Living With Mom 1

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It was my first day back at home. I had moved out for a while trying to find my own path in life but a few weeks ago everything changed. My mother called me. She told my father had died. The combination of his death and my rent becoming too expensive I decided to move home. When I arrived my mother was ecstatic to see me. Then I told her I’d be staying with her for a while. She lived alone considering she was a widow and only had one child (me). I felt awful her all alone in the huge house constantly reminded of me and my father. I knew she couldn’t live alone. She got even more happy. She hugged me tight against her huge breasts. My mother is about 5 foot 4 inches tall. Her huge breasts seem to be her main attraction but her fat firm ass does give quite a sight. She had long dark brown hair with blue eyes. She had thick lips made for giving BJs. She dressed a bit slutty. Always showing a bit of her long olive colored legs. Her chest always being a bit visible. She was a tease and she knew it. She was the practical definition of a MILF. My mother had always been a very welcoming person. Gladly she led me back to my old room. Everything was as I had left it. It brought a smile to my face. She ran back downstairs as I set everything into my room. I admitted to myself I felt awful for her. But I also knew I had a huge crush on my mother. I know that sounded kinda weird but I had always wanted to see her naked and touch her. She may have been my mom but I was still a man with needs. I loved my mom with all my heart even as a kid. We had always been close even with me trying to get peeks at her nude after showers. As I set things in my room I could hear her downstairs doing something. I heard loud yelps. I wondered if she was in trouble. I stopped unpacking. When I got downstairs the only slight was my mother slumped in the couch with her robe off completely. Her bare breasts stuck straight up. Her nipples were hard as well. The sun shown onto them as if putting them in to a position for all to see. I glanced down to see her dripping wet pussy. Little beads of water dropped down her legs. I felt my dick twitch from under my boxers. I felt as my dick broke through my shorts. It sprang to its full length. It stuck out right above her bare pussy. It cast a shadow over her stomach. I put one hand on my cock naturally rubbing it as I looked at my mothers nude body. Her hot MILF body was almost too much to handle. At the time I had jerked off before but I was still a virgin. The thought of sticking it inside of her and making her beg for my cum made me feel like cum would squirt on her at any second. I rubbed my hand faster and faster. Now only thought of me and her together were in my head. Thoughts of her body on mine. It was all I could imagine. I kept stroking readying for the moment I was ready to cum on her. Finally my cum burst from the tip of my dick. It poured in a hot sticky white stream all over her nude tits. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some towels to wipe it up. Then I ran back to my room.

Later In My Room...

I sat back in my bed. My back leaned on the wall as I tried to get the thought of my mother out of my brain. The thought of her bouncy perky breasts were stuck in my head. I wanted more but I knew I couldn’t. I had only really just jerked off to her but I wanted to go all the way. I wished every moment that I was deep inside of her fucking her brains out while she begged for more. As I was thinking she knocked on my door. I tucked my erection into my waistband and opened it. She stood in a tight low cut red shirt and black leggings that hugged tightly to her beautiful legs. Her perfect thick thighs and her fat ass perfectly complimented each other. Her bra and pantie lines shown through the tight clothing. It looked like her tits might pop out of the shirt and into the open at any moment. “Hey baby,” She said as she sat down at the foot of my bed. As she turned to sit I got a perfect view of her ass. I wished I could reach out and grab it.
“Hi mom,” I said with my most innocent smile.
“So since you’re home now I was wondering what are your plans,” she questioned.
“I didn’t really know yet. I was thinking I’d spend a few days with you,” I said.
“Awwww so sweet my baby boy. Of course we can spend as much time together as you want,” She said with her trademark bright smile.
She was beautiful. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my own mother was. She leaned towards me and pulled me in for a hug. She pressed my head in against her massive jugs. I wished I could suck on her nipples all night. “By the way you wanna come downstairs and eat with me?” She asked interrupting my thought of her.
“Of course mom,” I responded. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she happily left the room.
I popped a quick one and cleaned it up. Now maybe my boner and thoughts will calm down. I walked downstairs to join my mom but she sat on the couch. She appeared to be watching a movie. She smiled as I entered the room. A plate of dinner was set right next to hers on the table. I sat right next to her. She leaned her head over on my shoulder. “I’ve missed you so much,” She said.
“Me too,” I confessed.
She threw her arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. “So son can I ask you a question?” My momm asked breaking from her peck on my cheek.
“Of course,” I said.
“Did you,” she trailed off for a second, “have sex while you were gone? Did you lose your virginity?”
“Ummm no,” I responded embarrassed.
She noticed my face. “Oh no need to be embarrassed baby. I was just... interested,” she said.
“Can I be honest?” I asked.
“Please do,” mom answered.
“I’ve mever actually been with a girl,” I responded even more embarrassed.
Now I could tell I was blushing. She pulled me in tighter. Our heads rested on top of one another. “It’s alright babe. Do you want mommy to show you some things about girls?” She asked.
I nodded. “Alright,” mom responded somewhat excitedly.
She stood up from the couch and pushed the table away from us. She turned her back to me and set her hands at her hips. She began to shimmy the tight yoga pants. “Wait mom what about Da...” I started.
“You’re dad has no control over me and my body anymore,” she responded.
She pulled the yoga pants off and tossed it to the side. Then she pulled the shirt over her head and tossed with the pants. I stuttered a bit “This is wrong.”
“Oh please don’t act like you aren’t constantly looking at my chest and my ass. It’s fine babe just a mom teaching her son about real sex,” She said as she leaned down for another kiss.
This time she grabbed my chin and turned me towards her. She pressed her lips to mine. She spread her legs out to seemingly trap me in. She wrapped them around me. I put my hands on her waist. Our lips stayed locked pressed together. Neither of us wanted to break from it. Our tongues locked within. I reached a hand lower and gave her ass a squeeze. She yelped and joined right back in the kiss. Finally she broke away. “You’re a great kisser son,” she complimented.
“So are you,” I responded. She unwrapped her legs and stood up to toss her bra off. Her perky breasts laid mere inches from my face. “Give me one of your hands,” my mom commanded.
I reached one hand up. She guided it toward her breast. She set on the left one. “So be light. Don’t squeeze to hard,” she explained.
I clamped my fingers down lightly and rubbed my fingers along her big breast. “They’re so soft,” I complimented.
“Only for the best,” she winked.
I gave a little bit bigger of a squeeze. Then I reached my other hand up and gripped her breasts. I have a good squeeze. Mom moaned as she leaned closer to me. I could feel my dick twitching from beneath my shorts. With each squeeze mom gave a moan finally she sat back down in my lap. Her huge breasts lay right in front of my face. I removed one of my hands and put my mouth on one of her nipples. I wrapped an arm around her waist. She leaned in as I ducked on her nipples. It became harder in my mouth with each flick of my tongue. She moaned and squealed in delight as I licked her. “Alright so now pull out your dick,” she commanded.
She stared at my bulge with a deep look of hunger in her eyes. “My what?” I almost laughed.
“Here I’ll do it for you,” She said as she grabbed both her hands at my shorts.
My dick flopped out almost slapping her. Her jaw dropped. “It’s so BIG!” She exclaimed.
She leaned down to get a closer look. I could feel her warm breath on it as she stared intently at it. She spit on it and wrapped a hand around it. She slowly stroked with small movements of her wrist. She stared at me and then back at my erection with each stroke. I let a little moan loose as she stroked it. She kept going. It reminded me of me jerking off tp her but now she was stroking my hard dick. She had a big smile on her face. “Such a big dick and such a good boy,” She said.
“Would you mind if I put my mouth on it?” She asked.
“Please,” I said.
She pushed it upwards so the top faced the ceiling. She started licking the underside. Up and down then back again. I moaned with enjoyment. “Oh yes mommy lick my dick,” I yelled at her.
She stopped licking for a second. “Lie down,” she commanded.
I did as she said and lied down on the couch. She kneeled at my feet and leaned over with her mouth perfectly placed above the tip of my dick. She leaned further and began sucking on my dick. I grabbed the sides of her head moving her up and down at my will. She kept her eyes trained on me. I reached one of my hands back and slapped her hard on the ass. She squealed loudly. “Spank mommy like the little slut she is,” mom demanded as she raised her head from my dick.
I smacked her harder and now a red hand print was left. She kept on sucking. Her tits slapped against my leg as she bobbed her head. I put my hand on the back of her head and helped her bob up and down. Then I pressed down and held so she was deepthroaring me. She tapped on the bed so I released. She pulled off and started stroking me. “Such a good boy. He’s gonna fuck his mommy in her little tight pussy and he’s gonna cum all over her,” mom whined.
“Oh yes I am,” I replied as I grabbed her tit in my hand.
She went down again taking breaks trying to get more and more into her mouth with each. She tried getting all the way down on it but she struggled. She finally pulled all the way up. “Are you ready for my pussy?” She asked eagerly.
“Yes,” I exclaimed.
She turned her ass to me and set her pussy onto my dick. She began bouncing up and down. “Oh yeah baby. Yeah that’s it. Fuck mommy with that huge cock,” she screamed as she bounced.
I put my hands on her ass and squeezed on it. She moaned louder and squealed at a higher volume. She screamed. “That’s what mommy likes. A big clock in her little pussy,” she yelled.
I reached up a finger and inserted it in her asshole. She screamed as i did. She got louder and louder. She bounced faster and faster until she ran out of energy. When she did I grabbed her hips and thrusted in and out. Her ass clapped against my crotch. She yelped as I fucked her pussy. “Oh yeah!” She yelled.
Finally I felt myself approaching my climax. I grabbed on her hips and pushed them down. I came. She screamed as warm white fluid poured into her pussy. She stood up and fingered herself a bit. She got a little dollop of cum and licked it up. “So do good,” She said satisfied as she fell down onto the couch.

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