First time with my sister (story)

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This story is based on my real life fantasies. It was a normal day. I am a senior in high school living with my sister (let's just call her Julia). I came home from school one day to find my sisters room door open. I walk in to find her sleeping half her body covered by the blanket. I sit there and stare for a moment looking at her body. my sister works a lot so it's not a surprise to see her sleeping. ( this next part is based on a foot fetish, If you do not have a foot fetish skip the paragraph with the slashes secluding it (:. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I look down at Julias feet. They were red just the way I like them that means they must be cold. I look up and whisper "Hey Julia" ... no response "hey Julia!" she doesn't budge.I walk closer to get a better look at her feet they are gorgeous. I thought for a second looked up at Julia then I couldn't hold the urge. I started rubbing her feet (not too hard of course I don't want to wake her up). I was feeling slowly. I loved how cold they were. I was feeling every wrinkle and bump. I then took the risk to the next level... I kneel down and lick her foot from the bottom to the top very slowly salvating the taste. She grunts. I get up and decide I can't risk anymore. I decide to take a picture of her feet and I go upstairs to jack off to it. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I come back downstairs to go to my room Julias now awake getting ready for a shower. Work again? Julia: Yup, she proceeds to go take her shower.about 5 minutes later I'm thirsty so I go to the kitchen to grab a mountain dew. As I'm walking down the hall to the kitchen I see the bathroom door was open. I forgot it was broken and you have to slam it to close it. I go to close it for Julia but then I look through the gap.I can see my sister. bathing in the shower. she was rubbing her breasts with the soapy water. I watch for a minute then I see her move her arm up. There was a phone on the shelf of the shower. I notice it instantly Its Pornhub. She hits play. I can barely see the phone but I could see the top half because we have a glass door to the shower and the shelf was just barely in the line of sight. I nearly shit myself when I saw she was watching a sislovesme video. She starts to rub around her vagina and then starts fingering herself as I can hear her pleasant moan. This was too much I decide to walk away with possibly one of the biggest boners I've ever had I grab my mountain dew and go back to my room. My sister pops in 10 minutes later and says she is going to work. I say alright and she leaves. I play video games for a few hours and go to bed. I wake up and go tot he kitchen to make some cereal. After I make my bowl my sister comes in. Julia: Hey I need to talk to you about something meet me in my room when your done eating. ok. I eat my cereal and go to Julia's room. keep in mind I have no job at the time and no source of income. I walk in and she is sitting on the bed. She pats down for me to sit next to her. I do. Julia: so. I've been thinking and I want to ask you a favor. Yeah sure Julia anything. Julia: well you know I'm not In a relationship... and I haven't seen a penis in a long time... She looks down and blushes. You know how you wanted that game on steam? yeah? I said. Julia: well I can give you the money but you have to let me do something... Julia? just let me please you.... You don't even have to look at me you can think it somewhen else? well... I think for a minute looking at her wondering if she is serious.Julia: well maybe this will persuade you... She then takes her shirt off and undoes her bra to show her nice milfy breasts. Julia: I see you always looking at these... I also saw you spying on me in the shower like a little perv... so go ahead have a feel. she smiles. I start feeling around her breast and grope a little bit. She then moves my hands away. Julia: so do we got a deal? there is no way I could say yes without studdering but I tried my best and that's all she needed. Julia: I'm just gonna do hand and mouth stuff ok? alright i said. I take off my shirt. She then gives me a very sexy grin puts her hand on my chest and pushes me so I lay down. She unzips my pants and pulls them down. She still has the sexy grin on her face. Julia: Wow its so much bigger than I imagined. She puts her hand on the base and just starts stroking up and down. She starts very slow then gains speed. Julia: alright now for the real treat, Stand up. I do as I'm told. she gets on her knees and puts her hair up. She begins to Wrap her tongue around my dick sliding it up the base. once she is at the top she Opens her mouth wide and starts sucking my dick. She is full on deep throating. Its like she has no gag reflex. She keeps going faster and faster. It feels so good then I'm not able to hold it. I explode right in her mouth.She swallows it and gets up as we both sit down. She was smiling looking at me. then all the sudden the smile turns too a frown and her eyes widen. Julia: Was a mistake... your my brother we should have not done this. Jul- No please just get out of my room and forget this ever happened take my visa off the kitchen table and buy your game. I walk out and close the door. We didn't talk for a good two days making small talk and little eye contact. things then began to be normal and we were talking normally again. A week went by until Friday night. when I got home that day I had no idea how great my weekend was going to be. I go to my room and Julia was sitting on my bed. What are you doing in here? Julia: well I want to talk about something. I sit down. (this is another and the last foot fetish section. once again if your not in to this skip the slashed paragraph) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Before I sat down I noticed she was wearing some sexy ass dress socks... (if you don't know what dress socks look like here is a reference just look up socks to wear with flats)now that you know that let's move on. Julia: you left your phone here and I kinda went through it... Julia what the fu- Julia: let me finish. I saw a picture in your gallery of me sleeping.. particularly pointing at my feet. I thought that was kind of strange then I looked at your browser history. I read off things like and I quote "sister foot worship, sister footjob, sister foot massage... I can explain- Julia no need... she then takes her dress socks off very slowly. She then puts her feet on my crotch over my jeans. But Julia remember when we did that thing last week you don't want to make another mistak- She shushes me by putting her big toe up to my lips and sliding it off my cheek. Julia: it's not incest if it's with my feet she smiles the tells me to open up. I grab a foot and go to town. I lick each toe one by one. I make her foot soaking wet running my tongue across every little wrinkle.I put the foot down and switch to the other one.and do the same. I put that down and look at Julia. You know it fantasized this so much and I can't thank you enough. She smiles and tells me she knows.I take my clothes off and lay down. She runs a foot from my face and to my dick. she puts that one foot on my dick and slowly pushes my dick down just to tease me. She then brings her other foot up and starts giving me an amazing footjob. her feet were cold and still soaking from when I slobbered on them. she is at the perfect pace moving up and down. She then takes her feet off and turns on her belly. She starts giving me a sole job. Ugh, your so amazing I say with a slight moan. I'm getting ready to cum. She turns around and puts her feet back on my dick. Julia: let me show you how flexible I am... She then proceeds to start sucking my dick with her feet still gripping the base. It felt amazing. She then stops sucking leans back and continues with her feet again. my legs start to shake as my dick spews so much cum out on her feet. She smiles and brings her feet up. she ate the cum off of her feet. She gets up. and smiles at me. she picks up the sexy ass dancer socks and throws them on my lap. Julia keep this as a souvenir... until next time. she smiles and walks out of the room.I sit there for a few minutes stunned and very pleased ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Saturday Julia worked all day so I played my new game all day. I played it until 9 am I didn't wake up until about 5 o'clock. I eat dinner with Julia then go down to my room. It's around 9 pm and I was horny. I put the image of Julia in my head and was getting ready to masturbate. I was disturbed by a text that read... Julia: I can't stand it back anymore get to my room now! I thought I was in trouble so I go to Julia's room the door was closed so I knock. Julia: (seductive tone) come innn. I open the door she was sitting there fully naked and a finger out waving me over. Julia: I can't stand it anymore I want you to fuck me what happened last time was no mistake I don't care if its incest your irresistible and I can already see the bulge in your pants so fuck the shit out of your big sister like you've always fantasized! I smile if you persist. I take off my clothes and slide on the bed between her legs. I ate her out and she was moaning deep. this happened for a few minutes then I got up. I was ready. Do you have a condom? I ask. Julia: don't worry I have my tubes tide beside I want to feel you inside me don't you want to feel the inside of your sister huhhh? My answer was telling her to get on her hands and knees. I put my dick in and start slow about it. she was moving her hips back and forth urging me to go faster. I did I was pounding away and she was moaning loud as I kept going faster. My whole dick was in there and I could feel the warmth. I then get out and lay on my back. She crouches on me. Julia: let me do the work she whispers. She then gets on me cowgirl style and moves up and down grinding against me moaning. she gets a better grip and puts her hands on my chest leaning over and smashing her ass up and down fast. We go back to doggy style and I'm going faster than ever and the way she is moaning she is basically yelling. I cum. Julia: I can feel them swimming inside meeee!!! She then falls on her back I join her we sit there and hug. Julia: I hope you know this isn't the last time we are doing this. I look at her and say damn right.
Thank you for reading! All my stories come from personal fantasies so I hope you enjoyed! There will be more to come with my sister, mother, aunt, cousins, and combinations of those!!

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