Ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy

Written by , on 2015-11-15, genre cheating

UH oh, it's me again your bitchy ex girlfriend!
But you can't stay away from me can you? There is just something about me that gets your dick hard and your heart race. I'm like a drug to you and you just can't seems to satay away or get me off of your mind.. And ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy is what your secretly wanting right now. Your ex to tell you what a loser you are and how you could never satisfy her. And guess what!? Since we're broken up now, I've been meaning to tell you. You know all of your friends that come over all the time that you think are your bros?! Well I've been fucking them the hole time! And not only that but I've also let them all cum deep inside of my pussy. And you know sometimes you come home and fuck me and you thinking I'm soo wet because I'm horny?! Well I bet you can't guess what that really was baby! Yep! All of your friends cum just deep inside me and filled up good! I get that makes you humiliated doesn't it that people like your friends would fuck your girlfriend? Well it's because you are a loser, and you've always been a loser. Why the fuck do you think I cheated on you so much and dumped your sorry ass! And guess what?! I'm going to keep on fucking all of your friends and letting them cum in any hole that they want… Mmmm.. I'm quite the cum slut now baby too bad you were never man enough to satisfy me ever! Ha! I hope your happy with seeing me in the neighborhood too because I'll be fucking as many neighbors of yours as I can.. Maybe even our next door neighbor old man Harry…

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