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This is a Story about how i raped my mom.i am jack 20yrs old.not so muscular but have a good size cock of mom sandra is 37yrs old.she has a thick curvy body with 38dd tits and a 40inch butt.wears glasses and looks so sexy.she had me when she was very is never home.always out of town on a good caring person.i never liked mom cuz she always lefted me alone and never cared about me much.i had a gf named liz.i brought her home 1 day and mom chased her away and liz never talked to me again.that day i thought that i will take revenge and started looking for a chance.1 day when i came home i heard noises coming from moms room.i peeked in and my eyes popped out.there was my mom getting her ass fucked by a black cock.i burst the door open and beated the guy and threw out of the house.i never thought that mom was cheating on dad.then i got back to mom.she covered her nude body with bedsheet.i was so angry i slapped mom and she fell on the she was nude and began crying.i got on top of her and chocked her.i said i will show you what happens to cheaters.i got my cock out and slamed right in her throat.she started gagging.but i fucked her throat hard.i came in her throat.then i laid her on doggy style.i took my belt and started spanking her butt hard.she was crying but i had no mercy on her.i spanked her butt until it was bright red.then i took a small water some ky jelly and rubbed on her butthole and the bottle.then i inserted the bottle in her went in smoothly.i fucked her ass with the bottle for a while then entered my hard cock.i fucked her ass so hard and fast for about 10minutes and came in her ass.then i dragged her to her room bathroom and laid her on the floor and peed on her face and tits and left.after about 1hr i was in my room and mom came in my room.she was cleaned up wearing a robe.she said that she was sorry for what happened.she said that she loved having sex so much and dad was never home and what else could she do.i said i was sorry for what i did to you.and mom said she was happy that it happened cuz she never came so hard and so much ever in her life.she loved getting fucked.she said that if i was willing then she don't have to get other guys.i said i was more than happy to do it.after that mom talked to liz and apologized and me and liz were back and mom was fucking everyday.every place in the house.i fucked mom in everyhole she got.then mom said how about involving liz in our games.i said that it would be i invited liz over for dinner.we 3 ate dinner and mom went to her room and me and liz went to my room.we started kissing and the way liz is older than me she is 24yrs old.with huge boobs and a bubble butt.i took her top off she wasn't even wearing a bra.i started sucking on her tits her nipples were hard.then she took my pants and boxer off and started sucking on my cock.while she was sucking i took off her jeans and pantie.i took her in 69 with her on top.we were licking and sucking each other.i even licked and finger fucked her tiny asshole which she liked a lot.she also fingered my ass.i fucked her ass with 3 fingers until her asshole was loose.then she turned to ride my cock.1st she sat on my cock which went in her ass.she stayed for a while to feel ok.then got up and slided my cock in her pussy.she was riding my cock.we were kissing all of a sudden she gasped hard and looked over her shoulder to was wearing a strapon dildo and had it in liz's told liz to calm down and enjoy so liz was getting double penetrated.she was kissing mom while getting both her holes fucked.then i got up and liz was still getting her ass fucked by mom in doggy style.i went behind mom and started licking her ass and fingered her ass.then i slamed my cock in her ass and started fucking her ass.after a while mom told me to 69 with liz with me on we were sucking each began licking and finger fucking my ass.
then she slamed the dildo in my ass.she fucked my ass hard and i loved it.liz was sucking my cock.all of a sudden the door opened and came in dad.we all got shocked and covered said what was going on here.and mom said to forgive us for this and dad said on one condition and that was to let him we did and continued the still had the dildo up my came and started eating liz's pussy.then he kissed me which was shocking.i wasn't gay but i liked we 3 was still fucking my ass.then we all got laid me down and 69 with me.he started sucking my i did the and liz was doing the same eating each others pussies and and me even fingered each others ass.then dad got up and slided his cock in my butt.he fucked my ass mom was sucking my cock and liz was kissing me.after a while dad and liz got on 69 with dad on top then i fucked dads ass hard and fast liz was sucking his was playing with my ass.then i laid on my back and dad sat on my cock in his ass and mom slided the dildo in his dad with 2 cock in ass.we fucked dad hard.then he got up and mom sat on my cock in her ass and dad entered her ass from behind.we fucked mom so hard she came squirting all over several times.then we did the same to liz.then dad told me to come in his ass so i came in his ass.liz sucked all the cum out of his ass and swapped with all.then i asked dad to come in moms ass.i sucked all the cum out of moms ass and swapped....then about 1 month later liz and me got married and lived together with mom and dad as a happy family.the house rules were anyone could fuck anyone we were a big fucking family .the end

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