Breaking Lockhart Part 4

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Breaking Lockhart
Part 4

Synopsis: Used and degraded, a milky Tifa gets loaned to Shinra Co. to be made into an example.


Tifa hadn't expected to ever set foot in Shinra Headquarters, much less with Don Corneo. Yet that was exactly what was happening. She walked awkwardly through the halls, tugged along by the leash around her neck. They were flanked by 5 of his henchmen.

He had given her some clothes, her first in months, but Tifa still felt exposed. A long white t-shirt extended to just past her pussy, barely hiding a tiny g-string from view and doing nothing to hide the bottom curves of her ass. The shirt had a deep cut, showing off the majority of her braless tits. Above that, a tight choker collar had a dog leash attached, leading to Corneo's hand. On the collar, her nickname "Titbags" was written on a metal medallion.

And that was it. Well, that and the black stiletto heels. He would tug randomly on the leash, and she awkwardly stumbled around as she tried to keep up, her legs oddly a little bowed inwards.

Everyone stared at the nearly naked gorgeous girl as they passed. Men, women, young, elderly, everyone. She could feel every eye on her, and she felt small inside.

The Shinra HQ building was as immaculate and grandiose as she imagined. Barret would have loved to tear this place apart, bring chaos to their orderly little world.

Her heart panged as she thought of her friend. He also was gone. Crushed when the Sector 7 plate fell. If she hadn't gotten Cloud killed, Barret might still be alive too.

Tifa's eyes watered heavily, and Corneo tugged her leash again when she slowed, pulling the stumbling girl along like the fuckbitch she was.

The Shinra guards for their part seemed to be expecting them. They would nod and slide key cards, granting them passage through the immense tower. A few would pinch Tifa's ass as she passed, and the Don would smile at them.

They didn't realize she had a massive rubber recreation of the white chocobo's cock buried up her ass, hidden from sight. The Don had thought she might 'miss' her friend while away, so he had it made for her. Truth be told, he had actually enlarged it by 15%. It had taken a lot of his muscle and her blubbering to get it fully inside of her, and her overstuffed backdoor did nothing to improve her awkward shuffling.

"Do you know why you're here, Titbags?" Corneo said casually as they walked.

"" she replied quietly. To be honest, it didn't really matter.

"My relationship with Shinra is crucial. A matter of mutual gain." he said with a smirk. "You happen to be the last living member of Avalanche, or so Shinra believes. You are to be a gift to them. To do with as they please. Well, for a little while at least. Ah, here we are."

He tugged her leash and drug her into the President's office.


Tifa was naked again.

How did she always end up like this?

"Unnngggh" she moaned, mortified. Her shapely body was sweating profusely as her pussy throbbed with pleasure, her legs quivering.

In a show of goodwill, she had been loaned by Don Corneo to Shinra Co. for the week. As the last member of Avalanche, Shinra was very interested in using her as a propaganda piece.

She had been put on display in the main lobby on a small raised platform against the back wall, in the grips of a devilish machine. Her arms were fed through two holes in the wall behind her, securing her back flush to the wall. Her eyes watered as inside the wall hidden from sight two mechanical hands gripped her wrists savagely tight, the unforgiving metal painfully crushing against the thin skin and bones in her wrists. Tiny pointed studs lined the fingers for the sole purpose of causing her more pain, her wrists nearly dislocating in their tight grip.

Her feet were spread apart, shackled to the platform’s floor. They had spread her well-formed legs so indecently far apart that she was nearly doing side splits while standing, her steamy cunt a mere few inches from the ground. Her thigh muscles shook and burned from the strain of holding such a position.

Not to mention her ass and insides still ached, stuffed with the ridiculously huge rubber chocobo cock.

Two pulleys were arranged on stands in front and behind her. A long line of dark oil-slick beads ran from one raised pulley to down between her legs to back up to the raised pulley behind her, like a V. A small electric motor whirred quietly, pulling the line of beads that ran between her sensuous labia at a slow constant rate.

"Ngggh! Haaa...haaa!" Tifa felt herself about to cum again, the beads splitting her labia one after the other, wetly sliding down over her clit then up between her asscheeks. She squirmed. She'd been here for 2 hours already, slowly being built from one climax to another. She blushed in shame, a crowd of people gathered around her, kept at bay by some guards.

Next to her was a large screen that read "Tifa 'Titbags' Lockhart. Last Avalanche Slut." Unfortunately that wasn’t all this diabolical machine was doing to her.

The President had been elated when Corneo informed him before arriving that the busty slut was lactating, the product of nearly two months of hormone treatments and daily mammary stimulation. Taking advantage of this, he had some special additions made to her mechanical captor.

From two small holes in the wall to her sides extended out small clear tubing, which ended in small suction cups. Predictably, the cups were sealed with oil to her throbbing teats, encompassing her sensitive areolas and nipples. The simulated suckling was ceaseless, and each of her breasts was slowly giving up her motherly cream in a short spurt with each alternating suction.

She was being milked like a cow in front of so many strangers, and while being brought from reluctant orgasm to reluctant orgasm. She had never felt so ashamed.

"Look at the size of her udders!" a man barked out, and laugher rang out from the crowd. Tifa flushed further, but didn't say anything. She knew it wouldn't make any difference.

One of the Shinra guards popped a pill into her mouth, as he was instructed to do every hour. When she refused to swallow it, he drove his fist into her vulnerable soft belly. Tifa wheezed and the pill went down.

About 30 seconds went by and her pussy began to wantonly flood even more. They were keeping her drugged on aphrodisiacs, making it impossible to ignore the sensations from the beads.

"Haa...haa...nnngh goddd!" Tifa moaned, and she quivered as she came, the slow procession of beads making her buck her hips like a whore.

"Slut!" a woman screamed.

"Y-you don't understand..." Tifa said brokenly, but was interrupted.

"Hey, aren't you the bitch that fucks chocobos? That video was awesome!"

Tifa's heart sank. She didn't know the Stable Master had made a video of that. Was it online?

"Yeah, that's her! I recognize her too!"

"Yeah! Chocobo slut!"

"Apparently her nickname is Titbags."

"Well that makes sense. She's got big fat milkers, doesn't she?"

Tifa wished she could block them out, but she was forced to listen to the cruel mockery. All while her overly sensitized pussy slowly built up to another humiliating climax. She was perversely thankful at least the rubber chocobo cock in her butt was deep enough to not be visible.

While she quivered on the line of beads, one of the guard watched her boobs. They seemed to be slowly putting out less and less milk with each pulsing suction with only a small trickle of white flowing down each clear tube. He had instructions for when this happened, and punched some keys in the control panel on the wall next to her.

A horizontal slit opened on the wall behind her at the height of her torso.


With mechanical speed, a half circle metal shelf quickly extended from the slit, encircling her torso just below her breasts and sliding into another horizontal slit on the opposite side. The two slits and with the shelf then slowly raised up a few inches, her fat globes coming to rest heavily on the shelf, lifting them up slightly. The clear tubes continued to suckle her nips, which were barely squirting out any milk now.

Two more mechanical arms extended from holes in the wall above her head, and the 'hands' descended down to the tops of her milkbags. Each 'hand' was actually four one inch metal balls, spaced apart and gleaming with a chrome finish. They were designed to mimic the four knuckles of a fist, only larger and much harder.

The arms positioned themselves directly over her tits and paused, and for a split second Tifa felt dread. What the hell?

The arms punched hard down.

Tifa's eyes bulged and she moaned. Each mechanical arm had slammed down onto the tops her mistreated boobs punishingly hard. They were sandwiched between the unforgiving metal shelf below and the metal knuckles of the arms above. Instantly there was a heavy spurt of milk from both her titties, the clear plastic tubes once again flushing white.

Whimpering, she shook as the arms simply remained punched down on her tits, and slowly the milk output slowed again. The line of beads between her legs continued to slickly stimulate her nether orifice, sending feelings of unwanted pleasure to mingle with the throbbing breast pain.

As her milk flow slowed again, the mechanical arms began to move. Still crushing the yielding mammal flesh under its large metal 'knuckles' to the shelf below, the arm over her right breast began to slowly slide the metal balls forward, punishingly sliding over the heavy flesh forwards to her suction cupped tit tip. A heavy squirt of milk was wrung out of the crushed milkbag.

"Ohhhhh ow ow ouuch!!!* Tifa trembled, and the arm began to retreat back towards the base of her poor right breast. At the same time, the arm over her left breast took its turn and slowly slid the cruel metal balls forwards to her nipple. A heavy squirt of milk shot from her other tit this time.

Shuddering and crying, Tifa's previous embarrassment of her predicament fled from her mind. She was much too occupied with coping with the horrible crushing milking she was receiving. Her plump titbags throbbed horribly as the reserves of her motherly dairy was forcefully extracted.

While the metal knuckled arms alternated their slow sliding, Tifa quaked in both pain and another unwanted cum. The beads between her legs just felt too good, teasing her sensitive pearl over and over and over before sliding wetly up between her perfect ass cheeks, the pulleys ceaseless in their stimulation.

After a a minute or two, her milk flow once again lessened to the barest trickle. Even with a breasty chest as well-endowed as hers, she was simply running out of milk to give. Had she been actually nursing a baby, she would have long ago dried up by now. The knuckles uselessly ran over the aching mammaries, but very little milk came forth.

"What do you think man, is she dry?" One of the guards asked, having to raise his voice to be heard over the taunting and cheering crowed.

"Nah, she's probably got a little more. There's another setting on the machine, hang on." The other guard tapped some more keys on the control panel.

The mechanical arms stopped rolling over her tender tits, and lifted up from the reddened boobflesh. Suddenly one of them slammed back down again, punching straight into the flattening boob with its knuckles even harder than the first time.

"AHH!! Nooo, please!!*

A modest squirt of milk was somehow forced from her tit, the quantity so little it was barely visible in the clear suctioning milking tubes. The mechanical fist raises back up, and then the other arm slammed down, taking its turn on her other breast. They began to alternate, one metal knuckled fist punching down while the other raised.

*THUD* *gasp!* *THUD* *gasp!* *THUD* *gasp!* *THUD!* *gasp!*

Tifa could barely breathe, the last drops of her life-giving cream literally being beaten out of her. To better amuse the crowd, the guards yanked the sucking tubes from her nipples. Her milk now weakly sprayed from her bruised funbags with each blow, the horrible milking not even having a purpose as her milk wasn't even being collected. White droplets fell lewdly from the metal shelf under her tits to the floor below.

Finally not even this procedure yielded any more mommy milk from Tifa. To doubly make sure they got it all, they let the machine pummel her shuddering udders for another 5 minutes, this time both sets of knuckles slamming down at once on both mammaries. The miserable girl could only moan and sob, the thudding blows to her sandwiched wobbly tits producing not a drop of milk.

She had no more milk to give, her milk glands were completely drained, the ducts dry.

She spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening in this accursed machine. Her generous milkbags could mostly refill about once every hour or so, so the guards made sure to keep her hydrated so they could brutally milk her again and again for the gathered crowd. Between milkings, her overstimulated pussy continued to have painful unwanted cums wrung from it, the oily beads of the pulley system never ceasing its work between her legs.

At one point a lanky, dirty looking long haired scientist approached her. Unlike the others in the crowd, the guards did not stop him. He peered into her flushed face, the oiled beads making her stimulated cunt quiver treacherously as it clenched around the lover that wasn't there. He observed her a moment, then spoke.

"I am Hojo. Have you heard of me?"

"...ah!...n-no....uh!" Her hips shifted involuntarily as she humped the beads wantonly, unable to resist so much stimulation. She watched the mechanical metal balled hands move into position and her heart dropped. Her boobs still hurt so much, and it was going to milk her again soon.

"A pity. I have heard of you, Tifa. Aerith has spoken of you."

Tifa's tore her eyes away from the ominous hands and tiredly focused on him. He knew Aerith? The girl Cloud had brought with him when they were all captured by Corneo so long ago? She wasn't even sure she was alive anymore.

"Would you like to come with me to see it? It's my...guest."


The knuckles punched down onto her udders and began to slide forwards, her milk spraying from her boobs lewdly. Tifa nodded frantically.

"Y-yes! Ah! Ow oww yes!! Yes!"



The name vaguely entered Aerith's mind as she looked through the green glass of her cell. She wasn't used to having many thoughts anymore, and it startled her a little. She stared blankly at the woman and didn't even rise up from her hands and knees.

The view was quickly taken away from her as the Shoat, a pig-like bipedal creature, roughly grabbed her head and forced her mouth back down his cock again. Obediently, Aerith resumed gently suckling, as if she was tenderly attending to a lover, and caressed the stubby furry legs softly with her hand. The creature ignored her and pounded down into her throat like it was a pussy.

*Gluck Gluck Gluck!*

On the other side of the greenish glass Tifa watched dismayed, surrounded by Shinra guards and escorted by Hojo. Her friend was choking on a monster's cock, but seemed to be mindlessly indifferent about it.

That wasn't her only partner either. Behind her was a Sahagin, a wet skinned lizard-like man creature that Tifa has seen living in colonies in the sewers before. It was hissing and snaking its long coiling blue tongue deep into her cunt, tasting and exploring her womanhood.

The only thing Aerith wore was a small metallic looking headband on her forehead, like a sort of tiara. A barcode was tattooed on her cute and perky, if modestly sized, right breast - her test subject identification. She was an object to be studied now.

"We give it drugs to increase its fertility. The goal is to breed it with Mako-infused creatures, to pass on its Ancient genes." Hojo said with disinterest, 'it' being Aerith. "Sadly all attempts thus far of securing a viable pregnancy have ended in failure." He watched the Sahagin slurp the cum out of Aerith's clenching cunt, the exact opposite of what he wanted, and sighed. "Of course, some of these beasts are too stupid to be of much use."

Tifa stared. Aerith had clearly looked right at her, but the girl didn't even react. She wasn't even sure Aerith recognized her. The naked flower girl was now rolling her bucking hips and trying to push her ass back towards the Sahagin, in an apparent attempt to impale more of her wet pink on his slithering tongue. Deep inside of her, the slippery appendage had penetrated into her womb and wormed down one of her fallopian tubes, the narrow tip licking and tasting at one her her ovaries.

"What have you done to her?" she whispered, horrified. "She's not herself."

Hojo shrugged. "Like the mother before her, it was less than willing when it first arrived. I've been forced to employ a myriad array of experimental compliance drugs, aphrodisiacs, and electrotherapy. After being drugged for so long now nearly constantly, its brain seems to have become a bit addled. If anything though that just makes it easier to breed."

To demonstrate, Hojo pressed a button on his watch. The tiara on Aerith's head lit up with blue sparks, and Tifa could hear her shriek into the Shoat's cock down her throat. She spasmed and convulsed a bit, her eyes rolling backwards.

He shocked her and shocked her, the current not ceasing. Long seconds went by, Aerith's eyes watering heavily as she spasmed uncontrollably harder and harder.

"Stop it! You're killing her!!!" Tifa cried, turning to Hojo, who seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.

"Hm? Oh, right" he said as if remembering he forgot to shut off the lights. He tapped his watch again and the brutal shocks to Aerith's brain ceased, the naked girl frothing a bit at the mouth around the cock in it. During the whole ordeal, she had never stopped trying to drive her pussy onto the Sagahin's tongue, rhythmically clenching around it like it was a cock. "Don't worry, it would take at least ten minutes to be fatal. I usually only push it to 8 or 9."

"You're a monster!" Tifa spat at Hojo, who raised an eyebrow. She hadn't known Aerith for barely more than a moment before they had been captured by Don Corneo, but she still considered her a friend. And no one deserved this.

"No my dear. I am a visionary. I will bring forth the most powerful offspring the world has ever known. The potential is limitless."

"I..please, just let her go." Tifa begged. "Let me talk to her."

Hojo barked out a short laugh. "Both are out of the question. I will eventually find a way to breed it, and as for talking to it, well, it doesn't do that anymore. Not a whole lot going on upstairs, you know? No comprehension whatsoever."

Tifa's heart fell. So that was it then. She had wanted to tell her Cloud had died, even if she was afraid Aerith would blame her too. But... Aerith had become a mindless fuckdoll, a thoughtless fleshlight for beasts and monsters. Was she even a person anymore? What made her her was gone.

Tifa was still alone after all.

While Tifa fell back into the pit of despair, Hojo seemed to have redirected his attention to Tifa's substantial bust. He looked at it quietly, and smiled gently.

"My, but you are quite the dairy bitch aren't you, my dear?"
Tifa wiped her eyes. "W-what?"

Hojo reached out and hefted her heavy tear-drop shaped breast, squeezing and weighing in it hand, evaluating. The substantial girlflesh overflowed between his squeezing fingers, and she tried to twist away.

"You have the perfect udders for milking. I wonder if we could further increase their output, make them more efficient?"
"I... I don't think-"

Hojo's phone rang, interrupting the conversation. "Yes, that's correct, I have her here. I see. Very well." He hung up.

"It seems our time together must come to an end. You have been missed."


"AGH!! P-plea-"

"Gngh! No! No-"

*broken sobbing.*

Tifa was on display again, this time in Shinra's employee breakroom. Many people at Shinra had lost friends and family fighting Avalanche, and the President had thought giving them an outlet to take out their grief and frustrations on would improve company morale.

And what could be more therapeutic than giving a hard public tit caning to a fat-breasted Avalanche slut?

They had shackled her to a movable metal wheel on the wall, her limbs stretched out in an X position. Any employee could take a numbered ticket and wait their turn for a three minute crack at Tifa. An array of canes, whips, clamps, and other ghastly instruments were on a nearby table, and two guards ensured nothing got too out of hand.

Tifa grunted loudly as the fat balding man slammed the bamboo cane one final time into her shuddering milkbags. His time up, he spit in her face.

"I lost my son to you people." he said angrily, and left to go to the back of the line to get another ticket.

Tifa exhaled a pained breath. Her boobs hurt. A lot. But her cramping bowels were also throbbing, the huge rubber chocobo dildo that Corneo had put inside her still present. Somehow no one at Shinra had discovered it yet, but she wasn't sure how much longer that was going to last.


Tifa wearily watched the next suited man approach. Grinning, he walked up to her and squeezed her sore tits roughly.

"Ouch. Please don't do that. J-just leave me alone."

"Oh yes. These are a good size, aren't they?" He released them and slapped the already blushing red boobs once, then smiled. "Everyone is decorating them so nicely. But there's a place they forgot, isn't there?"

Before she could reply the man had grabbed the wheel she was mounted to and spun it, spinning her upside down with her hair hanging to the floor. He then slid the wheel upwards until her breasts were at the proper whipping height.

Upside down the blood pounded into Tifa's head. What interested the man though was how it made her titbags lay. The heavy flesh flopped downwards with the nipples pointing to her chin, exposing the as-yet unmarked alabaster undersides of her breasts. Virgin mammal flesh that hadn't yet been properly attended. She watched him pick up a leather strap and her face blanched.

"P-please don't. They're already so sore."

The man drew his arm back, and she closed her eyes bracing herself.

*Thwack!* "ungh!"

The fucksacks bounced lewdly, a single light red stripe appearing on the perfectly white skin. Emboldened, the man swung harder.

*THWACK!* "Ungh!"

The soft undersides, naturally sensitive, burned under the unforgiving leather. Fresh red stripes angrily etched into existence, but still the buxom whore had so much unmarked breastflesh.

He'd fix that.

Tifa's sobs filled the air, the onlookers smiling and making mental notes. She struggled uselessly, writhing on the wheel while hot tears dripped down her face to run into her hair.

He had drawn back to deliver what must have been the 25th stroke when the guards called time up. The man looked at the well-punished fuckbags, how the tender undersides were now a nearly uniform blushingly bright red. That would have to do.

He quickly raised the strap and brought it crashing down as hard as he could between her splayed legs, right onto her vulnerable pussy.

*Gasp* "Aaaaaghhh!!!!" *broken sobbing.*
Tifa's thighs quivered as she desperately tried to close her legs.

The guard raised an eyebrow, and the man shrugged, setting the strap back on the table before leaving. "Sorry, couldn't resist."

The guard shook his head. "NEXT!"

Not given any time to recover or rest, the wheel was slid lower so that her lower body was more accessible. Tifa next found her intimate holes being explored by fat fingers. Still upside down, she grunted as the man put in one, then two, then four of his pudgy digits into her cunt.

"ngh! not so -ah!- r-rough..." she complained, then gasped as he started to work in his thumb. Suddenly he shoved his whole hand down inside of her, twisting it.

"Ohhh! OWwww!!" Her toes flexed as the man sadistically curled his fingers into a fist inside of her, then abruptly pulled his closed fist straight back out. With a lewd wet pop, the punishingly wide knuckles squeezed past her spasming entrance.

Tifa gasped and hyperventilated and the man moved to her rear hole. He exploringly pushed two fingers into her butt, but immediately felt something in the way.

"The fuck? The whore already has something in her ass!"

The crowd laughed and Tifa's eyes watered in fresh humiliation. It was the oversized rubber chocobo cock Don Corneo had completely forced into her butt before bringing her here. She had hoped it somehow wouldn't be discovered.

"Holy shit, this thing is huge!" The man managed to get a couple of fingers around the buried base, and pull back on it. Slowly the huge toy, as wide as nearly four summer sausages and long enough to tickle the deepest recesses of her rectum, began to emerge. Tifa groaned, the feeling of the dildo sliding through her insides making her quiver.

"No, please! Just...just leave it alone" she said tearfully.

When he finally got it completely out, the crowd looked in awe. Then they cheered.

They cheered even louder when the man squirted the barest amount of lube into her winking ass. Tifa knew what was coming.

"Please no! No, I'm begging you!"

He then lined it back up and, using both hands and his weight, slammed it back in.


Not letting go, he immediately began a brutal forceful assfuck, using both his arms to completely drive the monstrously huge rubber dong up her butt. It was modeled after the white chocobo's cock in the Don's stables, only it had been upsized 15%.


Fresh tears of pain burst from her eyes as her cheeks wobbled in time to the pounding. Tifa's obscene udders also jiggled and flopped violently, still dangling down nearly to her chin. The man was absolutely destroying her, reaming her ass out completely with only the barest hint of lube.

"30 seconds left" the guard advised.

The man looked at the guard, disappointment evident on his face, but made the most of his time. Continuing to decimate her poor insides, he started twisting the dildo with each forceful thrust into her ass. Slowing down, he'd briefly hold it completely hilted inside and flex it side to side, stretching her asstube and making her grunt pitifully, before pounding and twisting it in another savage stroke.

"Time's up."


Taking his inspiration from the man before him, he spanked her bare pussy once before leaving. He left the base of the brutal chocobo dildo sticking out of her ass, available for the others to see and use if they so wished.

"W-wait. Will you at l-least take it o-out?* she called to him tearfully, watching his back.


A big brutish man stepped forward. He was built like a goliath, and wasted no time.

" - !!!"

The very first thing he did was slam his fist first straight into her soft belly, then again right over where her womb lay. The breath was knocked out of Tifa, and she hung with her eyes bulging, her mouth open in a breathless gasp, unable to suck in any air.

Not missing a beat, he picked up a wicked looking vibrator. It had rough metal pyramid studs all along its 8 inch length, and its girth was considerable, a little wider than a coke can. A single pointed stud capped the tip, pointing straight up.

Hovering over the breathless inverted woman's splayed apart legs, he parted her labia roughly with his fingers, then pushed in the end of the vibrator. Her cuntlips stretched barely enough to slip over the width. He slammed the base of his palm into the base, and the rough studded toy halfway disappeared up her too-tight clenching fuckpipe. After a second and third blow from his palm the remaining inches sank into her, the pointed tip seating itself into the little hole of her cervix.

Tifa finally managed to wheeze in a pathetic breath, then screamed.

"AHHH-Hgh - !!!!!"

The scream was cut off as he savagely punched her in the belly again, right over where the studded vibrator lay, again knocking the wind from her. He twisted and pushed his knuckles into her, punishingly grinding her sensitive internal sexflesh over the wicked studs. Hot tears flowed in rivers into her hair, the poor girl desperately writhing on the wheel.

"Avalanche bitch. I'm going to fuck you up so bad." The guard raised his eyebrows but didn't stop him. He'd observe for now.

The huge man flipped a switch on the vibrator, and all hell broke loose for Tifa. Powerful pulsing vibrations, too powerful, made her sensitive pink insides oscillate and shake tortuously hard. It was far too much stimulation, and her thighs desperately tried to snap shut, to no avail.

The man gripped the end of the huge chocobo dildo up her ass and twisted it, then pulled it out halfway to slam it back in brutally. Tifa wheezed, catching her breath again.


She couldn't tell what was worse, the intense vibrations in her pussy or the achingly splitting reaming her ass was getting. Then the vibrator, having been on for 30 seconds, suddenly blasted her cunt with 5 seconds of electricity.

The voltage traveled through each metal stud in contact with her pussy walls, making them cramp and clench powerfully.

Tifa knew which was worse now.

Grinning, the man continued to pound her ass with the chocobo dildo until the electric shock stopped. Then he switched, grabbing the base of the vibrator and powerfully fucking her cunt with it.

"Ungh! NGH! UNGH! UNGH!"
"Here we go again bitch! Get ready!"

Counting in his head, he shoved the huge vibrator completely into her. The electric charge activated, and her sizzling cunt writhed in agony. The man idly twisted and pumped the monster dildo in her butt while he waited for the shock to dissipate.

And so he spent his allotted time with Tifa, doing his best to punish both of her sensitive fuckholes as thoroughly as he could. Tifa simply wheezed and whimpered pathetically, her voice going hoarse. Her oversexed wanton pussy felt like it had been repeatedly filled with molten lead, and the agony from her ass and shocked sexflesh killed off any potential climaxes the overbearing vibrations might have given her.

"Time's up."



Tifa was actually looking forward to being returned to Don Corneo.

The unfortunate girl was still being used in the breakroom, after a long day of abuse at the hands of Shinra employees. The chocobo dildo and electric vibrator had been removed from her tender holes, but that didn't mean she had it easy.

The man currently taking out his 'frustrations with Avalanche' on her was drawn to her perfect globes, spinning the wheel she was mounted on upside down again and raising it until her chest was up to a proper working height.

He leered at the exposed undersides which were still a bright red from being strapped earlier. He worked quickly, aware of his limited time. He wanted to first make sure those wanton mams were properly tenderized and sensitive for his plan.

He took a heavy teak paddle and slammed it into first one, then the other shuddering funbag. The wide surface area of the paddle connected with the entire surface of her already strap-sore undersides, and an immense amount of energy traveled through the entirety of her pummeled udders.

Not good enough. He switched to the heaviest paddle on the table and this time swung with both hands.

*Broken sobs*

The weighty tits throbbed as they flopped and jiggled violently under the barrage. Each blow flattened her substantial bust cruelly, and Tifa could feel deep bruising being beaten into the entirety of her feminine flesh. White droplets of milk, forced out by the sheer brutality of the forceful blows, trickled from her nipples.

"AhHHHNnnnHGGGHH!! W-why? Why???"
"P-PLEASE!! It hurts! Pl-"

He put down the paddle, which glistened wetly with her milk. Her tits brutally thrashed and more sore and sensitive than ever before, he next began to bind them.

He formed a zip tie into a loop around her upside down dangling udder. She watched fearfully, too exhausted and defeated to protest. He wrapped it around the base of the meaty boob and jerked it tight, cinching the plastic tie down to a tiny, strangling diameter.

"Ohh!" she complained quietly, sniffling. More droplets of milk flowed from her pressurized teats. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the paddle.

Unfortunately for her he wasn't done. He cinched closed a total of five zip ties around the base of each of her beaten boobs, pulling the tugs as tight as possible on each. Each tie exponentially magnified the pressure inside, and her inverted bags mushroomed and swelled, rapidly darkening to an angry deep red which contrasted nicely with the little trickles of white.

When he next cinched two zip ties each around the middle of her swollen breasts, halfway between the bases and her nipples, Tifa lost it. Snot and tears ran from her face as she hyperventilated, and a strong squirt of milk shot from each maltreated udder before slowing to a drip. Her poor throttled boobs throbbed horribly under the pressure.

Working fast, he next picked up a pair of strongly springed toothed clamps. He snapped them onto her milky teats, the nipples hard from the pressure. The teeth bit deeply, and Tifa winced, biting her lip and shaking.

"Time's up."

The man sighed, frustrated, but Tifa's feeling of relief was short lived.

"He can have my time." said the next guy in line, smiling. He was enjoying the show and was curious where it would go.

"Fine by me" said the guard, and the evil little man grinned.
"Thanks Bud."
"Wait" stammered the upside down Tifa "that's not fair-"
*Slap!* *Slap!*

He slapped her pussy to shut her up. Using a small screwdriver, he began to tighten the toothed clamps already savagely biting her tender nipples, closing the jaws together tighter and tighter. With each twist of the screw, Tifa shook harder, positive the hellish devices were going to bite clear through her rubbery teats.

She whimpered loudly as he put the final turn to each screw. It wasn't easy, he could barely twist the screwdriver hard enough to get it to budge. The steel teeth were a paper's thickness away from each other, her sensitive tit-tips screaming their torment to her brain. He then attached a short chain to the clamps, connecting them.

Now that the whore's mommy milkers were properly zip tied and clamped, the real fun could begin. Tifa's eyes widened when he saw what he picked up.

"No! Please, d-don't do that! You'll kill me! Please-AhhhHHH!!!!!!"

He had hooked the first weight to the chain running between her nipple clamps, and dropped it. Since they were just starting, he knew he could start with a heavy weight.

30 pounds yanked down on her inverted boobs. Instantly the crushed nipples pointed straight to the floor as they took up the weight, magnified by the drop. The cylindrical weight came to rest just below Tifa's face, her teats nearly touching her chin.

"Hah! HGGGH! AHH!! Please, don't put anothe - NNGHH!!"

50 pounds. 70 pounds. 80 pounds.

As her nipples and breasts took on more weight they strained and pointed to the ground. Her substantial bust could handle a lot of abuse, but this was pushing it. Tifa shook like a leaf, positive her nipples were about to rip from her body. Her fat titties throbbed and ached, still savagely constricted at the bases and middle swells by multiple zip ties, and now additionally stretched taut. Milk dribbled from around the clamps and flowed down the chain to the weights to drip to the floor.

And he wasn't done.

"no more...please" she whimpered. "Please, they'll rip, I can't- OhhhH!!!!"

85 pounds. He looked thoughtful, she was close to the limit. He didn't want to actually rip her nipples. The guard gave him a meaningful look.

"Just a tiny bit more. She can take it."
The guard hesitated but nodded.

86 pounds.

*Sob* "Agggh god, you're k-killing meeeee!"

He smiled, and placed the final weight.

90 pounds. Her breathe hitched and he let out a near constant low moan.

"Time left?" the man asks.
"25 seconds."

The man moved like lightening, and quickly armed himself with a cattle prod. Before she could utter a word of protest, he jammed the bare metal forked end into her right breast and blasted it with so much electricity Tifa thought her throttled boob was frying.

"AAAGHHH!!!" She thrashed wildly, and five seconds in he switched to the other breast. Where the prod had made contact with her skin an angry red welt remained.


This time he held the prod to her nipple, shocking it through the metal clamp still savagely biting and pulling on it. The electricity combined with the intense weight tugging on her breasts was unbearable. The voltage used her own milk as a conduit, entering through the milky pinched nipples and traveling all through her milk ducts throughout the womanly orb.

She was going to go insane. She screamed and screamed.


He switched breasts again and again, sometimes targeting her nipples, other times the meaty soft curves.

Tifa's faced had blanched white and her pupils had dilated slightly. She trembled, her milkbags feeling like they had been replaced with two sacks filled with angry hornets. He almost exclusively focused on her nipples now, noticing how her cries and whimpers would reach a higher pitch as the electricity flowed through her milk into the sensitive milk glands inside.


The shuddering woman sobbed brokenly, her magnificent chest completely subdued. Each nipple was a dark semi-singed red.

"Time's up. NEXT!"

The man ruefully put down the cattle prod, and gave her bare pussy a farewell spank. Tifa barely noticed, her whole world focused on her still tied up and electrocuted boobs. The heavy weights clanked together, still pulling heavily on the nipples of her mams.

When the next man stepped forward for his turn, he picked up the cattle prod.

"Don't worry, love. I'll finish what he started."


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