Thor and Billie

Written by , on 2018-09-12, genre zoophilia

Billie moved in with me on the farm,she's all ways want a horse, she been going to a horse farm close to us,she found a pony horse that she fell in love with.
I bought him for her, my farm has a big pond in the middle of it.
One day Thor came to the steps, he stomps the bottom step with his hoof,Billie came out she's naked as always,Thor's dick comes out, it is a marbley color of black, brown and pink.
Billie went to him,she hugs him and rubs along his back and down to his belly, she grabs his big dick and starts stroking its length, the head starts flairing a little.
She takes it in her mouth, Thor fills her mouth with come, she swallows all of it, his still hard, Thor know's what's next, he stands real still, Billie turns and pushes it into her pussy.
Thor lounges forward and it goes deeper into her pussy, she moans,she starts stroking it with her pussy, it getting longer, harder and fatter.
Billie speeds up stroking his dick into her pussy, Thor starts stamping the ground with one of his front legs.
Billie pushes all of his dick in that she can take.
Thor starts stroking to met her.
Billie starts squirting pussy come out of her.
Thor starts flooding her with his come,it gushes out of her pussy.
Billie reaches back and cups her hands to catch all of it, she rubs it all over herself,Thor is fully flared deep inside her, she slowly strokes the flare with the insides of her pussy.
Thor starts coming again.
Billie rams again his dick and makes it go inside her cervix,Billie's belly starts growing,none of the come is coming out, her cervix is growing to expect all of his come.
Thor starts pulling out, her belly is bulging out, she tries to hold all of it in her, but there's too much, it gushes out of her like a water hose.
She almost passes out, she sits on the steps in a puddle of come, Thor nibbles at her pussy and her nipples.
Both are happy now.
Billie jumps on Thor's back and they go to the pond to swim.

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