Fantasy came true

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This is a story about me and my wifes elder sister and her daughter.
I am iya.i am 32yrs old.i am married.we have a son 7 months old.the story is about how my fantasy came fantasy was to fuck my wifes elder sister.who is a total knockout.her name is Marsha.she is 34yrs old with a sexy curvy body.with 38dd tits and a huge ass that any guy would die to fuck.also have a beautiful face with sexy lips just perfect for a blowjob.also wears
glasses that add ups her sexiness.also married with a hot daughter named Thoo who is young, but a hot babe with 34c tits and a round beautiful butt to die for.her most sexy part was her lips.she had big thick wide lips.should be too good to suck any other guy i was always fantasizing about fucking these babes.i always visit them but they lived in another part of the city.when ever we visit them.all i do is watch those 2 bounce all over the house.and those 2 also come
and touch here and there not sexually but it always gave me a hard on.and i have to hide it always.i couldn't get to fuck them until 1 lucky Wife had to go to another city for 2 days for the wedding of her friend and she took our son that left me alone in the house.its was morning 9:00.i was feeling horny so i decided to watch a i started watching and on the screen was a guy fucking a busty brunette who looked just like Marsha.he fucked her her mouth.her huge tits.her pussy and my
favourite her huge ass.stretching her asshole.i was wanking slowly.i was just about to cum when the phone started ringing.i answered the phone it was Marsha my dream fuck babe.she said she needed a favour.she needed a place to stay for 2 days cuz her husband was renovating the house.and that only Marsha and thoo was going to come.i said they were always welcomed.after the phone call.i wanked to the thought of fucking Marsha..i heard the doorbell rang it was almost 12:00.i hurried to
open the door to see who it was.i opened the door it was them.Marsha and thoo they looked so hot.Marsha was in a white shirt and jeans.her shirts buttons was almost broke cuz of the weight of her huge tits.and her jeans was so tight.thoo was also in a shirt and skirt.i was lost in the thought until Marsha called me.i took them in and guided them to their room on the i showed them the bathroom if they wanted to take a shower.then i went to make them something to drink and
snacks.after i finished i went to call them.i opened the door and my eyes went to the back of my head.right infront of me their was my dream fuck babe Marsha totally naked.then only she felt the door was open and she stumbled and fell on the floor.i ran and took her up and apologized.she said it was ok that it was her fault she left the door unlocked.i hurried out the room to go to bathroom cuz i had a hardon and have to do something about it.i was almost near the bathroom when Thoo
came out of the bathroom after a shower wrapped only in a towel that did nothing to cover her sexy body.from top it covered her nipples barely and from the back it showed most of her bare ass.i hurried in and wanked faster and came so hard my cum splashed all over.after that we went to have something to eat.we ate drank and chatted.Marsha was wearing a see throught top that showed her red bra.and in a tight short.Thoo was in a tank top and tight short.i couldn't help but look.after eating they said they
wanted to take a i also went to take a nap.i usually sleep nude but cuz they were home i was only in my boxer trying to sleep when i heard a knock.i pretended to sleep.then i heard the door open.and heard foot steps coming towards the bed.i peeked and saw it was Thoo in her see through nighty.and only a thong.she was looking at the bulge in my boxer.after a while she touched it then started rubbing tbrough boxer.then she put her hand in my boxer and started stroking my hard
cock.the i felt something warm on my cock then realized she was sucking my cock.that's when i couldn't control and took hold of her hair.she got afraid and started to get up but i said it was ok and she could do anything she she was sucking my cock for a while then i grabbed her and started kissing her lips.then her neck then her beautiful boobs.i sucked her tits.then i started to lick and suck her pussy.i licked and sucked her butt hole too it was so good.then we turned and went to 69
position.i was on top.and we were pleasuring each other.i started to really eat her ass and finger her ass a little.i knew she liked it cuz she started doing the same to my ass.then she asked me to fuck her pussy and she was not a virgin but never did with any guy.she said Marsha broke her hymen with a strapon i turned around and slide my 7 inch cock to her was tight but after a few strokes it was so good.maybe the best i fucked her on missionary then doggy style my
favourite.and tried various positions fucking her.she came so many times.when i told i was gonna cum she told me to cum in her mouth cuz she wanted to taste cum.i came so hard in her mouth and she swallowed and gave me another blowjob before going.i thanked her and she said she wanted more and left.then i slept.i woke around 20:00.took a shower and went to see them.they were getting ready to go out for a while.they came about 21:30.Thoo said she was so sleepy she will just go to sleep
and i told Marsha i made dinner.she said she will come back after a quick shower.i was waiting and heard Marsha calling from the bathroom.i went to see what was wrong.she was in a towel only.when i went in she closed the door and locked it.and she said she always knew what i was thinking about her.and that she saw the huge hardon i had today.i just couldn't say anything.she took off the towel and threw it to me she was completely naked.she came to me and took of my clothes i was
naked.then she dropped down on her knees and started to suck my cock.she sucked my cock so hard until i came in her mouth and she swallowed.then i took her into the bath tub.started kissing her.i could taste my own cum in her mouth.the i started to suck her huge 38dd tits.her nipples were like hard bullets.then i bend her over and started to lick and suck her pussy from the behind.she came all over me squirting her cum.then i started playing with her butt hole.she loved it.i played with her
butt hole awhile and got up.i took my hard cock and slide it into her pussy.and started fucking her slowly until she started begging to fuck her hard and i started fucking her hard.i fucked her for like 20 minutes and came in her pussy.she turned around and gave me a blowjob and my cock was rock hard again.and she told me to fuck her ass.and she bend and i started to eat her ass and fingering her asshole to make her asshole a little loose so i can fuck.after eating and fingering her ass i stood up took
my cock in hand tried to position my cock to her butt my dream butt.atlast my fantasy came true.i slided my cock right into her ass and she gasped.she said she had been fucked in the ass by husband but his cock was too i started fucking gently for awhile and started really humping her butt fast and hard.she kept fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.she was coming so hard squirting all over.i kept fucking her ass so hard.i kept hold on her curvy hips.then i stopped fucking and
turned her around cuz i wanted to do something i always wished to do to Marsha.i wanted to fuck her 38dd i was fucking her tits for a while and i was about to i asked her where she wanted my cum.she said she wanted it on her i really started fucking her tits hard.and splashed my cum on her beautiful face.then she took cum from her face and swallowed all of it.i fell in the tub totally exhausted.marsha also lied on me and we bathed together.then we went to our rooms.then we
met to eat dinner.she came only in her bra and thong.she looked so sexy i wanted to fuck her right on the we ate dinner.and washed and cleaned the plates.then we sat to eat some dessert.we had chocolate pudding.we were eating suddenly she stood on the table took off her thong.spreaded pudding on her pussy and said any body wanted dessert.i understood what she meant so i stood up went near her and started eating pudding off of her pussy.god it was too tasty eating
off her pussy.i ate her pussy for a while and she came like 5 or 6 times.then put her on her stomach and spreaded pudding on her ass.i started eating her ass with pudding god it was so good.i even tongue fucked her ass and she came so hard then i finger fucked her ass until she exhausted.then she stood up came to me and took off my pants.took my cock and spreaded pudding on my cock and started sucking.she sucked so good and with pudding it was a total different feeling.then she
bended me on the table and spreaded pudding on my ass.then she started eating my ass.even tongue fucked and finger fucked my ass so hard i was lost in the best feeling ever when i felt something different poking my butt went right in my was something bigger than her finger.i turned my head to look and saw she was fucking my ass with her strapon dildo that took Thoo's virginity.she fucked me so hard it hurted but it was so good getting my ass fucked.then what i saw
got me shocked.i saw Thoo playing with her pussy watching her mom fuck me in the ass.after she was satisfied she asked me to fuck her ass.i took off the strapon dildo and i put it on me.i bend Marsha on the table where she could see her daughter.i spreaded some pudding on her pussy and asshole.then i inserted the dildo in her pussy and my cock in her ass.she gasped of the sensation she got.then i just fucked her ass and pussy so hard she came and squirted all over many many times.i was
about to she told me to cum in her ass and i came so hard in her ass and she squirted cum all over.then i looked and Thoo was we cleaned up the place and went to the tub i laid and she stood up over my face and she started peeing.i was shocked but in a good way cuz that was something i liked a lot but never got to do.when she finished i laid her on the tub and peed all over her face and tits even in her mouth she swallowed what ever pee that went in her mouth.then we showered and
went to sleep totally exhausted...i woke around 8am and went to bathroom to shower.i saw they were on the couch ready to go outside.i finished shower ate breakfast.then asked them what was up.they said they wanted to go we went to the beach and beach was just silent cuz nobody was there cuz it was a we started to undress into go to water.i was in my shorts.Marsha was in a white bikini.and Thoo was in a floral bikini with a g string showing her beautiful ass.Thoo went to the
water.I asked Marsha what she wanted to do.she said she wanted to sunbath a i went to water with Thoo.we were swimming and having fun.i dive under and pull on her legs and was fun until Thoo went under and pulled my shorts down to my ankles.she got up and laughed at me.i thought i won't leave her so i did the same i pulled her thong time i even pulled her bikini top off.and then i saw Marsha lying on the towel and her top was off and her huge 38dd tits were on display.i
got a hard on instantly.Thoo saw it and she came and started to stroke my cock.then she went under water and started to suck my this was totally different.she gave me the best blowjob ever i had.then i went down and licked her pussy and butt hole.then bend her a little and fucked her pussy.after fucking for a while she told me to fuck her ass.i told her that it will hurt her she said its ok and to fuck her i slided my cock in her butt it went in smoothly.i was amazed at how loose her
ass was and she told me she fucked her ass with the dildo this morning so the butt hole was loose enough to get butt fucked by i fucked her good.and came in her ass.then we called Marsha to come in the water and we played for awhile and went home.we took shower.ate lunch and went to take a nap.again i was almost a sleep i heard a knock and came in Thoo.she said she wanted to talk and i said yeah.she sat on the bed near me.she said she saw me fucking Marsha and Marsha fucking me
and it made her so horny she came only by watching us fuck.she said she always dreamed of having a threesome and if her mom and me want we could do it.i said i was more than willing to do it.and we must have a plan.i said i will invite Marsha tonight.and you will pretend to sleep.and i will keep the door unlocked.and later she can come and join we parted and took our naps.i woke about 19:00.and took a shower and went to see where my fuck babes were.They were in their
room.Thoo was ready to go out.Marsha was in a tank top and shorts that barelly covered her huge Thoo went out and left us alone.i asked Marsha what she wanted to do she said she was in the mood for some we started watching porn.after about 30 minutes Marsha came near me and started rubbing my cock which was rock hard.she pulled my shorts down and started licking and sucking my cock.then she pulled her tank top down and started to tit fuck my cock.i was
in heaven.she tit fucked me so hard i was on the edge to cum.then she deep throated my cock and i came in her throat.she got up and tongue kissed me.i tasted my cum which was not too bad.then she said she was going to sleep after a quick shower.i asked her to come in my room after Thoo slept and she said ok.i told her to bring any sex toys she was about 22:00.i was on my bed in my boxers.then i heard the door open.i looked there was Marsha in a robe.she had a strapon dildo and a
vibrator in her hand.she threw the stuff at me and took of her robe and she was butt that was a delicous dish to eat.i mean Marsha looked so yummy.she came and we started kissing.she tasted and smelled so good.i started sucking and nibbling her huge tits.she was stroking my cock.i gave her tits red marks.then we got to 69 position.i was eating her pussy and fingering her ass slowly.she was sucking my cock and fingering my ass.we were like that for about 10
minutes.then she said she wanted to fuck me.i said ok and got into doggy style.she started eating and tounge fucking my ass then finger fucked my ass with 3 fingers until i was loose.then she wore the strapon dildo and started fucking my ass.she fucked so hard it hurt but the feeling was awesome.then she said to fuck her and took off the strapon.i put her on her stomach and slided the dildo in her ass and the vibrator in her pussy.she started cumming so hard.she had multiple
oragasms.she squirted all over me.then i took those off and slided my cock in her mouth to lube a little.then i pushed my cock in her pussy and fucked her for about 20 minutes then fucked her ass hard and fast.i was about to come she said to come in her ass and i did.we fell exhausted on the bed.then i heard Masha gasped loudly i looked and saw Thoo was sucking my cum out of Marsha's asshole.Marsha tried to get up but i told her to relax and enjoy.after sucking all the cum Thoo got up and came to Marsha
and started kissing her.then Marsha also started kissing and they started making out.within they were in 69 postion giving me a show.they were eating and sucking each others pussy and butt holes.even finger fucking and tongue fucking.then Thoo got up and wore the strapon asked me to lie down so Marsha can ride my Marsha came and sit on my lap with my cock in her pussy.marsha started to ride my cock then i saw Thoo lubing the dildo.then she came and slided the dildo in her moms
asshole.then we both started fucking Marsha in both of her holes.until she came like 6 or 7 times and fell exhausted.after a while Marsha got up and kissed Thoo and took of her strapon and she wore it.then she lay on the bed and told Thoo to ride her Thoo started riding and i came from behind and slided my cock up Thoo's butt.she gasped but kept on riding the dildo and me fucking her ass.i fucked her so hard she came multiple times and squirted just like her mom.i asked where i should cum and
Marsha told to come in Thoo's i came in her ass so hard.then Marsha came and sucked all my come from Thoo's ass and they swapped the cum in their mouths.and Thoo wasn't finished yet.she said she wanted to fuck my ass with the dildo to i got on doggy style Marsha started to lick and suck my cock to lube.then Thoo wore the strapon and came behind me and started fucking my ass.even Marsha got on doggy style next to Thoo fucked both of us in our butts and
pussy...then we finished and went to take a shower all of us the shower i told Thoo to lie on the tiles cuz their is one thing she must she laid and i told her to close her eyes.then me and Marsha both stood up her and peed all over her.then she got up and peed on both of us.then we showered and the three of us slept in my bed exhausted and naked.....i woke up in the morning feeling some one beside me..and to my horror their stood my Wife looking at us
3 people naked on her bed.both Marsha and Thoo also woke up and covered them selves.i tried to talk but she started laughing hard.then Marsha also started laughing.both me and Thoo were dumb founded.didn't know what to do.then they explained that it was their plan.for Marsha to fuck me but didn't know that Thoo would get was bcuz her husband had a little cock and couldn't satisfy we all showered had breakfast and met to chat.then my Wife said she also wanted to do a group sex
with we agreed to do it later....... So it was around 1:00 and it was so we decided to take a swim in our back yard pool.the fence was 10ft tall so nobody from outside could see.i told everyone that we should skinny we all went swimming naked.we were having fun playing splashing water and throwing each other in pool.i was getting hard in the pool.Marsha came under water and started sucking my cock.Thoo came to me and started kissing Wife came and started eating
Thoo's ass under the way my Wife is very skinny with 36c tits with a big bubble butt.then Marsha got up dragged my Wife to the edge.sat her on the edge and started to eat her we also went near them.i bent Thoo near the edge and fucked her pussy.holding her beautiful boobs.then Marsha and Thoo switched places and i started to fuck Marsha in the pussy and after a while i started fucking her was so tight cuz no lube was under water.she was wiggling her huge tits
moaning so loud.i fucked her butt for a while then we went to the sunbeds.Thoo went in and got the sex toys.i laid on the sunbed and my Wife can and started to ride my cock in her pussy.then Marsha came behind her and started to lick and suck her ass.she fingered and tongue fucked her ass hard to get her loose.then Thoo came wearing the strapon and the vibrator in her hand.she kept the vibrator on the bed and inserted the strapon dildo into my Wifes asshole.she gasped loud cuz it was the first
time she got double penetrated.then Marsha came and sat her huge butt on my face.i licked and sucked her pussy and asshole.we fucked my Wife hard.then she got off and told Marsha and me to get on 69 with me on we got and started eating each other.then Thoo came and started licking and fingering my ass.then my Wife wore the strapon and started fucking my ass.Marsha was sucking my cock so hard i was about to come.but was holding not to come yet.she
fucked my ass so hard it hurted but it was faded cuz of Marsha's experienced sucking.Thoo was eating Marsha's pussy and ass.then i told them i was about to come then thoo begged to come in her i laid her on doggy style and fucked her ass a little and came hard in her cock came out with a plop sound and come started oozing out of her ass.then my Wife and Marsha came and started sucking the come out of her ass.then 3 if them swapped and swallowed the come.we laid
their for a while we kissed and hugged then took a swim...that was the begining of our awesome life.after that they came every weekend and we fucked all day and night......

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