I pushed her to the ground first, straddled her this time, and stroked and squeezed her massive breasts.

“Mom!” Kelly laughed and screamed.

“If you’re trying to say I’m hot, why didn’t you just say so?” I muttered in her ear as I got her pinned down, my hands under her bra holding and squeezing her breasts.

I was looking for an excuse to get at least one of Kelly’s nipples in my mouth. But, still, mostly part of me thought this was just goofing off with my daughters, trying to relieve some stress and trauma. So, I did lean down anyway, brushed aside a portion of her bra and managed to take a bite at Kelly’s right nipple.

“Ooh!,” Kelly cooed underneath me. In response, Kelly pulled my top up revealing my breasts.

Kelly started to bite my hard nipples.

Samantha and Daris were doing their thing in their corner grabbing each other’s breasts, clueless as to what Kelly and I were doing. They were still grabbing each other’s breasts, while Kelly and I - from squeezing and touching each other’s breasts and biting each other’s nipples - now full-on progressed into kissing, licking and sucking them.

I guess the perfect opportunity just presented itself. Four hot women trapped in a deserted remote island where we now could make our own rules and throw all our inhibitions and taboos out the window. Shit, I know back in Florida I tried to fuck any hot men or women I encountered who stopped by the house, from the young ripped gardener with the six-pack abs to the gorgeous Asian postwoman who wore micro shorts delivering mail to a couple of sexy blonde Mormon women missionaries.

And sucking my nipples was what Kelly focused on doing underneath me. I didn’t particularly think it was sexual at that point. I thought we were just still playing around. Ultimately, I took my top off to give Kelly more freedom. This just made Kelly suck my tits harder. Kelly, in return, took off her swimsuit bra, which then made me suck her nipples even more intensely.

Kelly’s hard nipples were a joy to play with, the sensation of that hardness in my mouth as I felt it within with my tongue was incredible.

Eventually, the other girls drifted off to sleep in their corner, still having no idea what we were doing in the other side of the big bonfire as I let Kelly suck, kiss and lick my tits as she allowed me to do the same to her.

The little of the fire that was left from the bonfire lit up an otherwise dark night, illuminating Kelly’s body, my body, and everything around us, giving this erotic aura that just sent me thinking of lascivious thoughts involving Kelly and her sisters; the fact we were in an island, at a beach just for ourselves and with nobody else other than my hot daughters and I made me feel just free to be doing anything around them and to them.

Kelly puckered her lips around my right nipple, sucking it as she held my breast as I now laid back on the soft, sandy ground. I stroked Kelly’s hair, closed my eyes as she continued working my tits. I was hugely turned on.

My last feeling was the warmth of Kelly’s mouth around my right nipple before exhaustion took over and I drifted off to sleep.


I opened my eyes lying on the sand, waking up from sleep. I looked at my watch. It was a little past eight in the morning.

I felt lighter. I’m not sure if it was the sweating from all the heat and humidity or that I’ve had more-than-normal physical activity or a lighter diet. Or the fact I had no clothes on and that I was totally naked, my micro shorts on the ground by my feet. But I felt great. I felt a ton lighter waking up.

I know Kelly and I got frisky before I fell asleep, but I was wondering what time she slept, if she slept at all. We were only doing breast play as far as I remembered. Unless she stayed up late into the night and had the audacity to strip me naked while I slept.

And, speaking of the devil, who better to walk up in front of me than Kelly herself, in all her naked glory.

“Good morning, mom,” greeted Kelly smiling.

“Kelly… What did you do?” I asked playfully.

Kelly giggled as she sat next to me, looking me in the eye as I fixed my gaze into her.

I looked around to find her two other sisters still asleep. There was only smoke in the pile of leaves, branches and wood now that made up our bonfire last night.

“You’re up early,” I said.

“I did a little bit of walking and some workout,” Kelly said.

“Took off your swimsuit?” I asked.

“It was getting pointless anyway,” Kelly replied, her face getting close to mine.

“And I take it you had something to do with those?” I asked, looking down at my uncovered crotch pointing at it by pushing my lips forward.

Kelly giggled as she ran her middle finger down my breasts and continued to look at me flirtatiously.

“To be honest, I was going to...” Kelly said as she stroked my pussy softly in a circular motion, paused to bring her fingers to her mouth, then back to resting her hand on my pussy.

I looked at Kelly with quizzical eyebrows and a grin.

“But…” As Kelly, grinning, clenched my growing bush of blonde pubic hair.

“Oh,” I blurted out as I looked down on my vagina pubes being grabbed by Kelly.

“You’re getting thick down there yourself,” as I reached out my hand and grabbed Kelly’s hairy muff.

The two of us sat next to each other for awhile, stroking each other’s hairy pussy as we looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

Then I noticed Kelly started to inch her face closer to mine. I moved to meet her mid-way. I opened my lips to brace for Kelly’s. Just as our lips were literally about an inch apart from each other and were about to lock, Daris and Samantha roused from their sleep.

As a reflex reaction, I withdrew. And so did Kelly. We took our hands off each other. For now. We probably needed some more time to get the other girls acquainted with my thing with Kelly‍. And, maybe, they could join in later.

“Whoa!” Samantha marveled.

I raised my eyebrow and pursed my lips.

“Daris, check it out,” Samantha nudged Daris who was staring at Kelly and me.

Daris, who was lying face down in her swimsuit thong bikini and bra and still half-asleep resting her head on her forearms, turned to look at us. She stared at Kelly and I pretty good.

“Cool,” Daris said as she got up, stretched and started to take off her thong and bra swimsuit herself. Samantha followed suit. All four of us were finally off our swimsuits.

“So, what are we doing today?” Daris asked.


“So I did a little bit of exploration this morning. Found some really interesting stuff,” said Kelly as we drank and ate coconut over breakfast.

When Kelly woke up this morning, she grabbed her stone knife I found for her the day before, scouted the area and found some coconuts on the ground nearby that fell off the trees.

She peeled off the husks, cracked the shells open in half with her tool. She suggested drinking the juice from one half first, then eating the white meat next. Once we ate all the meat from that half, we could pour the remainder of the juice from the other full half into the empty half as we finished up eating the meat from the other half so, at least, we’d have something to drink by the time we ate everything.

As soon as we were done with breakfast, Kelly led us to a spot inland that had an abundance of plants in it amongst the trees.

In one area we went to, I was able to recognize sage plants. As a dentist, I knew about it as it was one of those plants naturally present in nature that could be used in oral care and maintenance of oral health and hygiene. If you used those leaves to give the surface of your teeth a good rub, it would cleanse your teeth and leave your mouth refreshed. In addition, it has antiseptic properties and could heal oral ulcers. Kelly was aware of this which just made me admire her even more as sort of a take-charge, on-top kind of girl.

The next thing Kelly showed us, not far from the sage plants, was an abundance of eucalyptus plants. The twigs of eucalyptus plants, if chewed on one end until it became bristly, could serve as a toothbrush of sorts. Chewing it could help clean the surface of the teeth and in-between them. It could also be used to clean the gum lines.

A little bit more of exploration led us to other plants and trees in the island that produced vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, papaya, avocado, mangoes and bananas. At least we’d have more food choices and not get stuck eating fish, crabs and coconuts everyday.

Kelly was good at nature, general science and math and was well-versed and well-read. But Daris was the daughter who wanted to be a pharmacist and a botanist. Daris had a very good knowledge base of plants and fruits and she knew what to do to replenish them by planting and growing new ones.

With Kelly’s brain, they could work together to maintain, protect, replenish and preserve these plants. That way we would not have to be worried running out of food or supplies at any given time.

The final leg of our exploration took us to several more discoveries. One was that of a pond that we could use to bathe and clean and drink water every now and then. Another was a hot spring not far from the pond, a discovery that thrilled all of us. A natural sauna all for ourselves.

As soon as we came across this hot spring, everybody jumped into it all at once. We took off our shoes and stayed in the hot, relaxing steamy waters for some time.

Before we went back, Kelly showed us one final thing during that trip. She showed us these rock formations on the ground. Obsidian is what Kelly said it was, which was basically volcanic glass that, if broken into shards, could be as sharp as a razor blade.

“What is that for?” Samantha asked.

With that, Kelly grabbed a couple of thick stones lying on the ground that she had already prepared when she came there earlier. The stones were tough and durable enough to be used as a hammering and punching tool.

Kelly used one stone to hammer the top of the other stone as if it were a nail to smash through the glass rock. When she smashed through it, several thin, fairly sizable shards the size of the palm of my hands broke off from the bigger portion.

Carefully, Kelly held that broken off portion of the Obsidian in her hand gently.

“Alright, I need a volunteer!” said Kelly.

Daris raised her hands first and beat me by seconds. Kelly pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders at me as if to tell I was too slow raising my hand.

“Lie down right here, sis. Spread your legs,” Kelly instructed.

Daris followed her sister’s instructions.

With that, Kelly went right in between Daris’s legs. She carefully and gently slid the shard of the Obsidian through the surface of Daris’s pussy, repeating the process until gradually Daris’s brunette cunt pubes were shaved off.

Kelly was slow, gentle, soft, careful and meticulous. The smooth, sharp edges shaved off Daris’s thick and dark brown pubic hair in no time. After awhile, Daris’s pussy was completely shaved off of pubic hair.

Kelly poured some of her saliva on Daris’s pussy and, with her hands, brushed and cleaned the pieces of shaved hair off of it so Daris’s pussy was smooth and clean.

“Always remember, Obsidian rocks are sharp, so you guys need to be extremely careful in handling it,” taught Kelly.

Samantha and I sat there watching her intently.

“You know, there’s another shard this size that broke off from there. You can get that so you guys can try for yourselves. But remember, this is really sharp so you guys need to be really, really gentle and careful,” instructed Kelly.

With that, Samantha took the other shard lying on the ground as Kelly was in the finishing touches of shaving Daris’s twat.

“The key here using this rock is soft and gentle,” Kelly said as she continued to orient us about shaving with volcanic glass.

Kelly then let out some more saliva on Daris’s pussy.

Daris did not say a word and continued to look on as Kelly gauged her reaction. Daris’s pussy was already smooth. But Kelly was no longer shaving her. Kelly placed the obsidian safely in a corner and started to rub her sister’s clit. Daris closed her eyes, threw her head up and softly moaned.

“Your turn to shave me,” said Kelly to Daris.

Kelly and Daris switched positions while I proceeded to lie down right next to Kelly and braced myself for Samantha by spreading my legs open. Samantha started doing her work ever so gently, ever so softly, ever so slowly.

“You have to lube it up a bit,” I told Samantha.

With that, Samantha spat on my muff, distributed the spit throughout it with her fingers, spat some more, and once there was a thick layer of her spit, she started to shave the pubic hair off of it.

I looked at Samantha’s handiwork as I held Kelly’s hand and switched my gaze between her and Samantha.

“All smoothened up, mom,” said Samantha after several more minutes of shaving.

With that, Samantha and I switched places. I had been shaving Samantha’s pussy for a good while just as Daris was wrapping up shaving Kelly’s pussy.

“Need help, mom?” Kelly grinned.

“Daris, come here. Hold one side of Samantha’s pussy lips so mom could smooth it off,” Kelly instructed.

I was, at this point, just pretending to shave as Samantha’s pussy was already smooth and clean. I let Kelly call some of the shots.

“Daris, put your middle finger inside. There you go. Now pump it in and out,” Kelly directed.

Daris followed Kelly’s instructions.

“You know how I was rubbing those stones furiously to start a fire?” Asked Kelly. “That’s also how you do it when fingering a vagina.”

“This helps with her shaving?” asked Daris.

“Yes,” I said. “The fluid that comes out afterwards is a good after-shave cream,” I added.

Kelly looked at me smiling. I winked at her.

“Here, let me help you,” said Kelly as she now rubbed Samantha’s clit.

“See!” Kelly added as she continued to demonstrate to Daris. “Being a virgin is no excuse not to give Samantha’s pussy the attention and love it deserves. We’ll all need if we are to survive on this island.”

Meanwhile, I lied down next to Samantha, held her left breast and started sucking her nipple.

Daris continuously fingered Samantha’s gash while Kelly rubbed the clit. After some time, Samantha squirted a large amount of cum. Kelly bent down to Samantha’s pussy and lapped it up. I went right in there with Kelly to help myself with Samantha’s offering and, together, we feasted on Samantha’s juices.

All Daris could do was watch Kelly and I.

“It’s actually a good source of vitamins and minerals,” said Kelly jokingly as white fluids dripped through her chin while Samantha lay down still moaning.

“You might want to help yourself with some,” I said to Daris as I lifted my head up to look at her.

With that, Daris brushed Kelly and me aside and lunged at Samantha’s pussy.

“You know what you girls can do so it works for you both,” I said as I now directed Daris to position herself so she was straddling Samantha’s head, her pussy directly in front of her, while Samantha who was still lying down on the ground could have access to her pussy.

And so Daris and Samantha were set and did their thing, with Samantha going through her second orgasm. Finally, Kelly belonged entirely to me.

“So…” Kelly said.

There was no point in hesitating now. We were in the middle of nowhere. But, damn, these past few days were the first time I felt sexy after a long while.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said as Kelly held the back of my head and pulled my face into hers, and started passionately French-kissing me.


Weeks had passed, and we’ve gathered vegetables and fruits for our daily nutrition, replenishing them as much as we can as we went along. We’ve gathered sage and eucalyptus for our oral health and hygiene which we also replenished. We’ve collected Obsidian shards so we had something to shave with.

We used the split, intact coconut shells to collect rain water for drinking and it seemed like it rained here every other day or so. We came up with a system of sanitation so we did not spread our waste and garbage everywhere and anywhere and worked our best to prevent starting and spreading any potential disease.

We had to dig holes to serve as our toilet and set those holes on fire regularly to kill germs and bacteria. Specially with coconut being a natural laxative, this became more important.

Whatever other biodegradable trash we produced, we gathered them and threw them in any controlled fires we started. There’s four of us together and we had divided labor and generally helped each other out.

As the days wore on, some of our stuff from the yacht - not all of them - started washing to shore. We’ve found a container with our shoes and flip-flops in it which was a great plus so at least we had some reserve footwear. That same container also stored some of our bathing towels, nail cutters, eyebrow trimmers and plucker, a small mirror, a couple of large blankets and my dental hygiene kit. There were also some bottles that washed up, additional items that we could also use for shaving if broken into shards.

A couple of big empty water containers also floated ashore which would be an additional help in collecting more drinkable water on top of the system we had already employed with the coconut shells. A case with our sunglasses inside also came ashore.

There was also a piece of floating wood where a cabinet clung. Inside that cabinet were a shovel, a small saw, scissors, a crank-powered and solar-powered flashlights. There was another container that came along, although this one was locked. It was I who locked it so I had a pretty good idea what was in it. We’d have to tear it up in order to open it.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon. The girls were nowhere to be found. Engaging in either work or pleasure, I suppose. I walked a pretty good distance from where our outpost was. I ended up in a corner of the island I didn’t think I’d been at before. The girls and I had always concentrated inland and on our spot with the tree shade overlooking the ocean. This was my first time venturing into that corner.

That area was more rocky than normal. I was careful with my steps not to injure myself, especially considering I was totally naked, taking off the shoes I wore and leaving them on dry ground as I had to trek through deeper waters, and held on to what I could hold onto as the waves splashed into the rocks and into me.

At this point of my walk I found myself in knee-deep waters before I got around, still taking it slow and careful not to scrape my foot on the rocks or possible corals I was walking through under water.

Finally, my exploration paid off to reveal a cave before me, in that corner of the island. I climbed up the rocky path to get inside the mouth. Perfect, I thought.

I carefully climbed the rocky entrance. It was, as usual, crawling with crabs, but further inside was a pretty large and sizable dry space with a rocky, more or less flat, floor with lots of room potentially for ten people.

Inside the cave was somewhat cooler, albeit still humid. It was dark inside and most likely at night, one would need a flashlight or otherwise any source of light to walk around. The cave was situated at a higher elevation so the high tides likely would not submerge it and flood it. Kelly would need to see this to get a better sense of its stability and viability for shelter.

I guess my wish was granted as I started hearing Kelly yelling for me.

“Mom! Mom! Jillian!”

“Right here, Kelly!” I yelled back, my voice echoing through the cave.

A few more minutes later, Kelly and her sisters were inside. Kelly was carrying some bananas.

“We saw you but you were probably a mile out,” Kelly said.

“Where have you guys been?” I asked.

“Exploring,” Daris said.

“Riiiiight…” I looked at her grinning, crossing my arms.

“Never been in this part of the island before,” Samantha said.

“Isn’t it cool, though?” I asked.

“Very,” replied Daris.

“What do you think, hun?” I asked Kelly.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” Kelly said impressed as she pursed her lips.

“You girls must be pretty exhausted with your exploration and with those bananas,” I jokingly said.

They laughed awkwardly.

“Speaking of exploration, why don’t we test this cave out by staying here for the rest of the day?” I proposed.

“That’s a great idea, actually,” Kelly said.

“Any of you girls still hungry?” I said, pushing my chest forward.

“I’m lactating,” I winked.

“Everybody is, mom,” Kelly said.

“So, why don’t we just lie down and relax,” I said.

As soon as I lied down, Kelly placed the bananas she carried down on the floor and was on top of me in no time, turned around and straddled my head and moved backwards, offering me her left tit to suck while she started sucking my right nipple. Immediately I could feel her creamy breast milk stream down into my mouth as I sucked her nipple hard.

Samantha and Daris were doing the same right next to us. After awhile, Kelly detached her mouth from my nipple as she lifted herself up, leaving some white fluid from the tip of my erect nipple streaming through that side of my breast.

Kelly turned towards Samantha who was on top of Daris. Kelly held Samantha’s chin and lifted her up, momentarily interrupting Samantha’s sucking of Daris’s nipple.

Kelly brought Samantha’s face up to her’s, softly squeezing Samantha’s cheeks to pry her mouth open. All that time Kelly carried my breastmilk in her mouth. Kelly smooched Samantha’s lips at first, then slowly opened her mouth and locked lips with Samantha’s to form a seal to minimize the leaking of the breastmilk they now shared in their mouths.

Despite their best efforts of sealing it by locking their mouths and lips tight on each other, some breastmilk and saliva still leaked out, leaving a trail of white fluids from their mouths and through their chins, with some of it dropping on Daris’s body and mine.

Kelly and Samantha went back down to our tits and proceeded to suck milk out of them. Their nipples, in return, found their way back into Daris’s mouth and mine and we resumed our feeding.

Several minutes passed, Samantha brought herself up first this time as she placed her left hand on Kelly’s back. Kelly raised herself up with my breastmilk in her mouth to share once again with her sister.

This time, Samantha was carrying a fairly large amount of Daris’s breastmilk in her mouth. Kelly and Samantha locked and sealed their lips once again, their mouths serving as a blender for Daris’s breastmilk and mine. They let the milk stand in their mouths as they locked lips, some of it dripping out, before they drank and swallowed it. This would be repeated many more times throughout the night among us until we arrived at the main course.

Kelly eventually started crawling up so my muff was in front of her while her’s was right before my eyes. We feasted on each other’s pussies in no time. I looked in the corner of my eye to see Samantha and Daris themselves already in each other’s pussies. So there we were munching, licking, kissing, sucking each other’s carpets and clits as we went deeper into the warm and humid night, moans and grunts echoing through the quiet cave amidst the grinding of our sweaty bodies against each other.

I felt Kelly insert her long tongue as far inside my pussy, felt her tongue slide through the vaginal opening, touching the inner and outer lips, then sliding through muscles and tissue within which innervated my erogenous zones.

Inside my pussy, Kelly moved and wiggled her tongue, poking the same muscles and tissues, setting the nerves within those tissues and muscles on fire as I felt the deliciously pleasurable pain every thrusts and movements her tongue made, making me yelp in ecstasy.

I grabbed one of the bananas that Kelly placed on the floor. I slowly inserted it into Kelly’s pussy, careful not to break it. But this banana I picked was particularly long and sturdy. I picked up some speed which made Kelly’s body shudder and sent her moaning and grunting.

But Kelly was persistent. And too smart. Kelly’s best-kept secret was her knowledge of the g-spot and her longer than normal tongue and her special technique of making her long tongue behave like a cock, hitting my g-spot furiously, continuously and consistently in all the right places.

Everytime Kelly made love to me or her sisters, she employed her technique to great effect and almost always ends up making her partner come first, so I’ve noticed. She has used that technique on me longer than I could count since being on that island. It hasn’t failed her so far. She won’t say how she does it, although she had talked so many times with me and her sisters about the g-spot, during conversations or during when we made love.

I picked up the pace of ramming the banana in and out of Kelly’s mound. But now Kelly had decided to employ her ultimate winning move. She grabbed a banana, stuck it into my hole as far inside as it could get. She kept it there and proceeded to suck my clit and urethral orifice furiously. I moaned and moaned.

I kept myself in check and tried my best not to orgasm as I grunted at Kelly’s assault, hoping that I’d still beat her and make her cum first. But it was to no avail..

Kelly then took out the banana as her lips were still clamped tight on my clit, sucking it as hard as she could, pulling the skin of my urethral opening and labia into her mouth. As soon as the banana was out, she stuck her long tongue as far inside my pussy as possible once again as she now furiously rubbed my clit.

I fought and fought, trying my hardest not to cum. I fought back by trying to employ her own technique against her, sticking my tongue as far inside her pussy as possible. But my tongue, sadly, was not as “well-endowed.”

She must’ve gotten that long tongue from my mother - my daughters’ grandmother who looked like Sharon Stone - who ended up making love with me on my eighteenth birthday.

That was the first sexual experience I ever had, giving away my virginity to my gorgeous mom. It turned out, that would so far prove to be my only sexual encounter with my mom. She said she only did it as a present for me since I kept coming on to her and getting under her skirt the couple of weeks leading up to that moment and had dad not gone to work and stayed late, she wouldn’t have done it. But mom wanted to give me something she said I’d never forget.

And I didn’t. The feeling of mother’s long tongue when we made love has stuck in my mind all these years. I thought I’d never experience having a long and thick tongue fuck my cunt ever again. That was, until now.

As Kelly now rubbed her fingers on my clit, she moved and wiggled her long tongue that was inside my pussy furiously as her wide open mouth engulfed the entire length of my slit, her saliva dripping on my pussy and through her mouth and chin.

Even as I fought it and gritted my teeth, I came hard within seconds and left a trail of creamy white fluid in Kelly’s tongue and mouth, as I groaned in sheer ecstasy.

Daris and Samantha wrapped up and, as I laid down, would join Kelly in a feast of my cum and pussy that lasted through the wee hours of the morning until we were exhausted and fell asleep.


One year had passed.

Since that time we found the cave, we moved all our important things inside. The cave worked wonders as our love shack and was a perfect shelter. Daris would try to bring in tomato seeds into the cave. We reserved a space for her to do her little science experiments, a spot where she could apply her knowledge and try to grow tomatoes in a dark cave.

Daris succeeded in being able to keep the tomato growing and alive, viable to be harvested and eaten. She would recycle the seeds so she could grow some more.

One year had passed, and we’ve been doing well. I mean, we’re surviving. And we haven’t gotten bored one bit. In fact, we’ve gotten to the point that we’ve been enjoying living on this island far more than anything.

We practically had amenities to maintain our health and hygiene, to still get good and healthy nutrition through the foods we ate, water to keep us hydrated, sugar to keep us energized via the fruits and vegetables we consumed.

We got our regular proteins and fats through eating crabs, fish, coconut; had our fill of nutritious and healthy vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, papaya, avocados, mangoes, bananas. Not to mention the regular vitamins and minerals we get on a regular basis from our “other” activities. Breastmilk contains vitamins and minerals. Cum provides some hydration.

The four of us thought we’ve been a whole lot healthier since being trapped in this island. I took care of my daughters. I, the resident medical professional/dentist mom, regularly checked up on their overall health, not just their oral health. I train them to do the same to me and each other. I had to clean their teeth with what we’ve got on a regular basis using what the island offers through plants like sage and eucalyptus. Hell, I use my blonde hair, which at this point had gotten pretty long, as a floss and each one of the girls offer their hair to be used this way.

One year has passed. We were more cut, muscular, healthier, definitely a lot more tanned but we always try to be careful not to over-expose ourselves under the sun. We got lots more sleep, rest and relaxation than we would ever have at home.

We’ve more or less mastered hunting for our food. Before it took us hours to catch fish. Now we could do it in minutes with relative ease. Recently, we’ve caught five fish and several crabs, but we were careful not to catch too many for fear they’re just going to end up spoiled if they were not consumed right away.

We cooked them as we caught them to prevent them going bad, specially considering the heat and humidity and considering we did not have any refrigerator or cold storage space to properly preserve food.

We became pretty good swimmers. We could hold our breaths a lot longer under water and could swim faster. Oftentimes we would venture out and swim the ocean to catch fish, cooked them and ate them with the fruits and vegetables we harvested.

Comparing our mid-riffs now from a year ago was like comparing a Ferrari to a Camry. All of us today have flat, muscular, dashboard tummies that was unthinkable to achieve just over a year ago with all the shit diet and stress back home.

We’ve shed a lot of fat and we were leaner and stronger due to our daily physical activity with extra regular workouts, yoga and meditation, and our other regular “extra” activities which had for all intents and purposes become our favorite past-time on the island that helped us stave off boredom and depression.

Three o’clock in the afternoon. At this time it had gotten stormy and we needed to be in the cave. Thankfully we had done our bathing and cleaning in the morning in the pond and we’ve brought papaya, avocado, coconut and water in the cave on banana leaves, not to mention the tomato that was already in the cave thanks to Daris’s experiments. After our dinner, we helped each other clean our mouths and teeth. First we took a strand of our long hairs and used it as floss.

“Mom, can you help me,” asked Samantha.

“Okay, baby,” as I held a strand of my blonde hair that I used to floss my teeth and used it to help floss hers.

Then we chewed on the end of eucalyptus twigs until they’ve become bristly. We used the bristled tips to clean our teeth, gums and anything in between.

Then we’ve helped each other use sage leaves to wipe off and clean the surface of our teeth and gums and tongue. It refreshed our mouth, leaving some minty sensation similar to the after-effects of brushing with toothpaste, to a lesser degree. But, overall, it made our teeth and mouths cleaner.

After that, there was nothing else to do as the storm raged in the open seas. And, as has been the case, during our downtime is when we would usually get horny and try to get some same-sex intimacy.

We started a little bit of bonfire inside the cave for some light, but which naturally made everything warmer. We sat there on the large blanket we laid out on the floor of the part of the cave we were situated in as the winds outside howled and the rain came down heavily. But the cave was stable and strong, so there were no worries.

We sat ourselves, started groping, touching and massaging each other. Samantha and Daris lay down next to each other holding hands. I proceeded to move in between Samantha’s spread legs while Kelly went in between Daris.

I lunged right away at Samantha’s pussy with my mouth, sticking my tongue in hard and furious as Kelly immediately stuck three fingers into Daris’s pussy as she sucked her clit.

“Ooh!” Yelped Daris as she felt Kelly’s fingers in her hole.

I quickly put my fingers into Samantha’s pussy and pretty much started copying Kelly’s tactics which made Samantha moan.

Kelly at this point blanketed Daris’s vagina with her mouth, sticking her tongue out as far inside as she could to poke Daris’s g-spot. Her trademark technique.

Daris heaved in ecstasy, arching her back as she felt Kelly’s tongue poke her g-spot.

That was Kelly’s advantage. Ever since a year ago of doing this she has become quite the expert in pushing the right buttons when we made love.

Kelly would use her entire mouth, open it as wide as she could and clamp it on the pussy as hard as she can, and stick her tongue out until it touches the g-spot. Kelly has made me cum in minutes with this technique. Just the other day she used that on me and I literally came within minutes. I assume that she just continually perfects this technique.

In my corner, I continued to suck Samantha’s clit as I pumped her pussy hole with my fingers. I’ve stuck my tongue inside Samantha, trying to copy Kelly’s technique. Although Samantha moaned and moaned, she had yet to shudder or buckle to indicate I was hitting her at the right spots and if I was making any contact at all with her g-spot.

“Don’t stop, mom” Samantha said deliriously.

I kept bobbing my head, pushing my tongue inside Samantha farther and farther, moving it every which way I could.

I looked at the corner of my eye to see what was going on with Kelly only to catch goblets of creamy white fluid starting to ooze out of Daris’s pussy hole. That’s how good Kelly was.

Cum juices started coming out of Samantha in trickles, dripping through her pussy down to her butt crack.

We were sweating. Bodies glistened in the warmth and humidity of the cave, especially moreso with the bonfire still lit up.

I then saw Kelly grab a tomato and rubbed it vigorously on Daris’s clit at first and then running it through her entire slit, switching back to sticking her tongue out farther inside her partner’s pussy, hitting her g-spot. Kelly just ravaged her sister’s pussy.

I grabbed a banana that was within my reach and started to insert it inside Samantha’s vagina.

Seconds later, Kelly was rewarded as Daris’s cum exploded in her mouth, some of it splashing all over her face and blonde hair. This sent Daris screaming that echoed throughout the cave.

“Oh, God,” Daris remained lying down in sheer exhaustion breathing heavily, her pussy sore and inflamed, the palm of her hand on her forehead.

I took my time eating Samantha’s snatch.

“You look like you could use some help there, mother,” Kelly said.

I looked at Kelly out of the corner of my eye and nodded my head.

Kelly came up to me, licked my shoulders before she moved down below, positioning herself underneath me so she was facing my pussy. A few minutes after that, Samantha would come.

I quickly then moved around to Kelly’s cunt and started eating it.

“Last one to cum loses and grants a wish,” I said.

This time I was determined to beat Kelly at her game and make her cum first. But, Kelly was just that good and ended up making me cum first. So, I don’t get to fuck for one day. In addition, I had to tear the locked container as Kelly wished.

“Dildos and strap-ons?” Samantha grinned as she held a black strap-on in her hand.

Kelly would grab the strap-on, lubricate it with her spit, and fucked Samantha with it while Samantha this time worked Daris’s cunt.

Eventually, things calmed down. Everyone fell asleep in the cave. The bonfire died down.


Morning came. We came out of the cave. The girls went on to the shore to do their business as I checked all around us to see if the storm last night brought in any significant damage. Aside from blown up leaves, there was barely any. The girls would normally be helping me, but I lost the dare last night. So they get to walk along the shore and fuck and frolic on the sand for hours on end.

Without me.

Which totally sucked. Because if I was with them, I won’t be able to do anything to them having lost the contest with Kelly. I’d just end up watching them and salivating.

So throughout the day, I focused on other things to do and just did what moms do. Organizing things, cleaning inside the cave, making sure we had ample amounts of food, supplies and water, refilled things that needed to be refilled.

I got done with my chores as early as I could, so I came to check up on my daughters. They were on the sand. Samantha was lying down on her back with her legs spread wide apart as Daris ate her pussy. Samantha ate Kelly’s pussy with Kelly straddling her head forward.

I just wanted to make sure they’re alright. I wish I was part of the action. But, oh well. I could do other things for now.

I walked to the hot springs with an Obsidian splinter to do some shaving of my pussy hair, underarm hair and other unwanted hair. I dipped myself in the hot spring and allowed it to relax and cleanse me. After about an hour of indulging in it, I got out and sat by the edge. I spread my legs and ever so carefully started shaving my pussy.

“Hey, mom!”

It was Kelly.

“Hey!” I greeted her.

“Hang on,” as Kelly came up to me, took the splinter from my hand and proceeded to help me shave.

“You gotta do this real gently and slowly,” as she crouched down in front of me in between my legs and started shaving me.

There was a moment of complete silence as I watched her, getting incredibly turned on.

“I thought the deal was no sex for a day,” I said.

“We’re not having sex. I’m just helping you shave,” as Kelly spat on my pussy making me moan softly.

Kelly then helped me shave everywhere else, including my armpits and other unwanted hair on my face and body. When all that was done, I lay back down and she came back to work on my pussy.

“Besides, that was your condition. Not mine,” Kelly said as she continued to set her sights on my pussy.

Kelly stroked my pussy some more. A few minutes later, she inserted her middle finger inside my vagina and started licking off the labia around. She went up to my upper body to lick my left nipple as I lovingly looked down on her. She then went back to playing with my labia with her tongue.

Kelly then got up, held my hand and took me to the shore where her other two sisters were. Samantha and Daris were already fucking on the sand by the time we got there, engaging in a torrid 69.

We got into it in no time. We caressed, stroked, licked each other’s bodies and genitals, kissed each other’s lips.

After awhile, my mouth was fucking Kelly’s pussy. Kelly’s mouth was fucking Samantha’s pussy. Samantha’s mouth was fucking Daris’s pussy. Daris’s mouth was fucking my pussy. So there we were romping on the sands, our mouths locked in each other’s holes, relishing the great taste and fragrance.

Fucking became our favorite past time on that island.

We fucked when we woke up in the morning.

We fucked in the afternoon.

We fucked as long and as deep as where the night took us until we were tired and drifted off to sleep, only for the cycle to be repeated.

When the weather was inclement, we went inside the cave, which has become our make-shift house, our love-making shack. In there, we fucked some more into the morning.

There was literally nothing else to do but fuck. And fuck we did. And enjoyed every second of it anywhere and everywhere on that island, specially if the weather allowed.

Mid-morning came and we again ventured out into the sandy shores. The square was getting to be our best position of choice and that which we employed once again. That position never left anybody out and there was a mouth to work and pleasure each of our pussies and make us cum. All our holes were filled with this position.

I was facing the ocean as I hungrily ate Kelly’s amazing, smooth snatch. I couldn’t get enough of it, believe me.

I opened my eyes from relishing the sheer ecstasy of eating my daughter’s pussy, only to see a distant object approaching. I dismissed it at first and, naturally, I could not be bothered as I continued eating Kelly. But it’s something I braced myself for.

The quietness of the spot where we made love was only punctured by the sound of the ocean waves gently crashing into the shore and the wet sloppy sex noises we created as we fucked in the position we were in, sand drenching and sticking to our bodies.

But as I looked once again from a distance, the object became bigger and bigger and came closer into view. The noise from its engine became louder and louder as it approached the shore until everyone of us was hearing it. I recognized it to be an inflatable life boat with a motor on it.

I paused from eating Kelly’s pussy as everyone else stopped what they were doing. Kelly and I stood up while the other girls sat on the warm sand.

The motor boat sputtered pulling up to shore. From my experience with handling yachts and boats, it sounded like it just ran out of gas. So this would barely be any rescue operation if indeed it ever was. And, even if it was a rescue attempt, we were already enjoying ourselves and getting used to the paradise my daughters and I created.

We looked at the people who got off the boat, the new arrivals. Three muscular, well-built black women, two wore denim micro shorts and tank tops. The one who spoke had the same kind of swimsuit bra and tie-side thongs we had on when we first got on that island. It was a radiant blue color. The woman looked like a younger Vanessa Williams and her swimsuit looked delicious on her. One of the women with her looked like Beyonce, while the other one looked like Cardi B with those amazingly huge breasts that I drooled looking at.

“Do any of you women speak English?” asked the woman who looked like Vanessa Williams.

I cocked my head to one side and pretended to not understand. Just for fun, I thought. Also I great way to gauge who they were first. They’d know who we really are later if we got to know each other better, got closer and got intimate. But I looked at my daughters, shaking my head slowly, inconspicuously. They knew what I meant so they went along.

“Do any of you have a way to communicate anywhere? Do you guys have phone?” Asked the woman. “I’m Tanisha Evert. These are my daughters, Maya and Barbara. My phone got damaged by the water and our ship sank. We need help, please!” she exclaimed.

I squinted my eyes and pouted my lips.

“Do you understand what I’m saying, honey? Do any of you understand what I’m saying?” Asked Tanisha.

On that, I sat on the sand and lied down, spreading my legs wide. I started acting out, pointing at my pussy.

“I… I don’t get what you’re trying to say… You? Down there?” said Tanisha as she looked at her daughters for help who at this point were laughing.

“For fuck’s sakes, ma!” Barbara, the Cardi B-looking girl, said as she went past her mom, straight into where I was lying down.

She lied face down in front of me, between my legs and began helping herself with my pussy.

She got it.

“Oh,” Tanisha blurted out wide-eyed.

“No time just standing around. They wanted us to fuck their cooch so, shit, let’s dig in!” said the sassy Barbara before she buried her mouth in my pussy.

Before you knew it, Samantha and Daris were making funny sounds as they lay down on the ground pointing their fingers at their pussies.

“Oh, Lord,” Tanisha exclaimed as she approached Samantha and found her way into her pussy.

“Wouldn’t hurt I guess if I tasted your gorgeous face first,” Tanisha smiled as she crawled up to Samantha’s face and slid her massively long tongue inside her mouth as Samantha’s tongue greeted it. Their tongues fenced and mashed. Kelly would have some serious competition.

Maya went to Daris and started working on her pussy. Daris was considerate enough to spin herself across the sand until she got to Maya’s crotch and from there, the two young ladies enjoyed each other in a 69.

And Kelly?

Kelly came up to where Barbara and I were. Kelly looked at the young black woman helping herself on my pussy, feasting on it hungrily with her amazing full lips and mouth, and, observing, like her mother and Kelly and my mother, that she herself had a special long slithering tongue that she let inside my pussy.

Kelly lied down next to Barbara as she looked at her, then switching her gaze to my pussy. Barbara made some room so she and Kelly could fit in that space between my spread legs, keeping her tongue inside my pussy and never taking her mouth off of it as she did so. Kelly placed her left muscular arm around Barbara as she stretched my pussy hole open with her free hand. Barbara would find her right hand on Kelly’s ass, grabbing and squeezing it.

Barbara would assert herself more, as she moved her right arm, her hand crawling along Kelly’s butt, finding its way into her pussy hole and sliding her middle finger inside.

On reflex, Kelly got on her knees and stuck her butt out, spreading her thighs. Kelly then did the same, only sliding two fingers into Barbara’s pussy hole. Barbara reacted by inserting three fingers into Kelly’s pussy. Like Kelly, Barbara stuck her ass out as she spread her legs. Kelly tried to dominate by pumping her fingers in and out of Barbara furiously, but Barbara won’t let herself fall behind as she herself furiously started fingering Kelly’s pussy from behind. These newcomers were just as strong, muscular and built as us.

As all that was going on, Kelly had already slid her huge and long tongue inside my pussy, slithering it in despite the tight space inside that was already occupied by Barbara’s long tongue. Barbara, on her end, stretched that side of my pussy open as wide as she could with her left hand to make more room for both their massive and lengthy tongues.

I squirmed and yelped as I felt those extraordinary tongues slither inside my pussy like giant worms, infinitely better, I thought, than the cocks I’ve ever had in it, including my husband’s. It was my mom who made me appreciate those kinds of tongues. Now, in that wild moment, I get to have two inside me, potentially three with Barbara’s mother around and if that was even possible.

After awhile, Kelly and Barbara synced and worked a rhythm so as Kelly pushes her tongue inside, Barbara would retract it some without completely taking her tongue out. Then Barbara would stick her tongue forward as Kelly retracted her tongue a little. This constant and consistent pumping drove me wild and I could not think of or imagine anything else.

They made their tongues dance, wiggle and fence inside me. I felt the insides of my pussy completely filled, the wild gyrations and movements of their tongues sending me to heaven.

Kelly then looked up at me as they’ve already been in that position for a little over an hour, enjoying all of it under the sun as everybody else was busy with their thing.

After a few more minutes of moaning and grunting, I arched by back, threw my head up and screamed. That was the biggest cum ever of my life. I splashed creamy white fluids all over Barbara and my daughter’s faces and hair.

I started to calm down and relax a bit from the intense orgasm and ejaculation I just had. Barbara was lapping up the cum off of my pussy and Kelly’s face like ice cream while Kelly’s tongue was still firmly planted inside my pussy like a predator holding on to her prey. I rested my hands on her head and Barbara’s, stroking their hair.

Kelly looked up at me as I looked down on her, staring into her gorgeous blue eyes. She finally took herself off of my pussy as Barbara now moved to take her place, her tongue stabbing into my pussy.

Kelly showered me with kisses, sliding her tongue from my pussy up to my breasts then through my neck, her lips finding their way into mine. My daughter and I kissed furiously and passionately as my right hand held the left side of her face, bringing her left ear to my mouth, softly biting, licking and sucking the ear lobe. Making sure no one else heard it, I whispered ever so softly into my daughter’s ear as I gripped her blonde hair.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, mom,” Kelly whispered as she locked her lips once more against mine.


The day wore on. The sun was finally setting. For that day, my daughters and I did our best to pamper the new arrivals, offering them food, helping to wash and clean them and, in the process, having fun doing so. So, more or less, we are letting them know what we are all about.

But, they still had no idea we spoke English. Still had no idea we understood them. Still had no clue they were fellow citizens now trapped in the same island with us.

But it was fun. We will eventually fill them in. And something tells me we would have the time of our lives here. And why wouldn’t we? They’re great at fucking and had so many new things to teach.

Right now, it was already dark. There we started a bonfire in the cave. Around that bonfire, there we were, all seven of our nude, horny selves.

My mouth was on Tanisha’s chocolate pussy. Kelly was eating my pussy. Samantha was on Kelly’s pussy. Daris was sucking Samantha’s clit. Maya’s mouth was pleasuring Samantha’s mound. Barbara was on Maya’s vagina. Tanisha was tongue-fucking her Barbara.

A circle of lust that would last the whole night and morning long.

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