Eating my cousin out

Written by , on 2018-03-28, genre incest

I've been enjoying this fuck group. Apparently, 2 of my cousins have gone as far as dating each other. I didn't mind but they don't show up for our weekly group fuck as often so I'm left with my cousin, Alexandra. As a matter of a fact, our weekly fuck day is today. I doubt Carolina and my other cousin are coming which is fine because I like 1 on 1 girl action. I classify myself as a bi sexual but I do prefer pussy. I love the juices, how they get around the body. One time I was fucking Carolina so hard that our bodies were covered in pussy juices. I finger myself all the time, thinking about sissoring my cousins. I get to fuck today. I drove to Alexandra's house, our usual fuck spot since her parents are never home. I got there and knocked the door. Literally 2 seconds later the door opened and Alexandra motioned me inside. I did and it was only her. "Where's the other 2", Alexandra said " they said they weren't coming" "that's too bad for them, I think you're pretty hot" I grabbed her hips and kissed her neck. Gently. She reached down and rubbed my pussy. I kissed her neck, then I moved down to her shoulders. I was going for her boobs until she stopped me and said " let's go to the room". I grabbed her hand and followed her to her room. I jumped on her bed, and she crawled to me, wanting what's under my pants. She kissed me. I felt her body heat, her sweat, her heart beat. I wanted it. I wanted her. We made out for a long time. Paying extra attention to her nipples. They were so visible through her shirt by now. I moved lower and ripped her pants off. Her grey underwear was soaking by now. I took off my jeans and she stuck her leg up. Ready for sissoring. I got into position and rubbed my pussy against hers. It's so much more hotter when we still have panties on. I rubbed my hands on her pussy, drenched it in our juices then I stuck my hands everywhere on her body. Her skin was reflective. That made me squirt even more. Alexandra took the opportunity and did the same to me. We squirted at an exponential rate, that her bed was so wet. The whole thing. We stopped and caught our breath. Wanting each other. I realized that fell in love with her, I love her body and her soul. I told her we should go on a date. We did just that. We started dating


Over the past 2 months, I've purchased several toys for each other. Including a strap on. We go on dates and we usually fuck afterwards. I'm waiting for her on her bed right now. She should be coming home right... the bell rang. I got and opened the door to my girlfriend. "Hey babe" I kissed her and let her inside. "Guess what I got today" "what" she said. I took out the strap on and she looked st it and smiled seductively. I asked her "do you want to try it?" And she didn't even answer and took the thing and bent me over and playfully, started humping on me like if she really had a cock. Almost laughing, I said "get off, you perv" and I took the thing. We started to strip each other. We were naked and I put on the strap on and she took it and put it in her mouth. I couldn't feel it, obviously but I imagined if I really felt something although the strap on did have a part that went into my pussy so we both get enjoyment out of it. I got it out of her mouth and I stuck it in her pussy. I humped like crazy, wondering that guys are lucky to feel this all the time. The animal instinct. She moaned like crazy. Great thing is, we aren't limited by cum. If guys cum, that's it, their drive is gone but girls can keep up for hours. We can feel the same intensity for a long time. I stopped, and told her to get on and lay down on her back. She did, and laid on top of her, face to face. I had to bend the thing in order to make it go inside. We hugged each other as I slowly humped. We kissed and we did that for an hour straight. Enjoying our bodies

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