Breaking Lockhart Pt. 2

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Breaking Lockhart
Part 2

Synopsis: A dominated Tifa is further broken in, but still rounds afoul of Don Corneo's wrath.


The last week was hell for Tifa. Every single day she was passed around the Don's men like a basket of breadsticks, a 'gift' from the Don for their hard work. The fact she was there against her will didn't matter. The fact she was being forced to play the whore to keep Cloud alive didn't matter.

All they cared about was how they could use the sexy busty bitch at their mercy. Her pussy and ass were so, so sore, and she was convinced that they made her swallow so much cum that the meager rations they gave her were not even necessary.

Two of the Don's men, repeat visitors that liked to double team her, had lately started pulling their cocks out of whatever hole of hers they were using at the time and pushing their cockheads against her nostrils. They'd smirk as their white jizz would shoot up her nose and slowly run down into her sinuses and throat, making Tifa gag eye-wateringly and throw her into a fit of messy sneezing and wet coughing.

Of course, Don Corneo would occasionally come to use her too, his achingly fat tool most often overstretching her fucked out quivering pussy.

Tifa felt like a used toy. One day she had begged a group of men using her to give her some clothes, so she could at least feel a little bit more like a person. She gave them the best blowjobs she could, then took each one up the ass, which she especially hated. Hands against the wall, she threw her butt back into their lunges, her breath hitching loudly as her cheeks clapped against their thighs. Tifa bit her lower lip in both embarrassment and pain, spending the better part of 2 hours letting each of the 5 men add their loads to her soaked insides twice each. Laughing at her but rewarding her efforts, she was given a dirty white t-shirt. And nothing else.

Humiliated but grateful for some sort of modesty she put on the garment. It had belonged to some other past 'bride' of Don Corneo's. The too small t-shirt only reached to just above her belly button, leaving her thighs and pussy on display, and the thin generously filled fabric stretched tightly over her heavy boobs.

It was marginally better than naked, but... it was better than nothing.

She was curled up on the floor in the corner of her locked room. The Don only permitted her a few scant hours of rest per night, and always with her hands cuffed to her elbows behind her back. Her flimsy t-shirt barely provided any warmth, and she shivered slightly in her sleep, her stiffened nipples trying to stab their way out of her shirt. Between her thighs her pussy lips peeked out provocatively.

The door to her room burst open. Don Corneo stood there, smiling and pushing a small loaded cart. He had an new idea he wanted to try out on her and didn't want to wait. As always, his armed guards flanked him.

Startled awake, Tifa looked up at him with a combination of anger and fear. She sat up and shifted her legs to hide her pussy.

"Wh-what do you want?" she spat. God she hated him. "Please, I've been here so long. Please let me and Cloud go."

Corneo ignored the request and removed her handcuffs. Unfolding her arms and rubbing her wrists, Tifa look warily at his cart. It seemed to be loaded with soft plastic bottles full of some unknown amber liquid.

Her attention was drawn back to Corneo when he used his foot to push her water bowl on the floor to her. "Drink bitch. You'll need the hydration."

She blushed. She hated that damn dog bowl. Corneo insisted she only be given food and water using it, making her get on her hands and knees and not letting her use her hands. 'TITBAGS' was emblazoned on the side, as if that were her name.

"N-no! I'm...not thirsty." She eyed his guards in the corner. She was so embarrassed to do this in front of anyone, even them.

"No?" He raised an eyebrow. "I guess your boyfriend isn't getting any water today either then."

"Wait! I'll do it!"

Embarrassed, she crawled to her bowl and lowered her head. Corneo always got a kick out of watching her debase herself. Her pink tongue extended and she started to lap at the water, blushing furiously. Her still t-shirt clad titties hung heavily, almost like they were reaching for the floor a few mere millimeters away.

Sometimes, like today, the water had a tangy taste to it from being laced with birth control. Corneo didn't want her pregnant. Not yet anyway, maybe someday.

As she drank her water like a pet bitch, on her knees with her ass raised, Corneo moved behind her. He took one of the large plastic bottles from the cart. It had a stubby nozzle on it, which was promptly shoved into her protesting asshole.

"Unh!" Tifa grunted, and she looked back at him. "What are you doing!?"

"Keep lapping up your water, bitch whore." the Don said sternly, and when she turned her head back to her bowl he squeezed the bottle.

Olive oil flooded down into her ass. It was room temperature, and flowed slowly down into her bowels. Tifa shuddered. This was a new experience for her. Since her capture, they had fucked her ass often but never before had they tried to fill it with so much liquid.

Tifa twitched and squeezed down, her reaction somewhat slowing the flow as her insides tensed. She drank a little more water.

Corneo was patient, and firmly squeezed the bottle until all of the contents were transferred into her butt. He pulled the nozzle from her and a single drop of oil ran from her puckered hole down over her cunt.

Tifa felt uncomfortably bloated like she had to go. "Just so you know, if you fail to hold this in and make a mess, I'll have another one of Cloud's fingers cut off."

Tifa's eyes widened and she raised her wet face from her bowl. "A-another-?? Wait, you mean -"

Corneo dropped bundle of red fabric in front of her. Tifa opened it with shaky hands, and a severed little finger rolled out.

She almost threw up. She stared at the finger, still in position on the floor, head above her dog bowl with her ass in the air. She was too stunned to move, her mind racing.

"My men have told me all the times you've tried to refuse them. Told them 'no.' They used you anyway but that's not the point. You haven't been a good girl."

So it was her fault. She caused this. Tifa began to cry, filled with both despair and fury. She wanted to kill him. To save Cloud and get out of here. She punched the floor, and Corneo's guards snapped their rifles to point at her.

She was more or less naked and they had guns, and even if she survived she knew they'd have Cloud killed before she could find where they kept him. Her simmering anger was overwhelmed with hopelessness.

"I wonder how many fingers he can lose before he can't hold his sword."

"P-please don't hurt him any more." She said tearfully, her voice cracking. "I'm sorry. I'll be good from now on. A-and I won't make a mess. Just please...please leave him alone." She begs.


Corneo spanked his hand onto her upthrust ass and squeezes it possessively. "That's up to you."

He picks up another bottle of oil and jams it into her puckered rear and squeezes. Her insides flooded and swelled even more. He had to squeeze this bottle harder now, and she ached inside from the pressure. Tifa had around 2 liters inside of her.

"Have another drink, slut." He picked up another bottle. As her ass was pumped with more oil, Tifa lowered her tear-streaked face to her degrading dog bowl and lapped up some more of the water. She had caused Cloud to get hurt. It was her fault.

Tifa was starting to feel a mild heat in her pussy, and her cheeks flushed a little. She wasn't told, but Corneo had heavily laced all the oil with aphrodisiac. The drug easily soaked into her system through her intestinal lining, entering her bloodstream and taking effect rapidly. Even just a little aphrodisiac delivered this way would have had a strong effect.

And he had very heavily laced the olive oil.

Tifa squirmed, her ass filling more and more, her distended insides throbbing as more pressure was put on them. Her thighs quivered, her pussy steadily growing more and more needy. It didn't take her long to figure out she was being drugged, and a small trickle of her feminine juices leaked down her thigh.

Corneo popped the bottle from her ass. Then picked up another.

"W-wait! Please. I'm so full, I don't think more can fit - ungh!" The bottle's nozzle seated into her ass, and Corneo squeezed powerfully. Cramps assailed Tifa's insides as her bowels swelled like an overstuffed sausage. A small bulge was becoming visible in her stomach as Corneo slowly forced the last of the 3.5 liters into her shuddering body.

Completely full, Tifa moaned and squirmed. She would have given anything to be allowed to go to the bathroom. Her insides gurgled, and the burning need in her cunt was becoming unbearable. Her thighs squeezed and rubbed together, and she involuntarily humped the air once. If she wasn't so embarrassed to do it in front of them, she'd be desperately fingering herself. She fought the urge.

Reaching down, Corneo grabbed a fistful of her hair and threw her onto her back. A tiny spurt of oil leaked from her butt when she landed,and Corneo stared.

"That's no lunch for Cloud today. I suggest you try harder to keep it in." Tifa closed her eyes and nodded, desperately squeezing her struggling asshole. She propped herself up into a sitting position, legs in front of her on the floor.

She scissored her thighs together, unable to focus on anything but her intense drugged arousal. Even without being touched her throbbing pussy leaked obscenely, and her glass-cutting nipples were clearly visible through her dirty tight t-shirt. Her hands closed into fists cutely.

"God, what did you give me?" she said pathetically, biting her lip and averting her gaze. Her cheeks were flushed and her breath was coming in short little gasps. Sitting next to her 'TITBAGS' labeled dog bowl in such a state, Corneo found her quite arousing.

"Please, can I please use the bathroom? ngh! It's... it's too much. It h-hurts! I can't hold it!"

"You will hold it, Titbags." He smiled, using her nickname. He pressed gently on the little bulge in her stomach with his foot, and she moaned deeply, desperately clenching her ass. "You won't like the alternative."

"Blindfold her." He told his henchmen. "She can prove how much of a 'good girl' she is."


In total darkness, Tifa had been marched through the labyrinthine part of the sewers Don Corneo controlled, wearing only a sheer dirty white t-shirt and bare from the waist down. She panted softly, her arousal magnified by two small buzzing egg-shaped vibrators taped to her nipples under her shirt.

The nipple stimulation may not have been enough to get her off, but it definitely made her even more hot and bothered. Made her concentration waver that much more from keeping the voluminous oil enema in her ass contained.

Guided by rough groping hands, she waddled along awkwardly for nearly 30 minutes with her ass full to bursting with aphrodisiac-laced olive oil. They took so many turns went through so many locked doors, her bare feet wetly slapping against the cold damp floor.

The blindfold was suddenly ripped from her eyes. They were in some kind of underground storage room. She had no idea the path they took to get here, but in front of her tied to a chair sat Cloud.

One of the henchmen had a gun pressed point blank to his head, just in case Tifa got any ideas.

What Tifa saw broke her heart a thousand times over.

He was horribly bruised and looked malnourished, and had a bandaged hand where they had cut off his little finger. The other bloodied fingers were all missing their nails. One eye was completely swollen shut.

But he was alive. He had tired eyes that grew furious as he took in Tifa's half-naked form. He struggled uselessly in his bonds, wanting to kill them all for laying a finger on her. He had hoped she had escaped somehow.

Corneo stood behind her, squeezing one boob idly through her t-shirt while she stared at Cloud. The egg vibrator on her nipple pressed into his palm. "You say we don't need to hurt this guy anymore, that you're a good girl now. Is that right?"

Tifa blinked back tears but nodded. She looked away from Cloud, unable to meet his gaze while being touched so intimately. She'd do anything to keep Cloud alive. Even play along with their depraved plans.

"Yes." She whispered. Wasn't it enough for these people that they used her like a community fucktoy? No, they had to make her willingly submit too. She hated them so much.

Corneo squeezed the ample boobflesh harder and she winced. "Louder. So loverboy over there can hear."

"I-I'm a good girl now." she said more loudly, biting her lip in shame. Cloud continued to struggle. "You don't need to hurt Cloud. P-please. I'll be good." Her own arousal ran down her slick thighs, her drugged pussy betraying her, and her knees bowed inward ever so slightly.

Corneo looked thoughtful. "He's your boyfriend?"

"N-no..." Tifa responded. She did love Cloud, but he wasn't technically her boyfriend. She glanced at him, and her heart ached at his blackened and bruised face.

"No? Well, it's obvious you care about him a lot. He must just be too limp-dicked to take you. Is that right?"

Tifa said nothing, and Corneo reached his other hand up. He bounced both her titties through her shirt in front of Cloud.

"I think you should tell him your new nickname. Go ahead."

Tifa blushed even more, and looked down, her fists in little balls. "Titbags." she said quietly. "They call me Titbags."

"And what's in your ass right now, Titbags?"

"...oil. It's full of oil." The Don jiggled her more roughly.

"How much?"

"I..I don't know but, it's a lot. It hurts. I really have to...have to go." She was mortified.

The henchmen in the room snickered, and Corneo stopped playing her with tits. "Alright whore, since you're a 'good girl' and all, answer me this. What do good girls do with the guys they like?"

She hesitated. She knew what he wanted to hear. Her mind raced. They were probably going to make her fuck Cloud. It would be humiliating, but it's not like they weren't already fucking her daily anyway. But...

She didn't want to ruin her first time with Cloud like this.

Not like this.

Maybe she could get by with just giving him a blowjob. Maybe they'd be satisfied with that. She gulped nervously.

"Good girls suck off the guys they like." she said, fidgeting nervously and somehow blushing even more. Corneo's eye gleamed.

"Show us."


Tifa hummed around Cloud's cock like a whore, running her tongue all along the bottom of the shaft. Tears ran from her eyes as she looked up at his beaten gagged face. He was powerless, tied down to a chair, his pants pulled down.

She could tell he didn't want her to do this, but Cloud was unable to remain soft with a girl like Tifa determined to milk his balls. She tried to put on a good show, hoping that if she pleased Corneo he'd stop this and let her return to her room in his hideout. And the faster she got it over with the better.

The vibrations from her humming felt amazing, and the warm wet heat of her mouth was enough to drive any man wild.

"Deeper, slut." Corneo laughed, and he smacked the back of Tifa's head. Tears sprang to her eyes, but she forced herself farther down the shaft.

"Show loverboy the results of the gentle training we put you through." He mocked. "Throat him."

Ignoring the buzzing from the vibrators that remained taped to her nipples, Tifa gagged a little but took Cloud all the way to the hilt. She still wasn't very good at deepthroating, she hated it. Still, she worked her throat around him as best she could, but popped off for a breath of air after just a few seconds.


"Aggh!!!" Tifa screamed in agony, her cunt on fire. Corneo had taken a cattle prod from one of the henchmen and pressed it to her moist sexlips. Voltage slammed into her drug-aroused pussy. She could barely keep the oil in her ass from spilling out while she convulsed. Corneo grabbed her long black hair and wrenched her head back to scream in her face.

"I said THROAT HIM! Not this gentle blowjob shit! And don't you fucking come up for air until he cums. GOT IT?!" Tifa gasped pathetically. "I-I w-won't! I'm s-sorry!" Corneo shoved her head forwards, spearing Tifa's throat onto Cloud's meat, and held her there for a moment. Then he releases her, and she resumed her rhythmic bobbing, her hot tears dripping onto Cloud's thighs.

"That was low voltage. Next time, it goes on high." he said threateningly. Tifa redoubled her efforts, desperate to make Cloud cum and end this nightmare. The throating got messy as she punishingly slammed herself again and again on his meat, her head a blur.

A frothy white mix of pre-cum and saliva ran from her mouth to drip onto the tops of her t-shirt clad tits. From how he was tensing she could tell he was close, but her burning lungs weren't going to allow her to finish. Eyes half-lidded from lack of oxygen, afraid of the consequences, she popped off his cock again and took in a desperate breath of air.



The breath she had taken was immediately expelled out of her in a cry of agony as the cattle prod was again applied to her delicate pussy, this time on high. Corneo didn't just press it to her lips like before, but instead shoved the fat end of the prod as deeply into her sex as possible, the twin jaws cupping her cervix. Her cunt practically sizzled as it discharged the cruel electric charge to her womb, Corneo holding the button down for long, long seconds again and again.

"P-PLEASE! P-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAASE!" Tifa shrieked and writhed, her voice high pitched and quavering. She tried to squirm and twist away but the Don's men grabbed her, holding her.


Under such brutal treatment, she couldn't hold it anymore and the olive oil she had been holding in her ass for so long shot out. The henchmen in the room cheered. Corneo looked at her with disgust, some of the oil on his otherwise immaculate shoes. Finally he pulled the cattle prod out of her.

"What did I tell you would happen if you didn't keep the oil in?" Corneo asked coldly.

Tifa, her chest pumping sexily as she hyperventilated and wept, blanched white. "No! No, p-please! It just hurt so bad, I'm sorry! Please, don't cut off another of his fingers!" Cloud's eyes widened, and he yelled something into his gag.

Corneo nodded at one of the henchmen, and the man pulled a knife from his boot.

"NO PLEASE! I'll do anything! Please, don't hurt him. Punish me instead!" Tifa cried desperately. "I've been a bad girl, so punish me instead, not Cloud!"

Corneo held up a hand, stopping the henchmen. He looked bemused, thoughtful.

"What if I want to cut off your finger instead? You'd rather I do that?"

Tifa looked wide eyed and tearful, but steeled herself. She nodded.

"Y-yes. But please...please don't. I'm really sorry."

Corneo considered, then smiled. Tifa felt a shiver run down her spine at that smile. "I accept your proposal. We'll punish you instead. But - " he held up a finger. "The manner of your punishment is yet to be determined."

"You're going to give me a nice, slow titfuck. IF you impress me, I'll consider not cutting off your finger, or your boyfriend's. I'll find another less permanent way to punish you."

Don Corneo retrieved a chair and sat down comfortably. He looked at the scared girl.

Tifa nodded slowly. She couldn't fuck this up. "I...o-okay. - agh!!" She yelped as frigid cold water blasted into her. One of Corneo's henchmen turned on a high pressure hose and soaked Tifa head to toe, hosing her down and washing away all the oil she had expelled from her ass into a drain in the floor. After a few moments, the shivering girl was clean again, her sheer white t-shirt plastered over her jiggling mammaries now entirely transparent, her teats standing at attention.

"Thought you'd like her cleaned up first, boss." the henchman said with a grin.

Don Corneo laughed and nodded. "Indeed. She may be a whore but she doesn't have to be a dirty one." He fixed his gaze back on Tifa then indicated his shoes. "You made a mess on my shoes earlier whore. Clean it up."

Wet and cold, Tifa looked at his leather shoes, glistening with oil that had been inside her ass. She looked around, but no cloth or anything was given to her, only stares. The only thing she could use to clean with was her shirt.

Unwilling to expose her boobs before absolutely necessary, she did the only thing she could think of. The fabric was too small and tight to gather into her hands, clinging to her torso like a second skin, so she knelt down and prostrated herself at his feet. Blushing, she started to rub her breasts over his feet, hoping the soaked fabric would clean up some of the oil.

It didn't. The shirt was simply too wet to soak up any oil, and all she ended up doing was sliding her generous wet mounds over his shoes.

"Not working? Try using your tongue, slut." He kicked her breast and Tifa gasped at the shooting pain. She moved to do as he said, sniffling.


She curled up into a ball and extended her tongue hesitatingly. The first lick across his shoes filled her mouth with the taste of dirt, leather, and olive oil. Olive oil that was infused with the repugnant flavor of her own ass. Shuddering, she licked again along the crease where the shoe met the sole.

Slowly she worked her way over both shoes, licking up the taste of her own ass and feeling worth less than dirt. She cried the whole time, leaving little droplets of tears on Corneo's immaculately cleaned feet. Finally he spoke.

"That's enough. It's time for the titfuck." Shuddering, Tifa rose from the ground.

"You're going to have to lose the shirt." Corneo smiled.

Before Tifa could remove it herself, the man that had wielded the hose grabbed the flimsy garment at the neckline. With a loud rip he shredded the tight, wetly clinging fabric, and her fat titties bounced into view, still capped by the small pink egg-shaped vibrators. Tifa felt another wave of embarrassment and resentment. She had worked and begged so hard to be allowed that tiny bit of modesty for her chest, and it had been so callously destroyed in an instant.

"Allow me to prepare her for you Sir" he said to Don Corneo, who nodded.

*Ow!* The man who had ripped the shirt off slapped her liberated tits, and she indignantly tried to cover them. She twisted away from him, but was promptly grabbed by another henchman and forced to face him again, arms held behind her.

*Slap!* *Slap!* *Slap!*
"Owww! Leave me alone! Ouch!"
*Slap!* *Slap!*

The man slapped her dancing funbags again and again, deliberately aiming for the nipples, until he finally managed to slap off each of the taped on egg vibrators. "There you go slut. Now those udders are ready for the Don. Get to it." She glared at him furiously.

Completely naked and wet, Tifa approached the sitting Don and fell to her knees. Her pussy throbbed with need from the aphrodisiac in her system, but she was to give him a titjob. Looking emotionally broken, she fiddled with his pants and freed his erect cock, then moved to cup her chest.

"Hold up, whore. I think we've been neglecting your needy pussy. I know how much you like having your cunt stuffed." At his instruction, a long fat vibrator was brought out. Tifa didn't dare protest.

They pushed it into her very wet core while she leaned on the Don's legs, pressing her tits to his knees. The entrance to her sex strained to wrap around the girthy thing.

"Ungh! God..." she moaned as it was driven home. Straps running from an small eyebolt in the base to around her waist held it fully inserted. When it was turned on to low, her thighs shot together and she squirmed.

"ugggh!! mnnnnngh!!!" she couldn't help but moan. He drug-addled body was just so sensitive right now, and even the low setting was too much for her. She felt her arousal spike, and the henchman spanked her ass.

Taking the cue, Tifa cupped her generous freshly-slapped melons again and wrapped them around Don Corneo's impressive dick. Slowly, she started pumping his shaft, pressing her soft tits together around him.

"Damn. These are some fantastic titties." Corneo grinned, enjoying the feeling. He grabbed her cheek and hooked a thumb into her mouth to make her look at him. "That's why we call you Titbags, isn't it whore? Because the only thing of worth you have is your big fat knockers." Tifa averted her eyes, and the Don pulled his thumb from her mouth to slap her face.


Eyes watering at the sting, Tifa kept pumping her hefty milkbags up and down on the Don's shaft. The low-setting vibrator in her cunt was driving her insane, pushing her arousal so high but not high enough to climax. Her thighs just squirmed, toes curling, as the frustrated girl did her best to bring the Don off with her tits.

After going at it for a few minutes, the combination of the vibrator and her efforts was making her start to sweat. Smiling and leaning back, the Don reveled in the slippery feeling of her sweaty funbags.

"Fuck that's good." he groaned. "One of you bring her some oil."

Momentarily stopping the titfuck, Tifa took the bottle of oil. Sniffling, she poured the slippery liquid all over her mouth-watering tits and started to rub it in. The fat udders glistened provocatively, and she once again wrapped them around the Don's meat. She would do her best to please him. She had to.

"Fuuuuck" he said with a grin, bucking his hips up, fucking the sweaty oily cleavage. "Push them together tighter." Blushing, Tifa complied, the tight valley of feminine flesh squeezing his manhood lovingly while she bounced them up and down.

His length was so impressive that the cockhead would occasionally jab her chin. "When I cum, I want you to swallow it all. Do you hear me bitch? Don't waste a fucking drop."

"o-okay." Tifa worked his pistoning cock between her bust, and when he tensed she took the tip into her mouth, still cradling the shaft between her boobs.

To say the salty sperm flooded her mouth was an understatement. The initial splash was so forceful that cum shot up and out of her nose. Don Corneo's load was like a never ending torrent, and Tifa gulped and gulped his hot sticky seed down, eyes watering. His heavy balls twitched but she kept her slick boobs pressed around him, her mouth gently suckling him dry. She drank her lewd milkshake straight from the source and shuddered, fighting down the urge to vomit. That would end in disaster.

She drained his balls as best she could, obediently swallowing it all down. She slowly rubbed one breast then the other up and down the shaft as he came, alternating. Her mouth finally released his cock with a wet pop, and remembering how he told her not to waste a drop she wiped the excess cum that shot out of her nose with her fingers and licked it off. Despite trying to be tough for Cloud, she started to cry a little.

"Was that okay?" she asked weakly, red eyed. "Please don't punish me too much. I tried my best." She shifted uncomfortably, folding her legs to the side. The vibrator between her milky thighs still gently buzzed away and kept her edging.

The Don smiled. "You did well enough. Enough to where I, generously, will not cut off a finger. You should be grateful."

Tifa looked relieved and nodded. "I-I am. Really. Th-thank you so much." She kept her boobs pressed around his cock, afraid to take them off without permission.

"But I am going to punish you in another way. You were told to keep that oil in your ass, and you failed. And I detest people that fail me." Tifa looked apprehensive, nervous of what could be coming.

The Don gestured and Tifa was blindfolded again. He was going to attend to her punishment session back at the mansion in privacy. Tifa just wished she could have had one last look at Cloud. She hoped he'd forgive her.


The sound of leather singing as it sailed through the air was broken as the heavy strap kissed Tifa's upthrust breasts.


"Ungh!!!! Godddd!!"

She was in Corneo's private room, tied face-up to a horizontal low-mounted barrel. Arched backwards severely, her head hung backwards and upside down on one side, her legs on the other. The voluptuous girl formed a half-circle with her body. Her prominent tits jutted upwards on the topside of the barrel, their weight causing them to sag slightly to her sides. Her delicate nipples reached for the ceiling.

This was her punishment session, for failing to keep her high-volume oil enema contained in her ass. The fact that it had been Corneo shocking her cunt with a cattle prod that caused her to fail didn't matter.

*Thwack!* *Thwack!*

"Ungh!! N-no!!! Please!"

Corneo brought the thick heavy two inch wide strap down again on the shuddering milkbags, flattening them to her chest wall. Each stroke made them briefly look like thick pancakes.

*Thwack!* "Don't" *Thwaack!!* "ever' *Thwock!* "disappoint me" *Splat!* "Again!" *SPLAAAT!!*

"Ngh!!! Owwww!!!! AghH!!!" Tifa's fat wobbling udders shook as they absorbed blow after blow. Gone was the vibrator keeping her edging, gone were the effects of the aphrodisiac. All she felt now was throbbing breast pain, welt after welt being beaten into the soft feminine orbs.

Tifa's red upside down face had tears rolling down her cheeks, dripping to the floor below. The blood pounded in her skull from her severely arched position.

"It's not my fault!" she cried miserably. "You were hurting me so bad!" Corneo smiled and set the strap down, and sank his fingers into both of her strapped mommy milkers. He squeezed hard, like he was trying to make them burst, and Tifa fell into wracking sobs.

"Owww!! P-please n-not so h-hard!!" *sob*

"It doesn't matter if I'm hurting you. You need to follow your instructions regardless, or else I hurt you even worse." His fingers nearly sank from sight into the throbbing mammaries, and she twisted uselessly in her bonds. Her spine practically creaked from the pressure of her arched posture over the barrel. He roughly squeezed and mauled her chest callously.

"Nghh! Godd, stooooop, please! Ah! Ah!" she grunts, her breath hitching at the manhandling of her treasures. In response, Corneo simply brutally punches each breast, deeply bruising her boobs all the way to their tender centers.

"AHH!! Owwww!!" Grinding his knuckles downward, her yielding breastflesh seemingly tried to swallow up his fists. Changing tactics, he grips and pinches her stubborn nipples. Digging in his nails savagely, he reverses course and yanks upwards, stretching the generous globes into taut cones. He leans back hard, trying to lift the heavy barrel she's strapped to from the ground by her teats. It shifts a little but remains planted. Tifa could only wheeze and sob, her fingers and toes curling uselessly.

*Yank* *Yank* *Yank* *Yank*
"OH! AH! AHH!! AHH!!"
With each mighty yank two of the feet of the barrel stand lift slightly from the floor, and Tifa begins to hyperventilate between her high pitched shrieks.

Don Corneo grinned. He could listen to this whore cry out all day. He yanks up on the udders one final time and holds her there, mouth open in a silent scream, before letting the nipples agonizingly slide out of his fingers. Free of their dreadful load the fat fucksacks wobble back into shape.

*Gasp!* *Gasp!* *Gasp!* *broken sobs*

With an open palm he slaps the shimmying flesh powerfully, making the buxom whore's tits dance and bounce across her chest. He made a game of slapping the undercurves, seeing if he could get her tits to flop hard enough to hit her chin. If she wasn't arched backwards so severely over a barrel, he might have succeeded.


Snot ran from Tifa's nose as she bawled her eyes out. His hand smarting, he picks his leather strap back up and applies a light coat of oil to it.

"You're fortunate I'm only hurting you, whore. You saw I have no problem taking my frustrations with your shortcomings out on your little boytoy." Tifa thought of how brutalized Cloud had been when she saw him, and another fresh tear rolled down her cheek.

"...I hate you so much." she whispers. She heard the sound of leather moving through the air.


"Ungh!! G-Gah!!!! UGH!!!!"

Don Corneo cruelly punished her funbags harder and harder, losing track of time and humming happily as if he were an artist at work. As the bruises and welts overlapped on the reddened jiggling girlflesh, Tifa came to a conclusion in her pain-induced delirium.

This man was pure sadism. He had already maimed Cloud because of a minor infraction of hers. He might very well try to kill them both regardless of her compliance.

She had to try to escape.

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