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Your fantasy of her in the kitchen
genre: straight
You come home and open the door . A smell of paint is lingering in the air, still there from the decorating. But wait there is also something else , aromatic smells which can only come from the kitchen. She is already here. A part of your shitty day is going away, your heart sings. You drop your stuff in the hall and quickly make your way to...
wrote on 2019-05-05 | by Laura Ellric
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part III
genre: threesome
This is the third part of Her Threesome Fantasy: After a quickie threesome in the shower with my beautiful Latina wife, Jeff and I had coffee in the bedroom of our casino hotel room, while she fixed her hair and got ready for the day. She had confided with me she loved the mfm threesome with me, but now wanted to try a threesome with two...
wrote on 2019-03-31 | by Northern
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part II
genre: threesome
This is the second part of Her Threesome Fantasy: After Jeff left us that night, we were both relaxing in bed, when I asked her how the experience was for her. She said "it was awesome, but now I am horny for a threesome with two strangers and you with me", as she lazily slide a finger along her swollen, wet pussy lips and clit into her cum...
wrote on 2019-03-29 | by Northern
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part I
genre: threesome
My wife and I were on a trip to Las Vegas and spending the daytimes at Lake Meade on a small party barge we rented and evenings at the casino hotel. The time in the sun on deck was making her beautiful soft skin turn very brown, and she would remove her thong bikini in the hidden somewhat private coves for an even tan. She is Latina, black...
wrote on 2019-03-29 | by Northern
A Librarian Fantasy come true
genre: straight
I have always fancied nerdy looking brunette librarians. Especially those in short hair and glasses. I have known this such librarian for over a year. I went through emotional hell recently and my sex drive was down but since moving back west from the prairies where I was recently living at for 8 months, my drive had returned somewhat. This gal...
wrote on 2019-01-14 | by G.F
genre: lesbian
My did you ever showed a movie and you helpless l had fantasy on movie l waited sex so bad at that time l started imagine kiss someone slowly get down link someone is pussy l grown like boy imagining things is my best friend see beautiful boob's Fuck that person like l never Fuck lt
wrote on 2018-12-16 | by Fantasy
Home alone with Chief -A K9 fantasy
genre: zoophilia
I was so excited when I heard we were pet-sitting Chief for the weekend; a giant schnauzer dog- a tall breed, like a wolfhound with long shaggy black fur. He was a good natured, excitable dog with the habit of jumping up and humping if he got a bit too excited- his family would scold him for it but secretly I grew hot between the legs imagining...
wrote on 2018-11-21 | by Cherry_Snippets
Fantasy fulfilled
genre: threesome
We're a black married couple living in sunny South Africa. When I met my wife the very first question that I asked her was, what's her wildest fantasy. I encouraged her to be brutally honest with me and assured her that I will not judge her based on her answer, ridiculous or crazy as it may sound. She told me that she read the book "Fifty Shades...
wrote on 2018-09-19 | by Jayza
Amy's Fantasy
genre: exibitionism
Initially, Amy was hesitant when Alex had asked her if she wanted to take the bus instead of a plane. She knew that what should have been a couple-hour journey would now take more than a whole day, but when she saw the price difference she would have to say yes. She ended up being surprised with how much she liked the bus ride. Free wifi, air...
wrote on 2018-06-28 | by BashfulScribe
My wiled fantasy
genre: bisexual
Hi there name is dan and I've recently been reading a lot of erotica and other people's sex stories and I thought maybe I can share mine. To start off I've never really been bi or attracted to other men, not even one bit, in fact I hated the look of feminine guys or guys who like other guys it just didn't feel right But I always wondered...
wrote on 2018-01-17 | by dan
Paramore fantasy
genre: group sex
I'm not the kind of guy who would have sex with just any girl. Even in the most debauched setting, it would require someone with whom I have at least a casual acquaintance. For the physical relationship to progress, so too would the connection between the two of us. In other words, I wouldn't bang a girl just because she is hot or...
wrote on 2017-12-27 | by hayleywilliamsfans
A slave fantasy
genre: fetish
Here is a fantasy i wrote years ago. It's further than i've ever gone but fantasy is often a signpost to where this slave might go if the right Master were to come along... a slave fantasy by grovelslave my past has been wiped out and there is only the present. The future is something i never think about - it is enough that i am alive in the...
wrote on 2017-09-06 | by grovelslave
Fantasy counselling
genre: straight
It had all been going so well. Linda had me cuckolded and I had agreed that she needed those bigger black cocks to satisfy her increasing libido. There was a little pushback from me when Linda had invited three of her hung black friends over for the weekend, she had acted like a real slut for the entire time taking them whenever and where ever...
wrote on 2017-07-04 | by adventureousmale
Fantasy came true
genre: incest
This is a story about me and my wifes elder sister and her daughter. I am iya.i am 32yrs old.i am married.we have a son 7 months old.the story is about how my fantasy came fantasy was to fuck my wifes elder sister.who is a total knockout.her name is Marsha.she is 34yrs old with a sexy curvy body.with 38dd tits and a huge ass that any...
wrote on 2016-12-07 | by Iya
Black fantasy date night
genre: straight
This was an exciting moment for me. We had been planning this for months and we are finally living out our fantasy. Monica spent the last few days shopping for a dress for tonight. I sometimes wonder if that was necessary since her lover would only be interested in her. Usually my wife was a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl but tonight she went...
wrote on 2016-11-27 | by 425olds
Caught and used - Fantasy
genre: bondage
It was a great afternoon and being away on holiday was great. I had booked a lodge in Cornwall and had a long weekend to my self. The lodge was an expensive one with Jacuzzi and all the latest mod cons. The first night was great as I was able to dress up and be myself and just be a general slut really. I had bought along my dildo collection and...
wrote on 2016-09-05 | by gemma-longlegs
May fantasy turned into reality
genre: incest
Well this is a story that connects with a fantasy I wrote about a Daycare Mom. See I had a crush on her for some time. The fantasy story was a means to satisfy my hunger, and yet the desire was still there. Well I finally banged her and it was worth every moment. So this is how it played out. She had pulled her k**s out of the daycare, due she...
wrote on 2016-07-24 | by aorion255
This is how the fantasy goes
genre: bondage
I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower and me being handicapped as well. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the...
wrote on 2016-06-03 | by big_bruno
Rich bitch fantasy
genre: group sex
I have my driver, James, pull the car around to the back of the warehouse and park there. He steps out and walks around to my door, looking sharp, as always, in his crisp, grey uniform. Standing straight and tall, he opens my door and waits as I step out. “Wait here, James,” I tell him. “I will only be a short while.” “Yes, ma’am,”...
wrote on 2016-03-21 | by Katy
One wife's fantasy
genre: group sex
It was a typical night in our house. The k**s were in bed and we had just finished yet another round of mediocre sex. As he fell asl**p I find my hand moving towards my pussy to finish the job he never seemed to complete. I began to wonder what it would be like to be used by several men. I closed my eyes and let the fantasy play out. “One,...
wrote on 2016-03-03 | by PlayWithMe
Ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy
genre: cheating
UH oh, it's me again your bitchy ex girlfriend! But you can't stay away from me can you? There is just something about me that gets your dick hard and your heart race. I'm like a drug to you and you just can't seems to satay away or get me off of your mind.. And ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy is what your secretly wanting right now. Your ex to...
wrote on 2015-11-15 | by Fregie
Teacher-Student fantasy
genre: domination
That cute girl in the back of your class, quietly taking notes and smiling at you and batting my pretty eyelashes. Yep that's me! Your teacher and student fantasy phone sex little slut! I see that you've been looking at me and watching me day after day. And how you look down my shirt when you pass by me. I want you to know that I want you too...
wrote on 2015-10-07 | by Raven
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