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She was my fantasy
genre: zoophilia
Hi I’m Dawn and even though this happened 10 or so years ago every time I think about it it makes me very wet and turned on. I hope you enjoy it. She was a good friend of the family and had moved from Germany and she had a place in the country that was very private. She was the kind of woman that was built with a big body not fat but more like...
wrote on 2023-11-16 | by Greta’s bitch
Claire's Submissive Fantasy PT 3
genre: lesbian
Late on a Friday afternoon Claire's professor told her that the department head wanted to talk to her about her paper. Claire asked him what she wanted but he said he didn't know. Claire nodded and said she would go up and see her. Her professor smiled and said, "Have fun." Claire entered the department head's office and was surprised to see...
wrote on 2023-10-23 | by anono
My Gang Bang Fantasy.
genre: swingers
My Gang Bang Fantasy I've always had a fascination for sexual fantasy. My husband always wanted to try new things but I would never tell him what I really wanted to do. We did the normal roll play, with whips and maybe a bit of bondage, but I really like to be controlled, to have my body used by men. I wanted to feel trapped and have men just...
wrote on 2023-09-07 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Claire's Submissive Fantasy PT 2
genre: domination
Several months had passed since Claire revealed her fantasy to her professor. He hadn't made a big deal about it but they had fucked a few times in the office and he always made sure to tease her with the thought of having her take on several more men and always against her will. For her part, Claire had spent several nights fucking herself...
wrote on 2023-09-01 | by anono1
Claire's Submissive Fantasy
genre: domination
Claire worked as a graduate assistant at a small university. Her boss was a professor who reviewed her work and advised her. Late one Friday afternoon she was working with the professor after all of the other staff had gone home. "Your paper seems to indicate that you believe some women enjoy being told what to do", he asked Claire. Somewhat...
wrote on 2023-09-01 | by anono
My Fantasy came true
genre: straight
I've always fantasized about neighbor across the street she was married and had 1 child. She was my fantasy woman best looker in the whole street. I wasn't married and lived in my parent's home which was now mine they have passed away. I was a late child born my mother was 41 and my father was 50. At 33 I was single not a great dater of women,...
wrote on 2023-07-04 | by Man across street.
My secret fantasy
genre: exibitionism
i fantasize about having a lady that calls me to come and do some cleaning for her and she has me do it with nothing on but a real short t shiirt so she can see my balls and my penis which i keep shaved so shhe can see every thing real good i love her seeing every thing and knows what i look like naked and i am naked for her every chance i get...
wrote on 2022-09-18 | by stacey
Daddy's Good Girl - a mind control fantasy
genre: incest
“Are you sure this is going to help me, daddy?” I reached out a hand to cup my daughter’s cheek. She leaned into my touch, her clear blue eyes gazing directly into mine as my thumb rubbed lazy circles on her smooth skin. Oh, where did I go wrong with raising Lexie? She used to be such a sweet child. She could still look sweet, vulnerable...
wrote on 2022-06-05 | by Hazel Grace
I have a fantasy
genre: threesome
The fantasy goes like this: My wife and I are out for “date night”, she is dressed in her little black dress. A younger guy approaches her and complements her on how hot she looks and asks her to dance. She looks at me and I tell her to go ahead if she wants too. They dance through a couple of songs and return to our table. I invite him to...
wrote on 2022-03-26 | by Jack N.Hoff
My Fetishy Fantasy
genre: fetish
My body gets this warm, erotic feeling when I hear and feel certain aspects of nature. From hearing birds chirp in the morning, to hearing the ocean waves and feeling the breeze on a warm night at the beach. My insides begin to tingle each time, and I have this animalistic desire to have my pussy devoured, and to be fucked passionately with...
wrote on 2022-03-08 | by Babygirlxoxo
Wifes biker fantasy
genre: zoophilia
Cheryl and I had been hard at work all week. We had purchased an investment property on the outskirts of a small mining town several hours from our own home and had taken leave from our jobs to do some renovations in preparation for letting it out. We had finished the painting and just had a couple more days left to add some finishing...
wrote on 2022-01-27 | by Barefoot92
My Wife's Problem And My Fantasy
genre: cheating
My wife Sasha is 41 and gorgeous as all get out, Blond hair,baby blue eyes and a rocking hot little body. But she is into younger guys. And yes that puts her in line as a cougar so what.The first time I caught her cheating on me was with the pizza delivery guy.He was 19 and tall and dripped muscles so I didn't intervene. I just stood...
wrote on 2021-10-16 | by Biggy Max
Fantasy fuck store– home visits
genre: fetish
After working several weeks, providing and mature clients with a ‘personal service'...with the emphasis on ‘personal' at the fantasy fuck store, Heather mentioned that some ladies like role playing which was difficult to do in the store. "So I started a home lingerie fitting service, which allows them to fulfil their sexual role-playing...
wrote on 2021-09-10 | by Senior Sex Lover
Foursome Fantasy Fully Fulfilled
genre: group sex
My friend has a great ski house in Vermont that barely gets used over the summer and she offered to let me use it for a long weekend. I convinced Ron to take some time off and join me, we rarely get to spend nights away together and are both ridiculously excited to fuck each other’s brains out without interruptions! I arrive before him, set...
wrote on 2021-03-14 | by Ann Meadow
A gift of fantasy
genre: threesome
Not many times does a women get to experience something that I have experienced in my life. Having sex with two men at once was something I never imagined I was ready for. I have been happily married since 5 years and I really do not have any complains in my marriage. Its been awesome both physically and emotionally. My husband has always been...
wrote on 2021-01-01 | by WickedStoryTeller
Teacher’s Fantasy Lust pt 2 - Blackmailed
genre: lesbian
In part one of this fantasy you left me laying on my back on my desk. The leotard was pulled down to expose my breasts, and I had pulled the crotch aside so I could finger myself vigorously, pretending that my crushes were watching me and joining in! As the erotic images flashed around my mind of me being seduced and ravished by beautiful...
wrote on 2020-12-29 | by Bee
Teacher’s fantasy lust pt 1
genre: lesbian
I was so pleased when I landed a job as a NQT at a girls grammar school. I was given my own small office in the oldest Victorian building of the school which was in the geography and history block. Some of the rooms were no longer used and the building has the feel of a gothic movie set or a museum. My office was quite large and doubled- up...
wrote on 2020-12-28 | by Bee
When fantasys become reality part 2.
genre: fetish
For yrs Daisy's mother lived with us in the beginning of our relationship a few months after living together my wife and I. My mother in law and i became close. She was in her mid 40s long black hair slim waist although she has no ass she has other qualities that make up for it like her huge 36dds tits. nice warm smooth legs and has the most...
wrote on 2020-10-31 | by G.O.D. Productions
When fantasys become reality.
genre: first times
It started 8 yrs ago my wife and I wanted to do something fun, we had been married at this time, 2 yrs and living together, our sex life has always been great but we wanted to spice our sex life a tab bit. so one evening I called a friend and asked him to sell me some ecstasy pills (mdma) it was our first time trying ecstasy but it had been...
wrote on 2020-10-31 | by G.O.D. Productions
Gemini Chapter 1: My Twin Fantasy
genre: incest
My Name is Scarlett and I have a Twin Sister Violett. We as twins have always had a special bond with each other that a lot of siblings don't really have. For Instance I sometimes see siblings that eventually drift apart and talk to each other. It's Mainly Because of Age Difference. But because we are twins we've always been together. Throughout...
wrote on 2019-09-11 | by Uniboomer
Your fantasy of her in the kitchen
genre: straight
You come home and open the door . A smell of paint is lingering in the air, still there from the decorating. But wait there is also something else , aromatic smells which can only come from the kitchen. She is already here. A part of your shitty day is going away, your heart sings. You drop your stuff in the hall and quickly make your way to...
wrote on 2019-05-05 | by Laura Ellric
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part III
genre: threesome
This is the third part of Her Threesome Fantasy: After a quickie threesome in the shower with my beautiful Latina wife, Jeff and I had coffee in the bedroom of our casino hotel room, while she fixed her hair and got ready for the day. She had confided with me she loved the mfm threesome with me, but now wanted to try a threesome with two...
wrote on 2019-03-31 | by Northern
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part II
genre: threesome
This is the second part of Her Threesome Fantasy: After Jeff left us that night, we were both relaxing in bed, when I asked her how the experience was for her. She said "it was awesome, but now I am horny for a threesome with two strangers and you with me", as she lazily slide a finger along her swollen, wet pussy lips and clit into her cum...
wrote on 2019-03-29 | by Northern
Her Threesome Fantasy - Part I
genre: threesome
My wife and I were on a trip to Las Vegas and spending the daytimes at Lake Meade on a small party barge we rented and evenings at the casino hotel. The time in the sun on deck was making her beautiful soft skin turn very brown, and she would remove her thong bikini in the hidden somewhat private coves for an even tan. She is Latina, black...
wrote on 2019-03-29 | by Northern
A Librarian Fantasy come true
genre: straight
I have always fancied nerdy looking brunette librarians. Especially those in short hair and glasses. I have known this such librarian for over a year. I went through emotional hell recently and my sex drive was down but since moving back west from the prairies where I was recently living at for 8 months, my drive had returned somewhat. This gal...
wrote on 2019-01-14 | by G.F
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