I'm a user of people for my own connivence, whether in business or personal activities. I will use you get what I want, I married for that reason, and it worked very well. My wife wasn't the best looker, but her family was connected and if I was to succeed, I would need that access to those connections. But I also knew, playing up on her would end my career before it really got started. But it turned out my wife was my perfect match, always there for me and quite willing sexually. That's how I got 5 children and being successful in my career. Now married for twenty plus years, having more children isn't a possibility as my wife is passed having children. But we get on very well and she is the one person who comes first in my mind, then the children. But she had an accident (broken pelvis) and had to stop our sexual relationship for several months. That was the first problem I had since we married, I really enjoy sex and being spoilt by a very willing wife. Well, I was having withdrawal symptoms, but was struggling thru by keeping very busy. As I said my wife is my perfect match and can I believe read my mind after all these years of marriage. She realized I was distracting myself to take my mind off sex and she unable to provide me with intercourse. After getting released from hospital to recover fully at home she got me a replacement to fuck, our housekeeper. The housekeeper is three years older than my wife and of a similar build, only requirement was I fuck her in our bed next to my wife, who wanted some involvement as well. By the time my wife was fully recovered, and we had become a threesome. The housekeeper is a regular in our bed still a year later. I'm quite happy with the arrangement, so is my wife and the housekeeper quite happy with our bi-sexual arrangement. Perfect Wife.
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