Venom girls

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Marlene looked at the other girl standing across the bushes, right within her area of sovereignty. It did not take her long to realise that she was facing a competitor. The other girl, a brunette like her, was dressed in the typical wild outfit, clothes scantily covering her tanned body. Marlene observed her from bottom to top. The girl had a body that could match Marlene's in every respect. Long, slender but well-formed legs, slim waist, followed by a glistening belly up to the chest that swelled into two volutptious breasts. She had a strong neck and a face that mirrored Marlene's beauty. Slender cheeks, large hazel eyes, firm nose and luscious lips that had a natural redness mixed with a bluish tinge. This tinge alerted Marlene that the girl she was confronting was also venomous, just like her.

Marlene was a venom girl, one of the few that ever walked the earth. Venom girls were born and brought up in communities that lived on the outskirts of the jungles. Only those girls who were born to a venom woman could become a venom girl. It was believed that they were born as a result of intercourse between a woman and a cobra. As such, they were deadly poisonous. A small bite from a venom girl could easily paralyse and kill a well-built man. A venom girl was brought up within the community till she was able to fend for herself and then left alone in the deep jungle where she used to be the in-disputed queen of the woods, enjoying protection given by cobras and other snakes, and in return pleasing them physically. Apart from the deadly venom that flowed in their veins, venom girls also had tremendous sexual prowess and a strong libido. Very often, when snakes hibernated during the winters, venom girls used to be devoid of sexual appeasement for months, during which, they used to thirst for carnal pleasures. No human dared to have intercourse with them, as even a simple kiss or any contact with their body fluids could kill men. In order to keep their minds off their dissatisfaction, venom girls used to tire themselves physically out by dancing a sensual and rhythmic dance. these were skilled that were taught to them during their upbringing by their mothers.

Marlene's mind was racing. She had never heard of another venom girl that lived within a thousand miles from her jungle. Her mother had told her that when she was young, there was only one rival that lived within the span of the forest. As confrontation was inevitable, the two women had fought a venomous battle until she was able to finish her enemy, who could not stand the strength of her venom. This made her the undisputed queen of the forest, a throne that Marlene inherited from her. But as she observed the blue lips of the girl standing across the bushes, she had no doubt that the girl was a venom girl.

Marlene decided to confront this girl. She moved forward, staring boldly into equally large hazel eyes of the brunette that stood across. The stare was returned with equal force as the two pairs of eyes locked perfectly, the distance between them decreasing rapidly. The two brunettes stopped a few feet away from each other. Marlene noted that the other girl had the same built, same height and same agile body as hers. It would be a fight amongst equals, if it came to that.

"Who are you?", Marlene demanded, a tone of authority in her voice.

"One who has come to settle the scores of our family feud", the girl replied, venom sounding in her voice.

"Which feud are you talking about?", Marlene's voice sounded equally venomous.

"Between your mother and mine. They had fought many years ago, when we were hardly an year old. She had bitten her at the back of her neck, against the rules of venomous battles, that led to my mother's death. And I, her only daughter Loren, have come to avenge it", the girl bared her teeth as she spoke the words, slowly and threateningly.

"My mother defeated yours, without breaking any rules. It was your mother who couldn't bear the strength of my mother's venom.", Marlene retorted.

"You'll pay for the deeds of your mother. I have grown up hating you all along, and I won't rest until I have poisoned you to death with my venom", Loren snarled as she spoke.

"Forget about it. I am the daughter of my mother and the same venom flows in my blood. It would be you who would lose in the clash of our venoms."

"Then I challenge you, venom girl to venom girl, to fight me according to the traditional rules laid down for fight between two venom girls", Loren hissed as she spoke, anger simmering within her.

"Let's go to the seclusion of the forest deep within, where no one can see us. According to the rules, we need to fight both in open as well as in closed arena", Marlene too let out a hiss along with the words, making it evident that she was also boiling with anger.

Loren hissed louder, trying to drown Marlene's hissing sound with her own. Marlene too built up the tempo and soon the two beauties were hissing with rage as they neared one another dangerously. It seemed as if the two were about to bite into each others flesh. However, despite their rage, they dared not break the rules of the fight as that would have deprived the defaulter of her prowess.

Even though Marlene's mother knew of no rivals that could threaten Marlene, she had taken every precaution to teach Marlene the rules and techniques of a venomous battle. Since there were very few venom girls, killing one another was considered dangerous for the survival of the community. Hence, any sort of battle between two venom girls had to be followed according to precise rules. The preliminary bouts were moderate in the sense that the two fighting girls were not in danger of being killed. Only when all the safe bouts failed to find a winner could the level of battle be increased to fatal levels where the two girls could harm one another, even fatally. Normally, one of the venom girls used to lose in the preliminary bouts which ensured that none of the two died. However, occasionally, there used to be embattled women who fought till one of them was either paralysed for life, or dead, as was the case with Marlene's and Loren's mothers.

Venom girls were supposed to be great dancers, fierce warriors, irresistible seductress and deadly poisonous. Thus, bouts in a fight were divided into four level. First was a battle of dance in which the two fighters tried to outperform the other. If none of the two accepted defeat, then they fought a fierce battle, much like two wild cats. If no clear winner appeared at the end of that round, then third round comprised of sexual competition in which the warring females entwined themselves into a sexual heat. Finally the last bout was test of venom. This bout was to be fought until one of them fails to bear the venom of the other. The first two bouts were supposed to be fought in open arena whereas the last two were fought inside a cave.

The two enraged girls made their way deep into the forest until they approached a lake. On the other side of the lake, there was a cave. Between the cave and the lake was a piece of open land, covered with grass.

"We'll fight there, on that open field, and then inside the cave", Marlene pointed toward the cave.

"This was the place where our mothers fought", Loren noted, her voice heavy with anger.

"Yes, and now we will fight our battle here to settle this, once and for all", Marlene retorted with rage.

The two brunettes jumped into the lake together and started swimming across. They kept beating their hands and legs furiously in order to be the first to reach the other shore. The two reached the other side together and heaved themselves out. The pre-battle bout had failed to give a winner.

The girls faced one another and came closer. Their eyes locked again, mutual hatred burning between the two pairs of eyeballs. Slowly they came to within a feet from one another. Even though the two were completely wet, having emerged from the lake moments ago, they could feel each others hot breaths on their bodies.

"We start the fight with the ritual dance", Marlene's voice was low along with the hiss, as they were near enough to hear whispers.

With that, the two began a rhythmic dance, their bellies rocking, waist throbbing about as they moved in a circle, eyes locked together, hisses louder. They kept this stance for a long time, intermittently hissing out aloud at their opponent with a snarl, baring their white teeth threateningly. Then Loren took a step towards Marlene in order to break the deadlock. Marlene reciprocated the move and the two women came in physical touch as thei bodies touched along their sides. They still kept the gaze locked as they pressed their left shoulders together. The touch of hot skin against hot skin sent shivers through their bodies. However, they knew that this was just the beginning. Their bodies had to entwine together if the battle continues. Marlene suddenly reversed her motion as she turned towards Loren, bringing them front to front. As she did so, her left breast pressed and rubbed hard against Loren's, their hissing sound replaced for a moment with the sigh of carnal pleasure. They were wearing only bare minimal clothes and as such, as their bodies pressed together, front to front, they felt their skins melting into the others. Two flat bellies pressed perfectly, line to line, against one another. With that, they embraced each other with their arms, soft skin, against soft skin, arms entangled. My now, they had stopped their motion and were still. The stare was still on as the nubile beauties clasped one another tigher bringing more flesh to come in contact with the other. There faces were not far from one another and they could feel the slight trace of their rivals breath on their chins.

"Let's match muscle against muscle", Loren's whisper was refilled with venomous hatred.

"Yes, let's do it. You are no match to my skills", Marlene's rejoinder was a challenge.

Loren bent her back throwing her head back and kept bending away from Marlene till her head almost touched the ground behind her. Marlene's body followed her, never breaking their touch, to make it a perfect bow as the two girls stuck to one another like two spoons fitted together. For a moment, the beauties remained in this position. Then Marlene moved her body and reciprocated the move going all the way back and touching the ground with her head. Loren followed her equally skilfully as the girls formed a bow again. They then came back to their normal positions and turned around to touch back against back and repeated the moves, only this time, bending forward making the other to bend backward. Again the girls failed to outdo one another.

The girls broke off the embrace and stood apart. As if on cue, they both knelt down on the ground and moved on their knees to come closer and embrace again. They then fell on their sides, arms still clutching one another and began to roll on the ground, slowly, taking turn one atop another. Gradually they built up the speed of their rolling. Soon, they hit the wall of the cave, at which point, they started rolling in the other direction to reach back their original battle spot. Marlene then turned around and let Loren press her front to her back and the two women pressed like spoons. Loren rolled and came atop Marlene's back. She pressed her face over Marlene's right shoulder as her left cheek pressed against Marlene's right. A lustful sigh escaped the girls' mouths. Marlene rolled them back again and turned Loren around to reciprocate the move. This time, they pressed their other cheeks together as they felt one another hot face rub against their own.

For hours the two of them kept taking turns and rolling. But there was no evident winner. The hostility was as ripe as ever and their mutual hatred was turning into a rage. The two warriors disentangled from their rolling position and stood up facing one another.

"We are equally good at the touch dance. There is no way we can settle this by mere dancing", Marlene mentioned, hinting that they should move to the other bout of the fight.

"Let's fight for real, a raw fight. I am dying to dug my nails into your skin", Loren's hiss was hoarse with rage.

"Yes, let's entangle like two wild cats in heat and fight. But no biting, as per the rules", Marlene warned as she moved her hands up with palms facing Loren.

Loren too moved her hands forward, palms facing Marlene. The two palms met and pressed against one another as they moved closer, bringing their foreheads so close that they almost touched. Simultaneously, they spread their fingers apart and interlaced them with their rivals, slowly, one finger at a time until they grasped each other in a vicious fingerlock. Their nails dug into the back side of their enemy's palms as they put it their full strength trying to push each other back. The fight of strength was on. Their fingerlocked hands slowly moved up and their bodies pressed against one another, inch to inch, thighs to thighs, belly to belly, breast to breast and chin to chin. They maintained this position for a long time before they broke it and immediately grabbed one another hair and pulled with force, pulling one another down. Soon, they were rolling again, legs entwined, dirty verbal volleys going between their mouths. They were sweating by that time but no one was ready to surrender, as they rolled, panting into each others face. Their hisses were violent and at times they bared their teeth and had to fight their urge to bite the other girl on the face. Hours of this intense battle proved fruitless. They fought one another, scratching, hair pulling violently, pinching one another bellies, breasts and nipples. The clothes that they had worn had been torn and were strewn in pieces on the battle ground.

They fought till the sun began to set. By that times, they had been rolling pressed flesh against flesh to one another for hours, which had made both of them horny.

"Physical strength cannot find a winner amongst us", Loren said panting heavily.

"You are right", said Marlene, practically out of breath. "Let's have the fight we both have been eagerly waiting for."

"Fight me sexually Marlene, the way our mother fought. Let's find out who is a better seductress", Loren challenged.

The two ladies disentangled from one another and got up. The next two bouts had to be fought within the cave. It was good because the sun had also gone down and visibility outside was poor. The mouth of the cave was not very large and so they had to crawl in, one at a time. Inside, the cave was large, roof high enough for them to stand. They lit a few torches made of tree branches and hoisted them on the walls, making the cave lit up with light.

"Let's close the cave so that no one, not even animals, can interrupt our battle", Loren said and the two of them pushed a rock and blocked the mouth of the cave. Now they were all alone, away from prying eyes of every living souls, except each others.

The close body fight had aroused both of them to an extreme level. Also, it being a winter, the girls had not had intercourse for months and were hungry for those dirty pleasures.

"Close body fight. Entwined like snakes", Loren laid out the rules.

"No exchange of venoms in this round", Marlene warned.

With that, the two beauties approached each other and clasped one another arms. There hands groped until palms met again and fingers interlocked. By this time, the beauties were trembling with sexual anticipation. They could feel butterflies in their stomachs as the two bellies pressed against one another. They stared into one another's eyes, lust and hatred raw in them as they moved their upper bodies closer. As their nipples touched, they let out a gasp of erotic pleasure. Slowly they began rubbing them side by side, each tingle sending shivers down their bodies. As they did so, they blew air over their nipples that hardened with the touch other their rivals. This went on for a long time. Meanwhile, Marlene made her move and pushed her leg between Loren's things. Loren reciprocated the gestures and they both clasped and squeezed one another's thighs between their own, their sexual center burning with raw desires. With legs interlocked, they were in an unstable position and soon fell down on the ground which had a bed of hay laid all over the place.

"Our mothers must have fought like this", Marlene whispered, lips trembling due to sexual build up.

"We'll fight more viciously. Raw and rubbing until we are sore", Loren's voice was hoarse as she tried to control the tremble in her voice. They were both in immense heat.

Their legs had wrapped around and locked firmly as they rolled on the hay, squeezing each others thighs and sending waves and shudders of pleasure up their vulvas. They began rubbing their thighs against each other vulvas. It was difficult to suppress their moans, which were intermittently replaced by hisses.

"Let's have woman to woman fight", Marlene could not wait any longer.

"Bring it on girl", Loren hissed.

The girls shifted their bellies and unwrapped their thighs. They then matched each legs against the others, right from the foot to kneews, to thighs and all the way up to the junction of their legs. Their bushes came into contact sending electrifying trembles all over their bodies. With one more push and slight adjustment, they brought their sexual organs in touch. The feeling of raw sex pressed against raw sex was wild. They grimaced first with the pinch of sexual delight followed by an expression of lust and hunger, burning in their eyes. They fought hard to keep their faces apart so so not to exchange their venoms. To avoid the temptation of mashing their venom cavity, they rested their faces on each others shoulders.

The two were now entwined like two female snakes, copulating and rolling back and forth on the ground. They started rubbing their organs together, each rub sending raw pleasure up their stomachs, to their throats emerging out as wild hisses, snarles and gasps from their mouths. Their erectile organs had surfaced and clashed with every hump and thrust, bringing them closer and closer to an explosion with each slight push.

They were now both yelling and snarling aloud.

"I'll defeat you, and avenge my mother's death", Loren cried out in wild agony.

"You'll explode before me and surrender to me", Marlene shouted back.

The girls were now at the verge of a climax. They knew that another few moments and they might come. However, whoever came first would go weak and would be defeated. They both knew this fact and so wanted the other person to come first.

They came to a point when both girls felt that another jerk and they would explode, and thus be defeated. Since they didn't want to lose, simultaneously, both Marlene and Loren stopped the thumping, right before the final thump. By then, the arousal had come to a peak and was going to explode. It jumped to its full strength within both the girls. But in the absence of the final thrust, its strength slowly abated and it subsided. The two girls panted heavily, knowing that they prevented a loss to the other girl, but equally disappointed at the anti-climax.

"You were about to lose when you withdrew", Marlene accused her rival.
"Keep your mouth shut. You were the one who withdrew fearing a loss", Loren snarled in rage and disappointment. "I'll bite you to death", she shouted as she opened her mouth and bared her teeth. Marlene too was ready. She too opened her mouth and folded her lips to bare an equally strong set of teeth. They brought their mouths closer but then stopped. They knew that they hadn't reached that part of the fight yet.

"Let's wait till we reach the venom fight", Loren hissed out, withdrawing her snarl.

"It won't be needed because I'll beat you in the sexual bout", Marlene retorted.

"Let's do it again then. You'll come this time and lose."

"Bring it on! You'll be the loser, I am sure."

With that, the warring girls started an erotic rub again. They kept building up the rhythm until they neared the orgasm again. However, both were equally competent and none of them could make the other come before oneself. Again the tempo built up to the climax at which point the girls realised that couldn't go anymore without exploding and thus withdrew from it. Again a fully-formed climax abated, making them mad with rage, lust and hunger.

Each wanted to explode with all might but that would mean accepting the defeat. Hence, the girls kept repeating the climax build-up hoping each time that the other girl would weaken and explode, but withdrawing at the same time in disappointment and anti-climax. Each time the climax abated, it made them hornier and hornier.

After hours of this sexual tangle, the two were tired, but at the same time, hungry sexually like they had never been before. They knew that they matched each other even in a sexual battle. Repeated climb to climax and let-down finally took a toll on them as they could continue no more. The trembling in their bodies was uncontrollable now. They disentangle and laid next to each other on the hay, trying to catch their breath. The sexual pain in their organs was unbearable.

"I think, there is only one way we can decide upon the winner", Loren hinted, as she caught her breath.

"Yes, venom against venom", snarled Marlene, as she turned her head to face Loren.

"I have been waiting for this fight for ages", Loren said as she too turned towards her rival.

"What are we waiting for? Let's bring this fight on and decide who wins the battle", Marlene sat up on the hay.

"We too reached the stage that our mothers did. But the outcome this time would be different. It would be you who would lose this battle, and you life", Loren burnt with anger and hatred.

"Let the clash of our poisons decide who the winner is, though I am sure I am going to win this battle, like my mother did it, ages ago", Marlene growled.
right. Let's do it then", said Loren.

Marlene got up and moved to the corner of the cave where two bowls and a bottle of ale was kept. She picked them up and brought them to where Loren was sitting. Both girls squatted on the hay, and kept the bottle and bowls between them. Marlene then filled both the bowls with the ale from the bottle. Then she kept the bottle away.

The two venom girls raised their bowls to their mouths and sipped some ale in. They then shook the ale within their mouths, mixing it thoroughly with their saliva and then spit it out back into the bowls. They shook the bowls to mix the ale, now mixed with their respective saliva, thoroughly. Now, with eyes locked together, they exchanged the two bowls. Their hearts were beating fast as they brought the others' bowls to their own lips to drink the ale, poisoned with the other girls' saliva. They didn't break the stare as they finished the ale and tossed the bowls aside. They waited for the other girl to show signs of weakness, but none gave way.

"All right. A dash of our venom did not affect the other. Let's try venom breaths", Marlene said, decisively.

"Yes, Let's do it my enemy. I am going to choke you for breath. You won't survive my venomous breath", Loren growled as she moved forward on her hips.

Marlene too moved closer and the two girls opened their legs for one another and then entwined them like two pairs of scissors. This brought their aching organs back in touch again. The girls entwined arms too and clasped each other at the back. With a thrust, they brought their bellies and breasts to press again. Now they moved their hands up and cupped each others face.

"Bring it on, Marlene", Loren said, her voice trembling again with anticipation and lust.

"Let's do it Loren. Open you mouth", Marlene too voiced gruffly, trembling with excitement.

The two girls opened their mouths wide apart and pulled each others face closer while at the same time thumping their sexual organs below rubbing against one another. The two open mouths came closer and halted when the distance between them was barely an inch. The two girls now started exhaling from their mouths, fumes of venom pouring out along with breath and into each others face and mouth. The poisonous, acetic and sour fumes pinched them on their faces and lips but the raw tingling sensation on the mouth coupled with the rhythmic rubbing of organs drove them wild. Their erotic posture was enhanced by locked eyes, and their mouths, hungry for each other, open and held away from one another, made them tremble violently with butterflies in stomachs.

They maintained this position for a long time. After a long while, it was evident that no one was yielding the ground.

"Venom breaths failed too.", Marlene said, in disappointment.

"Yes, there is now only one way to decide the winner", Loren said, emphasising each word, to make it apparent that they were at the last stage of their fight.

"I am glad that we came to this stage of the battle. I wanted to fight you to the finish", Marlene said, her voice regaining its excitement as she thought about what lay ahead in their fight.

"Ours mothers fought raw venom to raw venom fight. Now we will fight it too."

"Yes, your venom against mine.", Marlene's excitement was making her tremble again.

"You know that there is just one way to do it. Are you ready for it?", Loren asked.

"Yes, I am ready to go to any extent, however dirty or dangerous, to defeat you", Marlene retorted.

"Okay. Then we will fight mouth to mouth", Loren's excitement and anticipation was barely concealed.

"And tongue to tongue."

"Yes, we'll rub them together, like our mothers did."

"Yes, raw and wet. We'll exchange spits."

"We'll exchange spits till one of us can bear the venom no longer."

"Bring it on!"

"Bring it on!"

With that, the two girls opened their mouths wide apart again, and brought them closer. The two yawning mouths met and mashed together. The pair of bluish red lips rubbed against one another as their teeth clashed and grated inside their venomous cavities. The two girls sucked hard so as to create a vacuum inside their common cavity as the teeth rubbed against one another.

They broke the sucking kiss for a moment and looked into one another eyes, burning with lust and desire. Marlene opened her mouth and moved her tongue along her lips, wetting them with her saliva. Loren too lapped her lips with her tongue to wet them thoroughly. The girls moved their wet mouths forward and met again mouth to mouth. This time, the saliva on their lips meeting and mixing together. It was the first contact between their raw venoms. They rotated their mouths to mix the saliva on their lips perfectly and broke the kiss again.

"This wasn't enough. We need more saliva", Marlene said, panting and trembling.

Loren produced more saliva from her mouth, brought it out and nestled it on her lips. Marlene reciprocated the action. The two brunettes then pouted their lips, their saliva placed on top of their pouts and brought them together. This time, the salivas got mixed well as they rubbed their lips together. They could feel the slight burning sensation on their lips as the two venoms neutralised each other.

"Why are you afraid of touching tongue with tongue?" Loren provoked.

"I am not afraid of anything. Let's entwine tongues", Lara said as she brought her tongue out, to its full length. The pink piece of muscle danced outside her mouth, inviting Loren's.

Loren too brought her tongue out to its full length and flicked it to and fro, matching Marlene's moves.

For a few moments, the two girls looked at each others tongues, trying to compare their lengths. Then they moved their faces closer until the two tongues were thoroughly pressed against one another.

The girls didn't rub their tongues for a few seconds, trying to feel the touch of tongue against tongue. Then slowly, Marlene move her tongue along Loren's, the two girls savouring every taste, sweet, sour and burning that they could taste on the tongue that they touched. Loren also started moving her tongue and they rubbed them length to length.

Soon their fighting tongues were wrapped in by hungry mouths and the girls sealed mouth against mouth and started pouring their saliva into each others mouth. The rhythm started building as, unconsciously, the girls started rubbing their sex organs too. With each thump, and clash of tongues within their mouths, the climax started building. The two girls were, by now, lost in this dirty and yet delightful battle. The venoms felt piquant to each other as their mouth cavities were filled with their mixed saliva. The girls increased the pace, lost in their own delightful world. This went on for several moments, the climax rebuilding, with all its vigour, determined this time to explode through both the girls. It was as if the girls had no more control over it. The arousal grew stronger and stronger as their erectile tissues rubbed ferociously with each rub. The pace kept increasing and increasing until at last the climax took its peak and with the next thrust burst out between their organs. The groans and moans of the girls were suppressed by the vast fluid of mixed saliva within their mouths. They kept humping until the climax descended, a bit at a time, with each jerk. The climax persisted for another thirty thrusts after the explosion and then melted away in delightful carnal pleasure throughout the body of the two girls, by which time, they had fallen on the hay on their sides, mouths still glues together.

The two girls finally broke the kiss and moved their mouths slightly apart. A thick thread of mixed saliva hung between their lips. In their lust, they had forgotten that they had to make the other girl come first. They knew they were equal on this battle as well. They looked into each others eyes for several seconds, then moved their mouths closer, sucking the saliva thread back into their mouths and they mashed mouths once again and entwined their legs tightly around each others legs. They closed their eyes and passed into the world of pleasure again.

The feudal battle was tied, and settled.

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