New job

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"Room 3." I saw on my work phone when it beeped.

Instantly my forty-seven-old pussy got hot.

I knew I was about to get some dick.

Just over eighteen months ago, my husband and I fell on some really hard times.

So I found a job.

I have been a secretary in the past, so that is what I looked for.

I found the perfect job for me at a new engineering firm.

Five young people owned it.

Three handsome young men and two very gorgeous women.

All in their late twenties and early thirties.

With my looks and skill set, they hired me on the spot.

I hadn't been there a week when I blew Dave the first time.

He was there when I left and there the next morning when I came in.

I could tell he was really stressed out.

"Dave. Why don't you take a break." I told him.

We were standing in his office when I looked down and could see he had a hard-on and from what I could tell.
He was pretty well hung.

"Dave. I know what will make you feel a little better." I smiled.

"Marcy. If you have the answer. I'll take it." Dave answered ruggedly.

"Oh, honey. I have just what you need." I smiled.

Five minutes later I looked up at Dave and winked at him as I tugged his large cock as his milk flowed down my throat.

I couldn't help but notice how sweet his huge load of yummy seed was.

"Thanks, Marcy. I needed that." Dave smiled as he walked out the door.

"Feel free to call on me any time," I told Dave savoring the flavor of his young seed.

The next morning just after I arrived Dave buzzed me.

"Marcy. Could you come to my office? I need your assistance." Dave said through the microphone on my desk.

Smiling I hopped out of my chair and hustled to Dave's office.

I didn't need to be told what he wanted.
The look on his face told me.

This time I was slow and methodical.

Thirty minutes later I returned to my desk.

After the third morning, I would go to Dave's office and wait for him to arrive or just head straight to his office if he was already there for my morning cream.

I got to where I was blowing Dave sometimes twice a day swallowing his sweat nectar every time.

It was late one evening.

I was laying on my back with my head over the arm of the couch and Dave was giving me a good throat fucking when his door opened.

Scaring the hell out of both of us.

It was Mike.

Mike just looked at us in shock.

"Get out or join in," I told Mike frustrated.

"Seriously?" Mike laughed.

I spent the next hour sucking dick.

Good thing for the shower.
I could have never gone home to my husband looking the way I did.

The next afternoon Janis asked me to lunch.

"So Marcy. I hear you love to suck cock." Janis smiled at me.

I just looked at her smiling having a good idea where this was going.

"I eat pusst just as good." I smiled at Janis.

"What's your take on anal?" Janis smiled.

"Buy me a clean-out kit." I grinned at Janis.

"Janis. I can't get pregnant and my husband fucks me once a month if I'm lucky." I smiled.

"So your pretty well a free-use slut then?" Janis smiled.

"I am one hundred percent free use." I smiled.

"Good. The stress level at the office gets pretty high sometimes." Janis chuckled.

"I've got an idea." I smiled at Janis.
"Why don't you have the third floor cleaned up and put a room up there," I told Janis.

"Room?" Janis questioned.

"Yeah. You know. A relief room." I smiled Janis.

"Good Idea." Janis smiled.

Plans were made and a contractor was hired.

I got to oversee the project.
I even got to buy whatever I wanted.

It got to where I was spending some much time up there doing all sorts of lovely naughty sexual acts.

They finally moved me up there full-time.

Tim is an ass man.

He loves fucking me in the ass.

Dave normally just wants his dick sucked.

Jerome will fuck me like a slut with a big ebony cock.

He isn't as big as Tim.

But, he is still big.

Janis and Lindsey.
Well, they take their frustrations out on me.

They have a whole arsenal of sex toys to use on me.

If Lindsey had a cock.
It would be big and she would be any woman's delight.

I've had Tim up my ass while I ate Janis out and Lindsey first fucked me.

More than once I've spent the afternoon getting gangbanged.

I love my job and the people I work with.

Tim mentioned to me about hiring another engineer.

I told him to find one with a big really big dick.

Janis and Lindsey both agreed.

We have been searching the internet in hopes.

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