Helping my Son

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I'm Jane 38 divorced, I live with my only child David 20. We've been living together alone for 5 years. Ever since my ex left with woman from his workplace. He gave me the house and his old car, no money support. I had a job and our son David was employed and the house was all paid for. David and I were doing okay till David was injuried in an accident at his work 3 years later. He worked in a large warehouse, he had left school when he was 15. He wasn't doing well at school and he got a job and left. He was doing quite well at his job, then while at work one day. Another worker using a forklift with the forks raised to their limit, turned around without watching the forks and they hit a crate and it fell to the floor. The crate contained large plastic cyclinders that shattered with crate on hit the floor. David was hit by the pieces and received a lot of cuts to his arms, legs and torso. But the injuries was to his groin area, this was the worst injuries he got that day. After several operations and 2 months in hospital, he came home. He had numbness in his groin area, but his doctors said If he kept stimulating the area the feeling would come back over time. So he rubbed his groin regularly, but after a month there was little if any improvement. He got quite dejected, so I started to massage his groin. No improvement was noticed and watching naked girls on his computer his cock stayed limp. I tried to tell him that it need time, but I was starting to think it would never it better. Than one day while watching the news, there was a story of a wife who help her husband recover his sex drive and erections after a car accident. She had dressed sexy and dance sexy for him as well as oral sex. It took a little while and he recovered his sexual use of his cock. David wasn't married or had a girlfriend, so I decided to try. First I tried showing my breasts and dancing and pulling him off. No improvement, I then tried totally naked and then oral sex, after a week he started to get bigger. But not hard, then I started to rub my pussy in his face and then I gave him a 69er. This improved his reaction, but still wasn't hard enough for sex and he didn't cum either. Then came a long weekend, I decided to go all out. I masturbated in front of him and talked to him about fucking him and done the 69er on him. He got a really hard Ridgid cock, I was so pleased that I mounted his cock and fucked him hard. I wanted him to cum and then I would know it working properly. He did cum and we were both very happy about it. Only later I realised I wasn't on the pill and I was in my fertile stage and that how I got pregnant to my son David. I had a boy we called Richard, David has a girlfriend Elizabeth now and I expect they will marry next week. I told her all about David and me and how Richard was born and she is happy with it. Richard is calling me Nan and has calling Elizabeth Mom and they will be still living with me.

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