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This is a story about me and my big sis.i am ryan.18yrs old.with a slim body but with an 8inch sister is Marsha.i call her M.she is 26yrs old.with 36dd tits and a huge butt.she was always a bitch.running around the house in skimpy clothes when our parents wasn't home.i saw her naked often in her room.she never closes her room door when our parents was not day dad found a cigarette box.and was demanding to know who it belonged to.actually it was M's but she said it was mine and dad punished me.i swore that day that i will take revenge.and was looking for a chance.our parents never allowed lovers inside the house.but M always brought guys home when our parents was i was making a plan what to do.then it came to mind that i could install a spy cam in her room and blackmail the next day when she went out i did all the work in a record time and was hoping for a good chance.that day i saw her naked in all poses in her room.i even saw her playing with her pussy and ass.that night mom and dad told us that they were going out of town for a week.i knew that my plan would succeed now.they went.and left me and M alone.i told her that tonight i was going for a sleepover at a friends house.i knew M would invite guys i left the house making sure it will record all the things happening in her room tonight.i came early in the morning to find any evidence to use against her.but found nothing.i went to see where M was.she was sleeping on her bed.door was open ajar.i peeked in and saw that M was wearing only her thong.her huge boobs were their to see with lots of red marks.i knew what would have happened in her room last night.i ran to my computer to see the recording.i locked the door for privacy and played it.nothing happened for about 1 and half hours.then i saw M came in her room with a guy.they started kissing and necking.then i saw he took M's top off then her bra.out came bouncing her big 36dd cock became hard.then he started sucking her tits.her nipples were hard as a bullet atleast 1 inch.then she got down on her knees and got his cock out.she started sucking his cock.M was so hot and sexy sucking his cock.i wished it was mine.then he lifted her and threw her on the bed.and he took of her pants and thong.he started eating her beautiful pussy like it was a dessert.he even licked and sucked her tiny asshole.then M started begging him to fuck her.he laid her and positioned his cock at her pussy.he slided in and started fucking her in a slow rythm then started fucking her hard and fast she came so many times squirting all over him.then he got up and came on M's beautiful face and tits.then the most shocking thing happened i saw the door open and came in a big black guy and the most beautiful girl i ever saw.blonde with huge tits and ass.they came and got on the bed they got beers.everyone started drinking.the 1st guys name was rick.the black guy was tyrese.the blonde was Vicky.then Vick and M started kissing.the guys were enjoying the show drinking.then M took off vicks top showing huge milky boobs.she sucked vicks boobs for a while.then vick did the same for M.then vick started eating M's pussy.she even ate her asshole.tongue fucked her asshole and fingered.M came several times squirting all over.then vick stood up on the bed and M came and took off vicks pants.then i got a big shock when she took of her thong.omg she had a cock.then i knew she was a shemale.M started sucking and it grew was not big just 6 inches.then vick laid M on the bed and slided her cock in her pussy.vick was fucking M slowly when rick came from behind and started licking and fingering vicks ass.then he slided his 7 inch cock in her ass it went in smoothly.they were fucking hard.after a while they got up.M went to ty and got his huge 12 inch cock out which was hard as a baseball bat.M was sucking his cock and ty was playing with her pussy.vick was getting fucked in her ass by rick doggy style.then rick got on his back and vicky came and sat on ricks went smoothly in vicks ass.vick was riding ricks cock bouncing her huge tits.rick said he is coming and came in vicks ass.M came and sucked all the cum out of vicks ass.and they swapped cum.then vick laid on her back and M sat her pussy on her cock and started riding.then ty came and lubed M's tiny asshole.then with one hard stroke he pushed his monster cock in M's ass.M was moaning hard.tears falling from her eyes.maybe she was in pain.but then she started screaming fuck my ass yeah baby and was talking dirty.then rick came behind ty and started playing with his balls and asshole.then rick was hard again.he pushed his cock in ty's ass.M was getting fucked in both holes and rick was fucking ty's ass.i was jacking my cock.then all of them came together.M got both holes filled with cum.ty got his ass filled with cum.M got on her back and vick and ty sucked cum out of M's holes.and rick sucked his cum out of ty's ass.and they fell on the bed exhausted.after about an hour vick.rick and ty took shower and went.M wore her thong and slept.i came on the computer screen....i took a shower and recorded the video on a cd.then went to see M.she just came out of the shower.wrapped in a towel but her lower butt was their to see.i told her their was something i need to talk to her.i gave her the cd but i made a copy for myself in case.i told her to watch the cd and come back and meet me.after about 10 minutes she came rushing to my room furious and demanded to know why i did this.i told her that was to take revenge for her bitchiness.she said what i wanted.i told her that she is my slave here after.and if she don't obey she will show it to our parents.first thing is when we are alone you should be always take your clothes off.she hesitated but there was no choice so she did it.she was naked infront of me.i got hard at once.i told her to give me a blowjob.she came and gave me an awesome blowjob i came in her mouth she swallowed.I told her to come in my room after taking a shower.i was on bed.she came.she was butt naked.i laid her on her back and kissed her she responded.we kissed then i got to her huge tits and started sucking then she started moaning.i got down to her pussy and smelled god it was so fresh.i started licking and sucking her pussy.i played with her asshole she liked it.i even tongue fucked her ass.then she got up and sucked my cock for a while.then she asked me to fuck her.she got on doggy position.i entered her pussy from behind.and was fucking her slow.she told me to fuck her hard so i fucked hard.then she got up and started sucking my cock.then she got my cock between her huge tits.i fucked her titties for a while.then she laid me on my back.she sat her ass on my face.i ate her ass tongue fucking her ass.then she came and sat on my cock sliding it up her ass.she started riding my cock in her ass bouncing her huge tits.she told me to come in her ass.we were kissing then i came hard in her butt.i got up and sucked my cum out of her ass.then we lay their talking.i told her i was sorry that i loved her and just can't stay away from her cuz she was so and sexy.she said it was ok but nobody else must know this.i agreed.i convinced her to bring vick home cuz i wanted to experience sex with a shemale.she agreed.she called vick and convinced her to come the other was like time has stopped cuz i was waiting for vick.then the doorbell rang.M opened the door and there was vick in a tank top that couldn't hold her huge boobs and a mini skirt that barely covered her huge butt.M took her to her room and told me to come after 20 minutes.after 20 minutes i went and they were lying on the bed both were wearing only panties.M came and took of all my clothes.and led me to her bed.she laid me there and started sucking my cock.then vick came and stood at my face.then took her panties off and out came her cock at my face.she offered me to i started sucking her cock.M was sucking my cock.vick started fucking my mouth like a pussy.her pre cum tasted salty but i liked it.we were like that for a while.then vick came and sucked my cock.M came from behind and sucked vicks cock and licked and fingered her asshole to make it lose.then vick came and sat on my cock which went right in her ass.vick started riding my cock slowly.M was sucking her cock.she rode for a while then again came and started face fucking me.then M started riding my cock in her pussy which was so hot and moist.M was riding my cock moaning so hard and came several times.then M laid on her back and vick started eating her pussy and asshole even fingering her ass.i came from behind vick and ate her asshole for a while.the taste was different.maybe cuz she was a shemale.M's ass tasted so tasty.then i entered vicks ass and fucked her doggy style.i was ramming my big cock in her ass while playing with her cock.after a while vick laid on her back and M rode her cock in her pussy and i came and entered M's ass.we double fucked M hard.she was moaning so loudly.she came many times squirting all over.then M got up and said their is something else she wanted to do.she got me on doggy style and started to lick and suck my ass and vick joined her.they tongue fucked and finger fucked my ass for a while then i felt something big enter my ass.i looked it was vick.she had her cock in my ass upto her balls.then she fucked me so hard it felt so good.M went down and was sucking my cock.vick said she was about to come and M told her to come in my ass.vick came gushing cum in my ass.then M got up and sucked all the cum out of my ass and they swapped and swallowed.then M told me to come in her i rammed my cock in her ass.she was on her back.i was kissing her sweet lips and sucking her huge tits.then i came in her ass.vick sucked all the cum out of M's ass and vick came and swapped cum with me and we swallowed.that was for that night.after that M and me were best friends.we fucked every chance we got.after that i was bisexual.i fucked shemales even that's it. Thanks for reading.tell me guys if any ideas or anything..

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