Fishing Trip

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Recently I went along on fishing trip with wifes family, its an yearly tradition for them. I'm not really into fishing, but to make my wife Jane happy I agreed to go. She on the other hand wasn't going, as she is a lawyer and was involved in a large case at the time and didn't think the judge would delay the case so she go fishing for a week. So I went along with her father and mother and her 2 brothers and their famlies and her father's sister Amanda 53. We all camped in tents and each family their own, I enjoyed camping and hiking. I had my own tent and I pitched it away from the rest, who were grouped close together. I was about 40 feet or so away, it was more for comfort. As the only spare ground close to the main camp was rough and sloping. The first night passed uneventful and after breakfast next morning we all headed off to fish. I was teamed with Amanda and we found a nice spot, where she caught several good size fish. I had no luck and later we returned to camp for lunch, I decided to go for a hike, saying I was going to scout the area for a better fishing place. I had walked for a about 10 minutes, when I heard Amanda call out to me. I stopped and she caught up to me, we continued on together. Amanda was a widow and her 2 sons were overseas working, so I think she started to hang out with me as I was alone also. We talked a bit and found a nice spot and tried our luck fishing. We both had good luck and caught seven of the biggest fish of the trip there. On returning to the camp the other wanted to know where our spot was, Amanda it's our secret. Later on after dinner, talking and some drinks I headed off to my tent to sleep. It was about 10pm I think, some of the others were still drinking. I was awoke later by someone trying to unzip my tent, it was Amanda. She said She couldn't sleep and everybody else had gone to bed. So as I was the only other single in a tent she came to talk to me. She was a bit drunk and I told her I wanted to sleep, but she said That's okay I want to sleep too, but can't get to sleep in a tent by myself. She had bought her sleeping bag with her and laid out beside me and laid down. So I went back to sleep, a while later I felt her touching me and then she grabbed my cock and started to suck it. I asked her What do you think your doing, she replied Giving you a blowjob and then I want you to fuck me. I said We can't have sex, your my wife's Aunt. So I'm not yours blood relative, it won't hurt anyone and nobody will know She said. She went back to sucking my cock, not wanting to make scene and as I was enjoying her giving the blowjob I laid back and enjoyed it. I told her I was about to blow my load and she just kept on sucking me off and then swallowed my cum. My turn she said, so I went down her and then after I fuck her. We awoke in the morning and everyone else were up already, I got out of my tent and went and started to talk to them, while I was talking to them I pointed to the lake and said Did you see that big fish just jump out there. No they hadn't seen it as it was there, it was enough of a distraction for Amanda to get to her tent unseen. After breakfast we all went fishing again, Amanda stayed with me and we headed off to the spot we found before. We talked as we walked and she thanked me for the sex and saying she was sick of masturbating herself. I told I had enjoyed as well, after getting to the spot and it was out of sight of everyone else. I got horny looking at her bending over in front of me and asked her for a fuck. She said Okay and we had sex again, we laid together for a while. After which we started fish and caught 2, before going back to camp for lunch. That night she joined me again and we had sex and again next day. We had sex for the last 2 days of the trip as well. On returning home I have started to Amanda on a regular basis. It's just sex and I still have sex with Jane and have got her pregnant our first child.

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