Passed Around

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At the age of twelve both my parents died and I was passed around the relatives. I would stay a year at a time and then passed on to the next relative. By the time I was 19, I had been to all my parents bothers or sisters and ended up with great Aunt Beth then 60 the younger sister of my mothers mother. Beth was a spinster, as they were called back then. It was 45 years ago last month, I was enrolled in a training program and great Aunt Beth lived closest. I wasn't a troublesome child, I was passed around so each could there bit. I was told, anyway I ended up with Aunt Beth. She was 5'4" slender worked as a office manager for the local mayor. She had a nice body for her age and didn't go out, just went to work and came home and kept her house and garden. I was a disruption to her routine, but she was nice about it. I helped her with her garden and odd jobs around the house. About a month after starting the training program, we were given a week off the training due the instructor falling ill. So I was home alone and feeling restless, aunt Beth was at work during the day. After a couple of hours looking at the walls, I had to do something. So went outback and into the old shed behind the garage. It was filled with old plant pots, tools and things she didn't use anymore. So I cleaned it up and anything that was no good, I binned. After I finished I went for a shower to cleanup, while in the shower I started to masturbate. Not having checked the time before, I was caught mid stroke by Aunt beth. She was a bit shocked at first, but then she went to the kitchen had a coffee. I had dried myself, dressed and went to apologise. She was okay with it and said lock the door next time. After dinner I told her I had cleaned out the old shed and I put everything in there groups. She thanked me and we grabbed a flashlight and went and had look together. She was impressed with my work and thanked again. Later I had been reading and then went to the bathroom. To brush my teeth, before going to bed and walked in on Aunt Beth showering and she was playing with herself as well. She was shocked at me catching her masturbating and she slipped and started to fall in the bathtub. I quickly moved forward and caught her before hit the side of the tub. Then as we looked at each other she started to laugh, saying It looks like I've really fallen for you Donald. Then I kissed her on her lips, she kissed back and I had sex with her that night. Next morning she went to work and I got some paint and painted the old shed. That evening when she got home, I kissed her straight away and we had sex again. After dinner she said was going to have a bath and asked me to wash her back. Which I did and we had sex again later. From then on I slept with her everynight, not always having sex. But we had sex on a regular basis, even after I got girlfriends. I still had sex with beth. I married Susan at 24 and Beth help me purchase a home and it had an annex for her to live in with us. Beth kept me serviced, when Susan was pregnant and out visiting or shopping. Beth passed away at 72 and by that time I had 4 children by Susan. I liked Beth very much, I had also got a passion for fucking mature woman. I got my mother sister Rachel into bed and she was a great fuck. I also fucked our neighbor Mary then 62 and she hadn't been fucked 2 years she told me. Her husband Ross wasn't into sex at 64, only playing golf and fishing. I have even fucked my mother in law Monica a few times. But I love Susan the most and only fuck mature women.

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