Tom's Mistake


Chapter One:
An unexpected arrival.

Mum had gone away for a few days, leaving me to fend for myself. Luckily I'd always had an interest in being able to make the food that I liked, I was able to ransack the Kitchen over in the Main house... I was eating like a king!

The blonde entered the Guesthouse without knocking. I looked up, surprised, but pleased... the evening had definitely taken a turn for the better!, "Tania!, I thought you were busy tonight!" I said. I stood and embraced her, happily pulling her into a kiss, smelling the perfume she wore... she nuzzled my neck and I held her cheek to mine... God! I was so lucky... I brushed her bum with my fingers... acknowledging how attractive I found her... we'd been together for a month or so and I still felt a small thrill every time I touched her!

Woo hoo!... and she definately had plans for me tonight!... she shucked off the small back-pack, it dropped to the floor with a little clunking sound and pressed me back towards the bed... no messing about with my girl, when she was in the mood!. She was practically throwing herself at me!. I loved that about her! She was awesome, in bed, and out!!

He pulled me against himself lightly, his cock stiffening... he rubbed it against me... pulled me up against it!
It made me feel sick!... it was even worse than when Mark and I had tried... afterwards!
Mark and I had tried to get back together... I thought I would be OK with him... and it had been OK... while we were just doing Friend stuff, until we tried to have sex. It didn't work out.
It wasn't Mark, it was me!... my fears, apprehension... it didn't... work... for me, anymore. It was all Tom's fault!
I would make him pay for what he had done, what he had stolen from me!... tonight!

I wanted to stop his thing from touching me... move it away from where it was pressing against my groin... it felt gross! but I forced myself to endure it rubbing me...

At least he was going to be easy... like putty in my hands, I thought...

I put my hands on his butt and used it to steer his body... pushed him onto the bed, kicking my shoes off. I started to take my clothes off. Tom just lay on the bed, watching me strip... I took the blouse off slowly, from top to bottom, his eye's gleaming as he watched me expose my skin... for his pleasure... it fell away from the centre of my body, rubbing lightly against the side of my cleavage as I continued down... I licked my dry lips, saw Tom do the same as I lifted my arms and slid it off my shoulders and it fell, down my arms, to the floor.

"Take off your shirt!, Tom!" I requested.... he grinned and, copying my speed, slowly peeled off his T-shirt.

I needed time to become accustomed to how he looked. I was having second thoughts about tonights scheme... I needed to get used to him. Smiling at him, hoping my eyes showed no fear.
I looked at him... arms that had held me with out my consent... muscles that he had used against me...
He was bigger than Mark, stronger... with pale hair that was almost invisible except at his chest.

I undid and slid my jeans down my legs, bending forward to ease them off... exposing motr of myself... would he see me, now?... would he know that I wasn't Tania?... no!... nothing but a goofy smile on his face! Like he knew he was going to get some tonight!
If only my heart wasn't beating like it was... so hard... I felt the pulse in my neck... my fear warning me away from what I was planned to do...

Shhh!... don't cry!... be brave, Tina!

"Now the shorts!"... he complied.

His cock was rising, pushing against his undies, opening a gap between it and the leg hole, fuzzy balls barely visible in the gap, the hair the same shade as on his chest... I watched them roll around slightly as he squirmed in anticipation... I sat on the bed beside him... he reached for me, so I slapped his hands back.
"No!... hands off!" I demanded...
Tom smiled, thinking it was just a game that Tania was playing, did as I... Tania... asked... I didn't know for how long I could keep up my act, he made my skin crawl!... be brave! Tina!... deep breaths!...
You're still have your clothes on... you're doing fine...
Oh sure... like a bra and panties are protection!

His eyes were cutting right through them... and he knew what I looked like! He knew what I felt like!.
His big stinking hands had been on me, his big stinking cock had been in...
Don't think about it... just shut up and do it!, Tina!

I pulled the waistband of his underwear over the top of him... took a deep breath and looked at the thing he'd used on me... Jesus Christ! he was big! I twitched in disgust as I thought of what it would have felt like, the first time... of him using it on me, pushing it in... Bastard!
I ran my finger over it, feeling it's springiness... applying tension to the front and then the back... it bent at the base... the shaft rigid, hard.... so threatening!
I caught it in my hand and pushed it away from me... pumped it slowly, watching as Tom closed his eyes, licked his lips and exhaled gently. His cock filled my hand, I couldn't bring my thumb and fingers together... the circumference was too big... I tried to compress him, tighter... tighter! He gave a small grunt as he noticed the compression... I didn't release it... kept squeezing...
I felt a small thrill... I could crush him, one-handed... right now!.
Well, maybe not... he was too thick.
I could use both hands to break his cock!. It would feel just like a long thick crunchy carrot... SNAP!
I bet that would hurt!

I endulged in the thought, excited... his broken cock would feel so good in my hand! Leave him whimpering in pain!... But it would be over so quickly... no! too quick! I kept squeezing... harder... harder!
You've made a Plan, Tina... stick to it, or there will be trouble! This was not the time to be Ad Libbing!

That was... becoming painful!
"Hey, hey, hey!, leggo!.. not so hard, Tania!" I complained... pulling my undies down more, breaking her grip and checking out the redness of my oxygen starved boner... her grip had been so tight!, I could still see the whiteness where the blood had been driven away!. Shit!... "Careful!... you could do permanent damage to me!", I remonstrated her...
"Sorry!", let me kiss it better!", she said... Tania was... scrutinising it closely, watching it, frowning... she slid down the bed and pressed her lips to my head and dutifully gave it a small peck... turned it to and fro... inspecting it.
Yes! It's clean!... and I showered when I got home! Suck me!
Her lips softened, she caressing the tip with them... licked the glans, took it slowly into her mouth, bobbing her head onto it... taking a little more each time. Her hair fell off her head, covering what she was doing... but the sensation more than compensated me for the loss of view.
Slowly, I felt her mouth widen... widen... at full size now, I filled her mouth... as usual, her teeth were touching me as the base of the glans entered and left her mouth, a slow scraping that caused the thickest, most sensitive part of me to experience exquisite pleasure/a little pain... I couldn't take that for long!, needing more, I reached forward, wanting to brush back her hair away, so I could watch... to encourage her to take more inside... to move the teeth away from the thickest part of me... I'd have to stop her soon... she'd have me coming and I was looking forward to seeing her on me, enjoying me...

I made myself take Tom's knob into my mouth... hiding my trepidation inside, trying to just... DO it... not to... he felt... tasted... no worse than Mark's. Tom's was thicker, longer but it was the same smooth skin and shape, a blunt, rounded wedge that fill my mouth completely... the lack of taste made the experience slightly more pleasant... wrong word, Tina!... acceptable... yes... acceptable!
I started to please him, knowing that I had to gain his confidence, be Tania, if I was going to be able to get revenge.
My mouth was fully stretched, full of his fat cock... I wasn't trying to keep my teeth away from him, as I bobbed my head up and down slightly, my teeth were scrapping him... it wasn't my fault he was too big for my mouth!

***I crunched my molars together, grinding and worrying the foul meat in my mouth, ripping and tearing the offending member from the underlying body... it squealed in shock as I ejected the now useless piece of meat from my mouth... spitting it out noisily, to lie in a pool of blood and saliva on the floor... watching as it tried to stem the gush of blood from the stump... watching it fail... smiling as it slowly bled out, in front of me***

ohhhhh, nice imagination!, Tina!... that was a good one! Now get your mind back to the plan! You know!... The Plan!

I felt him lean forward...
***I knew he wanted to get his weight above me, so he could shove my head down onto it... enjoying hearing me gag as he filled me with it, the ribbed section's of my throat expanding to take him, pre-come coating inside, so he could go in further, the extra mass of his upper body allowing him to skull-fuck me firmly, until he emptied himself into my lungs... choking!... I was choking!, drowning... in his come! Dying!... I couldn't breath! NO! he wouldn't do that to Tania!... or would he?***

My breath froze in sudden fear! The threat of suffocation, filling me with the worst fear!! used!... death!... I flicked my hair out the way and looked at him as he reached for me... slapped his hand back and stood up...
Handcuffs! I need him to be restrained... then his disgusting compulsions and urges would be controlled... how could Tania like him?!
"In a box, under the bed... all sorts of sex toys! Handcuffs!..." she had told me... I wasn't even surprised, of course Tom had handcuff's!

Tania fended my hand away firmly, I let her move it to one side. She took my cock from her mouth, lips tight, reataining her saliva inside her mouth.
She stood up and reached back, behind herself, I admired the way her titties thrust out at me as she unhooked her bra... she slowly removed it, like they were precious things, that I was lucky to be able to see them... I was! I was so lucky!... I loved her! She was the best thing that had ever happened to me!

I smiled at Tom and slid my bra aside, nipples instantly puckering up, in the cooler air... I dropped the bra onto the floor and, using my hands to frame them, offered them to Tom... watching him eye them up appreciatively. That's right, Tom! Take a good look at them, see me stroke them! My nipples are starting to protude... I'm getting excited, Tom!... the things I want to do to you... Ahhh! yes!... and it can't be soon enough!
Get the handcuffs!, Tina!

Chapter Two:
Sticks and stones,
May break my bones...
But whips and chains excite me!

I looked under the bed... looked again... nothing!

I felt a moment of panic...
No fucking box! No fucking handcuff's!
Cold trickles of fear ran down my face, down my body...
I felt a sudden urge to make a run for it...
just get away from Tom, while I could... but...
what were my chances of getting away from Tom at this point?... we were both naked...
well, he was... but panties alone hardly counted as "clothed", at this point.
His cock was literally only inches from me... flexing with his pulse... his need... that I had awakened.
Tina! you Fool!...

If you run, he'll be on top of you, before you even get to the door... then you'll be fucked!...
Yes... I would be! Grabbed and stabbed by his meat!
Stupid, stupid, stupid, Tina!
After he had used me again, his cock would have a Stupid Tina! flavoured taste to it... and my dumb cunt would smell of him... forever!
I stood still... fear keeping me in place... second's passed... neither Tom... or I, moved... just looked at each other.

Did you check other side! Tina!?

Trying to keep my composure, expecting him to leap on me at any moment... I went around to the other side of the bed... gave a small smile of relief as I saw the box that I expected.. I drew it out... the handcuff's were sitting on the top!, just as Tania had said they would be, bless her!.

I took them into my hands, looked at Tom...
another thought... anger!
Did he use these on Tania? Did her DARE to restrain my sister as he performed his lewd, disgusting acts on her?
I built a disgusting scene in my mind...

***Tania, chained, begging, Tom ignoring her, plunging, rooting, demeaning my sister...***

except... whenever I listened to her talking about Tom... it was always in glowing terms... she loved what he did to her... did for her. To listen to her... he was a wonderful person... sorry for the things he had done... offering his apologies, to me... over and over...
Bullshit! I knew he wasn't sorry... I knew better!
He HAD to pay for what he had done!!

Tania had the handcuffs in her hand... looking at me... transferring them from one hand to another... I wanted to have her! Wanted to make love to her and make her feel good... and sure!.... I wanted to come in her too, feel her gripping me as it happened... she liked to feel me enjoying her! I wanted all of it.
I couldn't stop myself from smiling in anticipation...
"It's my turn, Tom" Tania said...
I frowned... was it?
I didn't remember, but it didn't really matter.. having Tania on top, in control... using me... I liked that too.
"OK!", I said and dutifully stretched myself out on the bed, letting Tania splay me out more... without anyone touching it, my cock softened slowly.

Tania went back to the box, rummaged briefly, then tipped the contents onto the floor... she laughed at my startled expression, picked out one of the leather outfits and walked towards the bathroom, bum moving enticingly... "Don't go away!" she said...

Oh, this was good!
The leather clung to me, covered, protected and empowered me... it projected the exact image that I wanted him to see!
In control, dominant... "Supplied by Josephs Emporium... Demonic Bitch Suit"
Ah hah!
It had D-rings, places for leggings and the like to attach, obviously part of an ensemble!
It had taken only a minute to get changed... I admired myself in the mirror... then stalked out to make his life hell...
Poor Tom!

MUHAHAHAHAHAhahaaa! You're gonna love the next part!
Shh!, just tell it to me Tina!

They both looked completely different now she was wearing it!... the transformation from just being an article of clothing to making her the epitome of pain... even her smile seemed tinged with malice now... Nah! ridiculous!.

Tania picked up the riding crop, flexed it gently... placed it gently on my chest and ran it downwards, over my soft-on... kind of teased me upwards until it was resting on top of the whip. I didn't take much to make me start getting hard, Tania used the crop, rubbing the underside, watching me swell, smiling, eyes lighting up as I rose again.
I smiled at her smuggly, certain that she wouldn't be able to restrain herself for long, before long she'd be dropping the whip and climbing on top of me... the strategically placed gaps in the leather allowing me to pass though... slip inside her hot body... I closed my eyes... the rubbing stopped... here she comes!, I thought... waiting for her...

My hand, almost involuntarily, twitched...
a quick snapping motion!
The crop's leather tip slapped his dick!
The sound and impact of dry leather and damp skin!
His cock moved sideways under the force of the blow!
Tom's startled "Fuck!"
The sudden clinking of chains as he tensed up...
relaxed again.

The equally sudden smile on my face...
The sudden warmth inside me...
Suddenly sensual...
Suddenly sexual...

Oh Tina!... you didn't really enjoy doing that to him, did you?
No!... not really...
yeah, OK... I loved it!

I rubbed his cock with the crop again... it was still hard...
That had felt so good!
Do it again, Tina!,
my mind whispered to me...
I closed my eyes...
what was happening to me?
***This is what I'm are here for!***
Do it again!

It was more from the shock, than the pain...
Oh!, it had stung, alright!... but it only lasted a second... still... arm's and legs had jolted to a stop when my body tensed up... the cuffs not giving an inch...

I looked at Tania... wished I hadn't... it had been no accident!
No point in telling her to to be careful... when she was smiling like a Cheshire Cat... no hint of apology on her.
"What the fuck, Girl?", I asked...
"Opps!" She said insincerely.
"Yeah... right!" I said... the crop was back rubbing again, up and over the top, down to the base, the tension on the skin pulling it, pushing it, the crops flap of leather smooth, quiescent again, softy rubbing against me... Tania nudged my balls gently, the flap conforming to their shape... back up to the head, circled it... I released my breath, it quivered out of me... and I swallowed ... so soft!, pleasing.
My eyes were open, so I saw the second blow coming... but there was no time to react. Her hand twitched sideways, no more than a hands span away from me, then flicked past me, the leather flap making contact... she returned it back past again, another hit! The double blow leaving a red mark on both sides of my cock and a throbbing pain inside it.

She put the whip against me again... not rubbing... just applying tension... I was still hard... the pain was fading... I knew I'd been slapped around though, I could still feel that it had happened... it just didn't hurt as much now.
I glared at her... "I'm not enjoying this, Tania!" I told her... she should know that it was time to quit doing it!

That had felt so good!
The anticpation building up inside me...
Tension building up as I plotted the exact moment of the movement.

The release of the tension,
passing out of my body,
to my extremities,

My hand moving,
so controlled,
exactly as I wanted,
the feeling of the double impact,
transfered through the whip to my fingers,
loosly wrapped around the shaft, back inside me...
it was... similar
Like an orgasm!
was I?...
getting wet!

I smacked him again...
He was softening up...
saying something,
turning his body to avoid the blows,
I adjusted my aim,
but I was losing the precision of the first couple of strikes...
that was...

He needed to be punished for taking away my enjoyment... now... and earlier too!

My head was filled with my own internal voice,
my desires.
He was too soft to be of use, now... how...
Whip him,
beat him,
kill him!

I stopped...
panting with exertion...
***be calm...***
***thats not how it should be done...***
I told myself.
restrain your mind, just as you have restrained your victim...
restrained Tom...
You need him alive,
needs him alive!
Fuck Tania!
He's mine!

I'd asked her to control herself and she'd gone berserk!
I stared at the crazy eyed woman above me... panting, chest heaving, breasts waving around, erect nipples arcing throught the air...
she'd been moaning... enjoying flogging me... mumbling to herself... lost in her own world as she beat my dick, beat me into flinching from her. A scary lady had taken over Tania... and I was afraid of her!
Still... I tried to reason with her.. "Let me go, Tania, undo the handcuffs, please!"

The whip hit my stomach and arced up my body... pushing my jaw up and my head back.
"Shut! Up!" She applied pressure to hold my mouth shut... until she knew that I wouldn't speak. Then she took the whip back to my limp dick, flicking it, watching like a cat, ready to pounce on a new toy... I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction! I knew she'd only smack it again.

She changed her tactics and flicked it onto my stomach and then rubbed the tube on the under side... a bead of pre-cum came out me... she used it to lubricate me... slowly winding her fingers around the head, smearing that first drop around... and more... when it followed... I couldn't stop myself from reacting. Knowing that it was a bad idea but unable to ignore what she was doing to me.. for me... I was pumping her hand, wanting my orgasm... she stepped away... to soon for me to finish myself off... the pre-cum was visibly oozing out now...
"Poor Tom", Tania purred, "Is something wrong?"

I climbed on top of him, let him feel my pubic hair caressing him, wrapping around his shaft, my pussy so close... I dipped down, let him feel me, he couldn't help himself! He thrust, trying to enter me! I glorified in the power I had over him as I felt his engorged cock rubbing, sliding on me, so close to entering, I let him have an inch... he gasped in satifaction... which I then denied him it... rising above his efforts penetrate, tormenting him as he tharshed and groaned... listening to him asking for me... promising me satisfaction... if only I would relent!
It was far too ... pleasurable... to listen to him whimper, to be the one in control.

I hopped off him again, looked at his cock pulsing... picked up the whip and smiled at him... he'd learnt his first lesson! Saw me with the whip and willed himself to shrivel up... I could have smacked him, but I gave him time, until it collapsed limply onto his belly!... Spoilsport!
What if he couldn't see me?

I returned to the pile of toy's, looking... dragging the interesting items to the sides and inspecting the goody's... no hood!
Improvise Tina!
I picked up a pair of leather... latex? shorts... male sizing... and a loose fit! I pulled the drawstring up tight, closing off the top, then moved to stand by Tom's head... easing the leg hole over his hair, watching his panicstricken eyes as they disappeared, his yells becoming muffled, countered his struggles until the leg was down to his neck... his breathing made the leather flutter in and out...
It would be so easy to snuff out his life! Just... squeeze the leg shut... wait for the movement to stop... job done!

He did quieten down... head twitching as he tried to detect where I was... I walked around the bed, another toy... I turned it on, ran the vibrator up his cock, laid it down along it. Picked up a second on and laid it on the other side and sandwiched them against him, pumping them up and down... massaginging life back into him, mentally against the idea, but his body was having a ball!

I straddled him again, moving the vibrators away... let him feel me, wet, excited, wanton but not from wanting him, he knew that it was a woman's body rubbing him, I let him feel my pubic hair again, increasing the pressure, sliding him up my body, pressing closer to him, closer... using my skin to caress him... I lowered my weight down on it, on him... he pumped it experimentally... hopefully... he gasped, unable to control his desire and started to grunt quietly as it slipped up my body.
I encouraged him... held him to me tightly, feeling him enjoying what I had finally offered him. He sped up until he was fucking me as hard as he could... I clung to him, riding him, stimulated by what I was feeling, his nuts between my legs, rubbing the outside, getting wet from me... from Tom... I felt him start to come, a shiver that went through him, simutaneously I felt his wetness, I could have pulled away.. but I didn't want to spoil it for him... I felt his come, a great sticky coating forming between us as he emptied out... his gratitude sounding clear in the quiet, inarticulate noises that he made... there! it was done!. I pulled the shorts of his head, slid off his still erect cock and went to clean up the goop on my lower abdomen... leaving him staring in disbelief at the mess he had mistakenly ejaculated onto his belly, thinking it was in me.

Time passed as I struggled with my thoughts.
Premature ejaculation!... well... not really... I tried to convince myself...
I'd been convinced that I was inside Tania... it had been so good!, everything felt right... and our foreplay had ultimately made my orgasm one of the best I'd ever had, the sensory overload of being caned, the hood... the teasing... Tania's body finally melding with mine... I had been making love to her... while she was making a fool out of me!... whispering her sweet endearments, coaxing the best out of me... but, in reality, denying me her love!
I wouldn't forgive her for this!
I felt regret... no girlfriend would ever do such things and expect forgiveness. It was over... between us. She wanted it to be so!
I closed my eyes... fuck! I was going to cry!
I had loved her so much... it was going to hurt so much!
"It's over!", I said to myself...

Chapter Three:

"It's not over yet, Tom!" I told him... hearing his words as I retured from the bathroom... feeling the device that I had inserted and strapped to myself, it filled me up, in a pleasant way. It was massaging me, inside, as I walked. I had stripped off the leather top... it was going to be Tina... and Tina alone that did this thing to him. Tom's eyes widened as he looked at the next torment.
"No!" he said.
I just smirked at him...
Oh, YES!, Tom!
He strained at the cuffs, but the only place he was going was under me. Once again I straddled him... let it rest on his stomach, beside his cock, as big as he had been when he had been hard. I coated it with his now runny come, wiping the rest off with the sheet. I didn't want to feel it on my skin anymore. I pushed it higher, towards his mouth... he clamped it shut. I pulled it back down...

Tom's squirming making it press against me... against him... I enjoyed the sensations that it made deeper inside me... not created by a man... and so much more enjoyable for that fact.
I watched his eyes widened as I edged downwards... the broad tip passing back down his dick, over his balls, falling down his crack... I nudged it back towards him, the resistance made my end of the device press more deeply into me... I sighed... Tom gasped... I used my hand... like guy's do... wriggling it around until it was seated correctly, against the target.... a pause to confirm that the alignment was right (Stop squirming, Tom!) and then, accompanied by a reciprical thrust into me, I contracted my body and pushed it into Tom's anus...

At least, I tried to!
It didn't go in... not at first! I'd never realised the amount of pressure it took a guy to enter someone... I thrust harder!
Tom squealed like the pig he was and bucked away from the invading contraption, I followed him, going by what I felt in me, judging the pressure that was on him... feeling the slow penetration, Tom couldn't really escape, only squirm sideways... I was between his legs... no matter what way he went, his legs betrayed him, guiding me back into alignment... the device lined up, lubricated with his own come, assaulting his bum hole still.
I felt it edging inwards... it suddenly over came the resistance at the entrance and slid inside him, Tom's eyes went wide, then wider as I relaxed momentarily... and fed another inch inside... the device fucking him, fucking me... I knew Tom was getting the same vibrating sensations being transmitted to the nerve endings of his arse... how could he not enjoy them... they felt so good on my end.!

See! Tom?
another inch!
Do you feel it?
and now?

I worked it up inside him... enjoying the double pleasure of the vibrator and Tom's reaction to being taken by me.
He was grunting each time I contracted myself...
I lay down with my head close to his...
Making sounds of excitment into his ear...
exhaling my passion onto his face... as he expressed his pain and disgust...
I clung to him, nipples erect, pressed into his skin... hard!!, breasts touching, deforming, rolling under as I moved. My arms wrapped around his shoulders to stop his body escaping from the pressure I was placing on it.
Gave him more!, lots more!

His face took on a deep look of horror...
No matter how much he fought me, no matter how much he squirmed...
He couldn't stop the thing, that was worming it's way inside him, he couldn't stop me!
His bum's muscular resistance slowly faded... his arse now softening as I used him...
Now it was fully inside, I could feel the join, between the two parts rubbing my lips, spreading them, caressing my clitorus, I presssed it against myself, my breath gasping in and out... I was losing control! It felt so good to have Tom on the end of my cock!... I withdrew, the feeling lessened, thrust again... we both whimpered at the feeling... I continued to rock the thing between us...

But wait, Tom... there was more!
I pulled it out so I could squeeze the on/off button...
Now orgasmic vibrations pulsed between us, the sound alternating between deep and soft... calming moment's... intense puslations...
I was getting hotter... it started to replace the icy calm.. building up.... building up!
Tom shifted, I looked at his face... his eyes were closed... a tear rolled from each of them...
"No!", he whispered... "Oh, God! No!"...
"Yes, Tom... yes!" I made the toy do what I wanted... what ever was happening to Tom... I wasn't worried. The throbbing in me was taking control!

He.. felt... so... good... I... wanted... to... come!... Give... it... back... to... me... Tom!..., give... it... back!...

When he opened his eyes he looked afraid! and then, embarcing him as I was, I felt it... his cock was stirring... he was getting hard! Despite himself... he was getting hard, stimulated... liking... what he was feeling! and he didn't want to feel that way... perfect! that is what it's like, Tom!
"It's... all... right,... Tom", I said... I couldn't take much more! Tom's reaction, my reaction to it... Aaahhhh!
His eyes swivelled to me... I could feel him quivering underneath me... something was building up inside him too... something I intended to release.
I pumped it into him and then held it tightly in place, despite the nearness of my own orgasm...
"Don't!" he pleaded... even as I felt him respond to the deep vibrations I placed on his prostate.
I lifted myself off him, his cock was now rising up, touching my navel, I sandwiched it between us again, feeling it throb, rode it, rode him... my feeling of power over him making me uncaring if I came or not... as long as I made him do this thing that he didn't want... despite his protestations... I would demean him... make him come, using my cock up his arse!

He was struggling now, desperately trying to escape the thing that was building up inside him. Mercilessly I withdrew, making the pressure, the vibrations, focus on where it be most effective.... buzzing over his prostate!
He only lasted a few seconds then, inarticulatly, started screaming with the passion of his orgasm, he started to buck like a stallion, driving the silicon heads deep into us both. I wouldn't have admitted it but his unbridled movement made me come too... I wouldn't have called it a mutual orgasm... but... he used me and I used him, each donating to the other's need.

I rode his bucking out... we slowly subsided... hearts beating hard... I pulled it out of him... almost drunkenly unstrapped it and dropped it to the floor. Looked at the small amount of sperm on my stomach... I'd made him come... again... We both eyed each other up...

Call me dumb, but I had finally worked it out...
"Tina?", I asked...
"Yes!", she affirmed tiredly... she looked as fucked as I felt... except I'd been fucked in the arse... liked it enough to come... it was so wrong... for me!
"My arse hurts... can we stop now?... have you had enough revenge, to call it even?"
"Not yet", she answered and my heart drop through the floor... how much more could I give her, I asked myself... not that I had any choice... anything it took, I answered myself honestly... it had weighed me down for too long... I just wanted it to end...
"OK", I acknowledged the debt I owed... and braced myself for what was coming next.

Chapter Four:

He looked fucked! exhausted, covered in sweat... miserable!
I took some amount of pleasure from that.. but I was feeling bruised and battered too.
I retreated to the bathroom and towelled down, trying to refresh myself and steel myself for the final act... to me... the only logical end to the night. I left him alone for ten minutes to recover.

I returned, picking up the back-pack, climbing on top again, facing away from him, placing the back-pack between his legs.

I'd recovered, somewhat, it still felt like I'd had my arse reamed, deep inside... but the gaping sensation had gone... Tina sat, slid up, towards my face, on my ribcage and put her mouth on me again. I would have said she was kissing me better... if I trusted her at all... NOT!

Sexual attraction is an amazing thing! It had really amazing timing for one thing!
Watching her bum, inches from my face, both her anus and her sex showing as she leaned over me, seeing her mouth taking me inside... the warm feeling of her mouth, sucking me in, rolling me around... I wanted to fuck her in the arse, to teach her a lesson... to see if she liked it... like I had... was that wrong?! I felt a chill inside... it had been up my arse... and it had made me come!... that was so wrong!
The feeling of her sucking me brought my attention back to her. You know, it only took her a minute for her to have me hard again! You'd have thought that I would be able to stop it from happening... but no, up it came... stiff as a board, willing to take part in anything Tina wanted to throw at it.
I just knew that she planned to do something bad... but my cock just didn't care... it disregarded all my thoughts and warnings and after just for a few seconds of being sucked off by Tina, it went and got hard again!
I had to admit, she had an amazing talent for blow jobs!... stop it! get soft!... quickly!

I waited for the pain!
She slid herself forward and eased my cock inside her!
She took me, reverse cowgirl... my nuts pushed out the back, she looked down at them as she carefully rode me... it felt so good after the earlier pain! She handled my nuts like they were delicate treasures, brushing them, molding them gently, her nails running over them... no pain, just cupping and manipulating them... firmly driving my cock into her... so good! I forgave her for the pain... allowed myself to start pumping her... it wouldn't be long before I came again... how many times tonight?
If this was her idea of punishment then I didn't mind at all...

I let the jaws slam shut!
He'd been in position! I'd rotated his scrotum around,
checking it out from all angles...
getting things wrong would be a disaster!

Pulled the tool firmly away
as the pain hit him...

He involuntarily bucked me off,
I had expected some sort of reaction, but really!
one second I was on him...
the next I was crouched beside the bed.
I turned back to look at him,
the emasculation ring was a small tight band of rubber... even as I looked, it was starting to make it's way into the flesh of his scrotum, between body and balls.
Good enough for animals!... good enough for Tom!.
He reacted about the same too!

Unable to use his hands... he was writhing against the bed in a desperate attempt to get it off.
"I'm sorry, Tom!" I said... he controlled himself briefly as I spoke... "but I needed to do something more dramatic... to reinforce what it means to be helpless!"
"In a couple of hours, you'll going to lose your balls... they might not drop off... but they will be ruined!!"
He was making muffled groans as the ring bit into him...
"You had better hope somebody hears your screams... and turns up!"
"Mum's not here!" he panted...
"Yeah, I know... not my problem!", I told him... watching my seeming indifference get to him.
I gathered up my things, taking both the Demon Bitch suit and my new favorite toy and quickly got dressed... then I left him there!... I don't think he was aware that I was leaving... more important things on his mind, no doubt.

I opened the door of the car, got in and looked at her...
"It took you long enough", she said, "I hope you've got it out of your system now, Tina!"
" Just shut up and get to Tom!", I retorted, "His nuts are on the line and you want to chat, Tania?!... quick! move your arse!"
She left... I double checked that the sidecutters had gone with her...
I was sure that Tom had done more than enough soul-searching in the brief time it had taken me to get to the car...

Tania would make it up to him...
Probably not tonight though!
Tom would be too busy applying ice packs to his nuts, tonight!
I hoped he didn't freeze them off!

Yes!... Revenge was a dish... best served cold!

So.... thats what happened!... Can I do it now?
***sigh!*** OK!..., if you must!


You're such a child, sometime's!
I know, but you love me anyway, don't you?
Yes... I love you!, now...
enough of the bedtime stories.
Go to sleep!

I gave my warmth to her... watched as she drifted away
Pleasant dreams, Tina!

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