Advantage Taken Part One

Written by , on 2024-04-03, genre straight

Back in 2019 I (32) was living in my own apartment alone, not in a relationship at the time. I do fairly okay with women. I'm slightly overweight and wear glasses, but I'm very well off due to inheritance/trust fund and great career. Most of my family are in our home state and I came here for my dream career. I've many friends here, but back in 2019 I had an old family friend living nearby. Since her husband died and his business went under, she moved to start again with little left. Growing up I'd called her aunty and still thought of her that way. We used to meet up every now and then, anyway her bad luck continued as the company she was working for closed down. She was in danger of living on the streets and so I offered her my spare bedroom. She (I'll call Aunty) accepted mainly as she had no other offers and we got on very well fast forward a few months and a lockdown due to Covid. Both confined together 24/7 bored and I was ready to climb the wall as the saying goes. Anyway, I pulled a muscle overstretching and Aunty offered to massage it for me and she did a good job. Aunty is quite attractive for her age, and I like the massage a great deal. So, next day bored as was now usual for me, decided to get another massage. Telling Aunty, it was playing up again she gave me another massage. But this time she done my front as well, nothing sexual. Anyway, the following day she asked me if I wanted another massage, I agreed and while doing my front my mind wandered and I got a hard-on. I was shocked, but it didn't faze Aunty one bit, she got my cock and out and got me off. I thanked her and told her I would probably get hard-ons all the time now. She said that she would take care of any rises that come up. Massaging me was a break from the boredom of the lockdown, a couple more massages later I started to feel her up. Which finally led to us both being totally naked during the massages, then one night I was going to bed and decided to ask her to join me. She was a little shocked at first, but we'd done almost everything already. Excepting blowjobs and actual sex, that changed that night. For the rest of the lockdown, she slept with me and provided regular sex. After the lockdown was over, I thought she might move out. But jobs she could do and allow her to get her own place weren't yet available. I was happy to have stay as long as she wanted too, not just for the sex, but I lived her company. I've been raised to take advantage all my life and I did take full advantage with Aunty.

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