My Niece

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I'm Donald 62 widower, 3 grown children out on the west coast with there own families. I live on the east coast, I had an accident last year in October, I was laid up for 5 weeks at home after 2 weeks in hospital. I didn't have anyone to look after me at first. Then my late wifes only brother Wilfred's (deceased) only child came to take care of me. Amanda 44 single, she had lost her job in the public service due to cut backs, Amanda is a plain woman with a fuller figure but still shapely and wears glasses dresses like an old spinster. But she is the only relative to come to my aid, she was going come anyway befrore she was laid off. As we lived in the same city and she was going look after me and go to work, living in my home till I was able to look after myself. But a week before I was released from hospital, she was retrenched. She was my only visitor while in hospital and my own children couldn't come or wouldn't come. I've hadn't seen them since their mother passed away 4 years ago. Anyway after I was released, Amanda moved in with me and said that she would look after me till I recovered, then she would find another Job. I had a cleaning lady come in twice a week since my wife died and being retired and very well off. I was happy reading and writing my memoirs, I had got along well till my accident. Amanda did everything I required and for the first 2 weeks, help me take a bath. No problems and then my said I needed my injured legs massaged at least 3 times a week. The first time she done this, I was laying on a raised padded bench with me sitting up facing her. She started to massage my legs and when she down to my feet and started to do my feet and bending over them and rubbing my legs, I could see down her dress and her breasts. I got excited and got an erection, I was in my PJ's with shorts and my penis poked itself out of the fly. She didn't notice straight away, but when she did. She said She would take care of it as well. After finishing my legs, she started masturbating my cock and I didn't cum. She asked What was wrong, I replied I always had trouble masturbating and needed some thing to get the juices flowing so to speak. So she opened up her dress and removed her bra and went back to masturbating me. I still didn't come and then she started to suck me off and I blew into her mouth shortly after. I said Sorry, I should had warned you I was about to cum. No problem she answered, I'm happy I got you off. Next day after the cleaning lady had left she asked If I wanted another massage, I replied I would enjoy that and added I will try to keep it in my pants this time. You don't have too she said I enjoyed it yesterday, this time I'll remove your shorts before starting the massage she added. After I was on the bench ready for the massage, she left the room and soon return with hot towels. She placed 1 on each leg and said That will warm your legs before the massage. Then she undressed completely and started to play with my cock and it went hard straight away. She then started to suck on it and I told her I was close to cumming, she kept sucking and I blew into her mouth again. She swallowed it all, then started to massage my legs. She took her time and by the time was finished, I had got hard again. This time got onto the bench and mounted me and she fucked me good and hard, She came before I did and after finishing she cleaned me up. That night she slept with me and still does. She got another public service after I had recovered. But she still lives with me.

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