Aunt and Cousin keeping the Family Tradition Alive

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I'm Todd 26 electrican and single, I moved to the City to start a job with a power company as shift electrican. When I got to the city where my job was, I moved in with my father's Sister Jane 43 widowed and her daughter Rachel 20. They live in a 4 bedroom 2 bath house about 3 miles from power plant. The room I had was at the back of the house near the back door. So I could come and go working shift work and not disturb the others in the house. One night last month I came home just after midnight and entered by the back door. After a quick shower and in my PJ's I entered the kitchen to made a snack before bed. While eating my snack I heard groans and moans from my Aunt Jane's bedroom. Thinking that something I went to investigate and walked in on Jane and Rachel have lesbian sex with each other. I turned to leave, but Jane had seen me and called me back. Jane said I'm glad your here we need a hard cock to get us off. The dildo's aren't cutting it tonight, with that her and Rachel got off the bed and took hold of me and got me onto the bed. With Jane sitting on my face and Rachel sucking my cock and then mounting me. After I came inside her she laid beside and Jane went down on me and got hard again. She than mounted me and Rachel sat on my face, after this we all slept together that night. Next morning after Rachel had gone to work, Jane beside me and said I was a better fuck than her late husband John and Peter my father who had screwed since was in her early teens till she had married. Even her father Ken had fucked her and Peter was fucking his mother Grace. Then she asked If I had fucked my mother Linda yet, I said No, Don't worry you'll get a chance soon enough. Peter and Linda are coming next week, as Peter has to see a specialist and Linda will be staying with us. Peter isn't what he was before the stroke and will be in Hospital for a week or 2 for tests. Linda 51 hasn't had a cock in nearly 2 years and I'm sure she will want you to ride her hard. With the death of my Ken last year I'm sure your grandma Grace 70 would like a fuck as well. We're a oversexed family and can't get enough of it Jane said. Sure enough the day after arriving my mother Linda in to my room asked if I would fuck her, saying Jane tells me your good. I just nodded and she got undress and we had sex. I was kept busy with Jane, Rachel and Linda all that week and on Grace arrived and she slept with me that night. My father Peter had another stroke while in hospital and passed away and now Linda is going to move with Jane, Rachel and me.

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