Rollen on the river

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I got out of the Navy and went back to my parents farm, I'm not a farmer, didn't care for it,Blue had died, Jimmy my cousin was killed in Vietnam, (he's another story I'll write about),Anna was getting married.
My mom suggested I go talk to Anna's dad about working on towboats,I didn't know at the time that I'd find my next sex partner on the river.I was hired and I traveled with him to Memphis to catch the towboat, there was another guy there waiting too.
Anna's dad was the Captain, we took a small boat to the towboat, Captain introduces us to each other, his name is Tim,the Captain took us to our cabin and he said to stow your gear and come to the pilot house, I said what's a pilot house? He laughed and said the top of the towboat.
Tim and I chatted as we put our gear up,he told me to call him Timmy,I told him that I wasn't sure what I'd got myself into,he agreed.
We climbed the outside stairs to the pilot house, three guys and the Captain were inside.
He introduces us all,
A couple months had passed and we were settling into our jobs,
After our late watch, we went to our cabin,I start taking a shower.
Timmy hollered you better hurry up or I'm coming in there too.
I see his shadow at the shower curtain, I pull it back, he's naked, I say well you coming in or not? He steps in, I move to let him under the shower head wail I soap up.
There's not a enough room for two.
My dick is semi hard, his butt is close to its head, I move forward,it touches his ass crack, he doesn't move away, instead he moves closer, all of my dick goes into his crack, he moves up and down pretending to wash,I push harder against him.
I tell him to switch places,this time I push my butt towards him, his dick is waiting and goes into my crack, I rub up and down his dick, I push back harder and he does too.

I turn around, we grab each other's dick and stroke them, I pull him close, our dicks rub together, they feel like velvet against each other,my nipples rub his chest, his against my chest.
I kiss him, our lips part, our tongues met and intertwined, I grab his cheeks and spread them apart, my middle finger is rubbing his rose bud,I ease the first digit into him and swirl it around,I push it all the way in, he moans, I start twirling it around in him.
His fingers hit my rose bud and he starts doing the same to me.
Our dicks are rock hard now.
I turn him around, rub my dick against his soapy rose bud and push the head in, I stroke just the head in and out of him, he tries to push all of it into himself, but I pull back only allowing the head in, I slowly stroke in to its base in one push.
I start stroking deep and slow into him,his hips start trying to move faster, I grab them and continue fucking him slow and easy.
I feel my come deep inside me,it rockets out of me into him,it makes me slide into him easier,it feel like silk against your shin does, I pull him tight against me, he holds us till I recover.
Now it's his turn.
I turn and spread my legs, he rubs the head around my rose bud and rams it all the way into me, he starts hammering into me,it sends shock waves of pleasure through me each time it goes in. He keeps this pace, he pushes all the way in and stops,he holds us there,he starts hammering again, he does this four times,
it makes me come again,his dick starts getting harder,he rams in and I feel his come, each squirt he pulls out and rams back into me.He leans against me I hold him tight till he recovers.
We kiss each other and rinse our sex juices off each other. We suck each other's soft dick till they get hard and fill our mouths full of come.
We sleep together from that night on.
That's Rollen on the River

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