Breaking Lockhart Pt. 1

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Breaking Lockhart
Part 1

Synopsis: After Cloud fails to rescue her, Don Corneo and his men begin the aggressive sexual subjugation of Tifa Lockhart. Not for the faint of heart.


Don Corneo, the crime lord of Wall Market, stared incredulously at the trio in front of him. Per the usual custom, his men had gathered and presented to him a selection of beautiful girls. He would typically pick out one or two for himself to take as his ‘bride’ for the night, and give the others over to the men to play with and enjoy. That’s how it worked in theory anyway.

Only this time, there was a problem.

Two of the three girls in front of him on display were indeed quite attractive. The third not so much.

The first, Aerith Gainsborough, was a cute innocent looking thing, very pretty. She stood in a pink sundress that revealed some of her milky legs teasingly, but hid her B cup breasts. If he chose her, he had no doubt it would be fun making her blush in humiliation as he worked his depravities on her young inexperienced body. As enticing as she was, however, the true prize was the second girl standing next to her.

Tifa Lockhart, stunningly pretty, was dressed in a purple ‘dress’ that was more lingerie than actual attire. The short skirt barely covered past her pussy, and if she moved just right one could just barely catch a glimpse of her panties. But if Tifa’s clothing implied she was a slut, it was her body that screamed it.

Her plunging neckline revealed the fullest set of tits he’d seen on a woman in a while. The Don was almost mesmerized as he imagined sinking his fingers into those pliant mammaries, and with reluctance he allowed his eyes to wander downwards, taking in the sight of her perfectly shaped figure and the curve of her feminine hips. The whorishly dressed Tifa looked at him with eyes that were both disgusted and a little nervous. He could tell she didn’t want to be here.

It was the third ‘girl’ that confirmed what Don Corneo already knew. It was Cloud Strife, very clearly a man, dressed like a woman in an ugly dress. He felt his anger rising. How fucking stupid did these people think he was? Did they think he wouldn’t be able to tell this guy was an impostor?

The Don laughed to himself bemusedly. He knew these people were from Avalanche. After all, them discovering his spy is what brought them here to begin with. He had been keeping tabs on them for some time for Shinra, and knew each of their identities instantly.

They had underestimated him. And they would pay the price.

As the gas slowly began to fill the room, he smiled pleasantly at them and backed out of the door, locking them in.


*Thwap* *Thwap* *Thwap* *Thwap* *Thwap*


Tifa moaned quietly as she slowly came back to consciousness, her long eyelashes fluttering weakly.

*Thwap* *Thwap* *Thwap*

She moaned again. She felt so...full?

Her bleary eyes shot open, and she blushed instantly. She was tied down by her wrists and ankles to a dirty unkempt bed, her sheer purple 'dress' ripped open to expose her heavy bare tits. Even worse, the dress had been roughly pushed up around her waist, the white panties pushed aside. The fat, disgusting crime lord Don Corneo was fucking into her defenseless cunt roughly with a cock that had no business being so big.

"Agh! St-stop! What the fuck are you doing?! Ungh! Unh!!" Tifa's head swam, still coming out of the effects of the gas that drugged her. She struggled uselessly against her bindings, unable to do more than squirm on the bed. Corneo's cock seemed to hit every spot inside of her, the thick girth spearing into her hot and writhing sex. Her fat mommy milkers bounced and jiggled in time in a lewd dance of homage to the pounding she was getting.

"G-get off - ugh! - get off me!" she raged, her angry eyes glaring at her rapist. "I'm going to kill you - ungh! ugh! - I swear-"


She saw stars as the Don slapped her face twice, buffeting her soft features from side to side, her cheeks reddening further. Tears sprang to her eyes, which seemed to excite the Don more as he increased the force of his punishing thrusts.

Her breath hitching, Tifa tried to look around the room as best as she could, trying to get stock of the situation - a difficult task, considering how the Don's cockhead was slamming against her quivering cervix. Cloud was nowhere in sight. The Don's men must have taken him somewhere. A muffled groan drew her attention to the far side of the room. Her eyes widened as she watched what was happening to Aerith.

While the Don was having his way with Tifa, three of the Don's henchmen were preparing Aerith for shipment to Shinra Co. Shinra's hands-off attitude to the half-ancient girl had changed, and Corneo knew Shinra would pay handsomely for the return of their 'property.' And what better way to return property than by shipping crate?

Unlike Tifa, Aerith had been stripped completely, putting her sensual body on full display. Beneath the duct tape wrapped around her head her pink cotton panties were stuffed into her mouth, gagging her. Her arms were tied behind her back, and they were in the middle of hogtying her. Face down, her long hair was gripped savagely tight by a brutish fist, yanking her head backwards. Another man bound her ankles together.

The third man stomped his boot roughly into the small of her back, forcing her to arch even further as the rough hands pulled harder at her hair. Aerith's eyes watered from the strain as they tied her hair to her ankle ropes, tautly hogtying her. Her neck and back hurt so much, and her restrained hands clawed and flexed uselessly against her arms. Most of her weight rested on her soft tits and stomach.

Laughing at her, they ignored her muffled weeping and grabbed her not insubstantial ass cheeks. Prying them apart, Aerith blushed as they revealed the her tiny tight asshole. The man squeezed hard and dug his fingers into the soft cheeks, and Aerith struggled to not flex her legs in discomfort as that would only add to the strain of her position.

With her ass held apart, the other thug knelt down, grinning sadistically, her discarded cute white high heeled shoe in his hand. It glistened wetly with lube, and without preamble the toe was lined up with her ass. The man pushed hard.

"..mmMMHP!" she groaned piteously, tensing up as her tiny backdoor widened painfully. Still, the shoe didn't go in, but the man was determined. He pressed harder, his muscled arms flexing, and leaned his weight into her. She shook as the toe of the shoe sank further and further into her, her asstube feeling like it was ripping apart. From across the room, Tifa watched wide eyed and screamed at them to leave Aerith alone, but that just earned her another slap to the face from the Don.

"Be thankful we used lube, whore" the man spat at Aerith, and shoved in the final inch. Aerith's ass was on fire at the oddly shaped insertion, and tears streamed down her cheeks. The length of the shoe was in her ass, but the stiletto of the heel ran forwards between her soft and delicate pussy lips, splitting them up the middle to lay over her clit.

Tifa blushed in shame at witnessing the spectacle, then turned even redder when she suddenly felt hot wet cum splashing inside of her. The fat Don Corneo had tensed and pressed as deeply as he could, pressing his long cock against her cervix. She could feel his spunk filling her womb, thickly running into her most private of places. When he finished cumming he pulled out and slapped her ravished cum-leaking pussy, making her yelp. He barked orders.

"Put that bitch in the crate and take her to the Chocobo master. Don't worry, you can use this big titted whore instead when I'm done with her. With a body like hers, she will be our guest for a long, long time." Corneo slapped Tifa's wobbly tits once in indication, and Tifa felt her heart drop. The men cheered.

The thugs picked up the hogtied Aerith and dumped her into a rough wooden crate. She landed on her front roughly, gasping into her panties as two fist sized aluminum pyramids jabbed her ribs. The men repositioned her so that her nipples were over the pyramids, then ran a strap over her back, tightening it down. A dull sharp pain shot through each soft boob as the points pressed deeply into the feminine flesh, the tightened strap holding her to the floor of the crate, unable to wiggle free. Her feet, still tied to her hair, flexed and wiggled in agony.

Secured into the crate, the men slammed the lid on top, plunging Aerith into darkness. The next time she saw light, she would be in Hojo's Lab. She wasn't looking forward to reuniting with the sadistic scientist. Even as a little girl, Aerith had some vague inkling of the sort of things Hojo did to her often bow-legged, exhausted mother. Still, she didn't realize just how extensively her mother had been unsuccessfully cross-bred with other species.

She would be made to continue this obscene work upon arrival. Shinra had given up on Aerith leading them to the 'promised land' and her future was now slated to be Hojo's little project.

Tifa watched in despair as her crated friend was wheeled away. Soon she began to worry for herself though as the Don's hefty member rose to a drug-induced erectness once again. She struggled uselessly against her bonds, her angry eyes staring daggers at him.

Corneo slammed into her warm protesting cunt once again.

"Ungh! F-fuck you!"


Two days later a tired, worn out naked Tifa bounced herself wearily on yet another cock, rolling her hips. Ragged and a mess, each night her captors had barely left her alone long enough to get a handful of fitful hours of sleep on the floor. This morning she had been awoken before dawn by the feeling of strong masculine hands grasping her tits in a crushingly tight grip and yanking her to her feet.

That was about an hour and a half ago. She had since been cum into 5 times already, her sodden pussy flooded and ravaged. And the worst part was, she couldn't fight them. In fact, she even had to willingly participate in these never-ending fuck sessions.

The bastards had Cloud hostage, you see. After her initial conquest underneath Don Corneo, she was blindfolded and taken to a dark small room. Cloud sat tied to a metal chair, beaten and broken. He was barely conscious, but the Don's men slugged him across his battered face once more just to drive the point home to Tifa. She struggled to rush to him, but was held firmly back. She was told in no uncertain terms that if she was anything less than compliant, Cloud would be slowly beaten to death.

And so here she was, riding a stranger's cock reverse cowgirl, tears streaming down her cheeks. Corneo watched quietly from the corner.

Her hands were each encircled around a cock, jerking off two other men as the man beneath her bucked up into her. Her fat wobbly titbags bounced enticingly, and one of the men she was jerking off smiled, eyeing them hungrily. He reached out and snapped a tight clamp on each nipple.

"Ohhh! you bastard" Tifa moaned, her crushed nipples sending a web of shooting pain through the hefty orbs.

"I fucking love her udders, man!" the thug said cheerfully. "A lot bigger than her friends were, aren't they? She's like a fucking cow. A dairy bitch. Is that what you are, slut? A dairy bitch?"

"N-no...and I'm not a slut either!" Tifa tried to defend her dignity, but it was hard to do when she was busy sexually servicing three men at once, even if it was against her will. And the reference to Aerith made her heart ache with worry.

"Bullshit. You have a fucking whore's body. Those cocksucking lips, your big fat milkers, that jiggly ass. And we all know how wet and tight your cunt is, don't we boys?" The men laughed, and Tifa's face burned with shame. Still, she kept fucking the man beneath her, her pussy treacherously moist from the prolonged stimulation. One of the men she was jerking with her hand tried to maneuver his cock closer to her mouth, but she turned her head away.

"...I'm not a slut or a whore" she said quietly, tears dripping down her face. She wasn't sure who she was trying to convince. "You are all making me do these things. I don't- Mmmph!"

A fourth man approached and cut off any further protests, gripping her long black hair and pressing his cock into her mouth. He saw how she tried to refuse sucking cock, and couldn't let that stand. When she didn't immediately start sucking, he twisted a clamped nipple hard and tugged. The little nub burned like a hot coal. He smiled at her muffled squeal and twisted further, the elongated boob spiraling. Desperate to stop him, she reluctantly started to blow him.

"Fuck, her mouth is amazing."

The guy grinned and released her teat, then pressed deeper, making her gag. She released the two cocks she was jerking off and pressed against his thighs, trying to push him away, but the man simply forced her down his length, exploring her tonsils. After a few minutes her mouth began to fill with thick ropes of white cum.

She hated the taste of cum. It was so slimy, salty, and bitter. She wanted to spit it out, but when the guy pulled out of her mouth he clapped his hand over her lips.

"Drink it down whore. You're not to waste our cum." He said sternly, and she looked up at him with angry eyes, her tits still jiggling rhythmically as she fucked the man in her cunt. God it tasted awful. She unhappily swallowed a little, gagged in disgust, then swallowed the rest. She coughed wetly.

"Say Ah. Show me it's all gone."

Tifa blushed in humiliation at being so degraded but did as he asked, showing the man her tongue. Not a drop of cum remained. He spit into her open mouth and she gagged anew.

"You *cough* b-bastard!" The man beneath her grasped her hips and stilled her wanton movements, and he flooded her cunt with its sixth load of the morning.

"It'll get easier for you slut. We're not going to just stop with sucking you know. We're going to train your throat real good."


Tifa didn't reply, averting her gaze. She knew if she continued to argue she'd be endangering Cloud, and she couldn't let that happen.

The authoritative voice of Don Corneo filled the room. "An excellent point." Corneo had been quietly watching the morning's events unfold. "In fact, let's begin that throat training now."

He had been rewarding his men by letting them use his latest fucktoy as they pleased, but now he wanted to take a more active role again.

Tifa glared at the fat slob that was Corneo, her pussy still wrapped around the softening cock of the man who had just cum inside her. The Don didn't like her defiant eyes.

"In fact, little fuckslut, you should ask us nicely to begin your throat training. Go ahead." Tifa wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but instead remained silent.

Raising an eyebrow, Corneo took out his phone and made a video call. "Work him over. Don't stop unless I tell you." Showing the beleaguered over-fucked woman the screen, Tifa watched wide eyed as Cloud, still tied to the chair, was punched in the face. Again. And again. And again. Then a devastating blow to his stomach knocked the chair over.

"No! Stop! Please! Please, leave him alone!!!" a horrified Tifa cried, watching the man she had feelings for get beaten to a pulp. The thugs on the phone continued to kick Cloud, and one of them aimed for his face. She saw some of his teeth get knocked out and she screamed.

"Stop them! PLEASE!!"

"If you want that, then do as your told! Ask the question!" snarled Corneo.

"Okay! Please, just stop hurting him! I, um..." Tifa hesitated, then steeled herself. "P-please, will you start my t-training."

"What kind of training? Be specific, whore!" The men continued to beat Cloud.

"My th-throat training! Please! My throat training! Please start my throat training!!" She said frantically, tearful.

Corneo regarded her for a moment, then smiled slowly. He spoke into the phone. "Stop. Leave him be for now." The men stopped kicking Cloud, and he ended the call.

"Get her up on the table."


Tifa gagged and spluttered again, tears leaking from the corner of her eyes to run into her hair. She was face up on the room's dingy table, her head hanging limply over the edge. This gave Corneo and his men a straight shot from her mouth down her narrow throat - her throat that was currently gagging on a long plastic dildo.

Corneo watched as his henchman jammed the pink fake dong deeply into the unfortunate woman's gullet. Tifa writhed miserably but didn't try to stop him. He held the dildo there unmoving, impaling her heartlessly. When he finally pulled it from her throat to let her gasp in a needed breath Tifa turned her head and vomited. The Don looked at her with disappointment.

"Again." Corneo commanded, and the henchman gripped her hair and slammed the dildo back into her convulsing throat, a slight bulge visible in her neck. She spluttered weakly, her eyes red, as she stared up at them miserably. The man roughly began to pound the dildo back and forth, the bulge traveling obscenely.

*Gluck!* *Gluck!* *Glack!* *Gluck!*

"As it stands, your throating skills are pathetic. You have no discipline over your gagging. This dildo might seem big to you, but it's nothing compared to my cock." Corneo bragged, and Tifa already knew from experience he wasn't bluffing. The first time he had used her pussy, she had been so sore after. The Don's cock was exceptionally sized.

"We'll work you up to bigger and bigger dildo sizes until you can keep your gagging to a minimum. Only then will I allow you the privilege of swallowing my cock."

*Gluck!**Glguck!**Glurk!**GLUCK!* *GLUUUCK!* *GLUUUUCK!*

Her struggling throat was pounded brutally hard, the man slamming it with the dildo as hard as he would her pussy. Tifa desperately wanted it to end. Still, though she writhed on the table she didn't try to fight them. She knew what they'd do to Cloud if she did.

Corneo eyed her nipples, still in the pinching grip of the clamps. Amusing himself, he removed the clamps and she shuddered as sensation returned to them. She was better off when they were numbed.

"Upsize the dildo" he said casually, continuing to play with her tits. The man pulled the dildo from her lips and Tifa gasped in her much needed air, then coughed violently. She dry heaved, her stomach already emptied earlier.

Corneo sank his hands into the fleshy milkbags as her chest rose and fell with her panicked breathing, digging his fingers in until they almost disappeared from sight. He was so rough with her sensitive flesh that her mouth opened wider in a gasp of pain. Seizing the opportunity, the thug slammed a slightly longer and thicker dildo down her throat, and Tifa spasmed on the table.


The men didn't show an inkling of concern for her plight. Letting her choke on the pistoning rubber, Corneo changed his grip on her titbags to the sensitive peaks. He pinched hard, and yanked them straight up. Tifa squealed pathetically into the dildo as Corneo stretched her considerable sensitive bosom straight upwards, into twin aching cones. He pulled up so hard her torso lifted a little from the table. He held her there, partially suspended by her mams, jiggling and bouncing her by the wobbly flesh. The copious tears from the corners of her eyes seemed to flow even faster.

"We've neglected these floppy udders. Get the twine, boys." he commanded, continuing to gently bounce her up and down by her stretched tits. One of the henchmen gleefully retrieved a spool of thin but coarse twine. He cut a length and looped it around her left titbag, around the meatiest part in the middle halfway point. When the henchman pulled the loop closed brutally tight, bisecting the breast savagely, she thought her poor boob was getting cut in half. He wrapped the twine in the same spot 3 more times as tight as possible, then tied it off.

Of course, the attention on her breasts didn't mean they stopped her throat training. The too-big dildo continued to be pounded down into her shuddering, convulsing gullet as the henchman began tying her right breast in the same way.

This continued on for the better part of an hour, the men using variously sized dildos on her throat, some larger, some smaller. The final dildo of her 'instruction' involved nearly suffocating on a wicked fat ridged monster. Each painful ridge scraped its way past the tight opening of her throat, scouring the misused convulsing tube. Corneo finally stopped the 'training' when after 10 minutes her muffled cries and gagging slowly faded to only wet defeated squelches, then added another 10 minutes for good measure.

*glg* *glg* *glg* *glg* *glg*

He took the dildo from the man pumping her and yanked it from her gullet, holding it just past her lips. Thick strands of saliva hung and connected it to her lips, and she sucked in a rasping heaving breath. "Have your throating skills improved, slut? Are you ready to show me? Or shall we continue training you?" Corneo asked coldly.

Tifa, tears running all down her cheeks into her tear-soaked hair, tried to speak. "N-no, please" her abused, well-reamed throat rasped out at an odd pitch. Her voice was scratchy and wretched. "No more t-training. Please." She opened her mouth pathetically, to invite him to use her.

Corneo freed his massive cock and rubbed the head slowly over her parted lips. He liked the feeling of her warm breath as she breathed in and out anxiously. Pushing the head into her wet mouth, he slowly slid himself down deeper and deeper. When he felt the battered weakened resistance of the entrance to her throat, he held her head and pushed, forcing his way past.

He wouldn't stop until his entire considerable length was hilted.

Tifa gurgled and blinked, her head limply laying back over the edge of the table, staring at his heavy balls as they pressed against her nose. He was so, so long! Her throat ached as it stretched around the fat shaft. She desperately willed herself not to gag, fighting the powerful instinct. She absolutely did not want to repeat the training with the dildos, but the way he so completely stuffed her gullet was unbearable.

When he started moving she nearly lost it. Seated in her throat Corneo slowly rolled his hips in circles, not caring at all how it affected the struggling woman. She was a stupid slut, and deserved every inch of cockmeat she was given. Every last fucking inch.

He pulled back and she gasped, but a split second later he bucked his hips forward hard. Her lips again wrapped around the very base of his shaft, heavy balls slapping over her nose. Tifa gurgled wretchedly.

He did it again. And again.

Really it devolved from throating into more of a skullfucking. He tightly gripped her head, and slammed into her so brutally over and over that she thought he'd cause her brain damage. His pre-cum leaked copiously from the tip, washing over her taste buds and making her wince in revulsion. It mixed with her saliva, and what wasn't forcefully packed down her throat began to leak in little streams from the corners of her mouth.

The Don's men cheered him on, impressed at the display. Watching the defeated exhausted woman struggle to swallow so much cock amused them, and they gathered around the table, passing around cans of beer and enjoying the show. They pinched and mauled at her still tied bisected tits, and took turns fingering her tight snatch. Tifa would have blushed in humiliation if she wasn't so preoccupied with coping with the pulsing throbbing in her boobs, not to mention avoiding suffocation on a giant cock.

*Glug!* *Glurgh!* *Glug!* *Glug!* *Glurk!*

As her lewd throat voiced its total subjugation, one of the men decided Tifa deserved a beer too for putting on such a good show. Two men pushed her thighs apart, splaying her legs open and exposing her previously ravished womanhood. She squealed into the cock down her throat when a beer was pulled from the cooler, and the wet frigid can was pressed against her sexlips.

"Here you go, bitch. Why don't you hold on to this for me?" The thug jeered, and pushed and twisted the freezing can, using his other hand to help pry her labia apart as he drove it home.

When the ice cold metal sank into her hot core, Tifa's hips bucked wildly as she coughed and spluttered on the Don's cockmeat. She shivered, her distressed cunt tightly constricting around the can, trying to pushing it out. The can wasn't long but it was fairly wide, and her shivering pussy ached. Tifa dug her nails into the table beneath her.

The men took turns stuffing her cunt with the cans, each of them letting her 'hold on' to their beer for a moment before opening and drinking it. Most fucked her twat hard with them, and eventually her own juices began to flow from her overworked sex, running from between her legs over her asscheeks. All while Corneo used his seemingly endless stamina to punish her cock-gobbling throat.

By the time Corneo did cum, Tifa was so exhausted she only made the slightest of quiet gurgling noises around his embedded shaft. The brief moments Corneo pulled from her mouth to allow her breath wasn't enough, and she was starved for air. Her eyes had slowly rolled back into her head, showing the whites of her eyes as she limply twitched.

Corneo tensed. He blasted a huge load of his thick baby batter right into her stomach, Tifa's lips wrapped around the very base of his length, nose buried in his balls. In her delirium, her stomach felt fuller and fuller as it filled with the vile spunk.

He held her there, drowning in cum, for what felt like minutes to Tifa but was really only a few seconds. He slowly withdrew his cock, and as it left her lips she sucked in a loud breath, and immediately gasped and coughed violently. She felt like she was going to be sick, but worry for Cloud made her repress it. The residual cum on her lips formed little bubbles, the unfortunate girl feeling utterly debased and used.

Don Corneo smiled, wiping his bitch-breaking cock off in her long raven hair, streaking it with white.

*Cough* *Wheeze* "...P-plea-"
*Gasp!* *Sniffle*

The shuddering Tifa started to say something, to beg him to remove the twine strangling her tits now that he had his fun with her throat. He had slapped her across the face before she could get a word out, snapping her head to the left and making her cheek flush.

"No words, whore. You did a passable job. I guess your throat training worked. Maybe we wont have to kill your boyfriend after all. Maybe." He closed his pants, and turned to leave. He did have to attend to his criminal enterprises sometime after all.

"Have fun with her, boys. Remember, no permanent damage."

The henchmen eagerly encircled Tifa, still laying on her back on the table. Weary and dejected with her head limply hanging over the edge, she slightly parted her cum-glistening lips.

The invitation was not refused. It wasn't long before word spread to all the Don's men and a long line had formed.

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