Man of the House

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I'm now 40 and this is what happened 15 years ago, when I finished University with top honors. My Daniel and everyone calls me Dan, I'm a only child of Ruth now 59 and Kelvin about 62. After graduation I arrived home with my Parents and went to my room to pack. A short while later I heard my Parents fighting, Kelvin was packing to leave and Ruth was telling him he should wait until I left to start my job in the city. I had a job at a research institute and was to start the following Monday and so I was leave next day. Anyway long story short, Kelvin and Ruth had made an agreement about a divorce when I was 14. The agreement was to stay together till I finished school. Kelvin had been away working most of the time anyway. Now He wanted to leave and not return straight away. This was shock to me as I didn't know anything about the agreement till then. As part of the agreement the house was to be sold and split 50/50. Kelvin wouldn't have to pay Ruth support and they goes their own ways. Anyway Kelvin left that afternoon and Ruth and I stayed together till I left next morning. I got an 2 bedroom apartment in the city near my work. Ruth came and joined me 3 weeks later after the house had been sold. She started looking for work and was having a little trouble finding what she wanted. I told that there was a receptionist job going at the institute and she applied. She didn't get it at first, but the other person withdue for better paying job and Ruth I next inline. All was going fine and I had never been a night person. Rarely going out with girls and I kept to myself, Ruth didn't go out much and that how it was for about 5 months. I use to masturbate when alone in the apartment. One Saturday night Ruth had gone to the movies with some friends from work. I was working at home on project and after a while I stop and started to watch some porn on my computer and then started to masturbate. I didn't hear Ruth return from the movies and she caught me mid stroke as it were. She didn't say much except that I was a lot bigger than the asshole Kelvin and It must come from her side of the family. I hadn't her talk about Kelvin the whole time we had been in the City, nor had he tried to contact me. She made snack and some Irish coffee and she sat down near me. She said That I should get a girlfriend and reduce the masturbating. I replied that I was too shy to approach a girl and she said just need more confidence. So I replied how do you get confidence, if your too scared to go near them in the first place. She replied "You can start by fucking me, it has been years since I've been fucked". I was speechless and then she grabbed my arm and led me into her bedroom. We had sex (my first) and the following morning, she had hangover from been at a bar with the friends from work and Irish coffee. But she remembered everything and she came into the bathroom while I was showering and she join me in the shower. After she asked "I was troubled by what had happened last night". I replied " I was a bit shocked by it, but had enjoyed it immensely". Good was the reply and then she said " You come and give me a a rub down and if you do a good job. I let you fuck me again". I did do a good job and was rewarded. It was about 2 months later that Ruth introduced me to Danica and we start to go out. A month later Ruth took a day off and that night she told me she was pregnant to me. But it's our little secret she added. Danica moved in with me and the following Saturday I came home from a lecture at the institute and caught Danica and Ruth in bed together. I was a bit shocked at first and when Ruth said "Get in and Fuck us both". So I did and 8 months later Danica and me married. We had wait for Ruth to over the birth of our Daughter Helen. Ruth, Danica and me sleep together almost every night. A year later we moved into a 5 bedroom house. I now have 4 children, Helen by Ruth and David, Megan and Grant by Danica. I'm still fucking my Mother Ruth. Only the three of us know. As for my Father Kelvin, I haven't heard anything about him in 15 years. So Kelvin if you read this, We're having great SEX and your not ASSHOLE.

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