Massage turns to sex

Written by , on 2018-10-18, genre threesome

Hi,I always had this fantasy about my wife taking an erotic massage,this fantasy developed after seeing the Czech massage videos which my wife used to enjoy.Let me describe her she is 45 5.5fts tall,we enjoy our sex life very wildly,she is a tigress on the bed,she always likes the missionary position and ninty percent of the time she pours her juices.So we stay in Delhi but we often visit Goa for our small vacations.I was trying lot of massuers to visit us and give us a couple massage in our room.But she was always uncomfortable someone else touching her ,might be the guilt was overcoming the sexual freedom,finally I found Vishal a guy in his thirties who was an excellent massuer ,his hands had magic,he started massaging her feet and she started liking it and slowly he started pouring almond oil near her knees and massaging her lifting her dress little by little ,she was lost in the pleasure of the massage.she was wearing a midi kind of dress on that day,he told her to turn around and started massaging her back and removed the brassiere strap her breasts were sensing the freedom ,he massaged her back and than he came to her buttocks slowly his hands went underneath her panties and he started applying pressure on that area ,mind is a slave to pleasure ,he slowly removed her panties and he asked her to turn,she obliged now he put some oil on her stomach and started massaging her she was getting relaxed slowly his hand reached her chest and near her nipples which had raised in anticipation of what's going to come,he was not in a hurry but her legs were moving in ecstasy,with the other hand he was applying the pressure just above her vagina and slowly applying the pressure,her legs started moving ,she was responding to the touch ,he had a vibrator which he held in his hand and started inserting in her vagina,the vibrator was sliding in and out very easily she was totally wet,with his other hand he was holding and making his penis erected to enter the divine cunt which by now wanted to b fucked badly ,i was watching all this and by now my wives hand was on my penis and moving vigorously she came near me and started sucking it,I was all erect and she was shouting fuck me,fuck me ,Vishal by now had an erected penis and he tried entering her but she didn't allow,she told me to come on top of her and while Vishal was watching we both came in torrents.

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