Mind Control Part 1

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I walked down to my kitchen. I lived alone with only my mother. My mother had been the only real family member I had throughout my life. She smiled at me as I approached the table. “Hey honey can you take out the trash?” My mom asked.
I walked behind her and set a small device on her neck. It began to glow red. “Robot mode activated,” an AI voice said.
My mom has her head hung low and her shoulders slumped. I had been planning to use a mind control device on her for a very long time. I had always had a secret crush on my mom. She was such a tease and it made me want her. She had giant firm tits that seemed as if they would pop out of her shirt any second. She had a giant firm ass that added a good curve to her athletic body. She was beautiful and I realized it. The mind control was a way to take advantage of it. “Robot,” I said.
“Yes?” She asked.
“Call me master,” I commanded.
“Yes master.”
“Good,” I replied.
“Go take out the trash,” I added.
“Of course master,” she replied.
She stood from her seat at the table and went for the bag of trash that sat on counter. She headed outside and set it in the trash can. She entered back in and stood in front of me and stared me directly in the eyes. “Let’s test what we can really do with you.” I thought to myself.
“Say I’m a little slut who loves cock in my tight ass,” I commanded.
“Yes master. I’m a little slut who loves cock in my tight ass,” she replied.
“Bend over,” I commanded.
“Of course master.”
She bent over and stick her ass out. She put her hands on the ground and stuck it out as far as possible. I put my hands on her ass and started moving my hands along it. “Say you love getting your ass smacked.”
“Yes master. I love getting my ass smacked.”
“Good girl, now awaken.”
“What the hell!” She yelled snapping into consciousness.
She tried to push me away but I snapped her into robot mode. “Sit on the couch and spread your legs,” I commanded.
“Yes master.”
She spread her legs out wide. I sat on the side of her and pulled her pants down. I pushed her thong to the side. I began fingering her. “When I wake you up, you will think it’s normal for me to be fingering you. You will let me finger you whenever I ask.”
“Yes master.”
“Awaken mother,” I commanded.
She did as I said. She woke up. She looked me dead in the eyes. I kept fingering her tight pussy. “Hi mom,” I said.
“Hey babe,” she replied.
“Does this feel good?” I asked.
“Of course it does. Mommy loves being fingered by her son,” she answered.
“Would you suck me off?” I asked trying to advance out of robot mode.
“You sick fuck. Of course not. You’re my son!” She yelled.
I put her back in robot mode. “Robot you will suck me off until I cum,” I commanded.
“Of course master.”
She went down to her knees. I pulled my cock from my shorts. She opened her mouth so I thrust my hips forward guiding it into her mouth. I thrust back and forth as her mouth clamped around it. Her mouth created a perfect vacuum for it to enter. She stayed seemingly lifeless as I jumped her face. She just accepted my dick as it went into her mouth. After a few minutes I felt cum reaching the top of my cock. I came in her mouth. “Go clean up and change into the outfit I put I your closet. When you get back start doing the chores,” I commanded.
She gulped down the last bit of cum. “Yes master,” She said as she headed upstairs. I leaned back in my chair. I started to take a nap.

Later in the day...

I woke up from the chair where I sat. I saw my mom in the next room cleaning up. I stood up and went behind her. I pulled down my pants. “Were gonna fuck right now,” I commanded.
“Yes master.”
I pulled off the small skirt. I put my finger to the lips of her pussy. I teased her and played with it. She leaned over the couch enjoying every second of me touching her. Now I smacked her ass. I did it again. I did it until it turned red. Then I pushed my dock inside of her. She thrust her hips back and forth as I grabbed her ass roughly. She went faster and faster on my command. She begged for my cum on my command. She begged and begged. Finally I felt cum reach my tip. I released and filled her up. “Now activate Mom mode. You will do whatever is best for your son. Teach him and fuck him whenever,” I commanded.
“Yes master,” She replies.
“Good. Now activate mom mode.”
“Woah. Mm good cum baby. Come find me if you wanna fuck again tonight.” She said.
“Can you put on some red lingerie before dinner?” I asked.
“Of course,” she replied.
I heated up to my room. Now I could only imagine how I would use her m for everything I ever wanted. Then I wondered how I could use it on other people.

The End
Part 2 someday

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