Dating my cousin

Written by , on 2018-03-11, genre incest

I've been dating my cousin Carolina for a few months now. I've already moved out and have my own place. She comes over and we make out for hours upon hours. I love her ass so much. We first thought this was wrong but we got over it pretty quickly. She's coming over today too. I was waiting for her. Then, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there she was. My love. She hugged me and kissed me and came inside. Once I closed the doors, she said "babe I want to show you something". She went into her purse and took out a vibrator. "Wow, you actually got one" I said. She sat on my lap and said, "well you can still satisfy me even when you're not with me." She bit her lip and teased my cock by rubbing my jeans. I was about to touch her butt but then she got up and smiled at me. She walked towards my room shaking her ass. God, I'm in love. When I got inside, she was already on my bed, waiting for me. I jumped in and immediately carresed her butt. That sweet butt. She said " I'm up here babe" and I kissed her so passionately. She took off my shirt while I kissed her neck and moved lower. She took off her shirt and I kissed her boobs. I love this woman. I moved lower, kissing. Her stomach to her crotch. She was already moist. "Babe, at least wait for me" I said. I took off her jeans and her underwear. I started to eat her out. Slowly. She gasped and sighed. I ate her for a long time, enjoying those juices while trying to please my woman. I stopped and kissed her leg and I moved up for her face. My cock was pretty erect in my pants and she took notice. She grabbed it and she said" babe, can you unhook my bra?" I did what I was told. I got pretty good with bras over the past few months. Her boobs were finally free. She told me to lay down and enjoy the show. I laid down and she grabbed her boobs and put my dick between them. Her boobs are so soft and were actually a pretty good size. she moved up and down for me. I sighed. Then, she got up and sexily crawled to my face. She kissed me. She grabbed my cock and put it inside her. I missed that pussy. At this point, I was ready to blow. I unleashed it in her and she looked suprised but then smiled. We fucked for a little bit more and then she got off and laid right next to me. We talked for a bit and we fell asleep as it was getting pretty late. During the night, I got up for a glass of water. I went back and looked at her for a good minute. I'm much a lucky man.

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