Doing Gran

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My name is Todd and I'm 23 and in 2001 I had just moved for work in the city from my home town. I'm a plumber by trade. I live with my Gran Karen 61 (Mom's Mom) a widow. Grandad was killed in Vietnam in 1970 and Gran never remarried. I was staying with Gran in her 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage. I was replacing Grans old rusted water pipe with new copper ones. I had done kitchen, bathroom and was now on the laundry and yard taps. My gran was sitting in the kitchen drinking wine as she did weekend. Didn't touch a drop during the week. I told I was going to the hardware for more copper pipe. I was gone about half an hour, when I got back Iwent straight into the backyard to finish the last bit of work. This took about a hour with putting away my tools and cleaning up. I was only wearing coveralls and started to undress entering the house. On my way to the bathroom I walked in on my Gran playing with herself sitting on the lounge. She was shocked first on seeing me, but soon recovered saying yes I masturbate and so does everyone else. I just said Sorry Gran I'm just going for a shower and continued to the bathroom. I finished getting undressed and got into the shower. I was petty excited about see Gran playing with herself, I was soon playing with myself. Then Gran entered and strip off her clothes and joined me in the shower. She took charge of the moment and was soon sucking me off. We ended up on the floor fucking and after went to Gran's room. After we slept for couple of hours. That night Gran was silence for a long time after dinner finally, she was sorry for her actions it had been so long since she had had sex.
I said no worries I enjoyed very much and it would our little secret, I walk up to her and gave her a cuddle. We sat down and talk some more, then she said she was go to bed I said do you want company. She said we shouldn't and I replied why not your horny I'm horny and it won't hurt anyone. She said only if your really sure. We were sleeping together for years. Even after I married and had 3 children of my own.

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