You own it

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"Come here. I want you back in the same hole you came out of." Emily smiled as she pulled her son to her as she laid back spreading her thick thighs and pulling him between them.

"Mom. You know you're the horniest girl I know." Eldon chuckled as he started kissing his mother.

"Well, what can I say? You make me that way." Emily smiled as she helped her son get her pants off of her.

"Besides. You are the one that likes playing with the box you came in." Emily giggled as she enjoyed the feeling of her son's hard prick sliding in and out of her.

"That I do." Eldon chuckled as he cupped his mother's large E-sized tit and licked it as he pushed his hard prick into her warm moist pussy.

Playfully the mother and son screwed on the couch building their orgasms in their own separate ways.

Emily is an intense squirter and never fails to soak Eldon with her pussy juice.

Eldon is one of those guys that women love to have cum in them.

Eldon always had an overabundance of sperm to blast into his mother's tight fuzzy pussy.

Always leave large wads of seed dripping from her.

On more than one occasion Emily has used her son's seed as lube so Eldon could fuck her in her broad 42-inch ass.

Emily fell in love with her son when he was home on leave from the military.

She had flown into LAX to spend an extended weekend with her son.

What started as a mother missing her son ended in a sex-fueled nine-day fuckfest.

Emily blushed when her son introduced her as his girlfriend back home.

"Girlfriend?" Emily smiled at her son as they stood at the bar.

"You look younger than I do. So, I figure." Eldon smiled.

Eldon was right.

At thirty-six years old she still got carded like she was a teenager and still had to prove how old she was.

It got Emily to thinking.

With all the dancing and laughing Emily found herself getting very attracted to her son.

Her pussy started to ache and she let her desire to take control and she started to seduce her broad shoulder, devilish handsome son.

"Why don't you take me home," Emily whispered into her son's ear as they danced close.

Eldon looked at his mother as his hard prick strained against his zipper.

Thirty minutes later Emily smiled sexily as she squatted in front of her son as she unzipped his pants.

Looking up at her handsome son.
Emily winked sexily at her son just before closing her eyes and enjoying the taste of his salty sweet seed as it flowed down her throat.

Pulling his mother up.

Eldon kissed his mother and took her to his room.

Where they made deep passionate love till the early morning light.

For the next three days, Emily and Eldon fucked each other freely.

One fucking the other with desperate need and desire.

Emily gave her son everything and fulfilled his every desire.

Eldon fulfilling his mother's need for sex, love, and closeness.

When they finally left the house.

Eldon took his mother to the nicest restaurant he could afford where they had a deep, long serious talk about what they had been doing and where they were heading.

"Eldon. You made me a whore." Emily giggled softly to her son as they ate.

"I'm sorry. I'll treat you like a lady and mother from here on out." Eldon teased.

"You fucking better not." Emily giggled with a naughty twinkle in her blue eyes.

It was decided over that dinner that Emily would divorce her husband and move to California with Eldon.

The rest of Emily's stay was a sex-fueled rage.

When Emily boarded her plane. She had an ass full of fresh cum in her guts Eldon had pumped into her in the parking lot.

"Mom. It's broad daylight." Eldon chuckled as Emily stripped her pants off as they set in the SUV.

"I don't care." Emily smiled as she tossed her pants in the floorboard of the SUV.

"I need that cock in me." Emily smiled as she climbed into the back seat.

Eldon couldn't believe his mother's boldness and need and followed her to the back seat.

With her head between the two front seats, Emily grunted hard with lustful need as cum ran down her thick tan thighs as her sexy son held her broad hips pumping his large prick into her stretched-out asshole until he emptied his hairless nuts into her guts.

After Eldon grunted hard shaking filling his mother's guts with his molten seed.

Emily turned.
Smiling up at her son.
She cleaned his still-hard prick of salty semen.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." Emily cried as she kissed her son goodbye.

"I'll be waiting." Eldon smiled happily.

Emily didn't worry about going home when her plane landed.
Her first stop was her lawyers' office than the bank.

Emily didn't worry about her husband.

She went home packed her things and loaded her SUV.

Sitting at the kitchen table. Emily wrote a note to her husband letting him know she was leaving him.

Emily knew it might be a week or more before he got it and she would be back in California by then.

Three days later Emily lay on the kitchen table with her legs open impatiently waiting for her lover it enter.

"Dinner is served." Emily smiled at Eldon when entered the kitchen.

Pulling up a chair.
Eldon set down smiling.

Wrapping his mother's thick thighs in his hands.

Eldon pulled her to him and devoured her sex through three powerful orgasms.

"I'll be the only man ever in this hole again." Eldon smiled at his mother as she lay on the table enjoying his thick cock as it slid in and out of her oozing slit.

"You own it." Emily smiled

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