Lucky, he had a brother

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I married last year at university and his family were rich and he was loud and thought the world revolved around him. I soon found out he married me so he could get his trust fund, he picked me because I was quiet and acceptable to his family. With his trust fund now released he went on as before, partying and ignoring me. His family were waiting for us to have children, but he wasn't interested in starting a family. I rarely saw him, and I was lonely, and his only sibling was his younger brother. Who he referred to as the idiot, his brother didn't date or party like my husband. Quiet and reserved their mother called it, that was the main reason they wanted grandchildren from me and my husband as they never expect the youngest to marry or have children. I became very close to my brother-in-law; he was relaxed around me, and we would talk, and I would go with him to things he liked. Like Star Trek and Star Wars conventions, he was also quite good making things and made a full-size Dalek and he keeps it in his room. Anyway, I'd been married almost 3 years and still no children and the parents knew it was their son who was to blame. Anyway, no worries there was plenty of time yet, but my husband didn't have the time everyone thought he did. Thru a combination of alcohol and drugs and driving a fast car too fast, much too fast he died. The large tree didn't move out of his way, and he died instantly and that was lucky for him as the car caught fire and he was trapped in the wreckage. So, he didn't feel the flames burning him and once the funeral was over the family looked at me and decided I was still their best hope for grandchildren. Albeit with my brother-in-law doing the fathering, I liked my brother-in-law. But he was so quiet I didn't think he would want to start a family with his widowed sister-in-law. I said as much to my mother-in-law, when she asked me to think about it. She replied he will do as I say, and nothing was said or done for several months. Then I told it's time to marry my brother-in-law, I said he hasn't asked me. His mother called to him, and he came in and she told him to propose to me and he did. I was a little shocked but accepted anyway. I was still the only young woman he had anything to do with and we had always been friendly. Arrangements started and we were together a lot more often and as we were engaged, I decided we should a great deal closer. My chance came as a convention was being held and I knew he would like to attend but didn't like to travel alone. I made all the arrangements. Including the hotel booking, a single room and he was shocked there was only one room, but I said we're engaged, and he just accepted it. We were there for 3 nights and it was the second night I took his virginity, and I hadn't been taking any precautions since my first wedding and I made the most of our time away together. On our return, I moved into his bedroom. I've been sleeping with him ever since and we have been married for over 6 years now and have 3 children so far.

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