My wiled fantasy

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Hi there name is dan and I've recently been reading a lot of erotica and other people's sex stories and I thought maybe I can share mine.
To start off I've never really been bi or attracted to other men, not even one bit, in fact I hated the look of feminine guys or guys who like other guys it just didn't feel right
But I always wondered why some guys like sleeping with other guys.
I watched porn a lot and throughout the years I've developed this fantasy that I wanna be fucked and be forced to suck dick, just like the women in the porn videos, it was weird but I wanted to suck a dick so much, and every time I watch a porn movie saliva startes poring from my mouth and I start to picture my self sucking a big fat dick ,i still didn't like men i just wanted to taste a dick.
I forgot I even had this fantasy for years..till one day I was at my friend's house... lets call him jack
Now Jack and I were best friends and I would never be attracted to him in such a way was out of the questions but there was a moment when we were at his house where I saw his semi-erect cock from under his pants and it was huge ,it got me thinking about his dick all night long
And I jacked off fantasizing about how would it taste.
Next day ,I wokeup got dressed and went home,it was clear to me that I would never tell Jack how I kept thinking about his dick all night long
Because it would be really weird if I did and I might loose a friend, I tried to keep my distance with him so nothing bad would happen ,and i stopped talking to him for a week
But one day he called and asked if it was okay if he can stay at my place for a few days ,I said sure
Then he came to my place and he spent the first day just talking to what happened to him and his wife
He told me he had a fight with his wife and that it ended up with him getting kicked out of the house.
I told him it was ok and he can stay here as long as he wants to.
The first day got by and nothing really happened, but I kept wondering why they had a fight in the first place, so i asked him and he told me it was personal .
Next day jack and i had planned to watch some movies In the night, we thought it would be fun, he got the popcorn I put on a movie and we sat next to each other, in the movie there was a sex scene, and as we watched it his dick got hard ,and we both got horny,he noticed me staring at his crotch and asked me if i like what I see, I didn't respond to that as if I didn't hear him, then he moved closer to me and told that the fight between him and his wife was because he told her he was bi
Then I told him about my fantasy and that I wanted to know how it feels to taste a cock, then he asked if I wanted to try out my fantasy and I said yes, he stood beside me and pulled down his pants ,his cock was like 6.5" and so was mine but his cock was fat, it was like 5cm in length, he pushed it against my lips and told me to lick ,it tasted good and I wanted more , so i started slowly sucking it buy moving my head with his cock in my mouth , then he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth and shove it deep inside my throut, when his cock bacame fully covered with my saliva he told me to Stand up and bend over on my knees ,he then pulled my pants down and spread my ass cheeks apart and started to lick my ass to get it wet , I really like that so i pushed my ass into his face to make him tongue fuck my ass but it wasn't too long before he started to rub the tip of his dick on my ass , I asked him if it's going to hert and he said only at first ,then he started to fuck me slowly ,and it really hert at first but my ass got used to it as he fucked me faster and faster ,so it started to feel good after a while , and when he was about to cum he popped his dick out of my ass and told my to get on my knees and be ready ,he wanted to cum on my face but I told him to cum in my mouth ,I opeand my mouth and put his cock between my lips as he shot his load , his cum tasted really good , a little bit salty and creamy but really good , I swallowed it and felt it go down my throut, then I cleaned his dick with my tongue and that was it for the night but a lot more happened after that ,tell me if you wanna know the rest of the story I might do a part 2

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