Me and mom

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I'm the oldest,school is out, my brother and sister are at camp, I'm home taking care of Blue,my mom is a single parent, she at work.
Blue's big dick is in my ass,his knot is locked in me, his an old man in dog years now, he lays down, I lay with him butt to butt.
I hear the back door open and foot steps coming towards my door, it opens and mom steps in.
She asked what are you two doing?
I'm speechless,Blue wags his tail and licks her leg.
She sqwats down,she's got a dress on, I see her panties, garter belt and nylons with the seams up the back of them.
She raised Blue's back leg, then mine and says your bigger than your daddy is and smiles.
She says when Blue is done with you, come up stairs.
I'm terrified,Blue finally gets small enough for me to pull his dick out of me.
I squirt as much of his come out of me as I can.
Mom usually turns the radio in the kitchen,it's not on.
I can see her door is open at the end of the hallway and I walk to it.
Mom!, I hear nothing, I step in, she's seating at her vanity,she's taken her dress off and panties, she hottt!
Red hair, big titties with up lifting open front bra on,black garter belt, black nylons with seams up the back, as she turns to look at me I get my first look at a real pussy, red pubic hair trimmed close, large camel toe, my mom is a tease.
All the guys look at her and whistle, she'll stop and straighten her nylons or something sexy for them all the time.
She motion for me, she takes my hands and pulls me down between her legs and asks if I have ever been with a girl yet,I shake my head no with my mouth hanging open, I'm dumb founded, she smiles and put my hands on her titts.
You ever see a pussy before, same thing, I'm mesmerized, she takes me to her bed, lays me on it. She put her legs around my head,I'm looking at her pussy lips, she says lick them clean.
I start stroking them with my tongue, they taste salty and more juice starts coming out.
There's something at the top,it's sticking out,I lick it, she shuttereds, more juice comes out,I suck all of it into my mouth.
Suddenly her juices spray out and covers my face.
She lays her cheek against my dick and asks.
Have you ever had a blow job?
Same thing, I'm speechless.
She takes my dick in her mouth, I come instantly, she swallows all of it, I'm still hard.
She straddles my waist and pushes my dick into her pussy.
I've never felt anything like it.
I come again, she smiles and says good lubricant.
I hear Blue come into the room, he tries to get onto the bed. He can't, not enough room, he wines.
She stop fucking me and gets off the bed, there's a big blanket box at the foot of her bed, she gets a thick comforter out, moves the box out away from the bed and lays the comforter over it,she tells me to lay on it, she straddles me, my dick goes all the way in her, she starts stroking it again, I ask what's wrong with the bed, she smiles and says wait you'll see,Blue's between our legs, he starts licking all our juices, he mounts mom, he starts humping like when he starts trying to fuck me,I feel his dick hitting around my dick, he hits his mark, mom gasp, I'm deep in my mom's pussy,I feel Blue's big dick moving in and out of her ass, he starts hammering into her,mom lays her head on my shoulder, she's breathing heavily,suddenly she moans very load, I feel his knot go into her ass, her clit is hard and rubbing against the base of my dick,Blue knotted in her ass,it starts swelling and pulsing inside her,he hops off her and turns, their butt to butt now, his getting bigger inside her, she starts stroking both of us now, my dick is rubbing against his, while I'm inside her pussy and his dick is inside her ass.
I feel her ass expanding from his come being pumped into her,I feel my come building up inside me.
Moms pussy tightens up around my dick, she moans very loud,pussy juice starts squirting out around my dick.Blue pulls out of her,both of their come juices pour onto me, I explode into mom, I never comed that much before, she collapses on top of me.
She recovers and takes me to the shower.
She washes me like I'm a little baby,my dick gets hard, you can guess what she does with it.
We fuck many times after this, even today when I go visit her, we have sex, for her age she's still hottt!

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