Picked to marry

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I left university with great career prospects and a job that would start that career. Only thing I was failing at was my love life, well you can't really fail if you're not in the game as they say. My love life successes Nil, dates Nil and sex Nil, masturbating doesn't count. Two years into my job/career, I called aside by the boss, and he asked me was I happy with my job. I said I was, he asked me then did I have anyone special in my life and I said No. Confused by the sudden interest in my life by the boss but put it down to employee relations. Anyway, the next day I saw him and a woman looking at me, later I found out the woman was his wife. Fast forward a few weeks, I was called to see the boss and his wife was with him. I had been vetted and approved; they were searching for a husband for their daughter 25. She is very smart and had finished university two years ahead others her age and they were wanted her married. But she never dated and was very reserved around people outside the family and had to pushed into conversations their description not mine. Knowing she would never marry unless they arranged it, they started the search and for once my lack of relationships was a plus not a negative. They want someone compatible with her and someone who wouldn't cheat on her. I was in their eyes very compatible; I wasn't a womanizer and was almost as socially awkward as she was (my description of me). So, meetings were arranged and awkward dinners with the family and it continued till she wasn't shy with me anymore and we would talk and had a lot in common and were getting on well. No sex but did go to museums and special exhibits together without other family. Then her parents were decided we were ready to marry, and planning started before we were told of their decision. I was okay with marrying her and she accepted her family decision also. Of course, my relationship with her caused a little disruption to my work, but I was allowed to leave early so to attend events with their daughter. Without having to answer to my superior, I was also promoted to another position before our wedding a special position created for me, so I could be with my wife more often after the wedding. I was told by my mother-in-law that grandchildren were my new priority after the wedding. So, in the lead up to the wedding I got myself a mature sex coach and lost my virginity and learnt to please a woman. So, I wouldn't be an awkward lover to my wife. That I did without the knowledge of her and her family and now 12 years later we're happily married and have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls. But my in-laws are the happiest people as all their planning has worked out better than they had thought possible.

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