My cousin is with a guy

Written by , on 2018-02-27, genre incest

My cousin Carolina has a boyfriend now. She told me we can't screw around anymore. I was sad. Alexandra and Gloria were worried for me and tried to make me feel better by trying to convince me to fuck but I wasn't in the mood. I loved Carolina. Which was gross and we crossed the line by fucking a long time ago but I developed strong emotions for her. I was down and I got home one day and Gloria was in my room, wearing slutty clothes and told me to not worry about Carolina and i should focus on her. I sat down, telling her to leave and she just sat on me. She grabbed my hands and put them in her boobs. My cock was hard, ready to fuck but I didn't want to. She got annoyed and left. A few hours later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and I saw Carolina. She asked me if I could come in and I said yeah. She made sure the door was closed and she told me that she heard that I was pissed about her being in a serious relationship so she wanted to give me one last time and she took off her shirt and quickly started kissing me wildly. I was so surprised and I kissed her back I put my hands on her hips. On that amazing body of hers. She quickly took over her clothes and laid on the bed saying "fuck me u perv" and she opened her legs for me. I told her doggy style and she gave me a hot look and went on her knees and arms. I put it in. She started moaning really fast. I went really fast so I could smell her hair. I came and said " I love you so much". Right after I said those words, she got me out and said WHAT?????? I started to panic and it took her a few seconds to cool down and she fully realized what I said. "Really" in a soft voice. I nodded with a little shame and she hugged me tight. My cock was still pretty hard and it poked her and she laughed and played with it. The smile turned to a frown. "I'll dump him right now only if u prove that u love me for real" I told her how long I have developed feelings for her and how I want her waking up right next to me every day. Naked or not. She got her phone out and texted her boyfriend that they're done. After that she took my hand and led me to my bed where we had really passionate sex. We slept after that.

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