My first big dick

Written by , on 2018-09-07, genre gay

Me and Blue went to the swimming hole to swim,when I got out Blue mounts me and fucks me, his knot goes in and I was locked to him, I heard a noise behind me and looked, it's Jimmy my cousin, he has his big dick in his hand stroking it, he asked what was I doing with a smile on his face.
Blue was butt to butt with me now.Jimmy knelt down in front of me and his big dick is at my mouth, a globe of precome is on the tip, I lick it off, he pushes the head into my mouth, it's so big,the head is all that will go in,I try to suck on it, but all I can do is force more into my mouth,(at a later time we measured it 12"x4"),he grabbed my head and rams it in deeper, it's at my throat and he starts stroking in deeper each time, I gag, it's starting to pulse, I feel his warm come pumping into my throat, I pull off it, his last shot hits me on the lips, I lick it off and swallow it.
He jumps into the water, Blue starts pulling out of me, I'm full of come from both ends,I jump in too, we swim for a bit, I can see in Jimmy's eyes what he wants, I get out of the water, get on my hands and knees, spread my legs wide and teasingly shake my butt cheeks at him, he comes out of the water, he's hard again,he kneels down behind me, I reach back and squirt so dog come out, rub it around my hole and the length of his dick, I ease back against him, it's head opens me up and goes in,he starts to push in, I stop him, I slowly stroke it in and out each time making it go deeper into me, it's sooo big, I'm impaled on it to its base, I tell him to fuck me, he doesn't disappoint,he starts deep stroking into me slowly at first,each stroke is faster, he's pounding into me now, you can hear slurping sounds as it goes in and out,I'm soo opened up, I feel him getting harder in me, he starts tensing up,I feel his warm come pumping into me, each squirt makes the head swill, he leans over my back and pushes us to the ground,he starts pulling out and I stop him,we roll to one side and layed like this, I can still feel him deep inside me,I don't want that feeling of fullness to go away.
I start stroking my dick, it's getting hard,I stroke my butt cheeks against him,I feel it getting hard inside me again.
This time he doesn't show me any mercy, his dick is pounding into me full length, each stroke sends a shock wave of energy through me, I start matching his strokes, my butt cheeks are slapping against him.
I feel him getting harder,his come starts warming my insides again.
We colaspe onto the ground.
He pulls out of me,come runs out of my manpussy,I try to tigthen up my musules,but they won't,I want their come to stay in me,I feel soo empty with out him inside me.
I want it deep inside me again.
Jimmy went into the Army and I the Navy.
Jimmy was killed in Vietnam
I miss him very much.

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