Incest Stories Part 3: Mommy Lessons Part 1

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I walked to my room after my shower and went to bed. It was still pretty early but three straight rounds can make you tired. I layed down imagining my Mom’s body sitting nude in front of me. Her legs were spread and her pussy was exposed. She was rubbing herself repeating my name over and over. I pulled down my pants at the thought and started jerking off before going to bed. I came and cleaned it up. I laid back down and fell asleep. Even my dreams were clouded with thoughts of my mother. In my dreams I imagined her mouth open waiting for my dick in her mouth. I stuck it in and she accepted it. Her head bobbed up and down. She broke away and licked the length a few times. She kept her eyes locked up at me. She tried to fit all of it in her mouth. She choked and let it slide back out. She kept trying making the tip rub on the skin at the back of her throat. I placed my hands on the side of her head and helped her bob up and down. Her head bounced. It was mesmerizing watching her suck me off. I finally felt myself about the cum. I pulled her head down as far as I could and shot my load. She swallowed it all and thanked me.
The dream ended and I woke up. I picked up my phone from my bedside table. The time read 1 am. I got up from my bed. I went into the hall checking of the same door as yesterday was open. Luckily it was. That night she was face up and naked and her blanket was on the floor. I stepped in. I looked around. Her vibrator sat on her bedside table. I dropped my shorts to the floor and kneeled on the bed beside her. I put my dick on her thigh and thought began to fantasize about her. Then I remembered the dream. I thought about making it reality. I stood and opened her mouth. I put my dick in it. I started thrusting my hips back and forth. Her lips surrounded it. I imagined more than her mouth. I put my hands on the side of her head. I thrust and pulled her head making her mouth take more and more each time. Then I heard noises coming from her. Her eyes hadn’t opened and I could tell she was still sleeping. I continued and sped up. I finally felt myself about to cum. I grabbed her head making my dick be buried in her throat. Right as I was about to cum I heard her yell. “Sorry,” I said as I came in her mouth.
She swallowed it and sat up quick. “What the hell!?” She yelled.
“I’m sorry,” I said coming up with a lie to explain it, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you and girls in general. I haven’t had sex and I thought maybe this would be a way to start.”
I faked beginning to cry and gave puppy dog eyes. “I’ll go,” I added.
“Wait baby. I didn’t mean to yell it’s just you startled me. I thought some rapist had broke in and was raping me. I mean you shouldn’t do that without a girls permission though,” she told me trying to calm me down.
I sat back down and started lying again. “I was just trying to get experience. I’m a virgin you know. I thought maybe you could help,” I lied.
“Well now mommy can help. Come talk to me tomorrow and I can give you a lesson,” she told me.
“Ok mommy. Good night,” I said as i leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek.
I didn’t notice my dick was still hanging out. “Night baby,” She said.
Her eyes were fixated on it. I put on my shorts and ran to my room. I laid down. I heard a low mechanical humming. A few moments later I heard my mother yelling my name. I grabbed her panties from my closet. I rubbed them on my cock and jerked off with her. She screamed my name and I heard her vibrator drop. I came into the parties and put them back.

The Next Day...

It was about 11 am. We had all eaten breakfast together and everyone but me and mom had gone out. We had both went to our rooms and had not left since the others left. I finally worked up the courage to go to my mothers room. I knocked on the door. She opened the door revealing herself in red lingerie. The bra had see through panels showing her bare nipples. “Hi son,” She said.
“Hi mommy. Do you think you could teach me like you said last night?” I asked.
“Of course. That’s why I’m dressed like this obviously.” She told me.
I glanced at her tits and she caught my glance. She smiled. She was clearly turned on by her son being turned on by her. “So since you clearly like my titties I’m gonna teach you how to touch them and then maybe I’ll give you a BJ,” She said with a wink.
“Ok,” I responded.
“So first you help the girl take her bra off so stand behind me.” She told me.
I walked behind her and waited for the next instruction. “Now unbutton it,” She said.
I unclipped the bra and pretended to struggle as if I’d never done it. “Now grab her arms and pull it off.” She told me.
I grabbed her tits and pulled the soft fabric of the bra up so I could see the full effect of her tits. I stepped back in front of her. She motioned for me to come closer. “Now give me your hand.” She commanded.
I put my hand out and she grabbed it and put my hand on her tit. “Now you touch it gently. Don’t be rough.” She taught.
I did as she said rubbing my hands lightly up and down. “Now notice how my nipple is getting hard. That means she likes it.” She explained.
“Now give a little suck,” she added.
I leaned down and kept one hand on her right tit and put my mouth on the other. She moaned. “Just like that,” she told me.
After a minute she pushed me away. “Now lets see that dick,” she told me.
I pulled down my pants letting my dick flop out in front of her mouth. She smiled and put her hand on it and moved it to her open lips. She sucked in it. She began to deep throat it. She sputtered our breath. She kept going until I felt my cum about to release. “Gawk,” she sputtered as I came.
She swallowed it all. “Ok baby. Come ask me for a lesson any time,” she told me.

The End
Part 4 Cumming Soon

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